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Marvel 1950 + More Crime & Problems

Had a game and decided to advance year to 1950

Stetcho a public hero but also a lady agent dealing in the paranormal 
Blackjack a mysterious trenchcoated figure who fights crime like a shadow
Ace of Aces famous war hero and air adventurer with own island airbase
Digger a aussie war hero starting to have some alien flashbacks

While waiting for everyone Ace of Aces and Stretch battled one of city gangs robbing a payroll with a robot in a truck as backup. Once Digger arrived on field and helped finish they went to their mission to a secret nazi clone lab where all the staff were hitler clones and Ace got stunned and shot by a hitler gardener while rest of team destroyed a lab as some scientists had the DrStrong mk1 formula so a few super adolfs to smash also. Digger threw a grenaide at the scientist responsible and ace when he got rid of the hitlers shooting him stopped the scientist's escape, All the hitlers were rounded up and sent to a secret internment camp. None were killed and they were all less old than 2 years.

Later they went after some more gangs and were joined by blackjack. They saw the gang before who use robots raid a rival butcher gang who all were jacked up on DrStrong formula. While heroes busy with temporarily strong muscles. Even boss one who stuck many syringes into themselves and kept growing muscles. Blackjack cleaned up all the normal gangsters easily.  

Was an incident transporting the clone scientist to Europe and a enemy clone of a nazi villain dressed as an American hero tried to intercept them but they got away by going to sonic speeds.

As it's now heading into the 50s more monsters, aliens and communists will feature, Sir Reginald Styles of the Department of Superhuman Affairs is gone. Now they will have Australian Paranormal Intelligence Service which doesn't want to chase nazis to bring them to justice but recruits them to fight Russia. Odds are now industrial or millitary espionage is Russia or aliens or some of the new secret societies emerging.

The superhuman test treaty bans will be signed by the world
The Superhero code of conduct is being prepared
Trials for unheroic activities have destroyed the reputations of many heroes and will probe every hero.
Most heroes are millitary agents and some quit over this.


More encounters with less crime but the possibility to insert contacts, meet people, earn karma or popularity. 

Replace any innocents with a hero's contacts for extra excitement to make it personal.

Yes this is utterly cynical awful pulp city stuff.

d10 Quick Types
1 Drama
2 Traffic
3 Subversive
4 Street crime
5 Local colour
6 Cops & Crimes 
7 Disturbances
8 Corruption
9 Big crime
10 Weird

d100 Petty Crime & Problems
01 Kitten in a tree with weeping children and media 
02 Lost dog and weeping child 
03 Elderly persons trapped on a traffic island
04 Viscious stray dog snapping at children (or replace with billygoat or turkey)
05 Kid being chased by a goon on foot
06 Neighbours are fighting over who stole pies cooling in window
07 People fighting in street and public moving away in fear
08 Students in team colours with rival sport teams mascot
09 Seven-foot-tall scary hobo intimidating money from people but is just an idiot who wants icecream
10 Carny grifter with card table and a card or dice or shell game
Car collision, one injured other flees the scene
12 Car collisions and help cant free person from the wreckage
13 Train about to collide with old lady in car on the track
14 Bridge collapses with a bus precariously hanging from it
15 Car chase in progress with police after a gang car
16 Delinquents racing cars in a dangerous location (find a new sidekick?)
17 Dangerous drunk rich driver damaging cars and property (I was drugged!)
18 Car thieves at work
19 Gang stealing car parts or petrol
20 Stolen car joyrider endangering public, a youth on drugs with switchblade
21 Weirdo with sandwich board sign and leaflets about how superheroes are a menace
22 Workers protesting at a worksite battling d4 1=cops 2=mobsters 3=hired thugs 4=company security in uniforms
23 Patriotic marchers shouting mean-spirited slogans under lead of a zealot
24 Performer doing magic tricks and offering to show real magic at a secret location d4 1-creepy clown 2=mime 3=top hat magician 4=halequin 
25 Man on a soapbox yelling hateful stuff blaming someone for everything, claims to be a member of a secret society
26 Creepy priest offering street kids drugs to come back to his church
27 Robed secret society with banners marching with band and strange hats
28 Creepy guy selling weird comic books with lewd and vulgar content and some with unauthorised slanderous versions of local heroes
29 Weird man with electrical apparatus with headphones walking around in odd patterns
30 Guy selling workers paper full of communism and articles about cities mob links to government and unionist deaths
31 Mugger with pistol holds up old people
32 Teens with knife hold up someone for groceries
33 Punk kids brawling and drinking
34 Punks loitering in alleys with an entrance to a clubhouse
35 Biker runs down someone in a gang hit and flees 
36 Kids picking pockets while crowd is watching a busker
37 Young and mature sex workers loitering and gossiping  
38 Guy selling stolen watches from trenchcoat (or guns from his car)
39 Creepy drug dealer talking to some runaway teens just off a bus 
40  Newstand selling off-the-counter banned goods in brown paper bags
41 Busker without a permit singing pro-worker songs
42 Priests begging people to do better before the world ends
43 Politicians with crowds and press declaring will clean up this city
44 Carnival stalls with fraudulent contests normal people couldn't win
45 Newboy selling paper yelling lurid headlines
46 Artist painting or drawing a picture of street and locals
47 Cultists chanting with droning instruments and cymbals (Hare Hastur)
48 Charismatic psychic villain creepily looking for exploitable sad people 
49 Enormous swarm of pigeons if disturbed fly everywhere shitting on everything
50 Beatnick poets selling poems and possibly weed
51 Police escort arrested a person while angry friends follow yelling abuse
52 Cops with dogs beating up camped homeless shelters for loitering
53 Cops chasing a photographer at a protest turned into a riot
54 Biker gang and police riot squad brawling in street
55 Four cops beating a screaming person in a foetal position begging them to stop
56 Cops grabbing random immigrants for crimes still on the books needing closure
57 Cops in gun battle with gangsters in street
58 RIot squad come to break up protesters 1=workers 2=homeless 3=imigrants 4=poor
59 Police turn up with armoured car and riotsquad to some immigrant festivities on basis of false complaints but ready to start a fight
60 Beatnicks throw caltrops underfoot of police horse patrol
61 Bus of convicts from criminally insane hospital crashes and got loose
62 One of the colourful new theme costumed gangs in several cars has been causing property destruction and harassing locals
63 A drug lab fire starts with fire and police and fleeing criminals
64 Lion or other dangerous animal escapes from a truck and crowds panic
65 SInkhole collapses in road where some gang was digging a tunnel for a crime
66 Gangster trying to hijack orphanage bus and fighting a nun
67 Small plane crashes into a building and nobody knows why as pilot died
68 Riot starts over a sale in a department store when rationing rumours abound
69 Horse and cart runaway from a gunshot or tire bursting
70 Old man sick of local gangs brings out a tommygun and goes on shooting spree
71 See city official with a notorious gangster who might be displeased
72 Dog catchers selling dogs to a butchers shop or factory
73 Man working on phone lines has dated ID and logos
74 Fake phone company worker scoping out houses for burglary
75 Arsonist tries to burn down run-down squatted flats for insurance
76 Politician promises to bring back good old days and replace corrupt officials, then gets an envelope of mobster money for campaign
77 Casino has secret black book accounting records stolen and seng gangsters to get it back as messily as possible to scare people away from future problems
78 Corporate head who said no to working with mob crushed by fallen I beam from a crane in his limousine 
79 Gangsters kidnapping child in school uniform as hostage for d4 1=police prosecutor 2=property owner 3=media boss 4=millionaire
80 Mob attack on a judge "just to scare them a bit"
81 Carjacking gang robbing armoured car which defends itself with a machinegun
82 Scared man drops off bag in a bin, kids grab it and a gangster chases them
83 Man with a van selling guns to gang members, works for a syndicate
84 Hobos cooking and eating burned body on a spit of some guy who came down here to mess with them
85 Beatnik party with art, drugs and nudity out of control and the vice squad raid it
86 Building explodes in a mob effort to destroy rival gang business and staff or possibly to not pay them back the money they owe
87 Huge drug bust with customs and police and well-armed syndicate gangsters ends up worse than anyone thought. Very flammable docklands factory or warehouse
88 Ship on docks raided for smuggling by rival gang or police
89 Cult sacrifice victim in robes flees an old abandoned mansion lodge hall, robed goons follow and some prestigious cars flee the scene  
90 Sailors have been kidnapping victims to sell to a mad scientist and they ship them when they have enough somewhere
91 Kids fled old abandoned manor house screaming, saying they saw something
92 Murder victim discovered by method of a secret society
93 People have seen strange lights at night in a suburb and pets and some homeless have vanished
94 Several boats found all hands missing with no explanation
95 Homeless people reported strange creatures in the sewers and claimed some are missing
96 Giant crustacean humanoid found rotting in sewerage plant
97 Famous magician missing and signs of a struggle in his house and loose rope
98 Ghosts have been seen in old town ghosts, are they real?  
99 Cultists seen in robes in abandoned apartment blocks
100 People report seeing strange creature stalking the streets

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