Saturday 29 June 2024

Chagrinspire Side View &

Chagrinspire cutaway was different to my sketches

The second chagrinspire volume is on my patreon up now - its a draft and bigger than I wanted but I knew it wasn't going to be finished but it's bigger than I expected at 110 pages.

Will update the book this week after some other commitments with some more format work and art. 

Happy having a giant aqueduct in middle helped maps for a book fold but a bit to adjust to move words out the way.

The Gatehouse dungeon has about 240 rooms and in progress.

The plan is to finish this volume at the end of July and it will have maps of the gate house finished and more detail on the plateau map which has text now. 

I hope to have more work on my alchemy system 
Part of me likes it as a class or a wizard sub type

Robot class now the Automaton class i have notes on
Mutant class revision is needed too

As I stupidly do all my classes in lots of 4, this batch will be projects like Mutant, Automaton, Alchemist & X. I do like some of the splits in priests/monks/paladins in some of the rule sets. I liked the Shukenja in ad&d OA asa less violent priest who seems better suited to non-fighting orders. I've made it possible for some classes to choose an alt spell list so a sorcerer could use priest miracles and make a good soft priest as they could have specialists with divination, healing and other specialities in a temple that would be useless in a fight.


Reading all the work on D&D 5 has been inspiring and current debates on improved mechanics or presentation of basic data is all up for grabs. Also many ppl started their own clones in response to game corp moral cringe and are starting to appear so its a golden age on the basics of what the game is about.

Seeing ppl flex ideas on what oldshool means and I think I was probably tangential to it rather than part of it. Ive never been into TPKs unless specific games like my Long Stairs or my fling with Lamentations where I killed a player in the first room of a dungeon and invoked the rare "your twin comes looking for you" rule. I always have one player who hates rolling characters and does not want to play a DCC kill-funnel but I quite like. Im only interested in the theatre of creating fear of a TPK rather than actually killing any players. I guess I could detail this more but part of good sandboxing is reading the room, improvising on the fly and have lots of statblocks and tables on the fly to help you BS quickly. Maybe its like being a DJ.

I have a 6-page character sheet (more for 5th lv + characters - one sheet fine for a 1st level person. I'm looking over it for stuff to remove forever. Like Non-Weapon penalties different for each class might be an easy thing to replace with just -4 cos you know fight classes get more plusses to hit anyway. I hope to make some spreads to show in future. 

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