Saturday 2 March 2024

Exilon Urban Encounters

Patreon Update
new 3fold series of dungeon enhancing kits - the first one is monster generators inspired by Gauntlet. I'm also working through books bit at a time now as more manageable. So this current work is for my Exilon setting and the current update is 123 pages. Will be adding a chapter or two a month and adding to bit by bit instead of trying to make huge books like I did early on all at once.

Other Stuff
My band in Japan now so no 1-2 music sessions a week. Was in an Adelaide Fringe show which was fist time on stage for 7 years or something. Have some more game-writing gigs and some frog-raising 3folds for non-gaming to do. Met lots of comedians and smart ppl. Lots of gaming in Jan but it's fading a bit now for reasons like finding time, medical and other drama. Having another crack at online gaming, but in part, gaming is to get away from consoles and hang with friends.

I have stupidly started a new campaign setting. After playing Turnip28 I'm inspired to make a grungy fantasy environment full of mud, madness, mutants, misery and anachronous tech. Also, a bit inspired by Gus L ruined old magic tech stuff. I have put my unused tablet in bed so I am using my tables her on my tablet to generate a mega-dungeon using the setting. Looking for a name not done already and and ot a slur. More soon on the new setting.

For record in my game witchcraft is unlawful magic especially mind control or harming others. Witches could be innocent victims, angry vindictive people with a spell and short temper or part of a sinister coven of evil.

d10 Quick Types of Urban Encounters
1 Crime
2 Beggars
3 Traffic  
4 Labourers
5 Commoners
6 Markets
7 Military
8 Religion
9 Nobility
10 Supernatural

Urban Encounters
01 Pickpockets possibly children
02 Con artist trying to sell "magic potions"
03 Desperate robbers with clubs and knife
04 Child offers to be guided (leads you to gang ambush)
05 Starving gang demands food
06 Gangs fighting in the street
07 Mob chasing a young thief
08 Black market dealer in the alley
09 Thugs looking for work
10 Selling fake lucky charms and curse tablets
11 Old begger offers to tell your future
12 Children begging for food
13 Disabled war veteran
14 Beggar with fake injuries
15 Begger with puppy
16 Beggar with thieving monkey
17 Beggers offer to sell child
18 Church charity collecting aid for poor
19 City charity giving bread to poor
20 Agitant preaching unrest to a hungry mob
21 Trader selling snacks from a small pushcart
22 A donkey wagon of food driven by slave
23 Merchants with donkeys or camels of goods
24 Ox team with sledge and labourers moving heavy goods
25 Labourers carry a small boat
26 Chariot with driver with whip carrying officer
27 Donkey battlewagon with crew and VIP
28 Popular chariot racing team with a handsome driver
29 Merchant caravan with a train of livestock, guards and slaves
30 Enterage of slaves carrying noble on palenquin
31 Line of slave porters with bundles
32 Workers working on a building site
33 Labourers moving bricks to construction site
34 Workers cleaning up burned or collapsed building
35 Angry man selling slave on the street at low low price
36 Chained prisoners of war moving to site of hard labour with soldiers
37 Boy cries news about new exotic slaves for sale
38 Ceremony of freedom for slave, formally joins the family household
39 Servants cleaning and repairing a building
40 Workers cleaning the street
41 Water-bearer selling drinks
42 Gossips talking local news on the corner
43 Youths gang drawing on walls
44 Prostitutes in upper windows wave to men in streets
45 People playing board games
46 People gambling with knucklebones
47 Man taking bets for some upcoming events
48 Zealot trying to enrage mob against someone
49 Mab complaining tp block prefect trying to calm them
50 House boarded up due to plague deaths
51 Merchants discussing news over some beers
52 Merchant guards talking bandit troubles
53 Shopkeeper beating child servant
54 Magistrate listening to plaintiffs pleas with the crowd
55 Guards looking for troublemakers
56 Packed crowds for bargains
57 Merchant offers mysterious foreign goods
58 Theif being beaten by mob
59 Merchant selling ancient petty treasures dug up by tomb robbers
60 Auction house announcing new goods for sale
61 Soldiers searching for escaped slave in area
62 Soldiers decapitate criminal and put head on spike as a warning
63 Drunk soldiers out on town easily provoked
64 Mercenaries looking for a goof time or work offers
65 Barbarian allies of city looking amazed at city
66 Recruiter for army or mercenaries shouting work offers
67 Guard being beaten by sergeant for slacking off
68 Criminals being whipped for petty crimes
69 Marching soldiers block street
70 Soldiers block streets while searching several blocks
71 Popular preacher with followers and commoners listening
72 People bowing before idol in alleyway 
73 Portable shrine and priests blessing locals
74 Priest healing the sick
75 Acolytes led by priest
76 Proscesion with temple statue, musicians and singing followers
77 Important priest on palanquin and guards
78 Famous priest d4 1=seer 2=witch hunter 3=excorcist 4=saint with followers
79 Witch trial in process for unlawful spell casting against a citizen
80 Priest warning about supernatural evils
81 Noble patron with entourage listening to locals problems
82 Nobles and followers feud and blocking streets (possibly in palanquins or chariots)
83 Noble being cheered by commoners as followers give bread and beer to mob 
84 Magistrate and guards inspecting a scene of some local problem
85 Tax collectors and soldiers shaking down anyone they can for loot
86 Guards keep rif-raff from an amazing-looking party for the rich
87 Stunning noble youth in Palanquin winks and drops a small fresh clay tablet
88 Important noble and huge entourage and troops block the street
89 Member of the royal family with guards inspecting the area and waving to a cheering mob 
90 Violent mob fighting guards of an angry noble who is trying to get away
91 Angry mob grabbed someone and claims captive a practitioner of witchcraft
92 Wizard and followers inspecting newly arrived goods of trader
93 Apprentice wizards out drinking on a day off from school
94 Excorcist at work hunting a poltergeist gets a crowd
95 A witch being burned or drowned for casting a spell on a neighbour
96 Crazy begger trying to warn people about a shapeshifter
97 Weeping landlord wants to help to get spirits out of haunted murder house nobody will rent
98 Seer warning people of impending doom with a large hushed crowd
99 Person telling of a ghost they recently saw with worried crowd
100 Succubus/incubus in the guise of a human looking for victims to seduce


  1. I've not been on the blogs all that often, but one of the things I've missed is your tables. Glad to see your still creating them.


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