Saturday, 24 October 2015

Upcoming con blurbs for beserka con

My next month is looking busy with this con and a big art show in november.

Bezerka Con Sessions

Introduction to Fantasy Role Playing Games (all ages)
This introductory session includes making a basic character and taking it out on a first adventure. Everything will be provided and the rule system is a clone of older simpler Dungeons and Dragons rules as a basic Starting point. The Blueholme prentice rules are available free with many supplements and adventures for free as PDF documents on:
These is enough material here to play for free for years or wet your appetite for more modern and complex role playing game on today's ever growing market.

Cardboard Creatures Workshop (Primary Aged kids)
This is a art making session for kids which involves drawing, colouring and making your own cardboard monsters. Artist Chris Tamm has been working with kids as an artist is for years and will help children's make their monster designs into free standing figurines. All materials provided.

Murder Highway - A apocalyptic car combat game
Using the BRP basic Roleplaying System players take the rolls of road warriors and death racers who take on missions in their heavily armed and armoured cars. The game uses a mixture of Matchbox and Hotwheels cars, toy scenery and 1/72 scale toy soldiers. Inspired by genre films like Mad Max and Deathrace 2000; tabletop games like Dark Future and Carwars; computer games like Roadwar 2000 and the Dark future novels of Jack Yeovil (AKA Kin Newman). Players are free to select from various scenarios in this sandbox setting. Missions include travel though gang occupied wastelands, cross country races and assaults on cult compounds.

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