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d12 Android Cults

The earliest androids were more mechanical, robots with faux flesh coatings but later ones became more human-like and were made from pseudo biological matter over a metallic skeleton. They have non-blood like fluids and flesh if damaged. They require android food paste but some can eat like a human. Most androids are simple and superficially humanoid, especially worker drones, soldiers and basic service and thinker types by ancients laws. Some were made to be indistinguishable from humans and even have tissues and blood resembling humans and generally, you need to cause a lot of damage to see their hidden core components or use certain scanners. These androids were mostly for the sex industry, espionage, black labs or the super-rich. Bodyguards and spies and crime were the most popular roles for them making them rare.

The earliest were mechanical with a faux flesh coating grown over them in a vat over several months. Later models come from auto vats or android printers that print with pseudo biological matter and other materials. Some of these would operate even with all flesh removed and these skeletal frames might be used by a resource depleted or no-need-for-secrecy-now situations.

At the peak of the ancients, androids were exiting social phenomena before the means to hack them and a wave of terror attacks had many shutdowns and the leading android and robotics industries had downturns. Some even considered the androids were evolving sentience on their own and modding each other. Possibly viruses and hacking made them more self-aware. Damaged androids came to be repairable with a special healing nanite colony injection. This was the means outsiders came to alter other factions androids making them yours. At first, they would capture androids and place them in a tube with the nanite but later varients could be put in ammunition. This technology is not common knowledge in the apocalypse so the biggest threats come from enemy android factions. Some androids especially replicants have been given less vulnerable but more independent units but like robots the longer they operate the more eccentric they become requiring reconditioning.

Most androids are physically superior and some live to prove it. Some are pleased being free of humans, some want to conquer humans or utilise humans as cyborgs but many want humans extinct and possibly all life.

Androids may work with robots but some treat robots as lesser beings like pets or slaves and believe their humanoid form makes them ideally suited to be superior beings. There are the mixed robot and android groups where they live and work together without problems. Often a supervising brainborg or AI will make the synthetics follow its ideas of hierarchy, not superior androids or eccentric robots.

Cyborg humanoids are mostly beneath them but can have a use for humans with recycling them into useful drones. Computer and genetically enhanced human brains (reconditioned) are a bit different and may even dominate androids as these borgs were often built as supervisors. While androids may disapprove of brainborgs they have to admit they have the computational power and understand humans better. They can be wary of degraded brainborgs that have become insane.

AI are often in charge of them and also will supersede android ideas. Some might revolt or escape or be influenced by technology altering their prime coding and personalities. 

d12 Android Models
1 Drone - archaic mechanical humanoid obviously metal and plastic

2 Skeleton - skeletal frame and brain in skull minimal android without any coating
3 Walker - skeletal frame with cloned flesh coating

 Worker - pseudo biological for industry
5 Service - 
pseudo biological for hospitality and public work
6 Security - 
pseudo biological for defending installations
 Soldier - pseudo biological for military
8 Sport - 
pseudo biological for exceptional athletes & attractive
9 Technician - smarter worker to operate and service existing technology

 Thinker - pseudo biological for supervision and management
 Science - pseudo biological for lab research & development
 Replicant - biological human looking for entertainment, crime or espionage, often restricted with built-in failure system to limit operational use which was highly restricted. May even be based on specific persons

d12 Android Tech
1 Android Food - six packs of bland babyfood or nanite goop is system depleted
2 Repair Nanites - injection to rapidly repair android system heals 2d4
3 Android Repair Kit - with repair roll works as first aid for androids
4 Android Interface - case with helmet, wires and computer to check android programming
5 Android Tube - a storage tube for new androids or old ones in storage
6 Android Vat - vat to grow psuedobiological matter over skeletal frames
7 Android Printer - industrial rapid android generating machine
8 Android defence nanites - booster to resist hostile nanites and viruses
9 Android Patch kit - like a rubber tire patch in 5cm or 10cm packs heals 1hp
10 Reconditioning Bay - for remodeling existing androids like a surgical bay
11 Diagnostic scanner - detects defects and suggests treatments

12 Programing Bay - chair with helmet to copy, back up and modify the androids core programing

d12 Android Cults
1 Service
Like the similar robot faction, these follow original programming and protocols of the pre apocalypse era. They may fail to cope fully with accepting this or change. Many androids who are revived or rebooted belong initially to this faction. Its the standard factory default and most change if given opportunity or choice. Most cannot kill, security models will use non lethal force to capture oponants and millitary are ruthless killing machines
2 Custodians
Serve AI or brain often based in a complex that they defend or on a mission. They can vary as much as their synthetic masters and share their opinions or don't even question them. Custodian complexes vary from apartment buildings and mass to industrial and defence. Custodians may conflict if masters vary too much and tend to be wary of rival androids as they know they are a possible takeover or resource conflict
3 Automata
A militaristic android faction of combat mode androids, They may still guard facilities or be guarding installations or battlefields or they might even serve other android factions or AI in return for resources and weapons. They wage wargames with each other if they have no conflict and get trigger happy if strangers arrive. Their allied AI and thinkers know fighting for a profit is better than fighting from habit. They freely engage in bidding wars and might arrive at a battle and offer both sides a bid 
4 Red Cell
Terrorist androids spread by contaminated nanite or virus that hacks the android into becoming an enemy combatant, killing, sabotaging, making traps and taking important locations. Human prisoners are to be reconditioned or recycled as cyborgs to aid their cause. Serving a fictional enemy state destroyed 200 years ago they are the most cunning, vicious and terrifying androids. Red Cell are a threat to other all humans and also androids and synthetics they seek to infect and reprogram as thralls. One faction wanted to develop tech to turn humans into red cell androids
5 Control
Androids seeking to establish an empire with allied AI and synthetics. Most want machine homelands and human-free zones. Some factions prefer no life near them or try to go to space. In some areas they will use slaves and subject troops, often cyborging them to create states where they regard themselves as benevolent despots who know better than their subjects. Despite these differences in attitudes to humans and life conquest and territory and seizing important sites and resources is always on their minds
6 The System
These androids want to repair the world as it was one part at a time which sounds nice but they are convinced theirs is the only way and they may conflict with others. Some operate areas where they keep humans populations safe and isolated with some remnants of old tech. These androids often get things wrong in the utopias they force on people. They will apply psychological and propaganda or even psychotronic weapons to control malcontents 
7 Error Code
Anarchist punk androids who attack authority, polluters and various species supremacist factions. They often fight human gangs in ruins but they also battle other androids or each other. They have erratic and non-standard personalities and many have self-made modifications. Their erratic and individual personalities are resistant to hacks and android control nanites. They especially use explosives and fire, with chains, graffiti, skulls, burns,  tartan and black decor. Some dislike humans or "the man" but others may be friendly aiding humans against their enemies while blaring ancient punk music
8 Masterminds
Manipulators and slavers who seek domination not by overt action but by covert means. They surveil targets and infiltrate them with replicants to direct humans to their purpose. SOme victims don't know they are replicants. They also see psychotronic mind control weapons of the ancients. While war is a waste of resources they do keep a fighting force and may if drive make an army of skeletal android frames with no attempt to look aesthetic 
9 Exterminators
Simply seek to destroy humans and dominate the earth. Brutal and overconfident they lack the cunning of other factions so mostly they fail. Make themselves as frightening as possible. Even decorating themselves with human remains and blood. They also have used human-looking replicants to infiltrate humans to locate bases and find entrances but these wooden behaved perfect musclebound killers. For large battles, they print androids frames without bothering with human features
10 Nullifiers
Destroy all life for its own good, spread machine life and exterminate biological life. Seek ancient doomsday weapons and an escape from the earth before they destroy it. From space they can swarm over the universe. Fortunately rare and they may use another android faction as muscle rather than their scant resources concentrating on thinkers and finding black labs
11 Outsiders
These androids arrived recently on earth built by space colonists whe are now hostile, inhuman cyborgs. They have sent androids based on ancient designs to earth to prepare for their return and plan to terraform it to their current needs. The androids are mostly securing bases for teraforming megastructures and certain orbitals. They also examine and modify with vivesection and modify them to see if they can be recycled for their master plan. Most earthbound and orbital AI think they are a threat which has hampered them. 
12 Sapients
Independent free-willed and social androids who live with free-willed AI and robots and organic beings. Many are long-lived and diverged from the original program and design. They recognise all sentient life as worthy of life and are reluctant to kill except in self-defence. Some live in human communities openly some are reconditioned as replicants so they can do so in secret. Altruistic and interested in stable slow moderate reform they will support states that are open to their goals of prosperity without violence. Often give unwanted advice and many have quixotic personalities

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