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d12 Rubble Youth Gangs

After the apocalypse there were many age-specific weapons of mass destruction and millions of other petty deaths that left many orphans across the wasteland.

Numerous gangs of children formed. Many of these gang members were recruited by adult gangs and many kindertibes reject members who reach certain ages. These gangs mostly are wary of adults and adult tribes and gangs. Oldest and larger children are often in charge but also all know these biguns will have to leave soon. Different tribes have different rules and style and will have some positive relations with several factions. Some people let their children join as they act as childcare and the kids will be protected while away.  

Children are good characters to be around as hopefully, your players are decent sorts who would rather start an orphanage than a sweatshop. Post-apocalyptic social workers are bound to have exciting adventurers. Hopefully, when battling children your players will make an effort to not just kill them.

If a player was a juve ganger they would know a few of these or might have been one.

d12 Rubble Youth Gangs
1 Blood Orphans - a savage gang of cannibal kids who mostly aim to join older gangs. Often lure adults into traps so they can catch and eat them. Bigger groups will raid farms and isolated loners. They are very keen to perform atrocities and worship the "Lord of the Flies". They wear cast-offs of older gangs and what they take from victims. They also fight other chapters often with different gang colours
2 Koala Scouts - paramilitary survivalist youth group who have claimed various parks and wilderness camping areas as bases. They violently protect nature and are famous for firebombing settlers and vehicles. Wear uniforms with a military structure, uniforms and merit badges. They often have good caches and some technology like robots and clothing printers and light firearms. Members leave tortured crucified bodies as warnings near protected areas and for the merit badge
3 Feral Kids - younger members of adult ferals who have been abandoned or left home as adults just told them what to do. Usually, adults didn't want kids at their dance parties and orgies. Live in the isolated or hidden lair and scavenge scrap from ruins and may beg or steal from a community. They are quite organised and plan these raids and have helpers on hand. Locals are sick of this but some try and catch the kids to reform them. All their clothes and equipment are made from scrap and trash or discarded. Jewellery and hair decorations from interesting trash are common and woven hair. Only a few ever have firearms  
4 Rubble Crawlers - youth tech gang who hide and work over ruins and rubbish dumps. Famously technically proficient and they produce many mechanics, technicians and smiths. In secret sweatshops, they clean up scrap they sell on and build what they need and a few fun things. Occasionally a gang have a high tech weapon or scrap built a robot or motorised go-carts. Mostly wear trash costumes to hide in rubble or working overalls, hardhats, goggles and tool belts. Locals appreciate the kids and their trade. 
5 Foundlings have a hidden or isolated lair and they hide from adults. They often try to recruit kids from settlements promising wild free lives with no troubles. In reality, they live life rough in wastes hunting, scavenging and stealing to survive in a strict age hierarchy. Once children are in it is very hard to escape the group cult. The oldest children eventually take a trek into the desert looking for a promised bunker paradise and when they find it will take the whole tribe. They keep this fairly secret and veiled in ritual. Wear scrap and animal skins with mix of tribal and scrap technology
6 The Cadre - originally defective military clones from a bunker clone vat and raised by an AI. They live life as in military BootCamp and practice brutal and cruel rituals to bond their close-knit communities. Mostly they dress in camo uniforms and many have printed basic firearms often of plastic in style of 20th-century style. Some still are conditioned to serve the AI others eventually break free and become mercenaries or raiders who are notorious for efficiency and professionalism. The AI running these bunkers sometimes wear down and surviving children scatter spreading their kind. Highly aggressive and dirty fighters
7 Childrens Crusade - originally a religious youth camp children sent to as war are close with the robot and AI caretakers to indoctrinate them in religion. Using a medical process the children never mature and live extremely long and even regrow limbs and organs slowly. Some children try to escape and without drugs, they begin to age normally. The crusader children in secret bunkers mostly go to school, play sport and prey but recently missionaries in sensible clothes and basic firearms have been going outside to save the souls of heathen mutants and other scum with bibles. They believe they are better and always know best
8 Mutant Youth - the gang of juvenile mutants who hid in a VIP children's schools and developed a pacifistic religion aimed at uniting all peoples despite their DNA or electronics. Influenced by the AI reconstruction of an ancient philosopher they are unusually idealistic yet practical enough to train in combat. Most hide and train to support the clan but some with most extraordinary powers go out performing vigilante actions to give mutants a good name. They even attack evil extremist mutants in the name of unity. They recruit troubled teen mutants which are pretty common. When on missions they wear colourful jumpsuits and use special codenames
9 Chosen - children raised by androids and used as troops and spies. The children are cloned and raised by androids then sent out on anti-human missions. Often they leave a child as bait or in hopes humans adopt the child who can be a sleeper agent. When they reach a certain age they are sent to join android anti-human forces as fanatic vassal troops. The androids lie about human culture to make themselves the good guys. They use human poverty, ignorance and violence as reasons. Mostly they wear jumpsuits unless on a mission where they wear filthy feral trash made rags
10 Scrap Urchins - common filthy children in various outposts and towns who live by begging and petty chores for scraps. Really they are trained and cared for by criminal guilds who train them as spies, pickpockets, burglars and more. When they are old enough or prove themselves in the gang they are promoted to an adult gang. Such children investigate drifters and people they gangs might want to know about. Usually, some local adult like a homeless drunk working for the mob looks out for the kids and can call a gang of maniacs if needed. Very few know about this but a few teachers or other adults who try to catch and civilise them may find threatening thugs warning them off. Most of the kids are orphans collected in bigger settlements or bought from slavers by the gang. Most wear scrap and trash clothing, especially rain ponchos and packs. Often have flick knives and a group have a d4 pet dingos
11 Gremlins - masked cannibal children who live in burrows. Often will lure abhorrent adult predators and opressors into traps so the kids can overwhelm and eat them. Secretive but originally a child Spartacus led a revolt in a slaver compound where children were sold. After escaping and killing the slavers they hid in ruins and survived and spread. They hate adults especially slavers and exploiters and drive out older children into the wasteland who mostly become wasteland gang members. Very cult like they teach all adults are horrible and will kidnap children in towns to "free" them from bondage and reveal to them the truth. Life is hard so they eat some of their enemies out of spite and to scare away enemies. Have attacked towns by night raiding for food and to liberate children. Attacking slavers is a high priority and a few shifty characters who disappeared were attributed to them. Most wear typical recycled trash clothing but make use of lots of giant rat skins. Live in secret tunnels with traps to deter enemies in secret. Infamous for hand to hand combat skills
12 Bunker Buddies - originally from a child only cryonics bunker where children are raised by plush androids and comical robots in a simulated safe envirodome. Children mostly slept for centuries with only a few escapes until the AI and bunker fell into decay and the system revived them and raised them as best it could. Some decentered clones instead. 
In some cases, the machines manipulate the children to leave every generation and contrive events to encourage them to leave so they can make a new batch. Some prepared the children as best they could despite safety protocols avoiding difficult topics. Some AI used drug therapy to motivate their tiny masters. Children wear colourful cute costumes often with animal designs or hoods. Some even wear the shells of familiar mechanised educators of their early childhood. Children are naive, spoiled by machines and clueless about where the juice dispensers and restrooms are. They love singing and dancing and pretty shiny things. Some groups may be accompanied by a robot or android nanny that will use lethal force to protect children. Children forced outside may be equipped with whatever weapons the AI has files they can print but usually plastic light automatic rifles and pistols in fun colours

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