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Dungeon Walls, Ceilings & Floors

One track up on Bandcamp - four on youtube 
- my band in Japan without me now maybe next year if i get shit together and prices don't get worse. Two eps and album soonish and art done. Sadly i could crank out audio tapes with my current system.

Playing two marvel games i GM and Ravenloft dnd5 currently
Off to play renegade legion tuesday and ravenloft after 
Have an offer for DnD but i kinda like sunday at home 

Just use a d6 for your less weird dungeons.

d12 Boring Walls
1 Air vent
2 Dripping water and moss
3 Torch bracket with torch
4 Scrawls d4 1=gang faction signs 2=cult praise 3=slander 4=sexully crude
5 Blood splatters
6 Crumbling mortar and salt-damp
7 Manacles possibly with skeleton or corpse
8 Skulls set into wall niches (ancestors or captives)
9 Idol set into walls
10 Target for archery practice or darts, often with r=enemies face depicted
11 Shelves with candles, mugs, bottles and a mushroom
12 Thick fungus and tree roots growing from the wall

d12 Posh Walls
1 Glazed bricks with depictions of creatures and ancient writing
2 Painted mural scenes of d4 1=underworld 2=paradise 3=creation 4=apocalypse 
3 Glazed cones stuck in plastered walls making colourful dot patterns
4 Polished stone such as marble with frieze of relief art where meets ceilings
Fresco paint on plaster with scenes of hunting or fishing and wild creatures
Relief stone carvings of d4 1=depictions of the gods 2=religious orgy 3=extinct creatures 4=ancient treaty in a d4 languages usually lores or declaration or memorial
Mozaic glazed tiles with d4 1=patterns 2=beasts 3=athletic youths 4=gladiators fighting
8 Paintings in frames d4 1=portrait 2=landscape 3=beasts 4=feast scene
9 Text carved in stone walls about d4 1=king 2=religious 3=empire 4=prophecy
10 Water feature such as d4 1=fountain 2=water basin 3=pool 4=bath or toilet, once wooden additions might have made more private. Decorated with shells 
11 Painted relief sculpture in walls depicting with magical lighting d4 1=ancestors 2=gods 3=rulers 4=nymphs and other mythical creatures having an orgy
12 Illusions of past life and the seasons in a loop cycle with music, play a d10 minutes at a time so you might have to watch lots to see every bit (its an educational trick) but maybe just give viewers a massive lore dump rather than play or roll this out 

d12 Weird Walls
1 Wall has a secret door to d6 1=escape passage 2=hiding place (perhaps a monster) 3=small room with spyholes 4=furnished room 5=opens into next room 6=cell 
2 Wall has a secret switch that rotates a section of wall and floor into an adjacent room
3 Doors lock, spikes come out of walls and they close in - stop by d4 1=bracing walls 2=unlock door 3=secret door 4=secret reset switch
4 Unsound and weak enough can easily be smashed through with some labour into another area. Too much damage and the ceiling might collapse. If walls in the area are usually thick, then possibly there is damage from later tunnelling or excavations
5 Trapped and a large area of pressure plates are in front and possibly bait d4 1=shoots swarm of poison darts 2=shoots crossbow bolts 3=releases monster from secret door 4=wall collapses like a deadfall
6 One-way illusion, creatures on the other side see through it
7 Magic metal barrier with the right key vanishes revealing an open area or another room
8 Wall is alive and slimy to the touch possibly a shapechanging monster or covered in an ooze or slime blended in or some other creature hidden flat over the wall
9 Wall has magical artworks that can come to life or be entered into weird looping pocket universes or even a demon prison. Magic items or sometimes spirits may create this effect by entering the artwork and making it a home 
10 The wall is a teleporter pad and touching it sends you elsewhere
11 Wall is different and created by a spell or item later than the room was built and possibly left by a visiting wizard d4 1=wall of stone 2=wall of iron 3=wall of wood or roots 4=wall of force 
12 Wall is a magical barrier to another area and may have a means to bypass it. Created by high-level magic. d10 1=fire 2=blades 2d8 3=ice 4=darkness 5=bones 6=water 7=living vines 8=spirits or shadows 9=insect swarm 10=lightning arc

d12 Boring Ceilings
1 Damp spots, drips in rain and in need of repair
2 Cobwebs and spiders
3 Splattered food or blood
4 Candelabra or lantern hook (might have a pole)
5 Cloth banner covers plain ceiling
6 AIr vent often over fireplace or stove
7 Large crack you could fit an arm in
8 Patch of moss or slime or fungus
9 Sooty patches from torches and fire
10 Lumps of dried faeces were thrown here in a game
11 Bat nesting area with a vent they use
12 Trapdoor to something above
d12 Posh Ceilings
1 Glazed tile mozaic
2 Painted scene of d4 1=afterlife 2=sky 3=gods looking down 4=night sky stars
3 Decorative carved patterns
4 Decorative patterns painted or made with tiles
5 Tiny gargoyles in each corner
6 Vaulted arched ceiling extra 3-6m high
7 Cloth banner hanging covers the ceiling with heraldic beasts depicted
8 Fanciful candelabra and mechanism to lower it with rope to light
9 White lime and plaster surface and a permanent light spell
10 Painted map of the known kingdom or the world at the time it was created
11 Lit with a permanent light spell with the polished reflective metal surface
12 Coloured glass or crystal panels with light spells make colourful lights

d12 Weird Ceilings
1 Has a secret trap door
2 Ceiling is trapped with a mechanical hazard like a deadfall
3 Doors lock and ceiling lowers, may have pop-out spikes
4 Ceiling is really some awful camouflaged monster
5 Ceiling has concealed murder holes and a chamber above used by attackers
6 Painting of gods on the ceiling, their eyes eerily follow you as if watching
False ceiling is an illusion concealing a hiding place for goods or an attack or to spy, it may have a secret entrance in a passage somewhere 
8 Artwork on the ceiling causes paralysis if you look at it and fail a save (or some other spell)
9 Scene of apocalyptic prophecy, maybe explorers recognise places or people
10 Animated scene of d4 1=creation 2=battle 3=constelations in the sky 4=dancing nymphs in paradise
11 Scaffolding up to the ceiling for repairs or artworks, possibly occupied and fortified by creatures who demand a toll 
12 Creatures or warriors depicted in painted ceilings may once a day jump down to attack intruders. If they die they return to the art and are reborn the next day. Some might beg for release
d12 Boring Floors
1 Dirt and dust
2 Filth and garbage
3 Mud and sewerage
4 Dusty cobblestones
5 Sand possibly with footprints
6 Gravel and small stones

7 Planks over mud to prevent slipping
8 Several inches of dirty water
9 Mould and fungus
10 Straw and filth
11 Bricks and mortar
12 Crude stone worn with use 

d12 Posh Floors
1 Fitted wooden floorboards 
 Slate sheets
3 Mozaic tiles with a scene of d4 1=gladiators 2=heroes 3=monsters 4=nature
4 Polished stone floor 
5 Coloured tiles forming geometric patterns like checkers perhaps
6 Carved marble with a decorative ceremonial pool or fountain
7 Shrine to lesser divinity or hero set into a memorial on the floor
8 Stunning red marble floor is pleasantly warm to the touch
9 Secret trapdoor to a staircase in floor worked into a geometric design
10 Carpets with colourful geometric designs and soft and silent to walk on
11 Wood or stone geometric tiles with ornate vegetal and animal motifs
12 Geometric marble tiles play music as walked over such as a trumpet fanfare

d12 Weird Floors
1 Hidden pit trap with d6 1=spikes 2=snakes 3=undead 4=automaticly seals to imprison 5=to lower level 6=slide to cell in lower level
 Spikes stick up to injure feet if the trap is set off or a thin layer is broken through, 1in4 poisoned
3 Floor is covered in some horrible living creature in disguise
Floor pattern is a trigger for a trap d4 1=gas 2=darts 3=release creature 4=spell
5 Secret trapdoor to d4 1=hide 2=ambush 3=store goods 4=escape
6 Electric shock on anyone touching the wrong tiles
7 Illusion floor drops victim into a lower level or sinkhole cave
8 Illusion floor covers hazard pit d6 1=spikes 2=lava 3=acid 4=critter swarm 5=slime 6=water with creature
9 Teleporter pad concealed in ornate floor design
10 Tile floor is a magical puzzle where the wrong tile activates a spell like a magic missile
11 Floor incorporates a binding symbol and releases a summoned creature that attacks the first people it sees
12 Weird magical effect d6 1=nulls magic 2=reverse gravity 3=pocket dimension trapped in loop if door closed 4=corpses left here become undead 5=holy zone repels undead and planar evil (or opposite) 6=Illusions turns everyone back to doorway they came in


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  2. I found some typos:

    Weird walls results 12 a d8 but 10 results. Also, was is the 2d8 for the blades result mean?

    Weird ceilings result 10. what is the 4th result?


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