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Psionics Revision Lv One

So this is the second part of my workshop this list and more to come. 

*spells are reversible with reverse version Italicised within the description of spell. This was a cool feature in BX. Priests got the most and wizards got a few. I have a magical skill that lets you use the spell words backwards at will instead of memorising the reversed spell. These also give priests more spells than the basic list suggests.

So while revising these from my Planet Psychon book and older versions on this blog. As I work I have to go back to other versions of spells on priest, druid and wizard spells and sometimes I rewrite all 4 versions. Still unsure if I need a word doc with a table and all spells on my own row so I can sort by name, type, level etc easily or even print all spells into a booklet by name and have lots of lists in the book for basic classes but also recommended or alt spells for cleric religions, bards, elves, schools of wizards or psion types. In the long run, this is possible sensible. Tables are a bit trickier on my freeware than windows or InDesign or I could go learn how. Anyway, the point is every addition to spell lists has lots of checks and rechecks rather than spewing out my mind in the usual Kerouac style of my blog posts. I had a helper with the zero and 1st level to help me get this far.

Also finding other mistakes as I go which is good but slows down and Provers the alphabetical all spells mixed is gonna be the final way to go plus lots of lists for classes. Killed off reading magic for wizards - it's a bunch of tedious rules that exist to make life harder for little gain in the game. I am gonna make more spells reversible like enlarge/reduce too as it will make it more useful.

Ideally, I want my 4 spell lists divine, nature, arcane, mentalist to have similar amounts of spells to choose from. So far 8th and 9th are only for wizards. Changed some spell names so i could use them on multiple lists without class baggage. You can give spells flowery names if you want on top of these.

zero & 1st level  40 spells 
2nd & 3rd 30 spells
4th & 5th 20 spells
6th 14 spells
7th 12 spells
8th 10 spells
9th 8 spells

As I'm running weird gammaworld mad max dnd I have needed to think out how psionics magic and ultratechnology and even just electricity detect as magic. In Planet Psychon proper this is easy to rationalise as all magic is gods technology. It's a bit trickier in say a world where dungeon dimension wizards sneak into an airforce base or some wizards go through a portal to a more lawful and scientific plane it is trickier. Ultimately for a gonzo science and sorcery game I think you need to include electric and advanced materials as magic. Maybe not +1 magic but still magic. Possibly a skilled practitioner can determine what type of magic and power source.

1st Level Psionic Spells

1 Animate Dagger [R9][DR] Cause a dagger to fly at Mov12 and attack on own using the casters to hit bonus. If it leaves the wizards range the spell ends. The dagger can be attacked as AC+5 and if struck by a melee weapon the dagger gets a 12 or less save on a fail the spell ends. You could use an arrow or dart but the damage is only d3 and the weapon save is 6 

2 Animate Rope [RT][DR][SN] control 3m/Lv rope by touch, entangle a victim per round

3 Augury [RS][D1T] ask a Y or N question of higher power per level in a turn long ritual

Comprehend Language [RS][DT] understand any speech or writing but not speak

5 Cure Paralysis* [R9][DR][SN] cure one person affected by paralysis effects. Cause Paralasys paralyse a person or creature

6 Deflection [RS][DR] make a Vigour save from any normal non-magic weapon damage and it is halved 

7 Detect Enemies [R12][DR] can sense oppositely aligned beings or hostile foes who would attack you if you met, blocked by 1m stone or 3m of soil or wood

8 Detect Spirits [R3][DT] ritual trance to see local invisible non-corporeal spirits or undead which possibly communicate if they choose to. Spirits personality and alignment can vary especially in certain locations. Imploring spirits for aid might get interested of a good spirit
9 Cats Eye [RT][DH] can see in dark as a cat for hour per level, must have some dim light like starlight or moonlight not complete darkness of some caves or magical darkness 

10 Charm Person [R9][DD][SN] target humanoid save or become a loyal friend of the caster. Conflicts of interest like killing their comrades, self-harm or contrary to alignment might gain them additional saves

11 Fangclaw [RT][DT] +1 damage and to hit on unarmed or animal attacks allowing them to harm some magical creatures as a +1 weapon

12 Feather Fall [RT][DR] protect a person from one fall without harm then ends

Feign Death [RT][DT] willing subject stops breathing, becomes cold and shows no signs of being alive unless they move. Undead will detect them as non-living

14 Fog Cloud [R6][A3][DT] obscuring mist reduces visibility to only 1 range and muffles sound slightly, wind can move the fog reducing duration to [DR]

15 Friends [RS][DT] appears friendly and makes a good impression on encounters that could possibly be friendly or at least indifferent, not undead or magical creatures or planar beings, +1 reaction rolls 

16 Identify [RT][DI] learn one property of a magic item per level by touch

17 Illusion [R6][A1][DR][SN] visual-only illusion, Talent save to detect flaw or signs of illusion and contact with the illusion exposes it as false. It can still conceal reality and is often used to make a scary phantom or hide something inside an area like a pit or fake other magic effects 

18 Invisible Servant [RS][A3][DT] Invisible spirits will clean, serve food and drink, open doors or groom caster as if phantom hands aiding them 

19  Kinetic Bolt [R9][SH] d8+1/Lv if target human size or less requires agility save or pushed a d3m and falls prone

20 Know History [RT][DI] learn one/Lv interesting significant fact about a person or object

21 Light* [R12][A3][DT][SN] Create a point of light like a lamp, the targeted person who fails save is blinded and -4 to hit and most skills, if they save the light is fixed at that location, not on them. Darkness creates unnatural magic darkness instead that non-magic light has no effect inside

22 Mental Bolt [R9][SN] d3/Lv mental damage vs creatures with minds including undead

23 Mesmerise [R3][DR][SN] HD per level of living beings distracted by gesturing shiny objects and vocal tones, victims watch fascinated but may get an additional save if fights or other distracting events within sight

24 Omen [RS][DH] granted visions of bad omens about future, gives one omen of trouble ahead per level, Will save to see the warning of a potential hazard or threat per level. Does not indicate the type of threat only something harmful is near 

25 Mask [RT][DT][SN] disguises head, face and hair with an illusion including hats and headgear for disguise or festivities or ritual. If the form of a specific person or uniform their allies spot flaws in the Illusion on a Talent save 

26 Mind Sheild [RT][DT] +2AC and Will Save, user glows faintly 

27 Poltergeist [R3][A2][DR] objects in the area shake violently and are hurled around by spirits who also bite and scratch for a d3 damage to all in the area per round, anyone who can see magic or spirits will see invisible spirits making the attacks and can avoid damage from them

28 Power Leap [RT][DR] add 1 to jump range per level, one jump per round or one single jump +3 per level range then the spell ends

39 Power Sprint [RT][DT] add 1 to Mov per level, don't tire from running 

30 Power Swim [RS][DT] add 1 to Mov rate per level in the water, don't tire from running, hold breath round per level 

31 Produce Flame [R6][DR] Produce d6 ball of flame in hand once per round, can throw with an attack roll to hit at enemies, can ignite flammables

32 Protection From Spirits [RT][DT] Spirits and non-coporeal undead require a Will save to be to attack the spell user. Each attack they can make an attempt, once saved they may attack the user but with -2 to hit. The user gets +2 to save vs any spirit spells or abilities

33 Regenerate Light Wounds* [RT][DI] stimulates body recovery 1hp per round for d6+1/level rounds, does not regrow or reattach organs or limbs but stops bleeding  

34 Remove Fear* [R9][DR][SN] remove magical fear Cause Fear fail save or victim flees

35 Return Missile [RT][DR] a missile affected to return to the user's hand at the end of the round, good on arrows, hammers, daggers, spears

36 Shatter [R6][DI][SN] can break a non magical object from a distance as if struck with a mallet. Fragile ceramic or glass is automatic, wood gets a save of 8, metal gets a save of 12. If used on a creature it does d d8+1 per level

37 Spectral Minions [R3][DR] create luminous phantom persons or creatures per level who will obey your thoughts and fight AC+3 1HD Att d6 Mov 12. Not living beings and immune to mental effects unless the caster is affected  

38 Silence [RT][DT][SN] user makes no sounds moving, hitting with weapons or even speech. Can be used to interfere with spell casters if they fail a Will save
39 Ventriloquism [R12][DT][SN] Make illusionary sounds or throw fake sounds and voices 

40 Windblast [R4][AC3][D1R][SN] Can clear areas of smoke, gas, fumes or odours, blow out small fires, and mess up paperwork. Might save to resist or small or airborne creatures or are blown away to spell range and medium and human size animals fall prone 

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