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Alignment Quests

What is this for?
When you break an oath as an act of atonement
When you want to impress a religion to get access to oaths or join up
When you owe a religion for raising dead or other healing or divination
To earn credit for future medical bills and funeral expences
To impress a ruler or noble court

People who do quests for a church get documented and their names spread along the ecclesiastical pilgrim routes. 

Are You a Wicked Spell Caster?
In my world all practitioners of magic in civilisation are documented and using magic on other citizens of the area is witchcraft. A witch is an unauthorised illegal spellcaster who uses abilities on persons or property of the community. Its mostly a slur to get people killed by mobs of fanatics. Those orcs will call good adventurers clerics witches. Id say in many cases witches happen to be sorcerers bound by oath or blood to otherworldly beings but druids get caused lots also. Wizards have guilds and priests have churches to regulate spell casters who don't charge rates or swap spells with rival organisations.

d12 Law Quests
1 Bring a traitor to public justice
2 Bring order to a frontier settlement
3 Build a school for philosophy, arts or literacy
4 Commission production of a book, instrument or artwork
5 Find who murdered a significant person and capture the killer
Hunt a famous dangerous beast on the frontier
7 Aid the lawful hunt for bandits, criminals and wicked spell casters 
8 Help a community build a temple, monument, wall or communal structure
9 Help resolve a difficult legal dispute with the best outcome for all
10 Recover a long-lost relic
11 Destroy an outpost of chaos, secret cult or nest of wicked spell casters
12 Join a crusade against chaos on the borderlands or beyond

d12 Balance Quests
1 Stop the local ascending prevalence of law or chaos in area
Aid a community facing oppression of extremists
3 Discredit a popular zealot before the mob
4 Out a secret cult hiding in the community
5 Aid the underdog in the struggle of law vs chaos
6 Stop conflicts between law and chaos harming a community
7 Aid refugees from cosmic struggle find sanctuary
8 Trick law & chaos into wasting their resources
9 Convince a faction to change sides
10 Stop conflict swinging between law and chaos
11 Silence a demegogue causing conflict
12 Stop a group of dangerous fanatics

Chaos Quests 
1 Take treasure from a faction
2 Help prisoners escape the law
3 Start a vendetta with law officers
4 Hold a lavish feast for a community
5 Vandalise all the road signs in the region
6 Destroy buildings, walls or roads of the kingdom
7 Place these baby monsters in several locations
8 Rob a payroll or tax collector
9 Kill an enemy leader
10 Cause conflict between two factions
11 Live a month of out-of-control vice
12 Steal a prized weapon of a leader

Good Quests 
1 Help feed the hungry 
2 Help travellers in need
3 Help heal the sick
4 Aid widows and orphans
5 Help build homes for the poor
6 Make peace with an enamy
7 Escort pilgrims to a holy place
8 Protect the sanctity of a holy place
9 Help victims of a disaster
10 Protect inocents from raiders
11 Stop an evil magician
12 Exterminate a supernatural evil

Neutral Quests 
1 Find a valuable lost treasure 
2 Build defences for your comunity
3 Take revenge on a enemy 
4 Protect sacred wilderness resources
5 Take this message to a person
6 Help this clan escape the region
7 Transport this cargo to this far away place
8 Collect debts from this person
9 Recover kidnapped locals
10 Protect this merchant caravan
11 Find safe passage through a wild place
12 Explore a wilderness area

d12 Evil Quests 
1 Burn a building full of people
2 Kidnap and torture an innocent for a month
3 Maim seven innocents
4 Eat the flesh of a specific person or good creature
5 Aid a secret evil cult in trouble
6 Massacre a small comunity
7 Exhort dungeon dwellers to perform acts of evil 
8 Capture victims and sell them
9 Kill a victim, mutilate their corpse and display it in public
10 Steal from the desperate and needy
11 SIlence someone who risks secrets of an evil cult
12 Sell a soul contract to planar being for a cut

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