Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gamelog: The forgotten Dwarf City

Have moved. My feet bruised and sore so ill take it easy till Saturday. Now i have cat and parrot and 4 life filled interesting flatmates. A game club and ninja school downstairs and prop factory. Warehouse district means i have all the wood i will ever want to paint on. Next apply for invalid pension (sorry world). Apply for new teaching jobs (afterschool job where i pretty much draw with kids was a fun side job now my only job. Mostly guys here play fate and 80s war hammer rpg and 40k gamers. I get strange looks for playing old dnd but id say most people dont even know what it is. I run cthulhu on sundays but i dont document "canned" games i dont write new content for. Will try to get TSR Marvel running here as boardgamers will probably enjoy. Was pretty exhausted by this game from moving...

Adventure continues

Last game the party saw a huge abandoned gate into the mountain in the Elf kingdom. Today they returned. Learned of how close to surface cities abandoned thousands of years ago and ow this one filled with traps and cursed dead guardians.

I used a mash up of my Gothic zone with some redbrick zones tables with extra dwarfy stuff.

The party came in entrance confident 7th level and keen to let 4th level spells fly. Entry way caked in inches of dust and animal trails with a dozen guard posts with individual quarters with triple bunks for guard shifts. Empty but signs of bears using as a lair in past. Went down huge stairs but a ward prevented all followers but Bambi the thief passage and Humblezorg's hellcat. Smallest party in long time of six total. Marched further to have floor collapse. Fell through five levels but unharmed other than nearly drown in dust. Found many frescoes, many hiding sealed and plastered over doorways. 80% of doors sealed thus, the rest opened. Crossed a huge courtyard and could see 4 doorways, two partly behind a huge square column with a pile of severed heads left in front. They checked out the pile of mummified dwarf heads and guard skeletons silently fell on the team. F3 skeletal dwarf warriors, most of party cut up badly (one of worst fights ever). Cat killed the most. Most of the magician spells infective in melee range.

Found a human young noble on a throne who demanded party free him fro room. Instead they taunted him till he revealed his diabolic features - horns, claws and glowing eyes. Many player weapons inefective and he resisted about half their spells. He badly harmed severel heroes demanding they free him. Party could have left and fireballed him but the won the hard way. Went back to the pit they slid down and opened some fresco sealed doors. Found store room and a dwarf crypt and they looted a warriors magic kit. Scroll library found but everything dust.

Back to surface to wrest with rest of followers. Party on floating disc while Emy flew party back to entry hall. While trying to rest A Dwarf undead ancient with whole entourage called them out. Bard and his dwarf spoke to them and informed him of the dwarf retreat from the surface and some last thousand years of history and the undead dwarf hero gave them a huge gem and bid them farewell. Party decided not best place to recover spells.

Back to city to identify loot. Gem worth a thousand and from a set of 100. Evil devil mans medallion can comune with his father Geryon once a week. Dwarf tomb kit all +1. Party finally each have a +1 weapon (ive been kinda stingy with loot to date). Party interested in returning. Lots of strange powders party took sample of just ancient dried stuff. Dried eyeballs the most interesting. Dwarf ruin sparse in loot and threats but fights tough and loot good. I might need some race based ruin tables.

Should be a bit longer next week. I'm tempted to run The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth soon - only module i kept from full set in 80s.

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