Sunday, 5 June 2022

Game Log: A better class of Tomb to rob

So the party going on 6th Lv has quite a few fragile followers with them some recruited locally from the city of the Storm god on the barbarian frontier of the south. The barbarian hero wanted a chariot but had price scale and the large amount of experts required to maintain them. They did some shopping as they were not allowed into the noble magic item merchants and went to the common streets where you only needed to not look poor to get in. There was a street of alchemists, spell tablets and even cursed items. When they found something good someone would whisper they had a cheaper better one. Bought spiffy clothes and went into a nicer class of bath house than ever before. The wizard saw a state scribe taking money from a crime boss there and the barbarian disappeared for 3 days in baths. He was found in lock up and had been partying with a warband who had come back from fighting necromancer death templars in the wasteland.

Heardsome leads for adventure but the changeling character had a thief follower from a grave robbing clan and his local relatives needed help with a tomb complex uncovered from a early forgotten dynasty. So they went to the local village working with the grave robbers and stayed and only the changeling in his fancy new clothes got any local fans.

Finally with a group of thieves and labourers they marched to the pit and were lowered down into darkness of the 12m deep pit. The first smashed a door down and battled a skeletal chariot and skeleton troops and their cleric followers blasted the undead quite well. Got some loot. Each door was cursed but none of the symptoms were obvious. Barbarians dog-folk abhuman follower got about 5 curses. It took magic to work out what most were but the dogman broke all the work mauls and the wizards guard vomited at the slightest taste of alcohol.

There was a snake man mummy tomb with a wand, a bard tomb which had been robbed and sarcophogi filled with receipts for paid money owing left by previous robbers. No magic but cool story. One stage a wraith came and they managed to destroy it. A mummified minotaur with a huge bronze axe was a good find. A spirit scared a few members of the party so they called it quits and went to village for lunch.

Had a nights rest and returned. 

They had gotten skilled at removing carved stone doors to sell but it resulted in 4 people risking a curse instead of one. Oh well - they did have a pile of gold labelled property of the snake cult and as the Dragon changeling had slept with the local Naga was sure snake church would helpout with curses. 

The finaltomb they checked was already defiled and was dedicated to the sun god Shamash. There was a hole in the wall and the barbarian had a look in with his new magic lamp (continual light on a rod). Ghould dogpiled and paralysed him. The clerics tried to repulse them but a ghoul queen led them and made harder to turn. Most of the party was paralysed before the ghoul queen fled into a hole vowing revenge on the party.

So as it was a close call they went back to city to sell their loot and get curses removed. Only obvious one was the boils. Next time more tombcrawling.

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