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Gates for settlements and forts

Doing some basic decor and dressing tables again.

This is for gates and walls around cities and towns. Most only have a few like a castle might only have one. A city may have even seven. This is to generate some gates for a community and a city may have a mixture of different gates some smaller ones might be just for elites and harder to find. 

I may have to creat a bunch of castles this year and some towns.

How many wall types in use? 
Can be different districts or multiple defensive layers
Village d3-2 use bottom of size range
Town d4-2 usually average of size range
City d4-1 possibly max size range

D12 Walls Types
1 Vegetal 1-3m high and wide scrub, a hedge of thick brush or even thorn bushes 
2 Fence 1-2m high and under 10cm, more to stop animals than soldiers
3 Earth mound 3-12m high and wide
4 Trench or moat 1-12m deep and wide, might also have spiked stakes
5 Log palisade 2-6m tall and 30cm-50cm wide, often spiked on top
6 Wooden wall 3-9m tall and 30cm-1m wide, possibly with a walkway 
7 Dry stone wall 1-6m tall and wide, unmortared piles of rubble
8 Basic stone wall 2-4m tall 20-50cm thick 
9 Medium stone wall 3-6m tall 50cm-1m thick with walkway
10 Superior stone wall 6-12m tall 3m-6m thick with chariot roadway
11 Magical stone wall 2-5m tall 30cm-50cm thick (includes part underground to stay up)
12 Magical metal wall 2-5m tall 10cm-30cm thick (includes part underground to stay up) or other magical barrier 3m tall 1cm-30cm wide, always on or must be cast or enchantment activate d6 d12 1=invisible 2=fire 3=ice 4=darkness/light 5=lightning 6=bone 7=illusion 8=force 9=undead 10=insect swarm 11=living trees 12=meat with eyes and mouths that moans 

d12 Wall Features
1 Crenelations - battlements on tops of walls to provide cover while defending
2 Wall Walk - so men can patrol and guard the perimeter
3 Arrow slits or loops - to shoot from the castle while defended
4 Watch towers - used for observation and lookout
5 Defence towers - used to defend and support walls and gates
5 Turrets - small towers projecting from walls and overhanging attackers 
6 Machicolations - overhangs with holes to drop stuff on attackers perform like hourdes but permanent and decorative and stone
7 Bossing - helps wall structure resist seige weapon attacks and damage
8 Baters - extra thick sloping bases of towers and walls take more damage 
9 Hourdes - extra wooden structures on walls and towers, improve arc of fire with extra walkways and overhangs from walls, removable in peacetime. Can be covered in wet ides to make fire proof
10 Natural terrain often incorporated ads height to walls d4 1=large sloping hill 2=stone cliffs 3=on hill or mountain top or mesa 4=natural chasm. Can add to effective height to some or all walls even up too +33m. Roll d12 for how many facings out of 12 get this advantage 
11 Murder holes - in arches, gateways, tunnels and overhangs like the brattice have holes in floor over vulnerable points to drop d6 1=rocks 2=missile fire 3=boiling water 4=boiling oil 5=boiling lead= 6=wasp hives
12 Spikes on walls and doors deter siege beasts like elephants or megacerops or dinosaurs

How many gates in use? 
Village d3
Small castle d2
Medeum Castle d3
Large Castle d4
Town d4+1 
City d4+3

d12 Gatehouse Types
1 Simple woven fence to stop livestock or foot traffic between posts with guardpost
Single wooden door with bolt and guard niches
3 Double wooden door with guardpost
Single bronze reinforced wooden door with bar and guard niches
5 Double bronze reinforced doors, decorated door with guardpost
6 Single-door iron bar gate with lock and bar with guardpost
7 Double door iron bar lattice gate with lock and bar with guardpost
8 Single door of solid metal with lock and bar with guardpost 
Double doors of solid metal with lock and bar with guardpost  
10 Barbican fortified gatehouse with two turrets or towers and a double gate with a bar
11 Great barbican fortified gatehouse with four turrets or towers, has double gates with a bar and small easily enclosed courtyard inside 
12 Postern smaller less obvious single reinforced door. Some secret for defenders others go under walls and are not for commoner use or knowledge. If this is the only gate you roll make one extra roll on this table with a d10

d12 Gate Features
1 Spikes that deter siege beasts like elephants from ramming
2 Smaller wicket gate built in a larger door, reinforced, locked and bolted
3 Murder holes above gate with guards
4 Arrow slits in gate to shoot attackers
5 Elevated entrance with stairs or ramps leading to gate, earthworks or slope adds to height
6 Bridge over trench with spikes
7 Reinforced with metal plates
8 Moat with a drawbridge and sometimes creatures
9 Elevated earthworks make gate well above the ground
10 Large lock with only several keys but they are not required to lock only open
11 Portcullis gate with lattice or wood and or iron bars drops from above protects door
12 Door f
lanked by extra pair of towers, turrets with arrow slits

d12 Gate Decor
1 Statues of beasts or monsters by gates like sphynx, lion or dragon
2 Statues of heroic historic characters beloved by city and includes a shrine
3 Gargoyles overlooking the gate, some parts of gutters and rain comes from mouths
4 Severed heads, flayed skins, skulls and other and corpses of traitors and enemies
5 Heraldic banners and shields flapping in the wind
6 Gate is decorated with a mouth motif so the gatehouse seems to be a monster or demon or giant  
7 Triumphant gateway decorated with scenes of heroic battles
8 Glass tiles making patterns and heraldic beasts in bright colours
9 Shrine to a divinity of the gate a lesser spirit who protects the gate
10 Impressive signal fires up high an emergency signal or heliograph for the more sophisticated
11 Alarm signal based on a large impressive drum, gong, horn or bell with own name
12 Vegetation such as vines, fungus, and flowers are grown naturally or with magic but also can be made as decorations such as floral wreaths and decorations for festivals

d12 Gate Magic
1 Spirit of the gate alerts if threats or invisible beings near the gatehouse
2 Gate is occupied by tiny faerie folk who help maintain it and will use magic on enemies
3 Spirit of the gate has a shrine and priests who communicate the gates desires
4 Gate is sanctified and holy with a shrine and religious art, undead cannot pass
5 The gate if shut is wizard locked or guarded by some other spell
6 A great face on the gate blasts a fear ray three times a day operated by the commander
7 Humanoid spectral warriors depicted in art step forth to defend the gate
8 In a crisis long buried gate guards will arise to defend the gate if called on
9 A bound elemental or demon can be released and given one order by the acting commander
10 Statues standing near the gate or even relief carvings become living monsters to defend from invaders
11 Every defender of the gate has defensive magic defending them and the structure d4 1=protection from evil 2=protection from normal missiles 3=protection from fire 4=protection from giants
12 A magical barrier can be summoned once per hour of one of these types d4 1=ice 2=fire 3=force 4=darkness

d12 Gate Security
1 Local citizens watch group with clubs and slings d4+2 is in fact a gang who scout for gang seeking targets for crime
Local citizens watch group with clubs & blades d4+4 of retired veterans who are suspicious of foreigners
3 Militia of locals with pointy farm tools or spears, whicker shields and javelins 2d4 especially looking for criminals bothering markets & picking pockets
4 Militia of locals with spear, sword and crossbow or shortbow 2d4 looking for crime as supported by merchants and crafters
 Local bailiff and two beadles on behalf of a judge operates gate often with tax men
5 Soldiers d4+4 1st Lv with leather, spears, hand axes and shortbows d4+4  led by a 2nd Lv warrior.can be friendly and like to talk and drink but no tolerance for complaints or criticisms
7 Soldiers with chain, pole axe. d4+4 1st Lv  led by a 2nd Lv warrior. Two will be archers or crossbowmen. Haughty and 
8 Soldiers with chain, spear, sword, shield d4+4 1st Lv led by a 2nd Lv warrior. Two will be archers or crossbowmen
9 Soldiers with plate and sword d4+4 2nd Lv led by a 3rd Lv warrior. Two will be archers or crossbowmen
10 Templar priests protecting this gate shrine, d4+4 priests in chain with maces and slings
11 Specialist leader in command of group d4 1=apprentice wizard 2=acolyte priest 3=secret police assassin 4=knight, Roll d8 on this table for base troop type 
12 Guard beasts of equal total HD as guard group (roll d8 on this table for base type) who handle and care for the beast. d6 1=geese 2=dogs 3=wolves 4=lion or dire 5= 6=local monster species

d12 Gate Hangers
1 Youths come here in the best clothes to impress each other and flirt and write on walls
2 Criminals including pickpockets, charlatans and kidnappers
3 Prostitutes of all types meet here in the safety of the guard's gaze. Posters advertise saucy tavern shows and famous performers
4 Traders and crafters come here to sell small goods and snacks, and buskers start performing
5 Desperate beggars some selling their last valuables and looking for work
6 Bosses come here for cheap casual workers no questions asked
7 Mercenaries and killers for hire looking for work or just drinking between jobs
8 Merchant agents come here seeking caravan workers and local labourers. Posters for caravans and shops here 
9 Religious mobs gather here sniffing for miracles and preying to the gate god. Religious graffiti in the area some is old
10 Crime gangs come here to the neutral ground to have meetings and make deals. Gang graffiti here  everywhere
11 Angry mob led by complaining zealots while law just taking names and watching. Protest graffiti here is often hastily removed by secret police 
12 Gossips meet to trade wild stories, saucy slander and lost local treasure. Posters for gossipy salons, tea rooms, smoking clubs, casinos and other places gossips enjoy. Graffiti here is often boasting or slander and names specific people

d12 Petty Gate Spirits
1 Poltergiest of a life long-serving guard
2 Spectral guards seen on walkways on foggy moonlit nights
3 A small hairy house troll lives in the cellar and guards give it beer
4 Gremlins living here are mostly placated by food and shiny gifts but if the building or regulars are harmed gremlins start to ready the onslaught of their drugged darts and pet rats
5 Gate spirit has a shrine and a small cult, often some guards are members,The spirit warns them of trouble and inspects gate users for magic or supernatural evil or wickedness. It adopts a small animal form but usually is an invisible spirit
6 An elemental is bound into the gate and uses its powers to protect the building and make those living inside more comfortable. Most dwell in the structure of the building and adopt various forms like a humanoid or regular elemental
7 Gate spirit attacks siege equipment, siege beasts and any crew or handlers 
8 Several times attackers by night were slain by a screaming spirit while battering the gates
9 Spirit of a warrior or priest who died here defending within and now they support the defenders by possessing enemy bodies and replacing hosts as they destroy them 
10 Guardian devil of torment bound in walls is known to silently strangle spies and criminals trying to bypass the gates unseen. Locals criminals all know and are afraid to even try
Lesser planar spirit like an angel or demon is bound inside and can be released with a secret word and one order like "defend this gate from enemies" 
12 The gate is a petty god with own cult and shrine, it will use its powers to aid the gate defenders and will fight in person if enemies attack. People leave offerings and say they get good luck. Sometimes its possible to even meet the god most likely in a festival

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