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d100 Village Weirdos

These are for padding out any boring village on a trek. 

d10 Quick Types
1 Criminals
2 Drunks
8 Cultists
9 Witches
10 Non-human

d100 Weird Villagers
01 Danny Fletcher - a compulsive thief who loves the thrill and adventurers are too tempting, squeals if caught and begs mercy. Locals think he is harmless
02 Morgan Seaman - spy for a smuggling guild buying up cheap weapons to sell to frontier monsters. Has other interests and used to be a "sailor" but was a pirate
03 Portia Salt - adventures thief makes a living from the generosity of dumb letters she can rob, some she even likes if they are pretty enough. She thinks adventurers are rich enough
04 Penny Bodlock - and her pet gremlins watch for well-off targets to rob while she keeps people busy. She keeps the gremlins an a bag and they love her dearly as she raised from babies and has a colony in her basement who have domesticated rats as pets in turn
05 Fanny Arbuckle - Likes to get adventurers drunk and intimate so she can beat them up and rob them and leave them tied up. Other than that she is loads of fun as a tavern companion
06 Billy the Knife - got a fever as a kid and now is paranoid and loves knives. Locals say he is harmless but he has stabbed a few strangers who he thought looked funny. The mayor claimed all the treasure and covered it up
07 Goran Bladaghast - spies for local bandits and he keeps messenger pigeons and has extra pigeons belonging to the gang. Will inform them of rich prey like adventurers
08 Stinky Pete - has been secretly robbing drunks at night especially ones who wont remember. Has a pile of purses under porch hidden. A rich outsider might tempt him to kill
09 Vilan Podgeglump - a depressed jealous sod who wants nice things for his cottage so steals from outsiders who clearly don't deserve it. Likes to meet strangers in tavern to case them out
10 Mirram Vordrank - often works in bars but does cheap card readings and crystal orb work. If she has rich clients she tries to draw a map the spirits sent her for you and then tells her monster allies in the dungeon to be ready via her friendly Imp Mr Globbo
11 Argyle Richmond - former noble brat turned adventurer and then murder hobo and now a horrible potentially violent drunk if confused enough. Has some stories that make modern young adventurers cringe
12 Bodunk Goreman - jolly drink who lives in a shack where he brews grog when not in tavern or staggering about on business. Sees lots of odd things and often invites others for his homebrew rotgut. The good stuff he sells for a living
13 Old Meg - pipe-smoking old woman with missing teeth who loves gin and fighting other drunks and abusing the rich by imitating them
14 Polly Lambswool - drinking since her sweetheart left her and drinks to forget. Lots of locals keep an eye out for her and help her home. Some even try to get her to meet new people. Really she knows her lover is living with monsters in a dungeon by choice and is angry at him
15 Old Pat - the charcoal man has started a few fires drunk on the job but everyone thinks he is lovable and knows stories of the faeries he will share for bottles of grog
16 Danny Potter - a bitter old drunk writing plays and poems for bards and city theatres. Lives out here to get away from the public but sometimes likes to overhear people talk and put into his plays. A few found their conversations or even caricatures of them in city plays and had to change their looks and style. He hates fame and bards unless drunk enough to deal with them
17 Marebelle Otterskin - a tanner with stained hands and ailments from handling poisons drinks alcohol to ease her pain. She also knows how to mix various poisons for plants and to put in food. Dreamed of being an alchemist or herbalist once
18 Beevar Knortenborg - former barbarian who likes drinking and fights and can go berserk but will only do this if really drunk. Will hire himself out and if required drinks heavily and constantly to keep his fighting edge. Sure its his right to drink always  like he will in heaven
19 Marigold Porter - likes to drink and play cards and smoke and vile jokes after a hard day of being polite to strangers in her village shop. She is very offensive and likes to shock people and has several violent sons who protect her honour
20 Ainsbury Pickle - a sodden old drunk who drinks to forget the old days when a cult controlled the village by secret tunnels and murder. He knows where the tunnels are and possibly they have new occupants. He is a bailiff for the local judge when sober
21 Karl Gruberhole - loves feet and thinks adventurer feet stepping in foul things is very exciting so he will crave their boots for his unspeakable lusts
22 Tammy Potwrinkle - Keeps a shrine of attractive adventurers in her room and is a skilled artist. Some of her illustrated erotic fan fiction is copied in the bigger towns where pervert adventurer fans salivate over them. These fans will chase adventurers for scraps of hair and memorabilia. Newer fans think her fiction is real 
23 Jarrar Torken - likes to tell people wild tales of local ruins and if people investigate he follows at a distance so he can watch them fight monsters and pleasure himself
24 Rodbar Falcon - friendly dandy and self-proclaimed duelist on vacation who tells duelling stories that are all lies. He is also perpetually horny and lascivious especially to pretty adventurers. If humiliated he will try to murder any who slander him and avoids fighting for free in a backward hovel
25 Tabitha Spugnort - has a thing for demihumans and throws herself at them. She even wears fake pointy ears and locals are sure elves will take her away one day
26 Clapathia Thimblesnort - a mature widow who likes to invite lone men in so she can charm them. She even has cells in her basement with several of her boys already
27 Eric Pontangourd - puppeteer offers adventurers a chance to see his adult-only shows
28 Herngan Bollard - desperately wants various potions for his experimental sexual practices. Invites adventurers to watch while trying to buy them or even join him
29 Palindram Fugnord - Peeping tom and exhibitionist, looks through windows while pleasuring themself and exotic adventurers are more exciting than locals who just throw food scraps at him
30 Marjar Winkle - convicted horse molester will see new livestock at the stables and try and get to them at night. He thinks the horses wink at him as a come-on 
31 Magnard Seaward - an old sea captain who lived with cannibals and found it to his taste. He sometimes has secret hybrid fish folk staying with him in secret 
32 Varlen Banderfolly - likes to snatch lone travellers for his basement laboratory but has been getting bored and more ambitious. Always wanted to work with Demihumans  
33 Emert Gunderfelch - loved a goblin killed by adventurers and now he longs to stab them and keep some of their skin in his diary
34 Peebles Ballangorp - started drilling holes in things to spy on people, moved up to kidnapping people and drilling holes in them while alive
35 Cebellina Jallorp - was in a demon cult and murdered the rest. She now wants to capture and sacrifice more victims to her demon patron of betrayal. She will lie to adventurers to get in her home to cast sleep on them
36 Mackin Dorset - has a collection of occult books and will invite people to see them If they approve of the cannibalism in them will offer them real meat, if they look shocked he attacks them
37 Sablanna Portchuckle - believes an imp who advised her to use human blood to keep herself young. She butchers bodies and fills her basement bath then feeds the rest to pigs
38 Makin Praline - a locally famous cook who offers to cook strange dungeon beasts brought to him. He will also ask for intact humanoid corpses in good condition. People come to his monthly feasts mostly for rich outsiders who can afford it
39 Pablo Klambara - has several underground cold stores full of barrels of fish and pickles. One store is closed as unsafe and he puts the corpses of his victims in barrels of brine and ships them to necromancers. He kills people sometimes by hiring humanoids he gets through an evil cult he pays lip service too
40 Brinora Veldagort - has a collection of erotic dark elf furniture she offers to show lone magic-looking visitors to the town. Her idiot brother Norman who sleeps in the cellar to hide his hideousness will ambush and kill guests together for the loot. If asked where victims went she says "They said something about meeting a cult and a portal when they left"
41 Glinga Grimble - loves to spy on adventures often while walking her pig George. Anything she sees especially expensive or foreign will get her tongue waggling
42 Pa Griddle - silently watches while collecting sticks in his basket. Goes home and spreads to quarter town by dawn who he is related to
43 Barnaby Pecker - Likes to loiter about town with his fancy clean clothes and swagger. He will try and talk to strangers and offers to help guide them. Will tell locals all about his new friends and spreads lies about their backstories for attention 
44 Granna Og - grumpy old matriarch who claims her vast experience lets her read stranger's truths with her wide range of prejudices and bigoted senss. Local law are sick of her wild accusations but she might convince people who don't know her. She has many locals who listen to her even if they don't quite believe in her "readings"
45 Gladstone Vandervaal - offers to read strangers astrology signs and if he can't will wildly speculate by making cranial measurements. Will learn what he can about strangers and then gossip to his regular clients
46 Merri Windsop - is a terribly excitable bored literate girl who likes exciting stories of adventure. If she sees adventurers she will stalk them and get other youths involved. She will be sure adventurers are on a case in secret and need to be watched, Every unmarried youth in town will know by dawn
47 Nora Kettle - loves her sheep and she loves coming to town to sell wool and knitted items. If adventurers come she offers custom woolen ware or sword cosies. She will blab to them every suspicious thing she knows about for this village and the closest ones by the road
48 Vorgan Habbock - the gossipy old farmer has no family so instead he eavesdrops on others and gossips about it wildly with anyone who asks. Knows all kinds of stuff
49 Kirus Blaine - a poetic youth getting into the divination business through religious-based divination. When see someone interesting will learn some facts about them with magic and then try to impress them with their mysterious all-knowing wisdom for cash. they have piles of divination manuals
50 Makkabus Brindlethorn - a gossipy wizard who likes walking around the country and staying in pubs. Will send magical messages to the city magic school and friends about anything interesting he sees. Locals say he is a harmless well paying seasonal regular
51 Varnae Bloodwulf - agent of the secret police who is known by locals as a bounty hunter who spends weeks away on missions. Sees anyone suspicious or strange will put in the report
52 Lucinda Porgbukket - has an elf lover and she spies for him and works with magical animals and pixies to send messages. She reports on certain enemies of the elves or anything they might be interested in. If She meets you expect local elves to know
53 Delan Fargenpickle - mild local scholar and teacher who serves a dark mysterious lord and he aids humanoids and cults but in secret so nobody but he and the master know. He likes to meet adventurers for the dark master
54 Arge Baconridge - local scribe who works for local magistrate keeping an eye out for criminals, armed strangers and trouble makers, Keeps abreast of local bandits and gangs. Might mention some gangs to adventures and hint of rewards
55 Bezan Grumblehog - a local craftsman and secret spy for tax collector who keeps an eye out for travellers in need of an emergency audit. WIll be chummy and friendly praising adventurers then report by pigeon any information they have
56 Burgen Blargeblust - local member of regional crime guild keeping an eye out for rich victims
57 Somatha Crimble - barmaid who reports details of adventurers to local dungeon boss in return for jewellery. She may slip them a map she "found left in a room" locating the dungeon that is really a trap run by monsters
58 Crossilda Battenthwaite - a mature woman often in taverns drinking and smoking her pipe and called "the Dame" by locals for her uppity snooty ways. She was a noble maid but she still serves them tracking the locations of persons of interest to them
59 Pepper Vagenjak - works on a local temple restoration and is actually a spy for the church who spends a few months or even a year in each location working on buildings and reliquaries. Will mingle with locals and watch for cults in the village or on the road 
60 Biram Crimpbek - a spy for the secret police looking for troublemakers like adventurers. Will try and befriend them to file a good report and assess their loyalty to the realm
61 Arple Spigknot - an old man who lives in a old boat and mutters about the weather, once an adventurer who saw a storm giant and still scared of lightning
62 Margo Prunewax - lives in a grotto under a cliff wall and makes potions from local ingredients. Some say she has secret non-human lovers and has unnatural powers
63 King WIlly - sits in rags on a carved wooden throne in a tree by the stream and mutters about the secret undersea fairyland he says enslaved him for decades
64 Morton Polywinkle - Jolly friendly drunk and well-liked, despite sometimes saucy antics with neglected housewives. Used to be an adventurer and knows several small sites good for an afternoon's adventure. Sleeps all over town or on temple porch if cold 
65 Parquin Vanleather - used to be rich now a worthless wretch begging for food, it is forbidden to employ him or pay him money or take it by local judge decree for his fraud. Some say he upset the nobility with his rapid wealth. He has lots of bitter slanderous stories about local nobility possibly some are true. Lives in an abandoned shack
66 Old Meg - lives in an old dolmen of the ancients and some say she is secretly a witch or has a stash of gold. She just wants to be left alone but can speak with dead and other miracles 
67 Poppa Greenshins - wild naked man seen by locals hairy all over and seven feet tall. Sometimes he steals crops and fruit or pig feed. Green skin furry over body, has become a wild man of the forest
68 Panwald Dirgbarg - wildman in rags once a craftsman now with long hair, fingernails and shredded clothes. He acts like a beast and steals garbage and lives in a hole. Nobody knows what happened to him
69 Crapathia Womblewort - former high priestess now lives silently in a stone hermit hut on the moors. She has lived there as long as anyone remembers and knows lots of holy lore if only people could get her to talk 
70 Cynebriya Torthek - once a famous wise woman who fled home to escape witch hunters gone mad. Now lives quietly and helps heal a few people in need and tells little of herself
71 Arnold Bean - local cult killer who longs to sacrifice to his dark demon patron. Other cultists watch him as he threatens to expose hem all
72 Nikkad Florx - barmaid and cultist may invite some people to a private party in the forest in daytime. The cult and aroused satyrs with be waiting with jars of oil
73 Pirian Snide - total merchant and user of inhaled drugs from local alchemists. Members of a cult seeking some adventurers they can deceive into clearing out their old temple of monsters. Pirian offers a map and some stories of treasure  
74 Morgo Queever - is a cult assassin on the lookout for victims for the local cult. Spends time in taverns and seems independently wealthy enough to not work. Reports to masked cult masters daily at secret meeting place
75 Borgan Vinslan - local tavern goer whose whole family are in the cult takes notes of possible witch hunters or inquisitors  or other zealots who might be after them
76 Henghast Pindarsnatch - cultist looking for victims for master a demon. If he decides to risk with adventurers he will call on his fellows to ambush them with a possible ruse at night
77 Abelina Chattlesworth - the maid who likes a drink from time to time hates adventurers and if she sees any will panic her cult into activity assuming the gig is up
78  Glorban Bugwamp - a farmer who worships old ways of human sacrifice and keen to mark some outsiders for the cult spirit to help capture them
79  Meerka Thanderglang - local amateur bard wants to meet adventurers so she can send them to the local old tomb to be ambushed by her murder cult to appease a monster
80 Plumbus Queefla - leads a local cult and is often in the tavern boasting of his farm success. He is easy to anger and use cult for hasty revenge schemes
81 Nonna Clegg - a grumpy old herbalist, healer and midwife some think is a witch. If she hears anyone say that she will curse them to break their limbs like twigs so people keep quiet
82 Portense Bellephron - wealthy widow, still looks young and well-liked by the community for her charity. She operates an outpost for a large sophisticated city cult to hide and store goods at. She has many unusual guests who bring wealth to the village
83 Mastella Proudhorn - respectable village woman and herbalist with her large silent husband John a hunter. She is always looking for a leg up in the cult and may use adventurers to kill some rivals if she can with lies that hide her involvement, perhaps a secret note or forged letter
84 Prunella Pumblejock - has the finest flower garden in the village and makes the best pies. She will ofter adventurers over for tea to assess if they are loaded with magic items and spellbooks and if her coven can take them. Most think well of her except if sho loses a pie contest 
85 Vanya Dritcripol - Works on commissioned embroidery for rich clients and secretly she has evil gnomes followers a reward form her dark god. The gnomes love magic items and might steal some
86 Hordra Malag - Affiliated with large regional coven in service to living hag ancestors in a secret cave. Her spineless drunk husband has no idea why he is successful at finding old coins but it is the coven robbing adventurers and merchants on the road with allied beast folk
87 Lorang Bean - once innocent and driven from town for some petty magic she used on a bully now she lives in woods causing problems for townsfolk who shunned her when orphaned and grabbed her family land. They try and trick adventurers into hunting her for a reward while she wants justice
88 Glorinda Pebbledrake - a famous good witch who has forsaken casting harmful spells and heals locals. All the locals swear by her and protect her for saving so many locals and they don't welcome witch hunters here
89 Breena Klarg - a mean old lady people fear and say she is a witch. She will offer spells and help for money and sells some potions and remove curses. She cast a spell on the mayor once and is not allowed on the main village street anymore 
90 Morgan Zoran - an assassin for a witch cult with some strange magic items and powers, spends lots of his time in tavern and looking for lovemaking opportunities until called on
91 Cinnella Mako - is a were cat who lives as a humble gardener but she likes to lure lone victims to her home. Once in her cat-filled home, she captures them. Then she lets them loose in the wild to hunt them for sport. Sometimes she invites a sister to join her or several
92 Barranbar Bellows - angy grumpy lone hunter who is also a werewolf. Comes to town to look for travellers he might want to ambush and eat later. He likes to meet them as a human first in a friendly manner 
93 Zobek Kastigan - a doppelganger who lives in the village as a merchant who is away often. May use its ESP powers to get the information it can sell and look for threats to itself. May even use powers to pretend to be a friend to get close and eat someone occasionally
94 Minba Klorax - a spirit folk really a tree buy longed to live among humans and sleeps in tree form in a private garden. Knows of other spirit folk in the region including some evil ones
95 Gobbog Kogbar - really a shapeshifting spider spirit whose home is full of webs and spiders and web sacks of bones. She will try and use illusions to trick good people especially priests into her home so she can eat them
96 Plurinda Dorkenward - rabbit spirit whose human form is a potter well-liked in the village.Locals speak of a were-rabbit creature over the years but they don't have a clue. She secretly protects the village from other spirit people and goblins  
97 Voightram Spordenward - a recluse under a curse becomes undead at night and travels to find weekly victims in other villages. Keeps to self as a tailor mostly
98 Bilsby Claghole - found a jar while digging his fields and became possessed. Has driven family away and continues digging for some other treasure the spirit desires
99 Menork Bunerp - secretly a half-demon and a known bully. Picks on strangers to provoke them so he can beat and rob them. More wary of dangerous groups 
100 Bunart Glogenspurt - a jeweller known in taverns and bathhouses but is really a dragon trying to get rid of stolen gems from another dragon's horde. Every century he does this a decade or so to launder his loot into guilt-free gold. Quite enjoys talking to adventurers and is interested in wild treasure schemes

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