Thursday 15 October 2015

d100 Air Encounters for great weird war! Part1

So will be revising tables to separate gonzo and horror a bit more. These tables are a stopgap for aircraft and aerial phenomena. Obviously sea missions would be different.

d10 Air Encounter over no mans land
01 Weather - difficult weather
02 Targets behind lines - tempting targets behind enemy lines
03 Enemy troops - Enemy troops moving
04 Anti Aircraft fire - AA ground defences
05 Battle in progress - combat on ground
06 Own side aircraft - allied aircraft on maneuvers
07 Observation aircraft - photographing enemy positions
08 Fighter aircraft - knights of the sky
09 Bombers - large vulnerable aircraft
10 Airships - generally use altitude to avoid fighters

d10 Weird Air Encounter over no mans land

01 Aerial phenomena
02 Ground phenomena
03 Black Tech Infantry
04 Black tech land or sea ironclads
05 Black Tech Aircraft
06 Black Tech Airships
07 Flying monster menace
08 Supernatural menace
09 Alien menace
10 Planar menace

This will be expanded to d100 later

d100 Air Encounter over no mans land
01 Heavy rain reduces visibility increases stalling engines
02 Strong wind makes manoeuvring harder
03 Sudden electrical storm rolls across sky
04 Black clouds darken the sky
05 Fog clouds reduce visibility
06 Lightning strikes plane as storm breaks
07 Strong winds in one direction with possible changes hourly
08 Thick cloud cover from horizon to horizon at a set altitude
09 Strong updraft aids climbing
10 Sunny with clouds allowing surprise attacks

11 See distant enemy train on line
12 See enemy ammo dump exposed

13 See artillery unit being moved closed to line
14 See trucks carrying troops and supplies on muddy road
15 See artillery being pulled by horses to new position down line
16 See super heavy cannons moved on train line
17 See aircraft being moved on train line
18 See observer balloons crews setting up 
19 See distant field hospital
20 See enemy aircraft on ground
21 See build up of troops ready for offencive
22 Men fresh from homes marching to front lines 
23 See group of men looking for wounded on battlefield
24 See cavalry corp moving along lines 
25 See tanks following infantry into position
26 See new line of defencive trenches being dug
27 See a new bunker or dugout 
28 See men sneaking across lines
29 See a machine gun nest crew pinning down their enemies
30 See troops putting up mines or barbed wire
31 Hidden air batteries surprise you with fire
32 Ground troops open fire at you
33 Heavy ground fire fills air with smoke clouds
34 Illumination flares light up sky
35 AA weapons across battlefield  
36 Observer balloon with expert rifleman
37 Local fighters phoned in by observers
38 Visibility low from airbursting shells
39 Huge volume of AA fire rattles some pilots sanity
40 Flock of birds (or bats at night) strike aircraft
41 Men assaulting trench line
42 Men fighting in hand to hand in no man land
43 Men fighting moving from cover of ruins and tree trunks of former forest
44 Tanks followed by infantry
45 Men pinned down by machine gun nest
46 Men drowning in gas attack
47 Men hiding in trenches from artillery barrage 
48 Men revolting against officers and MPs
49 Force of men surrendering                                                                     
50 Men fleeing fight discarding equipment
51 Light scout plane observer will flee hostilities
52 Two seater like SE5, observer with camera and pigeons   
53 Observation balloons under attack
54 Fighters guarding Se5 with camera
55 Scout plane under attack by enemy fighter
56 Allied fighters tilt wings to salute you
57 Bombers and escorts on way to mission
58 Damaged bombers without escorts flying home and under attack
59 Inexperienced pilots being pursued by enemy
60 See allied plane going down
61 See a enemy scout plane
62 Enemy fighter with pilot distracted with taking photograph
63 An older model enemy scout aircraft alone
64 Scout with two escort fighters
65 Observation balloons guarded by AA positions
66 Two seater plane with observer
67 Three fighters but two are first time pilots ordered to flee
68 Single pilot wary who will flee 
69 Two planes wary and reluctant to fight
70 Observation balloon guarded by fighters
71 Lone lost fighter plane with amatuer pilot
72 Damaged plane limping back to lines
73 Two fighters on patrol
74 Three fighters on patrol
75 Four fighter wing on patrol
76 Six fighter planes on patrol
77 Twelve plane squadron of fighters 
78 A aerial dog fight with a d6 planes each side
79 A large aerial battle vs two squadrons 
80 Red barrons flying circus
81 Fighter plane with pilot throwing grenades and bombs
82 Fighter wing of four planes with pilot throwing grenades and bombs 
83 Squadron of 12 fighters with pilots throwing grenades and bombs
84 Flight of four bombers which have lost escort fighters
85 Flight of four bombers with four fighter escorts
86 Flight of four bombers with eight fighter escort
87  Damaged bomber limping home alone
88 Lone bomber returning home
89 Damaged flight of 1d4 bombers with battle weary d4 fighters fleeing
90 Squadron of twelve bombers and squadron of twelve fighters
91 Distant airship high above plane altitude
92 Airship dropping bombs with d4 fighter escorts
93 High altitude airships on way for long range bombing run
94 Airship dropping propaganda
95 Damaged airship desperately limping home
96 Crippled airship crashing to ground
97 Crashed airship on ground 1in6 still burning
98 AIrship guarded by wing of four fighters
99 Airship with squadron of escort fighters
100 Airship and d4 escorts in battle with 2d4 fighters

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