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d100 Wasteland Heroes

In the wasteland you don't often find friends and you never expect to be bailed out by a stranger. But the no1 rule of wasteland survival is you cant even depend on anything even a world where you expect the worse will let you down sometimes.

d20 Wasteland Heroes Beef - for extra motivation
01 Family killed by evil d4 1=gang 2=unknown 3=bad relative 4=cult 
02 Enemy killed lover and special pet
03 Only feels normal thrill risking life
04 Evil destroyed hometown
05 Best friend murdered during d4 1=wedding 2=holiday 3=date 4=quiet night at home
06 Parents killed leaving hero a orphan
07 In personal war with secret society or cult
08 In personal war with rogue government agency 
09 In personal war with criminal cartel or gang
10 Dying and out to right wrongs before death

11 Dying and out to die in battle against impossible odds
12 Out to redeem self for wicked life and past sins

13 Just following orders from a patron
14 On a one person crusade against evil
15 Tired of past employers now on own out to protect the weak
16 Trained by master to battle forces of wasteland
17 Trained as agent of secret society now free and working against them
18 Given mission by mysterious advisor outside normal channels
19 Beloved family member was hero and disappeared
20 Having given up on the cities now brings justice to the wasteland

d100 Quick wasteland good guys
01 Vigilante road warriors
02 Agents of organisation
03 Rogue Op former agent
04 Mutant hero
05 Cyborg Veteran
06 Special Investigator
07 Occultists and mystery men
08 Secret Society
09 Psykers and sorcerers
10 Weird phenomena

d100  Wasteland Heroes
01 A wasteland Jackaroo who seems good at everything and is just honest and decent
02 A drunk old guy in 70s car, family killed now hunts gangs suicidally
03 A war veteran back from the zone to find home crawling with gangs and cults
04 A school teacher who out of hours hunts and kills students who join gangs
05 A postman in armoured van helps anyone he can to serve the people
06 A city lawyer gone fight crazy from being hunted by mob has moved to wasteland
07 A wealthy old vigilante who uses high tech vehicles and body armour
08 A pick up truck of good county folk who like to help ignorant and stupid folk
09 A couple of juves in scrap built car out to right the worlds wrong
10 A drunken sot who killed own family in accident now roams highways killing gangs

11 Secret agent investigating security risk in wasteland with hi tech interceptor
12 Nun or monk agent of vatican performing duties for the popes special forces

13 Utopian secret society spy on mission, willing to help ordinary people on road
14 Agent investigating strange phenomena happy to destroy normal crooks for a break
15 Mutant control officer armed and willing to smash degenerate bad guys
16 Plainclothes cops investigating crime on special jurisdiction
17 Agent looking for foreign enemies in outback area on a mystery mission
18 Woomera Space Agency agents trying to hunt for signs of UFOs 
19 Agent of private anti crime org that hunts a single evil cabal
20 APIO agents looking for paranormal events, psionics phenomena and superhumans
21 A lone ex highway cop in the last of the v8 interceptors
22 Lone wolf ranger wants revenge against cartel that killed his loved ones
23 A war vet who hunts worst criminals but stops to kill any criminals on the way
24 Ex corporate assassin turned eco terrorist vigilante always helps any one in unfair fight
25 Agent on run from corrupt department hiding national scandal about Prime Minister
26 A former spymaster on the run from former agency but cant help protect the weak
27 Ex sanctioned op sick of agency gone vigilante with company interceptor
28 ASUS torture expert from the zone after cartel who killed family, likes to kill bad folk 
29 Former foreign spy in hiding but hates bullies and has many concealed weapons
30 Ex cop or fed now turned bounty hunter and willing to collect petty bounties
31 Mutant lives in scrap built car dedicated to being hero and promote human-mutant peace
32 Mutant students from expensive school on road trip, willing to use odd powers
33 Filthy mutant hobos in scrap built mobile home always leap to defend normal folk
34 Bandaged covered degenerate scabby muties swarm out to destroy the wicked
35 Horrible fleshy thing once a human, steals cars and goes on kill sprees of the wicked
36 Mutant brain in a vat cyberlinked to franken car roams wastes destroying evil
37 Mutant fused together from different bodies in similar scratch built car
38 Self appointed sheriff of mutants roams the highways for baddies to snuff
39 Masked mutant defends highways from lawless yet is hunted by government and mob
40 Thee headed mutant ogre eats the wiked and renders them into biofuel
41 Cyborg assassin escaped controllers and out to kill anyone who harms innocents
42 AWOL cyborg vets in a van who help anyone in trouble despite being hunted by military
43 Cyborg ex test pilot agent stuntman, now roams about in pickup truck helping folks
44 Venus Probe, a russian explorer drone gone beserk when crashed in wasteland
45 Rogue replicants escaped and awaiting death clocks, will aid others for thrill of killing
46 Android replicant of someone known to an adventurer but acting out of character
47 Cyborg agent with brain in heavily armoured humanoid body hunts rogue cyborgs
48 AI justice org smart car gone wild hunts and terminates criminals
49 Android on run has been living as a road warrior longing for a pyrrhic victory
50 Cyborg cop on rampage after most of humanity removed, now hunts crime in the waste
51 Special tax agent out to assess hidden wealth in bunkers kills tax evading scum
52 Detective on a case cant stand seeing criminals bother people
53 Private eye investigating missing goods happy to enter fire fights for some real action
54 Murder motorsport league recruiter looking for talent and willing to help possible recruits
55 Corporate suit looking for discreet men for mission accidentally bumbles into firefight
56 Corporate suit offering rewards to find someone or something, hates wasteland scum
57 Park ranger looking for who is releasing monsters into park always helps folk in need
58 Journalists trying to piece together a conspiracy all ways helps others
59 Freelance conspiracy buffs in volkswagen hippie van seeking secret black bag jobs
60 Underground protester group looking for stuff to expose and protest 
61 Conspiracy agent hunting dark forces and willing to kill first and dissect later
62 Master magician with exotic servant travel the land hunting the dark powers
63 A famous celebrity psychic drawn to area investigating strange sensation
64 Eccentric professor with military clearance and assistants out to pursue strange cases
65 Older professor with relics and his coffin like time clock in back of station wagon
66 Long haired androgynous hipster actually plane shifting and body hopping assassin
67 A mystery investigator in a trench coat, has unusual powers and artifacts and exits
68 A masked vigilante with various artifacts and exotic cult training
69 Immortal warrior and sword master hunting immortal enemies and any other jerks in way
70 One of the last templars hunting the anti christ or his antecedents or any wickedness 
71 All terrain lab with utopian crew and exotic pet from a bunker solving peoples problems
72 Squad of secret society mercenaries in APC disguised as a van out to kill mutual enemy
73 Doomsday cult agent with high tech car, spreading cause of war and will join any battle 
74 Secret society super assassin trained since birth but now fights former killer clan 
75 Black science outfit seeking to test a weapon and minimize collateral damage
76 Secret society collecting artifacts man was not meant to know for storage
77 Brotherhood of demonic underground empire trying to cull the unworthy in the outback
78 Secret brotherhood dedicated to killing immortals and non human threats
79 Secret ancient civilization with hybrid advanced and bronze age tech, spying on surface
80 Martial arts brotherhood seeking traitor who killed master, but helping stranger on way
81 Hyperborean hero awakened by cursed relic hunting serpent men or any forces of evil
82 Psionic agent from future hunting time criminals help those with important destinies
83 Psychic investigator hunting dangerous cults a defeats with own strange powers
84 Old lady witch and several senior coven mates hunt and destroy ancient evils
85 Swearing old punk rock wizard hunting demons he drunkenly freed decades ago
86 Metatemporal psionic investigator examining irregularities in multiverse 
87 Immortal kindly old wizard searching for heroes to give questionable relics too
88 Psionic agent of ancient sect uses powers to wage war on crime via network of helpers
89 Psionic teens seek own kind, the coming race of telepaths, unable to kill or see any hurt
90 Goverment psi agents hunting rogue telepaths who might get used by overspace entities 
91 Vampire and undead hunter teens in van decent enough to help any in trouble
92 Saucer men in disguise in modified vehicle, visit earth for hunts, thrills and kills
93 Troubled shape shifting monster on the run keeps getting mixed up in people problems
94 Gelatinous elder horror with human form protects secret assets of his inhuman masters
95 Zombie driver fused to car with fragment of humanity left undoing his many wrongs
96 A lone superhuman avoiding the military and trying to right wrongs of wasteland
97 A alien grey in human form likes humans and cant help meddle in human problems
98 Hideous insectoid fungal alien hiding in human skin seeks interesting human brains
99 Body possessed by overspace entity, saves people but then demands worship 
100 Alien in battlesuit destroys certain people and spares others for inexplicable purpose  

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