Wednesday 3 November 2021

Psionics Revision Lv Zero

Revising My Psionics into a booklet soon and it's a slog so I thought Id workshop it out on the Blog level by level. I will be adding more levels and possibly change some details.

So my favoured readers, sing out If you have requests for other stuff as my own gaming needs I'm pretty far ahead of. Do I need separate psionics or Mystic class? Could I roll shamen into this? One other writing job to finish to and hope I can face killing it.

The plan is my Psionics are just another spell list like priest or wizard spells. Many are based on other spell lists. Also as I don't have an illusionist class I'm including some of them. It is in part sf psychic/mentalist/spiritualist/mesmerist based.

I did have all spalls divided into energy, matter, body and perception-based spells but I'm discarding that concept as I've ditched lots on AD&D unearthed arcana type pages of rules to limit what characters can do without much reason. If you need a table of limitations it's probably a messy rule addition. I will develop these as variant pregens I use for new and late players. I will add some other specialists using this list. I have let bards and others use them fine and space elves they work for too. In a more SF game, I might swap some out. I was once interested in a psionics specialist class but probably a sorcerer or bard or elf would do fine mostly. I would probably make like a victorian occultist, possibly shamen, illusionist or mystic pregen builds. I did like the BECMI D&D take on Illusionists in Glantri who are connected to a dream and nightmare worlds.

This is all for my homebrew whee I wonkily changed stat names and stuff. My rulebook is around somewhere to download and gets a few updates a year. Plus my 0 level speels are not the cast as much as you want type. I have a few skills that make cantrips better too.


Zero Level Psionic Spells


 Aim [RT][D1T] +1 Hit on your first attack in the next turn

2 Aura [RS][A1][D1T] Psychic glow around caster makes light as a lantern

3 Awake [R6][DI] Awaken one person or animal asleep or unconscious in range instantly as long as they have at least 1hp

4 Calm [RT][DI] cures panic effect of morale loss on person or animal

5 Candle [RT][A1][D1T] creates a candle-like magic light at a point without heat

6 Charisma [RT][D1T] +1Charm

7 Chill [RT][DI] touch freezes a d3 litres of water or inflicts d3 cold damage

8 Constitution [RT][D1T] +1Vigour

9 Courage [RT][D1T] grants +1 morale, +1 save vs magic fear

10 Cure [RT][DI] heals 1HP, stop anyone bleeding or dying

11 Detect (Alignment) [R3][DI] separate spell vs each alignment, sense in range if not blocked by soil, wood or walls

12 Detect Direction [R6]

13 Detect Life [R3][A1][DI] detect living things in range not blocked by soil, wood or walls

14 Detect Magic [R3][DI] detect magic item or spell effects within range, instant
 if not blocked by soil, wood or walls

15 Dexterity [RT][D1T] +1Agility

16 Ectoplasm [R3][D1T][SN] makes a litre of creepy to the touch occult slime

16 Evil Eye [R3][D1T][SN] victim has -1 on next save within duration

18 Exterminate [R3][A1][DI] kills flies, mosquitoes, fleas in 1 area circle or d4 to one giant bug

19 Force 
[RT][D1T] +1 on next damage roll in next turn 

20 Fortify +1 AC vs first attack on you in next turn

21 Fortune [RT][D1T] +1 on next save within turn

22 Flash [R3][SN] blind a under 4HD creature for a round if fail Talent save

23 Heat [RT][DI] touch heats d3 litres of water or inflicts a d3 heat damage

24 Help
 [RT][D1T] +1 on first skill roll in next turn

25 Icicle [RT][D1T] 
makes a d3 knife of ice or other simple shape under .5kg

26 Ignite [R6][DI][SN] light a torch, candle or fireplace, target a person and set alight hair or clothes if target fails agility save

27 Intelligence [RT][D1T] +1Talent

28 Noise [R6][DI] create a noise like animal, footsteps, muttering, or a scream

29 Open [R6][DI][S] open or close a door, chest or gate or press a button or pull a lever in range

30 Palm Phantom [RT][D1R] Make tiny illusion in your palm to entertain or distract

31 Puppetry [R3][D1T] animate a doll, toy or small dead animal to entertain or distract

32 Scare [R6][D1R][SN] under 4HD creature save or flee for one round

33 Slap [R3][DI] can d3 strike a person with an invisible slapping hand

34 Snuff [R3][DI] can put out torch, candle, lamp or small fire

35 Strength [RT][D1T] +1Might

36 Stun [R3][D1R][SN] foe under 4HD make a Will save or be stunned for round

37 Whisper [R6][D1R] carry a softly spoken private message to the ear of someone within 6 range

38 Wisdom [RT][D1T] +1Will 

39 Quick [RT][D1T] +1 Move

40 Quill [R1][D1T] a phantom hand takes dictation onto paper or a wall with a quill, brush, chalk or other mark making tool

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