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d12 Mysterious Vapours & Miasmas

Dungeon pongs are a fact of life but some special vapours have magical or weird effects

Sometimes locals learn to use them for defence, to guard areas or to help them if sick. Many will restrict access to these locations to keep benefits for themselves or just for the holy ones.

d12 Regular dungeon funk
1 Raw sewerage
2 Rodent odours
3 Reptile smells
4 Bat guano
5 Damp and mildew
6 Earthy soil smell
7 Rotten vegetables
8 Rotting garbage
9 Fungus and compost
10 Rotting meat
11 Monster laundry
12 Alchemical pollutants

d12 Common Pong Sources
1 Drains and sewers
2 Cistern or well
3 Garbage heaps and compost
4 Monsters laundry or barracks
5 Crack in the earth or a wall
6 Hole in the ground
7 Pile of rotting corpses
8 Kitchen or butchers
9 Shrine or temple
10 Creature lair or midden heap
11 Strange idol or urn or chest
12 Cauldron or brazier

d12 Weird Pong Sources
1 Flatulant mutant
2 Strange plants or fungus
3 Strange rotting corpse of an unusual monster
5 Pool of bubbling slime
6 Pool of monster vomit
7 One goblins underpants
8 From a mirror or painting
9 From a strange crypt
10 Pit of rotting corpses and sewerage
11 A wonderous creature like a giant toad secretes odour
12 Oozing from part of the body of a vast living complex of flesh 

d12 Wonderful Pong Sources
1 Crystal grotto with bubbling spring
2 An ancient shrine with a guardian spirit
3 A shrine and creature guardians who protect it
4 Small temple and dedicated cult to controlling it
5 Shimmering otherworldly portals
6 From a wonderous statue protected by magic
7 Wonderful glowing pie on a silver plate on a plinth
8 A bejewelled winged bug or bird flaps its wings
9 From a wonderous grail of gold studded with gems
10 Shaft of golden light from a lens or bejewelled eye 
11 A wonderous cornucopia basket of wonderous food
12 From pores or nipples of a magical divine creature 

d12 Awful Pong Sources
1 Infirmary of sick monsters with festering wounds and plague pustules
2 Vast pit of rotting food and corpses that some monsters like to wallow in
3 Remains of a monstrous feast with rotten food and monster vomit and faeces. None of them want to clean up and are abandoned by intelligent creatures until its cleaned up by something
4 Bubbling pool of alchemical waste and garbage including shattered lab equipment and ruined ingredients
5 Disgusting lair of a giant, in once fine clothes laying in own vomit with food scraps and bodily excretions everywhere. Usually the giant in a drunken stupor after drinking here 
6 A filthy sewerage pit where tentacled sewer beasts fight and mate for hours
Butt of a demon constantly flatulent. Busy eating rotten eggs, beans and sausages 
8 Portal to a demonic plane covered in an evil swamp
9 Portal to the sewers of hell where the damned flee hell's wrath
10 From a bound creature of evil trapped in a binding object
11 Petty god trapped and tormented here by another god
12 A lesser great old one from the outer void imprisoned in a pit

d12 Mysterious Vapours
1 Sweet spicy cinnamon copper coloured vapours if inhaled can see spirits, magic and planar beings while breathing the gas
2 Warm milk and honey-scented white vapour heals a d4 HP first exposure per day but remaining too long can change your alignment to good given time
3 Frankincense-scented sparkling golden vapour makes the areas holy like sanctified ground harmful to undead and otherworldly evil like holy water, it also acts as an exorcism on the possessed
4 Tasty feast-smelling steamy vapours attract victims usually into a trap perhaps built by, some target specific species. Some like faeries use man bait to trap slaves 
5 Honey mead scented lavender vapour makes victims feel aroused at first and if continued will become amorous with themselves or anyone else affected. Nobody feels guilt until they leave
6 Blossom fragrance of sparkling coloured lights inhaler gains a random spell, usually from one list type (Arcane Divine Nature Mentalist) of first level works once per day
7 Spiced wine vapour or dark red mist makes inhalers if they fail to save become drunk, half dexterity and make a save - success feel jolly and optimistic fail feel morose and overly self-reflective with half Mov 
8 Citrus scented green orange or yellow vapour, breathing it gives you +d3 Mov and +d6 temporary HP that last an hour after inhaling, only works once per day per person. Users feel fresh and zippy 
9 Rose and musk-sweet scented pink mist, save or will drop weapons and shun violence and will just walk away from it
10 Damp shroom spores scented brown gas causes anyone inhaling to save or shrink for a d4 days to the size of a mouse, after size is restored you gain immunity to its effects
11 Floral hallucinatory cyan gas causes visions of phantoms, if they don't flee, they will be lost in a dream for a seeming d4 hours but will have teleported to a random far-off place and cannot account for 2d6 months
12 Sweet comforting orange gas causes one to sleep if fail a save, if not removed will sleep for a d4 x100 years and then be immune to it

d12 Mysterious Miasmas
1 Bilious green gas if fail save causes vomiting and helplessness while in area and for one round after, halves Mov while under affect
2 Metalic numbing grey paralysing gas causes victims to freeze and some will starve and die slowly if not rescued
3 Burning scarlet poison gas makes eyes bleed lose 1hp per round, save per round to resist 
4 Flammable invisible metallic scented gas will explode like a 3d6 fireball if a lit flame brought into the area
5 Choking mould spores of black dust clouds, save or take d6 damage choking while in cloud, after escape save or develop a respiratory disease over d4 days resulting in -d4 CON until healed by magic 
6 Yellow vapours stink of the grave and victims must save per round or lose 1 HP and be tainted by the King in Yellow. When they eventually die they arise as a bloated fungal undead serving the cult of Hastur a d4 days later
7 Scintillating weird grey sooty vapour moves uncannily if touches save per round or receive a minor mutation. Too many mutations result in apotheosis into a chaos horror. Born mutants are immune and instead heal 1hp per round they breath 
8 Burning vapour like invisible fire causes d4 damage to anything harmable by non magic fire per round. Also damaged clothes and equipment. Certain materials like salamander wool or rare unguents can protect people and items from it. In some cases it is cold flame instead and both forms are visible to  
9 Corrosive orange brown metallic scented vapour reduces common black iron to powder instantly. Superior steel, magic and bronze is more resilient and gets a save to resist (bronze and copper just get a corroded coating if save but on a fail a rot sets in)
10 Brown dust of dedicated mummies and graves. If inhaled and save the subject must save or is diseased and cannot recover HP by rest until the disease is treated  
11 Black smoky evil vapour smells like stinging nettles in your nose, save or in agony and can do nothing but move away half speed and take 1 HP damage per round, also affects d4 rounds after out of the cloud
12 Raw bubbling chaos everchanging colour, texture and form, sometimes eyes, mouths or even limbs form and occasional small unique spawn form in it and crawl away. Any smelling it must save or embrace the ever-changing power of chaos and gain a d4 minor mutations and a major mutation. Once mutated they instead of gaining more mutations they can roll new ones and pick the best to replace older mutations

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