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Gamelog: Invisible Assassin , A Mad Philosopher and More

So the party come home from lich attack, with restless sleep and dreams of horror.

Lynden the Druid school Bard has gone from rustic barbarian druidic bard to travelling country pimp to a posh neuvea rich playboy. Manages to influence most encounters for better just getting grips on druidic magic. His followers include a BarBar a Dwarf bodyguard and Bambi his ex no1 girl turned thief.  Has been studying with druids and carousing within Bard scene. Trying out druid spell list thinking is there anything better than bless weapon and entangle? Met flagellants and discovered were not religious at all and act like drunken rock stars.

Forest the drunk monk martial arts master has drunk the gender change potion and retired to brewery with goats. Plans to breed and train warrior battlegoat herd and try to create goatmen race with some help from druids. Nanny Binx the she-goat wizard and atheist champion of the earth goddess has taken note (retired?).

Return of Blood Druid friend of Emy:
Meh, The Blood Druid turned up and was keen to join the pary and even work for the Empire. Replaces the monk. Brings his followers a Wolf (ex ogre pet), a Grizzly from the kobold mountains and Tribal Highland warrior. Notorious for pouring libations of blood at every spell casting and other spare moment. While getting to know city fauna in sewers found lots of (taste) human blood. He uses spells to divine Ms Muggins Pie shop the source (landlord in shop under party flat). Uses spy gekko lizard up toilet pipe (to toiletport as my games say). Sent Ms Miggand brutish sons on errand for a few copper pieces. They wanted an extra copper.  Confronted Ms Miggins for evil unbalanced murder then killed her and fed her skin to wolf. He is a qualified butcher as well as feared killer cultist. Killed her sons then sold to her regular pie customers as beef. Party kinda unimpressed by the pies they had been eating for weeks. squatted shop as a mushroom shop.  Has applied under saturates to legally occupy (sort of how you get property here).

Carolina as Emy the lady wizard of the tower of birds school of the imperial capitol has been flying about wither winged version of fly spell and birdhead spell. Been at uni, discovered tutor summons succubi and finds many non adventurer students hero woreship her.
Her friend the Gothgirl sorceress Hel from school, her birds and her bodyguard Douglas aid her. Retired hunter the dog to her cousin in Marshtown shrine.

Lynden's girl friday now a competent thief made deal with drug dealing gang to sell 2000gp of black lotus resin. Made sure gang not black lotus cultists who they robbed to get it. Met gang in sewer and despite tension all went fine. Got home and put kettle on. Pet Wolf screams floats in air. is bent backwards, pieced by invisible spikes and had open wounds bleeding into nothingness.

Longest fight ever. Was at some risk of death, almost set block on fire but performed well. Emy grabs dropped wolf body pulls back while Hel magic missiles it. Meh runs downstairs thinking a spell caster nearby and stalker goes for him to stop escape or witness. Hel runs in room with wolf and casts hold portal, nobody else wanted to flee. A few staggered about looking for killer. Emy saw Meh bleeding into creature and chromatic orbed it. Linden and others fired a volley of missiles. Meh cast Gorgon Breath and temporarily turned creature into stone. Fighting men pummeled it for 5 rounds without much effect while Emy explained it was a air being servitor from beyond. Meh Drank a potion of healing and got into city alley. Creature got outside and entangle spell then another and a web spell. Party laid on missile fire with Douglas and the Dwarf shooting crossbows from window. Hail spell and swarm spell and Lynden firing from room. The web and weeds help them to make out creatures shape. So tempted to use fire magic and oil but street is a fire trap. Hammered for about 20 rounds all up before Emy killed it with an arrow.

Was very hard to hit and resisted lots of spells. A sleep just worked but was woken up by hailstones and bird swarms..

Level up to 6th.

Lynden can now give +1 damage and save and hit and hypnotise 6HD. Learns secrets of shooting into melee, a new language and bluff NWP.  New apprentice drummer.

Meh now has chickens and using spells to hatch various animals and gives Emy and owlet. Learing Sermonise so he can preach everybody better.

Emy learns Necromantic Lore and gets a lightning bolt spell. Air Death magic specialist now. Two new zero apprentices a gardener and a hair stylist. She declares Hel her assistant principle.

Part discuss crazy schemes. Lets see elves. Lets go to Bloodbeach. Or ruins of the city. Build a dungeon and fill it full of monsters. How bout we occupy reptile temple an dungeons connecting to Marshwood. How can we scam Visit

Party go North to unicorn hunters lodge to find Wolfhead  - new resort town for super rich being built including a support village for labour and middleclass traders and yeomen. Up hill five and four star hotels for blue blood hunters entourage with real huntsmen 6 miles in forest on border of Elfland. Lynden does a show and get most party in front entrance. Made 20gp tips in 4star and had great time with Bambi dancing to his show. She made 30gp that night. Meedt the wives, kinsman and servants of the hunters not allowed in secret lodge. Emy met some hunters when arrived here thinks they are mean. People from every nation here.

Party travel into hills and over looking at swamp for sighs of its evil heart. Close to secret valley of good rebels in hills and party stay there to ponder future. Gruel  and subnormal beer in a cave that night. Bear Happy. Decided to head to Lynden and Mehs home kingdom of the highlands. Men who escaped from inhuman slavery and ended their rule thousands of years ago.

See the fog shrouded swamp where one river becomes two, eternally hidden by swamp fog and rumoured Dragons Lair.

Cliff Road blocked by mudslide. Party go uphill and find ancient graves. Some been defiled, some burrowed into and out of. Saw a rotten hand burst through mound and party ran til exhausted. Starving old scrawny lion charged and Emy webbed him. Lynden left him some food and angry he had wrong spell and couldn't tame him. Meh left him miggins sausages he had kept pure with spells.

A red dwarf from hills offered a discount +1 bronze spear. Traded for +1 dagger and cash.

Saw an eagle fly into cave. Followed inside and found a turtle and a hermit philosopher, a Nietchian Zarathustra. He wast ready to share is grim teachings wet. Meh got a +1 on Sermonising from him.

Finally on the border of the hidden mountain kingdoms they met a party of the dungeoneering corp. Lynden signed their shields for free, and lads gushed to see their heroes. Party contemplating if should try to use diplomacy and help highlanders work with Empire. Rival druids will claim if Barron goes then Empire will replace it then invade highlands.

to be continued

Party Enemy table (every session now on)
1 Lich (often sends another stalker or creature)
2 The White lady Sorceress
3 Fish Cult Warlock
5 Dark Elves
6 Secret Police
7 Reptile cult
8 Black Lotus Cult

coming soon
d100 hidden valley table coming soon
d100 towers have 77 part done only 11 entries finished
Planet Psychon Settlements and Races

Im sick and working school holidays so trying to sleep like a normal person.


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