Tuesday, 21 June 2022

d100 More Goblin Peddlars

Saw an old post of goblins and thought I need more goblincore. Maybe a d1000 goblin market stalls is needed. Above is my frog goblin who was bony and scrawny when I got him a few months ago. He is quite social and likes being out the most. He is the food maddest frog I have. 

d100 More Goblin Peddlars

01 Goblin knife and tool sharpener with grindstone hanging from rope around its neck
02 Goblin selling nice and pointy sling stones in pretty colours
03 Leak fixer goblin with bag of toolbelts and waist-high wader boots and several buckets
04 Goblin locksmith sells old keys and a few one-use knock spell keys for 300gp
05 Goblin fake eye maker and glass blower items made to commision
06 Goblin playing accordian while a genuine Imp from hell dances for coins
07 Goblin from swamp selling frog grog and frog weed popular in frog cults
08 Used hats selling goblin carries sacks of them and most colourful and fancy stacked on his head
09 Goblin brush seller with a sample case follows and pushes hard why you need a brush
10 Goblin selling mouse nose soup or rat anus stew from a pot
11 Goblin redsmith with a push cart of daggers, hatchets, shortswords and maces
12 Goblin clown selling itching powder, stink bombs and sneeze powder
13 Goblin selling diarrhoea medicine from a bucket with a ladle, bottles extra
14 Goblin artist selling and making ceramic ash trays and erotic pots
15 Goblins offering free faerie food to non faerie folk to try, its the best you will ever get!
16 Hobgoblin whistling footlong wood idols of goblin dancers or goblin spirits
17 Goblin offers you luck of draw from his magic card deck for a 100gp a go
18 Goat headed goblin selling milk from buckets on a yoke with a ladle
19 Goblin bard selling personalised insults but he just steals from famous insult jesters 
20 Goblin with luscious long beard offering hair growth potions
21 A sad elfmaid has come to sell her litter of goblin babies
22 Goblin selling pet spiders - only hand size now grow as big as you feed them so stop at dog size recommended
23 Goblin with magic shell game he cannot lose. If you lose three times he introduces you to an Imp who will sell you gambling prowess for your soul
24 Hobgoblin selling giant insect larvae popular with amphibian creatures and lizards
25 Bugbear and a collection of children's screams he keeps in bags with a goblin spell
26 Bugbear in over-the-top makeup offers the time of your life in a tent by a ditch on the side of the road
27 Norker cave goblins selling rocks and clubs and frustrated their goods not selling
28 Chaos goblin clown offers you to stab them for a gold piece per stab, laughs the whole time
29 Old witch selling detection potions that work well but save or go blind the following day, come in detect gold, detect enemies, detect water, detect invisible
30 Goblin selling griffon feathers but warns you only the bravest can wear this honour 40gp each
31 Ogre has a bag of halflings for sale and thinks he is very clever flipping them because they said they have diareah and flatulence and plague and worms so he is selling them for 15gp each. The bound and gagged halflings look pleadingly
32 A chaos crone selling cursed magic items at high prices
33 Grey skinned sad bald gnome selling nutritious long life canned mushroom based f
ood 1gp per can, openers cost 15
34 Fools gold for sale, lead coins temporary cold unless touch cold iron or dispelled, bargain price, the lead coins go from known human currency to having goblin monarchs and gods
35 Hobgoblin selling is dire wolf, it is one of the fully intelligent evil ones that can talk and it makes him feel bad
36 Werewolf selling old woman clothes and decore items
37 Dark elf selling sleeping drafts in the new less addictive formula
38 Orc recruiter looking for goblins to join the orc army as scouts and baggage handlers
39 Goblin Mystics of the Brazen Noon a brotherhood who look after goblin orphans and widows and perform bizarre rites in costumes in member only lodges. Selling second hand weapons, looted armour and used mining tools to raise money for goblin orphanage
40 Human carny offering goblins great jobs at the goblinarium where they perform for tourists under the care of a kindly goblin loving wizard
41 Goblin selling used bandages and dressings but will also buy them to lick and sniff
42 Goblin claims inside box is most wonderful smell in the world 15gp a smell, turns out its baby goblin nappies
43 Redcap gnomes selling blood covered clothes and goods from recently vanished merchants
44 Elf selling maps to a magical tree portal you can reach the cosmic world tree 
45 Two black cap gnomes selling a sad child bear folk abhuman in yellow and black check pants, a scarf and a jumper. The gnomes carry sticks to threaten the sad bear child
46 Sprites selling faerie sweet treat that cause temporary minor faerie mutations in humans
47 Goblin shaman selling goblins possessed by ancient spirits who know where a treasure is
48 Dark elf selling wolf form ointment that last for a night but save of get lycanthropy. It also is made by demons from children fat
49 Goblin selling prison escape maps for local prisons (especially ones for goblins like slave mines)
50 Goblin selling second-hand anti-masturbation gauntlets, two steel gloves fused together with lock and key 25gp Also stops many spellcasters from gesturing for spells
51 Goblin wizard amazes crowd with dancing poop golems and toilet humour
52 Ratfolk abhuman selling goods they found on plague victims in ghost town
53 Dark elf selling maps to a major underground metropolis under this region
54 Goblins selling flatbread covered in squshy bug juice and crunch bugs on top, cut into segments a new goblin cooking fad
55 Goblin selling mushroom sausages with buns and turnip mash
56 Goblin selling mutant fish, each one a surprise! magical side effects possible but no responsibility
57 Old goblin with spectacles selling ancient goblin lore scrolls
58 Goblin artist will sketch your portrait for a silver or a tiny painting for 5gp
59 Goblin alchemist selling reject potions of cowardliness and slow
60 Goblin selling his pet war boar so he can send his children to goblin wizard school
61 Goblin aprentices offer to swap cantrip spells usually forbidden by human wizard guilds and schools (but it happens)
62 Bugbear selling lovely scented soaps for lovely skin, also buys corpses and lard and urine to make more
63 Goblin with tiny mirrorshade spectacles and a coat offers the good stuff and winks, sells performance enhancing potions banned in several kingdoms with new formula and less side effects
64 Goblin with cart and a meat grinder frying up mixed meat patties with his secret sauce on a bun, delicious and causes flatulence with goblins and children find amusing
65 Goblin with a big bowl of custard and a spoon, claims it is magic custard. If you eat it you give birth to a d6 goblins in a month
66 Hobgoblin selling tiny cages with gremlins, available singly or breeder kits. Pets for kids or pranks for your enemies. Sells tiny accessories for their cage and scrolls about their care. The creatures are furious and vindictive killers who bring bad luck
67 Goblin offers magic eyedrops 25gp each dose, allows you to see in the dark and detect magic for 24 hours, every few hours he goes to his hole where he punches a basketball sized eyeball archon from the planes of Law to collect its tears. Some entity is judging the mortal plane poorly and can see through the floating eyball thing. Make d4+2 doses a day and the creature will after a month die and its spirit return home to report
68 Goblin experimental surgeon can give you extra fingers, webbed toes & fingers or pointy ears with simple surgical procedures with his bugbear nurse. A hobgoblin anethatist carries a bottle of rum and a club and a chains to help
69 Goblin selling comedic scrolls illustrating the human ruler as buffoon and idiot
70 Goblin matchmaker will find you your ideal partner who will be all that and an upstanding goblin citizen only 1gp for true love
71 Norker goblin selling stewed piercers & cave fisher meat with yak butter, mushrooms and spring onions. She don't speak no good
72 Goblin doctor offers to give you an examination and a certificate of fitness to join the goblin army, really its a army recruitment scheme aimed at tricking illiterate goblins who don't know their native script. The pressgang will kidnap them that night while in bed
73 Hobgoblin farmer selling small goblin ponies three foot high at the shoulder with night vision and hairless white skin and ratlike tails. They will graze on mould and fungus
74 Goblin tailor will make spectacularly memorable garish colours and fashion from strange fabrics at good prices. He wont make boring suits preferring loud and proud cluttercore
75 Goblin aprentice will draw your aura on a scroll and interprets from the colours how violent a life you are likely to lead or if you have any spiritual medical conditions
76 Goblin children have bound and gagged their parents and grandparents and selling them 1sp each
77 Goblin selling hand made pig-gut condoms in a tin 1sp each and ointment to make you safe from sexually transmitted diseases and cures warts and boils only 10gp for a jar with d4+2 uses, guaranteed by the goblin medical council
78 Goblin villagers selling a tied up shamans apprentice as they want a better one, this one knows a few cantrips and has a black eye
79 Goblin with assortment of toads and salamanders in jars 1sp a lick, if save you gain a d4 rounds of reality warping visions, if you fail violently ill for d6 hours and have fever visions. He sells a few poison darts also 
80 Goblin child with a blanket selling pretty rocks, marbles, bone dice and knucklebone sets
81 Goblins raising money for goblin orphanage offer you a luck dip from their magic planar cauldron for 1gp
82 Goblin selling erotic scroll calender of goblin fire fighters to help buy them buckets 1gp
83 Goblin selling a talking nannygoat. She wont talk now because she is a jerk but once she starts there is no stopping her
84 Goblin selling a blinkdog puppy 30gp, when he blows a whistle it blinks back to him and he flees
85 Goblin drooling with wild eyes offering you the best spores you can buy, he has some all over his face and noze and strange swirling pattern are visible in his enlarged bloodshot eyballs. If you save you feel amazing for a d4 hours, if you fail after you turn blind and lose your sense of smell and grow mould on your skin require remove disease magic
86 Goblin smoking large wrapped goblin-leaf cigars and selling them "rolled on the buttocks of barley legal goblins". Its like tobacco only smokier and makes you caugh more and doesn't burn so well. It does make really cool smoke rings 
87 Goblin offering lice removal only 1cp, also sells bug repellant herbs
88 Norker goblin selling shaved or cubed ice from a block tied to his head
89 Goblin has a chorus line of tiny gremlins in exotic costumes on a tiny stage and offers customers an adults only private show you will never forget for 1gp also offers shows for children's birthday parties
90 A goblin selling various types of monster dung in buckets, with various gardening benefits. Will taste test soil samples and dung to determine the best type and will discuss the taste and smell for hours
91 Goblin selling bags of farts from his assistant swallowing whole boiled eggs and baked beans without chewing 1sp, perfect for dinner party (1in6 are extra long and sloppy)
92 Satyr selling erotic statues of elmaids, dryads and nymphs
93 Centaur selling healing potions and manure in sacks, also tells fortunes
94 Goblin selling "big juicy carrots, throatgoat on my carrots for only 1cp!"
95 Goblin druid, offers to turn your family or pets into trees while you are away on business
96 Goblin wizard selling hats that change the wearers alignment, a great laugh at goblinmass family dinners
97 Stag man selling the remains of butchered human hunter and their property
98 Goblin magic wine dealer has one of four flavours a day for 25gp d4 1=courage resist fear one hour 25gp 2=heals d4 hp after an hour 25gp 3=speak goblin for a day 25gp 4=gain one permanent HP works only once per person 200gp
99 Goblin offers you the lover of your dreams in his tent where his doppelganger companion awaits, they eat only an occasional person they don't think will be missed and make good money
100 Goblin child selling a football sized egg for 15gp, he nicked it from a temple and has kept it warm and turns it daily like the cult did

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