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d100 rent-a-murder-hobo

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When the murder hobo shanty town forms near a dungeon these are the kind of mercenaries who turn up. If you don't hire them some one else will.

In the shanty town sly grog shops have a d3 of these merc gangs each. They hang around for a d6 days before moving on but 1in6 team up with a rival expedition and move in on dungeon. You might meet them.

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d10 Quick dungeon town mercenaries

1 Murder hobos - thieving wandering killers and cheap violent drunks
2 Humanoids - dungeon dwelling races willing to fight own kind
3 Savage warriors - fighting men from the frontier
4 Civilized soldiers - fighting men from the empire
5 Dungeon engineers - workers who can aid camp or attack dungeon structure
6 Dungeon siege mercenaries - workers who use siege combat against dungeon
7 Demi Humanoids - exotic allied races who work with humans
8 Magical mercenaries - spell casters of various types
9 Monster mercenaries - creatures and handlers
10 Strange hirelings - odd hirelings with own interests

d100 Dungeon town mercenaries
01 A rude gang of 3d6 bandits led by a ex adventurer, competent wilderness scouts
02 A gang of 3d4 thieves with experience in tomb and dungeon infiltration
03 A gang of 3d6 thrill killers on the run from law keen to charge into a dungeon screaming
04 A bunch of former 2d6 soldiers experienced in raiding humanoid lairs
05 A band of young boys offering service as lamp, pole and baggage bearers
06 A gang of 3d4 tavern cut throats who like to infiltrate and hunt dungeon bosses
07 A gang of 2d6 ex militia guards with spear and crossbow men
08 A local slingers club of 3d6 who like to drink and shoot targets together 
09 A bunch of filthy 2d6 trashed out old hobos with rambling stories and broken weapons
10 A bunch of 3d6 cannibal hobo wanderers who happily murder in a dungeon for a change

11 A strange man has d100 gremlins in sacks and cages he swears will ruin dungeon life
12 A Man in a wagon selling 4d6 kobolds in caged wagon as skilled tunnel fighters & miners

13 A bunch of 3d6 desperate squirming goblins will fight or bear loads or guard or labour
14 A half squad of six disciplined hobgoblin soldiers with a corporal 
15 A group of 3d6 orc marauders keen to hunt and kill with bow or sword or spear
16 A pack of d6 goblin archers riding wolves
17 A orc sergeant scout riding a warg 
18 A group of 1d6 giant bat riding goblins 
19 A group of d4 bugbears keen to assassinate and terrify enemies
20 A savage beast folk scout party of a d6 with 1in6 groups being mixed breed
21 A group of 2d6 viking warriors keen for battle and very vindictive if betrayed
22 A gang of 2d6 crazed berserker barbarians who quickly turn into a liability
23 A group of 2d4 huge wasteland barbarians who really like chopping beings up
24 A huge barbarian with his exotic species mount that fights along side them
25 A half ogre barbarian with huge muscle mass and pole axe, easily conned
26 A band of 3d4 nomad savages able scouts and skirmishers with bows and javelins
27 A band of d6 Noble nomads with scale armour, spears and hatchets, proud and fearless
28 A barbarian priestly or druidic hero with a pet seeks relics of tribe lost in local dungeon
29 A band of 3d6 young barbarians with javelins and hatchets, more courage than sense
30 A berserker with incredible muscles, mutates from chaos power when berserk
31 A half squad of 12 men at arms in quality armour with bill hooks, maces and crossbows
32 A band of professional archers skilled in skirmishing and scouting terrain
33 A squad of 12 shield and spear troops who fight in a wall formation like the old empire
34 A group of 6 land knights with rich clothes, two handed swords and pistols
35 A band of 2d4 ex gladiators, specialists in brutal monster and beast fighting 
36 A half squad of halberdiers with crossbows and quality armour
37 A band of 2d6 marine veterans with mixed weapons including swords and pistols
38 A poor knight and 2d4 of his entourage, very brave band who support knight
39 A band of templar warriors with shield and mace, fanatic to their cult
40 A band of martial artists dedicated to perfection raising funds for monastery or school
41 A band of 4d4 sappers who dig own dungeon entries, trenches and huge open cut pits 
42 A band of 3d4 sappers who dig shaft into dungeon then pump in smoke with bellows
43 A band of 3d4 engineers who build a gatehouse over dungeon entrance
44 A band of 4d4 engineers build a wooden palisade wall and watch tower  
45 A band of 3d4 sappers who dig close to dungeon then set off a huge explosive mine
46 A band of 3d4 workers who dig trenches and set sharp wooden stakes and traps 
47 A band of 2d4 builders who will make bridges or structures like prison or barracks 
48 A band of 3d4 wood workers who fell trees and build wooden structures and walls
49 A band of 2d3 quarry men who build defencive stone walls, bunkers and tunnels
50 A band of 2d4 mine engineers who build wooden rail line and carts to move goods
51 A crew of siege missile apparatus on wheels casts a dozen javelins
52 A siege shield team in 1d4 groups of three, one man holds huge shield others use slings
53 A band of 2d4 who manufacture black powder explosive mines that damage walls
54 A band of 3d4 incendiary makers who render flammable oil from monster bodies
55 A ballista crew of 1d3 apparatus each with four operators who can even build weapons
56 A catapult crew of six  who can build from scratch and hurl pots full of stone shrapnel
57 A cannon crew of six operate a small siege cannon they drag on a sled
58 A crew of six gunners with a wagon with six large guns that can be fired singly or all
59 A mangonel stone launcher on wagon with crew of six, can hurl head size rocks
60 A shielded battering ram with a dozen crew, can enter dungeon with smaller rams
61 A band of 2d6 drunken homicidal dwarfs who kill keely but belch lots
62 A band of 2d4 hobbit rock chuckers able to provide suppressive fire, constantly eating 
63 A  band of 1d6 snooty elf warrior mages, calm cool killers who hate most dungeon life
64 A changeling spy who can adopt a animal form able to enter dungeon without notice
65 A band of 2d4 gnome sapper and tunnel fighters, wise in ways of dungeons
66 A dwarf priest and 1d6 followers seeking lost relics, dour and boastful of dwarf history
67 A halfling master burglar will enter dungeon and locate entrances and food stores 
68 A elf infiltrator will enter invisibly to map parts of dungeon and leave trap spells behind
69 Halfling assassins will scout ahead and kill guards silently but cowardly in fair fight
70 A band of elf soldiers inexperienced but disciplined and rely mostly on bows
71 A sly old witch and her daughters will curse enemies and offer advice and divination
72 A rascally self indulgent sorcerer down on luck needs cash for spells
73 A haughty wizard will support dungeon expedition but really searching for arcane lore
74 A holy healer with d4 followers will establish a field hospital
75 A druidic priest will aid but really they seek to destroy unnatural monsters
76 A priest with a d6 followers who will serve to hunt evil and undead
77 A elderly battle priest will cast spells to enhance other troops before a fight 
78 A creepy wizard will perform spell casting dutifully actually a necromancer seeking relics
79 A sleazy drug addicted sorcerer will serve poorly and get camp members hooked 
80 A grumpy priest and his d6 devout helpers will fight but lecture everyone about alignment
81 A disgusting were beast offers services as a killing machine, as human is arrogant 
82 A gypsy with a young trained owlbear on a chain good for tracking and fighting
83 A ex circus carny with a trained hook horror, one day he will beat it too much
84 A boy with his pet terror bird he can ride it to flee but is a fierce fighter and guard
85 A lady with her man eating ape that dotes on her, savagely dismembers enemies
86 A necromancer with a charmed ghoul and several skeletons and zombies
87 A lizard man with a bonesnapper pet he raised since a egg
88 A orc mercenary with a giant boar he can ride and sort of direct in a fight
89 A old lady with 3d4 shrieking trained stirges in a sack, dangerous but possibly helpful
90 A evil apprentice with his imp familiar that is capable of espionage and offers advice
91 A loner who only fights by night alone, sneaks into dungeon and terrorizes inhabitants
92 A grim knight who has trouble speaking actually undead seeks something in dungeon
93 A darkstalker who seeks relic in dungeon will act as a thief or assassin
94 A gang of 2d6 ugly sailors actually fish men hybrids who want something in dungeon
95 A shape shifting serpent man wizard with d6 cultists up to no good
96 A gang of ugly gutter thugs actually chaos mutants who are looking for trouble
97 A criminal gang of 3d6 thugs join adventurers to betray and rob them
98 A gang of 2d6 wannabe adventurers actually working for rival dungeon expedition
99 A gang of 2d6 ex military swordsmen actually agents of state informing tax and military
100 A gang of 2d6 cheap spearmen one is reincarnated or possessed by a former dungeon inhabitant from ancient times who seeks to know what happened to their former loved ones. The being is helpful but will react to finds and will have knowledge of layout. Such knowledge might be inaccurate as building may have changed. They may share their story and develop a relationship with party to emphasize their tragedy and feed clues to party. Eventually they will break down when finds remains of loved ones and will try and commit suicide. 

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