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Chagrinspire Mega Nega Dungeon pt4: Kobolds


Kobolds & Traps In Chagrinspire
Kobolds were a minor species of goblinoid-like people who come in a variety of species. The type in chagrin spire are small scaly canines that like mining, crafting and alchemy. Used as assistants, guards, workers and more for the Lords of Chagrinspire the kopbolds now believe they own it.

Kobolds here use black powder, complex mechanisms and ancestral spirits.
Various clans have specialities and use different magic.
Even dead kobolds can have rolls as skeletons or zombies or poltergeist spirits

Kobolds use small bows that do only a d4 but might have poison
Humans use small bows too as a bow can fit in quiver on a belt easily 

Common poisons are to weaken foes and on higher and lower levels are more severe

d6 Possible Triggers
1 Tripwire line
2 False floor - break through to activate
3 Pressure-activated floor - set to human weight range
4 Baited with food or treasure or trinkets
5 Concealed kobold observer with lever
6 Petty dungeon spirits activate 

d20 Kobold Traps
1 Greased floor near something dangerous
 Alarm bell triggered in kobold barracks 
3 Spikes on floor, save or d3 1in4 with poison (heavy boots ok)
4 Foot trap - grips foot and delays to remove
5 Jaw trap - crushes 2d4 foot and traps 
6 Swinging scythe blade or spiked rod d6
7 Crossbow 1in4 with poison
8 Musket or pistol 
9 Incendiary bomb 2d4 3m area
10 Caste iron black powder landmine 2d4 3m area
11 Smoke bomb - expands 3m 
 for 3d4 rounds, can alert enemies
12 Sleep gas - expands 3m for 3d4 rounds
13 Deadfall drop a d6 stone from roof
14 Shrieking giant mushroom screams if strangers near 
15 Trapdoor to 3m pit of spikes 2d6 save halves 
16 Trapdoor to 3m pit of d4 1=snakes 2=scorpions 4=giant rats 4=giant spider
17 Trapdoor pops up d6 1=kobold skeletons 2=kobold zombies 3=kobolds 4=rat swarms 5=angry berserker
18 Trapdoor pops up monster d4 1=ghoul 2=gelatinous cube 3=mutant bear 4=rust monster 5=carrion crawler 6=dire wolf
19 Portcullis gate slams down 1in4 a second gate closes victims inside
20 Poltergiest - often with noisy items to rattle and objects to hurl

A rare trap mostly used by knockers is to cover the floor in koboldium which heats when touched and burs feed a d6 per round, save for half every 3m crossed. Salamander skin moccasins or boots make it crossable. Some versions just explode. It also is poison to touch d3 if fail save, and can be consumed as fuel by magic machines and can be used to make explosives and smokeless powder for cartridges and shells. The waste products are very toxic and cause mutagens. Koboldium grenade does 2d4 damage and save or lose a d3 CON points which recover one per month if no koboldium touches you. 

d6 Basic Kobold poisons
1 Sewerstank save or +1 damage one hour later 
2 Hellsap save or take d4 damage d6 hours later 
3 Numb juice save or -d3 Mov for d4 hours
4 Sting venom save or take 1 damage per round for d4 rounds, save neg 
5 Bloodrot save for 1HP damage or take d3 damage if fail
6 Vile broth infests victim with disease save or in 10 minutes -2 all rolls for d6 hours of fever

d8 Exotic Kobold poisons
1 Koboldium powder is good for contact poison burns 1hp damage needs to be scraped and brushed off items, water ignites it often damaging objects. Put on trinkets, doorknobs and treasure. Even kobolds wear gloves to handle and they keep in bottles of oil. Eating a dose burns a round per level for 2d4 rounds plus save vs poison or take 2d6 extra damage and lose your hair 
2 Koboldium ash if ingested save or gain a minor mutation after the next full sleep
3 Slomo reduces Mov by d4+1 Mov and -2 all actions for an hour, save halves. Duration hour and cumulative not effect don't. Quick old bath reduces effect time by half
4 Somnabulum causes grogginess -2 all rolls and unconsciousness after a d4 rounds if fail a save. Effects last a d3 hours and are good for darts and arrows or edible but ten minutes for onset. From a tiny poison dungeon frog but a Herbalist can be an antidote heals 2d4 damage from this 
5 Snake Slime brewed from snakes 2d4 damage poison for blades and traps, save halves. A Herbalist can be an antidote heals 2d4 damage from this 
6 Dragon Blood extracted from dragons 2d6 damage poison for blades and traps, save halves and no known easy antidote
7 Mummy Dust used in arrowheads or weapons causes disease if save fails to prevent natural healing for a 3d4 days. Quick first aid can remove infection at loss of 1HP
8 Blood Bane save or in a d4 rounds start to bleed 1HP a round from eyes and any body orafices for 2d4 rounds. Users often carry a dose of antidote

1 Key Clan (Gatehouse) Morale 10
Traps & Defensive engineering specialists
Sacred duty to defend the gatehouse to the death for the king
Guard Archers use 
daggers, bows and 20 arrows
Gatekeeper warriors use 2 javelins, dagger, chain & shield
Magicians are 
ancestor shaman priests who make poltergeists from dying kobolds

2 Red Quill Clan (Level 1) Morale 6
Operate a Bat & Pigeons post service, advanced accounting, rapid-fire archers
Prefer dialogue and legal action to fight, collecting taxes for the king
Red Fletch Archers use bows 40 arrows and daggers
Crimson Elite Archers have speciality marksmen skills and carry fire and poison arrows
Crimson Bailifs use studded leather, whip, club 
Magicians are wizards who like making scrolls

3 Black Bag Clan (Level 1) Morale 10
Specialise in intelligence, torture, prisons and dogs
Secretive hooded spies and killers for the king
Black Snipers carry an arquebus and each is accompanied by a scout as a spotter
Black Scouts carry a poison blowpipe, a small crossbow and a poisoned knife
Black Assassins use two poison daggers and carry six poison-throwing knives
Black Goons wear studded leather and use clubs, flails, whips and chains
Dogs include small yappy ratters to tracking guard dogs to huge ward dogs sometimes ridden by scouts  
Suicide Bomber carries a black powder cast iron grenade or incendiary bomb
Magicians are diabolic hell cultist priests who dream of serving hell in the next world

4 Bog Clan (Plateau Swamp) Morale 6
Degenerant inbred mutants, survival, poison, domestic flies
Swamp clan mostly avoid standing fights to death, wear moss and mud
Hunters use poison darts d3 from an atlatl +1 damage double range and a hatchet
Headhunter warriors use leather & shields, spiked war clubs, bow with 20 arrows
Plague Riders - ride a giant fly and use leather, 2 javelins, dagger, a shortbow & 20 arrows
Magicians are priests of Nergal who use undead zombies and skeletons, and breed swarms of carnivorous flies and giant ones as pets

5 Cliff Clan (Western Plateau) Morale 6
Flint uses hunters, giant geckos, hang gliders and giant kites to deploy kobolds
They guard the western path and mostly live in cliffs peacefully
Cliff Hunters use a shortbow and 20 arrows and a stone knife
Gecko Riders use leather, shield, hatchet, 3 javelins and a spear
Skydivers use a hang glider and drop smoke bombs and darts
Magicians are druids worshipping sky and stone with lots of pet geckos

6 Fire Clan (?) Morale 8
Alchemists specialising in fire and pyrotechnics, domestic fire toads
Pyromaniacs in bronze, live in magma chambers and the great Chagrinspire forges 
Fire Archers use daggers, bows & 20 arrows,10 fire arrows
Fire Slingers hurl incendiary bombs or grenades with staff slings (doubled as a club)
Fire Warriors use plate, spear, small sword and a small d6 flintlock pistol
Toad Riders carry 2 javelins and a mace and ride a fire toad or handle several
Magicians are Alchemists who carry braces of pistols and various potions 
7 Hell Hole Clans (?) Morale 9
Devil worshipers who love guns
Wear elaborate uniforms with diabolic insignia, weapons are decorated with devil features
Hell Musketeers use plate and use muskets with bayonets or small sword and d6 pistol
Hell Grenadiers carry a short sword, a small pistol d6 and d4 grenades or incendiaries
Hell Knights use plate, spear, shortsword, a small pistol d6 and one grenade or incendiary
Magicians are Diabolic priests who gain imps after years of service and a hellhound if leaders of their cult

8 Tunnel Clan (Under Plateau and lower levels) Morale 8
Experts with digging and rats
Guard the lower tunnels from invaders or vermin
Scouts use poison blowpipe, 2 daggers and have a d4 giant rats
Tunnel Fighters use leather armour and carry two hatchets or war clubs, elite are berserks
Magicians are 
plague priests of a demon rat god who delight in filth and keep a swarm of rats on them, they swing braziers of burning filth to create plague miasmas

9 Sky Clan (Upper Chagrinspire surface and top levels) Morale 7
Winged clan who work on construction and aerial bombardment
Little is known of them, most witnesses were far away
Wing Scout use 2 javelins, a net and a dagger 
Wing Raiders use javelin, shortsword and lassos
Wing Defiler carry 10 iron darts, a dagger, whip, 1 grenaide and 1 incendiary
Magicians are air elementalist sorcerers who claim the blood of dragons

10 Knocker Clan (Lower levels) Morale 7
Mining and trap building, alchemy, automatons, koboldium metal, cartridge ammo firearms
Workers in the depths studying ancient technology
Miner uses a pick or hammer and carries a knife, will throw rocks d3
Knocker Trooper uses a chain, heavy helmet, shield, spiked mace, trench dagger
Knocker Gunner uses a bolt action rifle with a bayonet and an incendiary 
Knocker Special Weapons use either a light smg or a flamethrower or use artillery rockets
Knocker Battlerider use leather, dagger, light pistol d4 20 shots, operate from vehicles or walking machines which may have mounted heavy weapons they can operate and usually have other troops
Magician are alchemists preferring explosions and make automaton guards

11 Blood Berry Clan (Chagrinspire Hills) Morale 6
Farmers, hunters herders, nature worshipers, hedonists
Mostly naked and adapted for outdoors and sunlight, 
Gatherer use a sling, knife and a hatchet
Goat Rider uses leather, bow & 20 arrows, small sword 
Magicians are druids and they often have animal friends like goats but also may have brownies and sprites stay with them and don't even hate gnomes. They love drinking and orgies and have no shame when it comes to self-pleasure

12 King Kobold (Level 1) Morale 9
Elitist advanced kobold monarchy who love gold and luxury
They all wear gold jewellery like nose rings, lip plugs, rings and armbands
Golden Skirmishers use light d6 flintlock pistol, whip, dagger, d4 dogs
Royal Guards use chainmail, shield, shortsword and a light d6 flintlock pistol
Royal Knights use plate, shield, spear and shortsword
Magicians are wizards who wear fancy gold robes and big hats

Kobold Kill Carts 
Based on the golem carts used by the old mastrs of Chagrinspire. You might think them too silly and exclude them. Like golf carts and those buggies bond villain secret bases use. You might like to play kobold kill carts as a mini-game.

Kobold rollerskates or skateboards
AC+0 HP 5 Mov 12 Morale 6

kobold youths often carry knives, sticks, machetes or hurl rocks or grenaides or incendiaries and flee. With a skill roll they can +50% to their Mov (Dex 13 or less on d20, unskilled ppl half chance) but a failure results in an accident. They have most outlandish kobold fahion

Kobold scooter
AC+1 HP 5 Mov 15 Morale 7

2 wheel push toys carry a driver and a passenger to board other vehicles. The driver might throw a grenade, incendiaries, smoke bombs or throw chains into the wheels.

Kobold battle cart
AC+2 HP 10 Mov 12 1m wide Morale 6
has one or more kobolds pulling the cart while one rides with a repeating crossbow, sometimes a pup kobold helps reload the bolt hopper on the crossbow

Kobold pedal cart 
AC +3 HP 12 Mov 12+ 1m wide d4 Ram Morale 7
driver pedals while a passenger rides with a repeating crossbow, the driver may carry a grenade or small pistol. Better models amplify kobold pedal power for 15 Mov

Kobold spirit wagon
AC+4 HP 15 Move 15 1m wide d6 ram Morale 8
driver pedals, one passenger uses a repeating crossbow and other defends the vehichle and hurls javelins and possibly carries grenade or small pistol. This is powered by a form of kobold poltergeist by a shaman and is an ancestor of the crew. The cart and kobolds are very loyal. Priests can turn them.

Kobold Heavy Kill Wagon
AC+6 HP 24 Mov 9 2m wide 2d6 ram Morale 11
commander orders crew 
and has a small sword  & pistol, may throw grenades and incendiaries from the top hatch and a shaman apprentice controls the cart spirit, a main gunner cranks a handle and fires a poison dart launcher fires three darts per round, and two crew fire repeating crossbows. The shaman also enhances the crew with spells and four spearmen protect the wagon and may ride on top
Golem Scooter
AC+4 HP 20 Mov 24 Jump 2 1m wide 2d4 ram Morale 10
Intelligent Cycle can carry a passenger but some models have a sidecar and a gunner but only Mov 18. Cycles love speed, thrills and danger

Golem Cart
AC+5 HP 30 Mov 9 1m wide d6 ram Morale 12
intelligent cart won't act to harm humans but colliding with carts is ok. Often have a front seat with a steering position which is more often just a valet with a truncheon and small pistol. They come in 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 seat versions. Some are articulated and have single-file seating. They will drive you to places within Chagrinspire if you carry a high-level clearance passport papers or ranking uniform. They might drive you into a trap or to ambush by security automatons.

Chaos Cart
AC+7 HP 50 Mov 6  Burrow 3 2m wide  2d10 
ram or trample d8 limbsx2 Morale 10
chaos kobolds hacked a golem and corrupted it and now it is a savage boring machine. It does not need them but usually it is crewed by 8 kobold chaos cultist sappers, a champion and a chaos wizard. The front is a screw to bore through stone with an angry face. It is armed with a harpoon cannon, one repeating heavy crossbow and a normal light repeating crossbow facing each direction. It has two limbs that are 4m long usually tentacles or lobster pincers. Mutant organic metal tumours with eyes and mouths grow over the surface. It can produce a 9m radius smoke cloud that grows 3m per round once activated. The koboldinium fuel is chaos charged and the crew are constantly exposed to chaos vapours and glow in the dark. There are many varients including flamer armed, dungeon trap sweepers with a rotating drum covered in chain lengths to set off and destroy devices, mines or enemies, crew have lots of smoke inside so crossbows or smokeless koboldium cartridge propelled ammo works better than black powder.

Drive Roll required?

Easy - no roll for a skilled driver
turn once under 30 degrees requires no roll
park neatly in a parking bay or garage
driving on a road or floor
break to reduce Mov by 3

Hard - require roll for skilled driver
turn a second time up to 30 more degrees turn 
Making a jump 
improved stop break to reduce Move 6
regain control
go down steep slopes or stairs 
don't get stuck in rough terrain
bootleg turn 60-180 degrees and stop
vehichle takes 50% damage and above half speed

Impossible - require roll for skilled driver under bonus score
drive on 2 wheels through a narrow gap
drive up a wall and make a jump
jump on top of another vehichle
jump over several other carts or a dozen nuns

d6 Lost Control roll?
1 Car skids,  sliding half Mov to a stop
2 Car skids,  sliding half Mov to a stop + change facing 90 degrees
3 Car skids to a halt colliding with something if possible or as 1
4 Wheel comes off possibly causing skid as 2 in many cases
5 Roll body over d6 times and stop
6 Flips in the air make a hard-driving test to land without the catastrophic crash and only 2d6

Crash causes 2d6 damage to vehichle and crew, half if strapped in fancy crash seats. 4d6 if falls down a cliff or multiple vehichle crashes, Heavy war versions may have these and are more solid than light versions. Faster bigger vehicles need more dice damage for ram speed. 

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