Friday 5 November 2021

Pleistocene Park Apocalypse

Dinosaurs in apocalypse settings are frigging awesome. Don't try to fight me on this one. Cretaceous World park complexes around the world gone wrong and you know some dinos are gonna survive and some will be mutants or giants. Then of course there are Pleistocene Worlds with various time zones. Of course, these animals are a bit fake with frog and squid DNA used in the mix but the real cheats are the robotic animatronic dino parks and android dinosaurs used by inauthentic parks but at least they cant breed. Ok, some labs and weirdos with the specs can just make and mod them.

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is a great comic with mechanic shamen and prehistoric life returns from some biochemical accidental release and the next thing trilobites are back. A devolution virus bioweapons might have been a war weapon responsible for these creatures.

Obviously, due to marketing, time periods and locations of parks give way to exiting attractions over science.

d12 Basic Beast Mods
1 Animatronic robot animal
2-3 Android animal
4-7 Genetic reconstruction
8 Cyborg Animals
9-11 Mutant animal
12 Undead animal

d12 Tech Mods
1 two ten-pack RPG launcher pods
2 two laser cannons 10d6 2km range
3 two miniguns with 10 000 rounds
4 two 4-pack missile launchers
5 two .40cal machineguns 2000 rounds
6 four six-pack grenade mortars
7 Forcefield pack absorbs 50hp per round, burns out if breached
8 Holographic stealth field generator
9 Sensor coms suite and robot pterosaur scout drone
10 Enhanced dermal plating 18AC and resist poison
11 Powered armour 20AC and life support with HUD linked weapons
12 Transformation mode d4 1=amphibious 2=flying 3=burrowing 4=artillery piece

d12 Common Minor Mutations
1 Strange colour
2 Strange d4 colours and patterns 
3 Wattles and warts
4 Bird feathers
5 Strange mouth
6 Antenna
7 Facial cilia
8 Compound eyes
9 Drools constantly
10 Tastes delicious
11 Hermaphrodite 
12 Slow

d12 Common Major Mutations
1 Dwarf variety
2 More horns and spikes
3 Dual brain never sleeps
4 Armoured Plastron +5AC
5 Breath weapon d4 1=acid 2=fire 3=lightning 4=gas
6 Biological grenade launcher from nose horn
7 Locomotion d4 1=amphibious 2= burrowing 3=flying 4=all three
8 Huge specimen 
9 Symbiotic organism d4 1=swarm 2=companion 3=fused together 4=internal
10 Intelligent
11 Psionic
12 Guargantual kaiju

d12 Permian Park
1 Euryops
2 Dimetrodon
3 Gorgonopsid
4 Dinocephalia
5 Dicynodonts
6 Pelycosaurs a
7 Pareiasaurs 
8 Lystrosaurus
9 Cynodont
11 Mosochops
12 Inostrancevia

d12 Dinosaur World
1 Sauropod
2 Ankylosaur
3 Stegosaur
4 Duckbilled
5 Protoceratops
6 Triceratops
7 Velociraptor
8 Allosaurus
9 Iguanadon
10 Tyranasurus
11 Pteranodon
12 Tylosaur

d12 Beringia Pleistocene Park
1 Mammoth or mastadon
2 Sabretooth cat
3 Wooly rhino
4 Auroch
5 Megaloceros
6 DIre wolf
7 Glyptodon
8 Allosaurus
9 Muskoxen
10 Ground sloth
11 Short Faced Bear  
12 Bison 

d12 Australia Pleistocene Park
1 Thylacine - Tasmanian tiger
2 Thylacoleo - Marsupial lion
3 Diprotodon - giant wombat
4 Procoptodon - giant short-faced kangaroo
5 Bluff DOwns Giant Python - 10m long constrictor snake
6 Megalainia - 7m giant goanna
7 Obdurodon - 60cm platypus
Zaglossus - sheep sized echidna
Dromornis - 3m tall flightless thunder bird
10 Quinkana - 2m tall land crocodile
11 Bullockornis - demon duck of doom 3m tall bird
12 Palorchestes - trunked marsupial sloth

Also there were popular dino reality shows of ancients like Raptor Rescue which every episode has old ppl rescuing raptors stuck in fences or trapped in toilets and after a trained rescue raptor team or uplifted raptors try to save people with their god-given claws and teeth


  1. Biological grenade from nose horn -- been watching some Herculoids lately?


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