Thursday 7 January 2016


So with all the BRP news declaring I am a dinosaur again and must rebuy everything again for a system Im officially not going to care for a while and do my own thing.

My system is influenced by
RQ3 BRP, Ringworld, Stormbringer (1stEd) Cthulhu and the Darklands computer game. Gurps probably had a bit of influence.

Skill Category Bonus
I never liked the bonus as was derived from stats in most games as a bit too fidly. No bonuses like Cthulhu good but I liked Ringworld system offered a simpler alternative - have bonus for skill catagories derived by highest two stata. This can be raised to combination of both stats which means a character can specialize in a bonus catagory to be good in all skills included. Worked well in play. The magic bonus is derived by Zero + POW and has no starting amount. This meand most ppl have 9-12 in all skills early on and cound train to 18%. A better stat combo might make this 36% which would be handy in the athletics group. The bonus can be raised to max by training or experience but only goes up 1pt at a time if dice normally rolled. Bonus is also added to d100 experience rolls and allows skills to exceed 100 (100+Bonus max).

HP, Locations and stun damage
These are like standard BRP locations but I might go back to a single table to cut back a bit. I added this stun system so ppl could have fist fights and non lethal fights more often.

As an option any damage could be dealt as stun damage or real damage. Gangbusters and Top Secret/SI did this. Blunt weapons like unarmed attacks or staff or flail (also whip). Edged weapons like swords or polearms damage next lowest dice (d8+2=d6+2). Stun damage crosses off the box with one stroke like /. Permanent damage is marked with two strokes like a X. Permanant damage goes over stun damage. Eg 3 HP boxes are stroked out from a punch. When later they take 2HP permanent damage from a knife two of those boxes get a second stroke making them change from a single stroke into a X. Four points permanant over 3 staun damage would wipe out all the staun damage.

Stun points recover one per hour
Every 5 stun points one becomes permanent (X)

One Second Combat Rounds
Ive always prefered specific 1 second rounds instead of the vague system in place. I Use (DEX+SIZ)/4 formula for base human movement rates. It works better with gun fire rates and makes situations without cover tense. I use basic DEX for combat order not strike rank system. Works well with my car battle games.

The heavier weapons fire less often because of recoil not diferences in weapon fire mechanism. Recoil mods are cumulative to hit per shot making it harder to hit with big guns. Vehicle weapons can be considered suppressed or mounted. Cheap home made renegade buggy might have a tripod machine gun counting as +10 off recoil. Most semi auto and revolvers shoot 2 times per round. Sub machine guns often fire 3-20 bullets in a burst with rifles firing 3-10 in a burst per second. Miniguns just get silly.

Firing only one shot/round has no recoil penalty.
Stopping shooting for one second round reduces all recoil to zero.

Cumulative Per Shot Recoil Modifier
Light calibre pistol or rifle -5
Medeum calibre pistol or rifle -10
Heavy calibre pistol or rifle or 12 gauge shotgun -20
Burst x2

One off recoil mods that can reduce recoil
+STR stronger people have less recoil problems
+5 if a pistol uses two hands or folding stock or long arm is braced or has a long arm
+10 if weapon on tripod mount
+5 Basic recoil supressor
+10 Advanced recoil supressor


Bob has 62% skill to hit with a light machine pistol. Normally it has a -5 recoil mod per shot but this is -10 with a burst. He Has STR +16 and holds it with two hands +5 which takes 21 off the recoil penalty.

So if he keeps shooting with his pistol semi auto for 2 shots per second it works like this

Shot 1 no mod
(-5 recoil plus STR16 + 2 hands mod +5 for total of +21 reduces recoil to zero)

Shot 2 no mod
(-10 recoil plus STR16 + 2 hands mod +5 for total of +21 reduces recoil to zero)

Shot 3 no mod (or -9% if burst)
(-15 recoil plus STR16 + 2 hands mod +5 for total of +21 reduces recoil to zero)

Shot 4 no mod (or -14% if burst)
(-20 recoil plus STR16 + 2 hands mod +5 for total of +21 reduces recoil to zero)

Shot 5 -4% Mod (or -29 if burst)
(-25 recoil plus STR16 + 2 hands mod +5 for total of +21 reduces recoil to -4)

followed by a extra -5% per shot (-10 per extra burst)

Here is a 45 magnum revolver used one hand by same guy

Shot 1 -4% mod
(-20 recoil plus STR16 reduces recoil to -4%)

Shot 2 -24% mod
(-40 recoil plus STR16 for total of -24% reduces)

Shot 3 -44%
Shot 5 -64%
Shot 6 -84%

It is a bit crunchy but makes people a bit more reasonable and thoughtful about guns.
A tough guy with a low cal scoped assault rifle firing burst might do better than than using a heavy gun. Most of my fights last a few seconds unless they involve cars.


  1. You still roll just once for bursts and check the same roll against gradually more difficult target number? If I got it right, it works practically like GURPS but you kinda explained it backwards. The 1-second round with your formula for the movement rate is also pretty explicitly GURPS-influenced, amirite? I find it interesting you'd like the 1-second round better. That's the first thing I ditched in my GURPS-hack. I feel it makes combat run in slow-motion. Like playing a video game with 1 frame per second. I just wing the turn left, it being something in the 1-30 sec range depending on engagement distances - just so that people can move meaningful amounts of distance per turn. I still use the 1-second rates of fire as an abstraction - I just assume the target's don't present themself more than that. If one forgoes aiming and wants to spray and pray, then I'll allow them to empty their clip, no more. I'd like to hear your reasoning for the 1-sec round, that is :)

  2. i am a bit inspired by gurps but most of these rules in use in pre gurps sources like diferent worlds magazine. Top secret had some similar ideas.

    My move formula very gurps and quite important in melee or running for cover - move score of 7.25m ignificantly better than 7. 1cm move in 1/72 scale minis and matchbox cars works well.

    i like slo mo combat feel of one second round - very tense - im over games slowing down guns

    i remember sniper combat games in 80s that took a few hours to play a few seconds of fire.

    I want people to be afraid to run from a burning car while being shot at

    i roll every shot or one second burst

    mostly effects big guns and efectivley slows them instead of the silly fire rates in games like cthulhu - a light pistol with a strong user using both hands can keep firing with o recoil penalties - makes big revolvers and lighter automatics popular - players duck for cover to remove recoil and reload rather than blaze away and never duck like in some games.

    I make bad guys make SAN checks keep cool to avoid diving for cover under burst fire - supressive value has made characters randomly spray in direction without aiming - enough bullets in a small area un-aimed at exposed target and i give victims a luck roll rather than a shooters hit roll

    i find when i shoot people or attack with a axe its all over in a few seconds mostly - skilled opponents who move under fire with cover or can melee take longer maybe 5 or even ten seconds

    move under fire with cover was pretty important step in evolution of gun combat - black powder has a different dynamic

    i liked running zulu dawn style orc rushes vs machine guns with similar rules in my dnd long stairs game - ammo runs out and foe gets into melee - terror sets in players panic or bayonet charge as no time to reload and a few out of a hundred orcs getting to hand to hand range is terrorfying


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