Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Gamelog: Elemental Crackdown

Running an old module has injected fortune into party coffers which is good as Im kinda stingy. By name level should all be able to build domain.

Most of party resting while Linden the Bard and Bloodnock the druid with bear back up scout dungeon. Befriended eels with talk to animals and gorged whole colony on formarian and turtle meat.

Bloodknock turned into a river dolphin and he caste water breathing on Linden to explore waterways.
Found sleeping Marid and awoke him and he made the pair able to breathe water as reward and offered to fight Igliwiv or Dao if any met.

Met greedy for gold Xorn and saw gem loot and decided to wait for later. Likewise marine undead guarding pile of coins. Killed some mobats while Bloodknock in bat form and he just got away to flame strike them all. A few rounds battling with help of summoned giant eels.

Discovered harem chamber illusion of Dao who were unhappy when both claimed to love their gnome girls more than harem girls. Dao were offended and players ran away using magic and avoided being stone walled inside.

Bloodnock as a bat found Gorgimera lair and tried to steal bag of holding but dropped when it chased him. Hopes to summon batlord one day.

Went back to camp prepared spells and got the Marid to help. Bears and BaBa the dwarf come too. Maxed out party with barkskin, flameblade, str and con booster spells, dire beast spells on bears and got a few eels ready and attacked Dao. Was a fierce fight but Do fell hard, turning into lose earth when spirits returned to home plane. Marid bid goodby and left. While hopped up on performance enhancing spells hit gorgimera lair. He turned a bear to stone and hurt a few guys but had 3 heads decapitated. Found dungeon entrance to deep level and went to check earlier stairs they passed before.

Met some pech who had been carving stairs and making monsters from stone for decades. Linden got them to restore his bear buddy and all helped kill mad clay golem. Found magic dagger for Gnomes Bloodknock wants for his kids.

Xorn, baslisks and undead room only things on level left.

Bloodnock as an eagle flew to city with bag of holding with all gems. Got potions of stone to flesh and some better + weapons for party and returned in 3days. Wagons of crap to haul out now.

Ready for next session in the lower level. Heard of the artifact.

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