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Why Have The Space Humanoids Visited Us Marvel 1955

i added two alien species here

So I now have worked out a few types of regular aliens for my campaign but as the Galactic treaty is mostly humanoid species I thought I would make these tables to cover other aliens players meed before blowing them up. 

The Galactic Treaty forbids and protects meddling with lower civilisations.

Earth 1954 moved from this protected status but the treaty isn't over yet

Treaty members may stop other civilisations meddling with Earth and will use psionics and psychotronic memory wipe machines to keep Earth protected while it is prepared for contact. Most aliens think Earth is doomed to nuclear destruction so are willing to break the rules.

3 of 5 characters are aliens currently in-game
I will probably use previous articles' links to generate some aliens to investigate future games

As tech is going faster than real 1955 history will probably have space stations in orbit in years

Consider any of these could be twisted to evil and any action could be just desperation for aliens who might have their own problems.

d12 What Nice Alien Visitors Want
1 Here to meet humans in the spirit of cosmic brotherhood
2 Here to help prevent a nuclear apocalypse 
4 Prepare humans for the right time to contact
5 Seeking to remove evidence of aliens
6 Warn humans about a galactic threat or ask for help
7 Here to save humans from themselves
8 Seek to trade DNA and technology
9 Help advance human technology in secret
10 Benevolent despots wish to help human potential on their terms
11 Help protect humans from evil aliens in secret
12 Help accelerate human evolution 

d12 What Ambivilant Alien Visitors Want
1 Study disgusting primitive life forms in secret
2 Kidnap humans as the planet is doomed
4 Place implants in humans to study 
5 Establish a secret spy base
6 Observe human civilisation for a galactic travel guide
7 Kidnap and study humans or superhumans
8 Here to take some pics and look around 
9 Survey the planet for some cosmic power
10 Fugitive from a galactic menace
11 Here to destroy another enemy species 
12 Poor communicators and accident-prone, may become friend or foe

d12 What Nasty Alien Visitors Want
1 Create hybrids for the colonisation using humans
2 Harvest human organs and bodies 
4 Trick humans with a scam or contract (off-world job schemes, free superpowers?)
5 Kill dumb animals and blow up their stuff its heaps fun bro
6 Scout for conquest then build a millitary base
7 Hunt and kill primitives for a holiday sport
8 Capture humans for scientific vivisection and food
9 Hybridise humans to make a new slave soldier
10 Strip all energy, minerals and water from the earth
11 Introduce a biological weapon or experiment
12 Enslave humans but especially superhumans 

d12 Nice Alien Contact Event
1 We come in peace to make friends
2 Here to talk about universal peace for all
3 Implore you to halt nuclear armaments
4 Would like refuge on your planet
5 Seek to trade some material we need 
6 Offer new technology so you don't wreck your planet
7 Seek a volunteer to join us and see the wonders of the cosmos
8 Announce you are protected by a galactic treaty from evil aliens
9 Here to warn you about species extinction is found on by the galactic civilisation
10 Here to give some good person powers to fight for justice
11 Here to warn you about another evil alien species
12 We come to warn you about a cosmic threat*

*might help with 12: Kronos film, Brit 90s SF series Invasion, 40k Tyranids or Tiamat in Wildcards

d12 Ambivilant Alien Contact Event
1 Flee without a conversation with a look of disgust
2 Have you heard of our alien god!
3 Hey humans wanna buy these magic beans
4 Hey human can I buy this continent for these shiny orbs
5 Hold still while we delete your knowledge of us
6 Are you the ruler? Do you want to sell your planet?
7 "Take us to your leader" - assess human gullibility
8 Scan everyone and leave
9 Leave an enigmatic trinket (trash? diseased? power ring? clue?)
9 Stun everyone and leave
10 Laugh at puny stupid creatures leave
11 Show an enigmatic hand gesture and leave
12 Alien is here to make out, "its how all the civilised species do it"

d12 Nasty Alien Contact
1 Aliens attack with lethal force and leave
2 Alien abusive and makes dramatic gestures, want to provoke a war
3 Alien champion seeks to duel Earthlings
4 Plant their flag and announce annexation to their civilisation
5 Offer a fancy gift but it is a plague or bomb or life form
6 Try to sell cheap weapons to rule your planet
7 Demand humans surrender and obey new masters
8 Offer a gift of tainted technology for humans to destroy themselves*
9 Offer weapon technology for support and aid in setting up a base
10 Demand goods or people brought to them with an ultimatum
11 Kill and eat someone, make humans flee for fun
12 Kidnap humans for d41=slaves 2=troops 3=breeders 4=specimens 

*A for Andromeda/species or a portal

d12 Saucer People Tech
1 Teleporter pack (linked to apparatus on ship)
2 Antigravity pack
3 Ex-energy pistol with stun setting
4 Rm energy rifle with various settings
5 Rm Forcefield pack
6 Defence drone with Gd energy attack
7 Tissue Regenerator pod - heal 1 health per round up to 30 a day
8 Energy analyser - detects all sorts of stuff
9 Subspace storage - keep items in a hyperspace pocket
10 Subspace communicator ring linked to ship or fleet with a console model
11 Biological analyser - takes samples of DNA, detects powers or shapeshifters 
12 Psionic helmet - EX psi shield and Gd telepathy, clairvoyance & mind blast

d12 Saucer People Problems
1 Have a medical condition and all dying
2 Last of their kind and melancholic
3 Need something to save species maybe humans have it
4 From past experience believe other species are evil
5 Believe they are the galactic master race
6 Weak on the planet's surface and often use robots or power suits
7 Locked in war with rival aliens so lesser species just casualties
8 R
equire life support helmet vs earth air and germs
9 Inept at violence and action from hi-tech
10 Escaping a cosmic disaster or force destroyed their world
11 Fragmented factions in species that fear their own kind the most
12 Assume they are superior and underestimate what pluck and earth spunk can do

Alien Ships For Marvel
Aliens may be actual aliens but could also be androids, replicants, hybrids, robots or a mix
Often an all-robot crew has a superior leader. Some races died out and left robots behind.
Enlightened aliens might be multi-species
Goblinoids may have varied castes on crew
Accelerate to maximum speed in one round or hover if needed

Scout Ship
One or two crew and dependent on a larger ship, no passengers, 
a robot or android often takes one crew slot for exploration

Body: RM
Speed: Mn in atmosphere ShiftY in space 
Amazing force field 
Can release Rm heat in the area for ram attacks
Rm stealth and chameleon field

Intruder Ship
Five crew with sleep pods plus cargo space and a small lab for specimens, a robot or android often takes at least one crew slot for exploration

Body: Am
Speed: Un in atmosphere Class1000 in space 
Monsterous force field or can release In heat in the area
Incredible area fx energy bolt or stun or Am beam
Rm Tractor beam
Rm Stealth field vs technological detection

Mother Ship
Twenty four crew including sub ship crew but also with robots or androids. Has cabins, hospitals, labs, specimen habitats, holo decks, auto factories, landing bay and other areas. Often hide behind the moon and might set up a base leave some ships and crew and leave. Each Mothership carries several scouts (max of 8) and or intruder ships (max of 4)

Body: Un
Speed: Shft X 
in atmosphere Class3000 in space 
Unearthly forcefield but vulnerable when subships landing
Monsterous area fx energy bolt or stun or Unearthly beam
Amazing Tractor/Repulsor beam

Alien Bases and Base Ships
A small colony, start with science and observation but might become a colony. Some have a moon or mountaintop or underwater base. The Galactic Treaty are beings who sort of limit contact with primitives and limit hostilities and extinction events, The Treaty operate a base on Earth used by several species who even use the station replicant factory. 

The one human superhero team who found the base and boarded were absolutely mind-wiped so no worries there for drama.

Many non-treaty species have formed a secret syndicate and have drawn up plans to share earth a thrallworld of slaves where humans will toil for alien tourists and organised crime. They have a secret base for lesser scum species and syndicate ships might have multi-species crews with odd powers.

I may add species from the Dark Conspiracy RPG also. 

If the game lasts into the 60s I guess I will just port in SHADO from the TV show UFO crossed with MIB as there will be dealings with other races.

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