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Chagrinspire Mega Nega Dungeon pt3 Gatehouse &

The Watercourse
Ruined Aquaduct - once a huge structure carried water to the low lands, the last intact part is where the water exits the mountain. There are stone pillars and rubble piles in a line south and occasionally there are intact sections. In the war, enemies tried to flood out the underground parts of Chagrinspire and fish folk invaded the underground areas.
Chagrin Falls - a 30m drop waterfall behind it lives the White Dragon Khallran who has killed many dragon slayers
Slurry River - famous for magic fish and huge biting mutant fish

Western Palace
Western Gate - a rough entrance Key Clan Kobolds guard, there is an inner gateway with ornate kobold carvings and magnificent bronze gates they operated since the original was removed by invaders
The Court of Null - once a courtyard with parade-dressed Black Sphere troops who guarded the courts used for serious cases of the common cultists. Now the Key clan Kobolds use it as a barracks and gauntlet vs intruders
The Court of Final Justice - once where crowds watched executions with a grandmaster would judge heretics, traitors and enemy prisoners. They were sentenced to destruction, recycling or reconditioning but commoners were beheaded by a hooded brutish executioner and depicted in art here. Kobolds women children and the elderly live here processing food, making bricks and making traditional kobold folk art like booby traps
Hall of Misery - cells for high-ranking prisoners and a rebel juve kobold gang The Slags hang out here to harass anyone using it with their tiny knives
Court of Pain - former torture area with niches for chained victims where 
The Slags keep some prisoners and a minotaur they worship. They feed him the corpses of their enemies and keep enemies away. The area is heavily graffitied. Most gang members end up joining the Key Clan guard
Court of SIn - murals depict the black sphere, heroic soldiers and workers and mighty machines but also show slackers, trouble makers and saboteurs being rounded up. A warren of court offices is mostly abandoned and full of trash and a few undead

Eastern Palace
Master Gate - rough entrance until reach the original building where relief carvings cover every surface. Kobolds barely hold it and don't mind taking it back later. Was used by the Black Sphere Grandmasters to enter the palace and relief art depicts visitors bringing raw materials and workers to the mills of Chagrinspire. Kobolds built a new gate
Eastern Gate - rough entrance until original citadel gates where orcs have fortified. Where  once trades workers and servants of the palace used this and workers going to work inside Chagrinspire
Court of Scribes - where palace scribes kept books and records and issued travel permits for inside Chagrinspire now a barracks for Cyclops orcs who watch the gates and try to keep monsters and enemies out
Court of the Master - former palace of the grandmaster where servants worked now kobold use as a recreation area and marketplace. Other clans from outside and inside meet here to trade and enjoy kobold luxuries like food
Nobles Court - cyclops orcs and kobolds skirmish and swear and taunt each other and occasionally someone gets injured and both sides break off for a few days 
Court of Diplomacy - once for diplomats now cyclops orc like here making metalwork and recycling scrap with great industriousness with the whole family helping
Secret Hall of Torment - a secret prison kept by the master who could visit in secret and was a controlled path to the Ministry of Information. Now overrun by undead

d10 Quick types of fancy
1 Artwork
2 Documents
3 Apparatus
4 Instruments
5 Museum curio
6 Emergency
7 Coin Arcade 
9 Vehicles
10 Golems

d100 Fancy Loot from Chagrinspire Interior
01 Statue or painting of founders of Nullism d4 1=gnome king 2=alchemist guild master 3=ex outer gods cult leader 4=all three holding hands
02 Engigmatic stone or bronze face set into wall 1in6 is capable of giving simple directions
03 Painting of a disaster with terrified people and animals
04 Gallery of paintings about terrible suffering the Nullites claim will end soon
05 War scene painting of soldiers fighting for nullification 
06 Alchemical drawings eerily realistic primitive photographs
07 Portrait of the last master of Chagrinspire giving a heroic speech to a crowd, magical and the masters gaze looks hypnotically into viewer's soul wherever you look at it from
08 Fountain statue for drinking or refreshment has a bound water elemental inside
09 Sacred Idol was brought here from exotic land plundered in the Black Sphere imperialist era 1in4 magical
10 Statue of a soldier or guard 1in6 are living statues
11 Passport for the Black Sphere Order
12 Newspaper about a thrilling victory for Null forces, reality will be over shortly, keep fighting 
13 Stamp album with ancient Black Sphere postal stamps
14 Book on the lives of pioneering Nullist philosophers and how they died pointlessly without realising their dream of universal termination for eternal peace
15 Newspaper war death toll section with various personal notices for the dead and advertisements for memorial souvenirs, war bonds, wedding rings and cigarettes
16 Book for children on amazing war machines of the Black Sphere crushing enemies
17 Souvenir postcard of Chagrinspire before covered in ash and dirt from battlefields in the thousand-year-long apocalypse war
18 Biography of a pilot of a wonder war machine, tails of sadly stomping on heretics and enemies of Null 
19 History of the Black Sphere Creed from obscure gnome heretic banished to the surface world where together with a former cult leader of the outer ones and the alchemy Guildmaster of the 1st empire conceived of a new order and the unmaking of everything
20 Peoples of the World yearbook with airship explorers accounts of plundering people across the globe and how all this robbery helps the world end faster
21 Doomsday clock (broken or not moving)
22 Clock set into the wall with calendar and seasons animated features
23 Ornate clock with d12 animated golems inside perform a bit every hour, usually something cheerful about the progress to the apocalypse
24 Punchcard clock for worker shifts, in some cases in use by monsters
25 Sirens speakers sound alarm if attacks or heretics are detected
26 Magic mirror able to be used to view the room from a master mirror in level security room 1in6 can be used to speak through the mirror if the control mirror user wills it
27 Pneumatic message tubes 3d4 separate numbered tubes and a box of message pods that sometimes 1in20 have interesting items 
28 Pigeonholes full of processed forms and some actual pigeons or rats
29 Small printing press with lead plates for forms 1in6 can send and receive documents from other linked machines often to print daily policy documents or heretic wanted posters
30 Chart of the world showing where Black Sphere invaded for alchemy supplies
31 Remains of scales and weights from desktop to wagon size
32 Telescope 1in4 in working condition
33 Fire extinguisher with pressurised foam to cover 3m circle
34 Wax cylinder recorder and a box of cylinders each 10 minute of letters to be typed up
35 Telephone or telegraph machine
36 Toolbox with basic handyman tool
37 Filing cabinet with lock mostly full of papers
38 Astrolabe shows positions of stars plotting evil omens stars and comets in the sky, desk size to room size
39 Tickertape printer printing financial news for commodity prices
40  Gramaphone record with majestic copper trumpet and a d100 highly flammable records
41 Mummified agonised head of ancient ruler with a crude gold crown, encased in a crystal block
42 Banner on a lance of one of the ancient factions +3 command radius and +1 morale to faction members and mentioned in legends
43 Stuffed and mounted monster head
44 Cabinet of curiosities d4 1=insects 2=tribal figurines from the world 3=miniture soldiers and vehicles of the armed forces and enemies 4=brains in jars of the world species
45 Display rack of shrunken heads from a faraway land
46 Billiard table with balls made from monster ivory
47 Dragonfoot umbrella stand with d6 fancy umbrellas and carved walking sticks 1in4 chance one is magical
48 Rack of 2d4 weapons 1=swords 2=exotic wooden clubs 3=blackpowder guns 4=weird foreign weapons 1in6 chance is magical animated sort 
49 Suit of Armour 1in6 chance is magically animated sort with a weapon
50 Display case or crystal coffin holding person trapped in stasis - it can be deactivated
51 Locker with a megaphone, fire axe, manual, logbook, lantern & fire helmet
52 Wall locker with first aid kit including a d4 healing potion save vs addiction each use
53 Wall locker with a 2d4 revolver with 24 rounds of ammo and a manual and log book
54 Metal buckets of sand on hooks for fires
55 Metal case with asbestos blankets for fires
56 Gas heaters of various sizes (the null sphere sure is cold)
57 Firehose in the case in wall non-functional
58 Eye washing or emergency shower station to remove contamination
59 Box in break open case wall holds a scroll of dispel magic 1in4 times its fake
60 Alarm device usually a lever and loud but sometimes hidden button on a counter and silent but alerts guards or automatons
61 Vending machine for alchemical synthetic food 1cp a can holds d100 x3
62 One armed bandit gambling machine that talks and plays annoying tunes
63 What the butler saw machine with 1 minute film, hand cranked d4 1=the horrors of war 2=bifricated girls in trousers while daddy away 3=machine turns dogs into sausages and reversed 4=train robbery
64 Automatic alchemists portrait booth makes 4 photochemical prints for passports for 1gp
65 Coin-operated robot will smoke a cigarette and sing a sad war song for 1cp
66 Booth where for a sp a cognitive engine will write something classy for you if you give it name, subjects, etc. Results are typed by machine into one page. Actually, it has a scribe poltergiest bound inside that protects the booth and will make noises to get help
67 Love tester machine 1cp and squeeze handles, prints a card and flashes lights after ticking wildly for 30 seconds to answer. Cards have nice romance tips like buying a new shirt, take a bath, what have you got to offer, what effort have you made lately, don't lock love interests in a dungeon and other hot tips and thoughts. Depiction of Tammuz and Ishtar on glass panel
68. Electric sex machine booth, the wonder of age, take off your boots and put feet in salt water bath and grasp the electrodes while strapped in and bite this rubber bar. Save or take a d4 damage and stop breathing for one round, some people like it
69 Hair washing and styling machine and chair, a helmet of cables and pipes connect to the ceiling. Might look like some more impressive-sounding device. Only 1sp and may have manuals of styles you can dial but they got stolen often. Has a dial with 999 styles of the world. Defective models might set hair alight or dye it an odd colour or only do one style. Army and prison versions shave it all off
70 Nightsoil Golem Booth These move slowly and carry a booth with hands and tonks, funnels and syringes for even difficult royal movements. They make light conversation in any language and use the waste as fuel. If they need food they may follow people offering services. Only rarely does a mimic or other monster get inside works and ruin things
71 Shuttered window booth in wall where clerk automaton offers to stamp passports and sell tickets to the Chagrinspire train line 
72 Cart rental booth with a d3 golem carts 1pp an hour to the cart or kobold kill carts 1sp per hour plus 1sp for guards
73 Security post with box for the guard to stand in even with tall fancy hats. Often occupied by something as they hold a choke point or watch a crossing or open area. May have levers or keys for locked doors or an alarm pull chain 
74 Desk with scribe station and piles of documents. 1in4 have a locked draw with something cool like d4 1=abacus 2=small chess set 3=silver stylus 4=gold pocket watch
75 Checkpoint armoured window security booth controlling a doorway with d4 1=portcullis 2=iron bar gate 3=turnstyle gate 4=ancient wooden sign : stop!
76 Niche with desk and janitorial equipment first aid kit, 
77 Cupboard with scribe supplies like ink, paper, quills, manacles first aid kit, 
78 Kitchen nook with tea, army hard biscuits, a hot water heater, mugs and teapots and 
79 Exercise niche with weights, treadmill, rubber mats and walls, electric belt, addictive health tonics 
80 Kiosk counter selling d4 1=cofee & cake 2=ciggarettes & newspapers 3=candy & sandwiches 4=icecreame & soda, 1in6 are functional golem operated and keen for serving customers (sorry no samples) 
81 A shattered golem cart 
82 Battlefield remains of kobold carts 
83 Intact golem cart 1pp per hour or kobold cart 1sp for an hour  
84 Kobold cart taxi rank with neutral kobold driver sp per hour, powered by a poltergeist
85 Train timetable display board with rotating text, occasionally show some trains still running
86 Shattered mole machine burrowed in here during a fierce battle, usually burned out with dead scattered about
87 Articulated golem wagon for armoured security troop parked here and the golem awaiting to collect its security gunner crew for centuries
88 Really cool coloured golem scooted keen to have a thrilling race. Some form dangerous gangs
89 Golem wheelchair with skeleton, wandering sadly seeks purpose and burial for friend
90 Golem chair has legs to move around office, follow instructions and only talk to clarify directions. Fancy thrones are faster and protect the seated person and worship them in a cringy and pathetic manner
91 Regeneration machine, golem-controlled steel sarcophagi used to heal d4 damage every hour as long as it is supplied 100gp gem per ten minutes (it won't give change). Some models 1in12 are better and chatty and can also alter your species or cosmetic features if humanoid with 8 hours of work. They will point out your flaws and offer to make your dreams come true with surgery
92 Golem stasis tube on wheels can drive itself like a bed or coffin with the lid open or closed and can be stacked or stored upright if the lid is closed. Preserves a humanoid d4 1=awaiting resurrection 2=to be raised tortured and executed again 3=political prisoner 4=imprisoned heretic 
93 Golem resurrection machine once per day and requires souls or gems to fuel the process. A metal coffin bench with sparking crystal machines was built into the complex. The machine explains costs and limitations
94 Console with large bronze map, once indicated where forces were in the war. Some of the bigger war bands and bandit gangs show up as scouts or skirmishers on the system. Bigger units show up better
95 Console with a large bronze screen showing train lines in Chagrinspire indicating system failures and repairs needed. A control golem advises on required materials and tasks to repair trains and power the tunnel and platform lights 
96 Screen with blurry B&W images of the war in an 8-hour loop scholars would be amazed by. Most find it depressing. Makes your head and eyes hurt and after a long session fail a save or you now know the Black Sphere War Anthem by heart. Its an earworm
97 Telephone operator booth with golem built-in plugging in and moving plugs on the local switchboard. Offers to call help if required. Maybe the seemingly dead system has a phone ring as explorers approach
98 Clone booth golem - creates clones for bureaucrats, labourers but mostly now soldiers. A golem cart is supposed to bring them clothes guns and orders. Lots of dead naked clones around 
99 War Table Golem is a game table where tiny metal soldiers battle and players can battle each other or the golem from the control panel. The golem can't walk but will defend itself with arms and tiny soldiers which are parts of it. 2-6 player console versions exist and the golem has arms to operate its own console. The tiny golem soldiers are gloomy about their eternal lives of war, Their souls were plucked from actual ancient war veterans in the better models
100 Cabinet with cutaway display model of Chagrinspire showing train lines, 20 upper levels and 6 sub-levels including the Black Sphere and the vent shaft from it to the top of the tower (no caves levels or subterranean river and lakes shown but known to exist)

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