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Marvel 1950 - d100 Weird Investigations & Mysteries

In my Marvel 1949 game we advanced to 1950 - thinking each real-world month would be a game year. As the 50s roll in there are more aliens, monsters, weird creepy killers and fighting communism features than prior eras/ This table includes more occult and storage stuff for heroes to investigate. As im simulating an era of hero comics in decline vs romance, horror and true crime I will probably try to use my romance tables. Possible remaining sidekicks and child gangs might hijack their heroes in the comics as goofy kid gangs and teen romantic comedies. This table should cover more weird non supr hero adventures of 1950s pulp and cinema.

d10 Quick Types
1 Strange signs
2 Strange powers
Weird creatures
4 Mysterious deaths
5 Wild science
6 Mutant horrors
7 Alien visitation
8 Haunted place
9 Secret Cult
10 Ancient mystery

d100 Weird Investigations & Mysteries 
01 People hearing weird sounds along the water ways
02 Dead cattle found with missing brains
03 Man shot by police vanishes before witnesses eyes
04 Weird lights seen in the sky over an area recently
05 Kids report a local ruined mansion has strange lights inside
06 Several coffins have been robbed from the city morgue
07 People have seen a strange figure walking at night
08 People having strange dreams about evil underground derro race
09 Strange person walking at night seen and locals report feeling weak
10 Strange voices more and more reported coming from the sewers
11 Faith healers claim to perform miracles but have a secret cost
12 Visionary has had strange dreams and has retired from performances and readings
13 Children with weird psychic powers born in a village  
14 Invisible person causing havoc in a university
15 Psychic woman has become remarkably wealthy with her predictions
16 Excorcist found dead in own home impaled on sculpture
17 Arrested criminals say they paid a psychic for their heist plan
18 Several people report having seen people with strange powers living among us
19 A new crime boss is said to have supernatural powers
20 Someone has been killing people with a strange death touch say witnesses
21 Locals say a water monster lives in the harbour and it snatches dogs and homeless
22 The marshes near town they say a humanoid think has been seen lurching on misty nights
23 Something strange rumoured to be living in the city sewers and making noises 
24 Laboratory creatures escaped and has grown larger from eating stray pets
25 Mutated dog has been spotted and growing bigger and weirder each sighting
26 Glowing creature seen at night by power lines
27 Strange clouds have been seen moving together and changing directions 
28 After a recent UFO sighting people report some creature in the area scaring people at night
29 People report a slimy thing crawling around city storm drains and docks
30 Polic had a gun battle with a giant insect that escaped
31 Corpse found trampled by something that weighed tons
32 Corpse found glowing in river mysteriously by water police
33 Charred body found in apartment. Spontaneous human combustion?
34 Human silhouettes of fine ash have been found around city
35 Corpse was found of a man with gills floating in the water
36 Scientists recover unusual prehistoric remains of humanoids in a train tunnel
37 Corpses found drained of blood in homes
38 Corpses found torn apart by apparently wild dogs
39 Someone has been stealing body parts and organs from bodies
40 Victims have been found dead alone aged with white hair
41 Scientist develops super evolution ray process and makes an idiot a super genius
42 Laboratory has had a robot escape and is roaming the city 
43 Scientist missing from the lab has been seen glowing strangely and feeding witnesses
44 Gang has been making a crude super serum to make huge monstrous goons
45 Accident at a local lab killed a scientist but people have seen a strange ghost since
46 Unknown company dumping toxic slime-producing mutant creatures
47 Testing of an incredible vehichle threatened by saboteurs
48 World-leading scientists to work on a new energy project 
49 Radio space observation station detects numerous UFOs in the area
50 Government lab studying strange artefacts is under attack
51 Mutant scientist leaves victims a husk of dried skin while eating them
52 Cosmic rays from space struck scientists and turned them into a hideous creature
53 Mad scientist has been accused of testing a formula to create mutant monsters
54 Mutant fish caught in river by locals, fishing now banned 
55 Experimental industrial animal feed creating giant animals
56 Scientist irradiating spiders found dead in lab an emaciated husk
57 Giant mutant ant colonies being searched for by millitary
58 Secret gang of mutant teens living in the sewers and performing petty crimes
59 New research lab for people developing strange new mutant powers 
60 Mutant locusts from the millitary nuclear laboratory hunted by millitary
61 Experimental radio telescope looking for signals from mars 
62 Flights of glowing lights over the area alarming locals and missing persons reported
63 Something landed in a field and left radioactive traces
64 Strange men were in the area asking questions about a UFO sighting
65 Madman screaming in the city about aliens replacing people and now in hospital
66 UFO investigators found dead and house ransacked and police baffled
67 Teens with hotrods report strange creatures in hill roads since a meteor crashed
68 Strange coloured lights have been seen in the foothills and plants and animals seem to be affected by some strange influence
69 People have been disappearing in recent unseasonal heavy mists 
70 Strange radio signals nobody can understand detected recently
71 Old insane asylum had some teenage explorers vanish
72 A run down mansion used as a place to stay for homeless squatters for years has suddenly been shunned
73 Strange noises heard from the old murder house
74 Expert claims ghost sightings are increasing
75 Scientists plan to apply advanced science to solve the mysteries of Hell House
76 Phantoms seen in the old monastery in the hills
77 Blood-curdling screams are heard in the old city graveyard increasingly often
78 Locals immigrants in poor areas are afraid to go out late because of wild rumours about a witch. Some say she lives in the old shunned house
79 Famous mystic vanishes exploring a haunted house known locally as House of the Damned
80 Collection of tribal relics has had items stolen and mysterious noises heard at night
81 Abandoned old mansion of a demon cult has made the news again since a recent disappearance in the area some say that when the cult was active
82 Remains of a cult sacrifice have been found by police
83 Police have put a cult compound under siege
84 Cult leader has taken followers to an old coastal mansion and families are concerned why
85 Renowned cult leader vanishes from cell leaving only some strange slime behind
86 Museum has been robbed by masked robed men
87 Man claims a painting by a famous occultist has somehow trapped victims inside
88 Cult announces doomsday and calls the faithful to their property to prepare. Police and locals wary
89 Police raided a swamp cult near the coast and found strange inexplicable idols that puzzle experts
90 Cultist shot stealing a book from a university. Strange body left police coroner baffled
91 Archeologists digging native sites vanish
92 Mysterious stone door found by miners
93 Strange mummified bodies found baffle scientists
94 Strange writing in stone found on rural property and experts looking for more 
95 Antarctic expedition return with samples which are promptly stolen, scientists tight-lipped about what was taken
96 Someone has been breaking into the Egyptian exhibit moving objects and even injuring a guard
97 Discredited scientist claims to have found a strange ruined city under the desert
98 Meteor crater found with strange artefacts buried, thousands of years old
99 Scientist claims prehistoric life forms might still live in underground lake
100 A second murder has taken place in a museum in front of an ancient idol found in deserts of the Near East during the war

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