Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dwarvern Dungeon Dressings

Many of these to just add dwarft flavour to dungeon and i combine with my other tables like gothic ones. Many based on dwarf art and culture so that a dwarf or expert in dwarves could evade traps and select safest option.

D100 Dwarvern Dungeon Dressings
1 Ornate metal door with secret lock depicting dwarf god of hidden treasure
2 Metal door with scythe trap set to hit races above dwarf height and weight
3 Ornate portcullis with dwarf poem engraved, knowing poem lets you find mechanism
4 Secret hatch in floor containing axe, canned food, bolts and barrel of grog
5 Metal door with dozen locks in serpent mouths only one real rest destroy lockpicks
6 Magic runes carved on door bar explode if touched without praising dwarf god or king
7 A ladder down a pit which collapses if used by big folk into trap
8 Intelligent door only opens for dwarf or if you can answer 3 questions of dwarf lore
9 Metal doors self welding shut if goblinoids or trolls or orcs touch
10 Door with a tap which issues dwarf ale possibly long gone bad
11 Swinging stone pendulum trap crushes those over 4 foot high
12 Ceiling Drops suddenly to 4 foot two inches high striking big uns heads
13 Poison needle with +2 save if dwarf
14 Clockwork puzzle - place dwarf kings in order in minute or room floods with gas
15 Secret door but needs expertise in symbology of dwarf beard braids to open
16 Great hammer swings from ceiling if door touched by tall un
17 Six powder kegs with fuses start, carved with dwarf gods, if good one defused all defuse
18 Barrel leaking flammable fuel rolls down tunnel, secret trapdoor has safe hole
19 Buzz saw slices hand if fake normal looking doornob touched, hidden lock lower down
20 Dwarf automaton of golem on plinth attacks non dwarfs
21 Oil painted mural depicting huge dwarf race war, may see ancestors individually painted
22 Carved column of huge dwarf god 
23 Row of statues of old dwarf kings and queens
24 Ceiling painted with scenes of elemental plane of earth
25 Vandalized portraits of traitors and shamed heroes who started un-winnable wars
25 Huge ornamental carved beast horn on display stand with scene of dwarf epic
26 Tapestry depicting coronation of dwarf king
27 Collection of ornamental tankards of heroes on display
28 Gallery of dwarf armour through the ages
29 Gallery of dwarf weapons through the ages
30 Scale model of dwarf dungeon or fort with tint soldier miniatures
31 Floor tiles are map of known world in ancient times
32 Mounted goblinoid heads on plaques like hunting trophies
33 Huge painted urn with mummified dwarf inside
34 Chamber with cases of minerals with alchemical symbols marked
35 Lists of hundreds of dwarf clans chiseled in walls
36 Painting of great dwarf treasure horde with famous relics among gold
37 Family tree showing dwarf clans and subtypes diverging
37 Collection of goblinoid skulls with measurements and phrenology diagrams in cases
38 Columns in room carved into famous dwarf weapons
39 Fresco scenes of gods drinking and inventing grog (or discovering grog gods)
40 Scenes depicting ancient dwarf alliances and imagined betrayals from other races
41 Still and brewery equipment possibly infested by slime or ooze monster
42 Huge forge with mechanized hammer and furnace now cold and silent
43 Dwarf engravers studio with tools and various items in stages of completion
44 Dwarf canning machine with food hopper one end and cans come out other
45 Armoury with racks of old weapons some still soiled with goblin blood
46 Acid bath for cleaning and disposal of rubbish
47 Huge machine with unknown power source seized up long ago
48 Barrels of grog, possibly long spoiled 
49 Running wheel powered sharpening stone
50 Huge organ possibly seized up with secret chamber inside
51 Throne chamber of official with guard niches and great chair
52 Walls covered in shields of great clans
53 Scribe chamber with scroll cases of records and some blueprints
53 Huge clock with possibly seized up or wound down mechanism
54 Dwarf beard grooming salon for nobles
55 Shrine with dwarf hymns carved in giant runes on wall
56 Executioners head chopping blocks with baskets of orc skulls
57 Dwarf council chamber with seating, ceremonial hammer and scribe desk
58 Dwarf barracks with quadruple bunks
59 Dwarf bedchamber for nobles with huge bed and paintings of ancestors
60 Dwarf art studio with half finished paintings and statues
61 Dwarf jewelers studio probably looted long ago
62 Dwarf library with volume in dwarf runes and some others items
63 A gallery of dwarf friends and allies on non dwarf heritage
64 Huge kitchen with great ovens oxen could fit in
65 Animal pens for cave boars, giant badgers or other beasts
66 Shooting range with preserved orc head targets
67 Great war monument with ever burning flame
68 Dwarf tavern/commissary/lounge for troops to relax in
69 Tunnel with mushroom farm, possibly overgrown
70 Guild hall with examples of crafts, meeting/dining table and members names on walls 
71 Music room with great horns, kettle drums and bagpipes arranged in orchestra
72 Anatomy hall with hundreds of bottles and skeletons of other races and monsters
73 Collection of other races weapons and armour on display
74 Scriptorium and classroom with huge rune alphabet carved in wall
75 Collection of fired clay and carved stone tablets from before paper era
76 Stuffed collection of subterranean animals many long extinct or rare
77 Collection of dried or pickled fungus and draws with many spores catalogued
78 Quartermasters stores of common dungeoneering and cave exploring tools
79 Dwarf nursery with wooden soldier dolls, blocks with runes and plush monsters 
80 Machine shop with metal lathe, stone saw and steam drill
81 Oil refinery where quality lubricants and incendiaries were made
82 Mining analysts laboratory with exotic compounds in cases and mine maps
83 Alchemist laboratory with bottles, burners mortars and pestles
84 Hospital with dwarf skeleton and surgical tools and medical diagrams
85 Dwarf noble crypt
86 Dwarf commoners mausoleum
87 Dwarf sport arena with seating for hundreds
88 Pottery studio with kiln and thousands of urns
89 Glassblowers studio with forge and hundreds of bottles and jars 
90 Well with flowing water, ladders and coracles that go somewhere else
91 Sealed tunnels going deep into earth overun with evil
92 Airshaft goes to surface but blocked with bars and stone grill
93 Elevator going deep into depths
94 Small rail car tunnels with tracks mechanical or muscle powered
95 Emergency escape slide for dwarf sized beings
96 Dwarf sliding pole shaft into the deep
97 Dwarf ladies craft hall with looms, spinning wheels and half finished tapestries
98 Dwarf carny hall with gay murals, tents, rides and freakshow
99 Dwarf asylums for elderly, deformed, mad and crippled
100 Non dwarf embassy or foreign trade post

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