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Marvel 1955 Mysterious Alien Encounters

Recently players in my campaign have become leading alien fighters and privy to super secret global talks about plans for three orbital nuclear battleships and a moonbase by 1966. Several players have astronaut training and are on the shortlist Ace of Aces is the operator of a 4.7 billion dollar alien interceptor fighter. Gov did try to re-fit alien UFO players recovered to save cash but players said alien tech was a security risk.

Players even used their captured saucer to infiltrate the Galactic Treaty base under the ocean and bought and sold scrap on the black market for arms and information. One player bought an alien survivor as a contact and another got a shift black market alien. The Hero Digger has been appearing as the Current Captain Australia. Players had air support from Ave of ACes with his Canberra bomber (fitted with cannons) and a BAC electric Lightning test model fighter.

This is a bunch of stuff to make my life easier in my current game.

Many aliens in my game will get one use as they learn to piss off or are wiped out.

The International Space Agency - ISA helps coordinate global alien tracking efforts and the space race and operates agents and superhumans. Will evolve into SHADO in 1060s

Classified Projects

1955 Current Game Year
- A suborbital 4.7 billion dollar nuclear interceptor is being built to fight aliens
1956 Russia & America plan capsules in orbit, 
1957 Launch first part of three space stations planned
1959 Operational station and moon landing
1966 USA & USSR Moon bases (France, Great Britain & China land on Moon)
1970 Man lands on Mars
1974 Project Orion Saturn Mission 
1979 First of three Project Orion space battleships launched
1980 SHADO earth defence forces operational
Adventurers have been to space including the Moon, Mars, Venus
Information on these is poor but archaeology part of moon and mars missions
Alien invaders have actually made nations cooperate more behind the scenes

Old alien encounter series for Psychon D&D seems good in marvel also

Recent Marvel UFO stuff

these are for when you discover aliens on Earth in hiding among humans or in a secret base

Note Addendum: A comment suggested vivisection isn't ambivalent but more evil which is a worthwhile point. Nice aliens are altruistic and look out for others or consider their welfare. Ambivalent are bad and good and might be pacified. Nasty aliens love to be thoughtless bastards.

Nice Aliens...
Try not to kill anyone and shun violence
Try not to interfere unless to help
Don't like to kidnap people and apologise
Dont do unethical science on humans
Humans show great potential and must be preserved
Prefer humans to control their own destiny and didn't start ww3
Can be patronising, 
colonialist or holier-than-thou jerks
Humans will one day join the galactic treaty aliens in friendship if they survive
Galactic treaty AI bureaucracy is slow to act in response to violations
Most parts of the Galactic Treaty or try to abide by it

Ambivllant Aliens...
Selfish often believe they are the only species that matter or have any say 
Scientific curiosity for its own sake above the welfare of lower life
More likely to be independent self-interested civilisations with some trade
Might change if convinced by reason or force
Force is acceptable against humans but avoided
Humans are lower animals life who live awful lives of squalor and ignorance
Exploit lower beings for cash or data or sell junk to them
Think humans might be a threat and require watching
There are plenty of humans snatching a few hundred  is fine they won't notice
Its not personal what they are doing to you
Will consider treaties and deals if humans react badly
Not part of the galactic treaty but wary of antagonising them

Nasty Aliens...
Sadistic bastards and don't want to stop it because they like it
Militaristic, despotic, dogmatic civilisations predicated on cruelty
Despise human scum who are cattle at best
Want to enslave, invade or replace all humans
Delight in their displays of superiority and power
Enjoy personal combat for the pleasure of killing face-to-face
Take pleasure in vivisection, mind control and vapourising people
Eating humans or harvesting them as protoplasm is pleasurable
Enemies of the galactic treaty instead work with the galactic syndicate

d12 What are those benevolent aliens doing here?
1 Trying to help humans advance civilisation to the next level
2 Hunting evil shapeshifter aliens among humans with death rays and scanner
3 Preparing humans to defend themselves from a threat
4 Stranded and lives with a family in disguise or attic or basement
5 Interested in seeing an untouched civilisation so close to nature and so spiritual
6 Scholar studying humans before extinction and one wants to stay even though humans will be extinct by 1979 say computers 
7 Alien is in disguise and sometimes acts as a superhero
8 Alien secretly helping heroes or some benevolent cause
9 Alien wanders in hiding helping people and moving on when alien hunters come
10 Families of aliens lie low awaiting rescue and they are pacifists but have psionic powers
11 Scout here to document what other aliens on Earth and will warn humans of evil species
12 Lone aliens looking for ancient relics left on Earth that might be threats

d12 What are those ambivalent aliens doing here?
1 In hiding from enemies and not really worried about humans 
2 Study local life forms and culture before the extinction event comes, don't interfere but some kidnapping occasionally of specimens to study who are left mind wiped
3 Cosplay roleplaying shapeshifters living as humans as the doomsday clock ticks. Bonus status if you flee just before the apocalypse. They stick to their roles and are here for roleplaying not shooting. Who escapes the apocalypse last wins
4 Collecting DNA from humans and life from Earth for the Galactic Arc or for trade value in secret 
5 Testing some human animals with bizarre experiments for mental and biological studies 
6 Vivesection expeditions to take brains away or replace them or harvest superbeing organs. Humans are just dumb wild animals who still live on filthy planets
7 Kidnapping for sale to zoos, museums and scholars
8 Used for hybridisation program for a secret colony to hide not take over
9 Steal original artworks and samples of human culture to sell when humans become extinct soon 
10 Testing human technology and ability to see if they are threats to themselves who need to be annexed for their own good within the sphere of alien patrons and protectors 
11 Experimenting on human weapons or soldiers possibly a hero oragin
12 Slowly altering human culture and life on earth for alien corporate interests, helping humans develop TV, fast food, shopping malls and other sinister developments

d12 What are those nasty aliens doing here?
1 Terraforming Earth with alien life to become a new alien colony or homeworld
2 Infecting human beings to turn them into hybrid thralls
3 Planning to help human overpopulation with a plague weapon or sterilisation
4 Scouting for invasion plans seeking threats to invaders
5 Here to accelerate nuclear war so they can move in to replace humans
6 Building a gate or beacon for invasion
7 Criminal aliens here to trick humans into dealing with syndicates and corrupt human leaders, infiltrate local criminals and use them to spread
8 Changing human culture to embrace technology like computers, television, radio, space travel and nuclear weapons to develop Earth into a future thrall production centre
9 Here to butcher, devour or use humans as hosts and prefer free range to clones 
10 Live lives as wandering serial killers having fun and wild parties. Here for a visit or slumming for centuries. Abusive bored sadistic bastards  who infiltrate fandoms and cults 
11 Enslave humans by violence, drugs, debt, whatever it takes for an alien corporation
12 Relocate Earth to another dimension or solar system or into a mining gigastructure

d12 What benevolent alien is that? Galactic Treaty Members
1 Aurans - bulb-headed pacifist mystics here for peace and tranquillity on a backward simple quaint planet to meditate, occasionally heal, give prophecies. Some aliens persecute them so they might need help
2 Galadorian space cyborg knights here to exterminate Dire Wraiths and recruit superheroes and humans to help (Marvel ROM comic). At fist it seems frightening when the banish wraiths in disguise until humans communicate and discover the threat
3 Planarians - human-like scholar species from advanced utopia, many willing to fight evil aliens and guard planets against evil aliens. Awaken every few thousand years to study human progress. Use robot Bigfoots and holograms to protect their hidden bases. Have several hidden islands they have kept off the map for centuries. Long-lived but try to not interfere with humans. Keep ancient treasures in their museums (70s Bionic shows)
4 Vulthoomians - the children of Vulthoom, who worshipped their alien god who destroyed most life on Mars twice. There are freed or awakened Vulthoomians on earth but others are used as food by the Masters or the Swarm. Mostly they thank humans for saving them and are helpful but as ex-slaves have little useful knowledge, tech or powers. Their God on Mars who drained life twice has been awakening and those who know of its name expand its psychic reach (Clark Ashton Smith). They have no technology of their own usually as they are mostly food or soul vessels 
5 Suulian - grey alien elderly turtle like space police, hunting alien criminals hiding out on earth, covering up alien involvement, seizing tech and wiping minds. Can use shape-shifting or replicant Android agents, energy sphere drones, robot humanoids and keep an alien prison in hyperspace (Laserbalst in part)
6 Ameboids - gelatinous with biological tech here to sample the DNA of heroes to help fight their former masters the great old ones. Observe in human form or merge with a human to gather samples from heroes (In my hero games since 91 and had many players use in backgrounds)
7 Bactrians - slimy space frogs battle to save humans but nobody believes they are nice guys vs pretty shapeshifters and androids. They are poor communicators and also bitter grumps (Lost In Space). Humans deserve a chance to mature beyond this solar egg and spread to the stars. If only humans didn't scream and shoot at them when they try to contact isolated people
8 Starlons - energy beings in containment suits, usually here by accident or a trick, emit heat and radiation. They have trouble communicating but if safely contained and helped they can cure cancer and drain nuclear waste of radiation. At least one bonded with a human; some have been teleported to Earth in accidents or encounters in space. (DrWho)
9 Xithian peace lovers here to help aliens cooperate and obey the treaty on primitive planets. Operate the alien galactic treaty embassy under the sea. 
Humanoids with bulbous heads with black eyes adapted for naked space travel. Hope to guide humans away from nuclear war and ecocide. Other jerk aliens sabotage these utopian dreams. They have two smaller castes one like a preteen and a smaller toddler size who carry tools on belts. Only the leader caste is Psionic 
10 Echos - three have arrived in our system, one alive in a UK airforce base since WW2, one rescued from other aliens by heroes. UK has one damaged interstellar ship and one other one was destroyed by Tiamat. Claim to probably be the last of species here to warn humanity to flee from incoming Invasion by Tiamat spawn who may already be on Earth! (there are already superhumans linked to Tiamat and monsters on Earth aim to take over in the late 80s). Appear quite human and not too advanced. The human-looking last survivor claims most of the species committed suicide to avoid being absorbed by Tiamat (Invasion Earth Brit TV Series) 
Venusians - a colony of pathogenic amazons made by aliens in the bronze age on a ruined city of a mysterious alien race (other cities ruined and occupied by aliens). They live lives of learning and leisure in their citadel of sapphic super science. Mostly they shun Earth except for some criminals. They are quite Haughty and matriarchal authoritarians who aid several earth heroines they admire (Pure pulp for all the amazon cat women in space fans also contact of a player). They have used their tech to help women brought to them by Earth friends 
12 Sirians a species long shed bodies in our universe and some reach into our world through relics. They are reliant on servitors and vehicles to carry them. These ultraterrestrials are influential for their great age and wisdom and some species such as the Masters encourage Siran to manifest in great temples in their cities. The Sirans do not rule or obey the Masters just offer advice and knowledge. Some have possessed people and even spoken to humans. Some have visited Earth to study it before WW3 kills all life. One wanted to wipe out humanity and was imprisoned

d12 What ambivilant alien is that? Abide by treaty mostly but non-members  
1 Goblinoids - from tau ceti small big-eared species but they have speciality caste subspecies and some of their colonies became new subspecies. They vary greatly but most are not especially into murder or conquest
2 Piceans - fish aliens with ancient hybrid colonies on earth, serve ultra terrestrial old ones who brought them to earth but now have their own saucers
3 Reptilians - an alliance of various reptilians some who had colonies on earth in dinosaur times. Claim they own Earth and often fight other aliens and humanoids. Some keep dinosaurs, others prefer tech and some enjoy sorcerous pacts with extraterrestrials. Some can disguise themselves or hybridize with humans. One group is on a long-term social engineering project on humans
4 Doomlord - here to kill humanity with human weapons like germ labs but changed mind now fights own kind here to finish the job. Has shapeshifting, psionics and a horrible death touch (Eagle Comics). Other similar Doomlords come to Earth but mostly fight each other
5 Martians - shape-shifting psionic aliens whose various castes have split ruining their civilisation. Some have been tainted by Earth radio. White=war caste, Green=philosopher caste. Red=resource caste Yellow=religious
6 Slaan - the ancient amphibians who were dominant over the galaxy millions of years ago, Now most have fallen to stoneage. Some still wander looking to unite their lost kind or recover technology. Operate psionic weapons and mostly indifferent humans. Like being called space gods and younger alien species find this tiresome as some fell for this once
7 Xanthi - ant-like aliens who send their criminals to earth because they can't kill their own kind but know humans will (outer limits). If humans object they will cut a deal
8 Ebonites - pointy-headed beings running psyche and mind control experiments on humans. They work for other species that are less ethical than themselves or even human governments and corporations (outer limits). A government or villain might enslave a crew for their superior gaming brains
9 Ikarns - large-eyed, bald-headed aliens with pointed ears and flaps for a face. Psionic caste-based hive mind with a large stupid thug caste for taking specimens from the earth (outer limits)
10 Metulans - here to run a company to obtain materials and recruit scientists to help them cure mutations on their war-ravaged planet. Mutants hamper their efforts (This Island Earth)
11 Andarans - bored advanced humanoid species here to pit alien species and humans in battle for fun 
 (outer limits, also a bit like dark Eldar)
12 Watchers - ultra terrestrial humanoids spying on humans for millennia l, like faeries who can walk through walls and cover up strange phenomena. They seem to aid various evil aliens but their purpose actually is unclear really and they are thousands of years old (Vector 13 comic in 2000AD)

d12 What nasty alien is that? Enemies of the Treaty
1 Betalgese - hairy goblinoids from the high G world who enjoy brawling and fighting lesser species, including human children whose faces they scratched. They are smugglers and goons for alien crime cartels
2 Skrulls are a goblinoid shapeshifter civilisation that grew by taking over lesser species with infiltration. They may use robots, and alien monsters and even have some of their own superheroes who are keen to battle Earth heroes and might try replacing them
3 Altarans - humans appearing and discovering they were humans separated in the ice age. This shattered their society and some wished to conquer Earth with a campaign of kidnapping, hybrids, vivisection, plages, mind control and killing other saucer people. Often use alien mercenaries. A colony called Atlantis has been hidden awaiting human technology to evolve to the point they can build,star drives so the Atlanteans can leave. They have been secret patrons of the Nazis and others to "help" humans. Ruthless and elitist and made modified human monsters hybridized with animals, mutated or made aquatic  
4 Derro - subterranean alien saucer people utterly malicious and drive humans to torment each other with mind control. Their whole purpose is to evilly torment humans and empathically enjoy fear. They keep underground labs and torture camps and some specialise in psionic assault on the surface (Shaver Mystery)
Mechanimen - cyborg alien servitors studying if humans are suitable to become cyborgs and join with them. Fight other aliens contaminating Earthlings and use implant-based mind control. Use various machines, sentient vehicles and robot drones. Want humans to develop microchips, robotics and supercomputers so a few decades off assimilation, perhaps early 80s
The Swarm - small psionic tripod insectoids who once lived on Mars and some occasionally revive and try to influence humans or tap human psionic power to call their overmind to this world 
7 Masters - tentacled despots with tripod walkers and flyers with heat rays, once ruled Mars and were feeding off the last hibernating white tiny humanoid worshipers of Vulthoom. The invasion of Earth in 1890 was foiled by mystery men using germ warfare
8 Mi-go - fungoid space dwellers serve ultra terrestrials and harvest human brains, create their own synthetic servitors to deal with humans or can turn human skin into a kind of biological camouflage for infiltration. Keep human cults also 
9 Tiamat - a biological swarm that terraforms worlds to replicate it and can even open wormholes to spread. Has created humanoid biological servitors and monsters to infiltrate and invade living ecologies. (see War vs Chtorr, Wildcards, Brit Invasion TV series, Tyranids) 
10 Kronos - a machine to harvest energy from planets sends robot humanoid scouts inspired by extinct builders long ago. Drops self-replicating robots to mine and reproduce on planets. Some humans can be controlled by remote to at as saboteurs or heralds 
11 Dire Wraiths - species hoping to make Earth their new home and have it the heart of a new homeworld partly in phase with their alien space gods. Males are scouts who use robots, tech, and mimicry. If they fail conquest the female sorcerers come with various servitors and they destroy bodies and turn them to ash when they absorb the souls of victims they duplicate with all the victim's memories. They have many enemies (Marvel Rom Comic series Villains)
12 Many Angled Ones - ultra terrestrial planar beings who delight in devouring the life experiences of mere 4-dimensional beings. Superhumans are often durable enough for a god to possess while most humans explode. High air pressure and cold is a sign of their coming. They control cults and servitor species through dreams (HP Lovecraft/Grant Morrison's Zenith)

d12 Alien Base Locations
1 Underwater
2 Island
3 Mountain top
4 Jungle ruins
5 Hostile Desert 
6 Frozen wastes
7 Under a city
8 Rustic community
9 Deep underground
10 Upper atmosphere or in orbit
11 On the moon or an asteroid base
12 Another dimension or pocket universe

d12 Regular Servitors for aliens
1 Humanoid chrome robot who aids and defends aliens
2 Floating drone AI assistant with holograms and forcefield
3 Alien monster pet seems frightening to humans
Android pseudo-biological machines, often non-human like Bigfoot
Alien mercenaries possibly several species
Biological weapon beast for warfare requires testing
7 Mutant humans promised a cure for their freak condition
8 Thrall species of alien brutes for manual labour and goons
9 Organisms for Terraforming Planet including plants, fungi, diseases
10 Earth animals made intelligent and psionic for spies
11 Small grey alien thralls adapted for life in space, used for labour and kidnapping
12 Psionic hivemind aids the ship and crew

d12 Infiltration Servitors for aliens
1 Cultists willingly serving aliens
2 Psionic thralls contacted in dreams
3 Humans cloned by aliens as agents
4 Implant-controlled human operatives 
5 Android pseudo-biological machines copy human form
6 Replicant synthetic humanoid, melt when exposed
7 Cyborg human super soldiers
8 Zombies, reanimated human corpses
9 Hybrid human-alien colonists
10 Alien specialist can wear a living human skin suit
11 Human possessed by alien spirit, psionic alien or ultraterestrial being
12 Superheroes gifted with alien powers or just aliens in costumes

Servitors are often encountered rather than actual aliens
A villain or government might try to fake aliens
Many saucers built on Earth

Just to be clear this is all fiction


  1. I can't help but think that once you start on the vivisection you've gone beyond "ambivalent" territory. maybe swap that result with the 8 result on the "nasty" table, which actually seems mostly ambivalent?

    1. yeah the ambivalent aliens are jerks but might be changeable or indifferent or not personal. Evil aliens more pro genocide or global conquest.

      doomlord tried to kill all humans and makes ambivalent. I guess some science vivesectionists think lesser animals dont really feel anything. Maybe the ambivalent ones might change with player intervention. The evil aliens take more pleasure in it and like pointless cruelty and don't want to stop

      I will amend slightly

    2. thanks for this i amended a few things and defied what alien types mean


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