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d100 Post Apoc Market Encounters

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Pic from film Salute of the Jugger made in my birth-state around Coober Pedy and a must-see for non-mad max post apoc vibe. The Blood of heroes some cuntries. Cult film and also a sports film. People play this game decades later in an ever-growing league. The underground bunkers is a worse hell than the surface and the elites live like god-king vampires predating on the common herd.  So G'day youse bastards and come around the fire for vegemite on damper with billy tea and I"ll d100 you a story of post-apocalyptic misery at the mall. Usable for busy towns and possibly for seasonal festivals in smaller towns.

d10 Encounter Types
01 Visitors
02 Animals
03 Regular
04 Gangs
05 Law
06 Shopping
07 Party
08 Spectacles
09 Mystery
10 Mayhem

d100 Post Apoc Market Encounters

01 Slack-jawed yokels from rural clan homestead looking amazed and awed
02 Tribal hunters looking wary and seeking something they reluctantly need
03 Feral child urchins d4 hiding and watching crowd for marks to grift or beg from
04 Youth offers to be your guide or help you with some food also a pickpocket
05 Mutant in robes with a sack hood and gas mask looking fearful
06 Angry farmers with guns looking for someone
07 Group of recently arrived traders carrying packs looking around
08 Merchants from a caravan with wagon d4 1=giant bearded dragon 2=giant wombat 3=giant koala 4=mutant donkey 5=camel 6=cow
09 Flamboyant wealthy travellers with escorts from far away city
10 Robed cultists from who knows where with strange symbols and grooming
11 A dog belonging to someone nips a stranger and if retaliates starts a fight
12 Walkthrough a pile of camel shit
13 Shit covered young pig runs through the street
14 A colourful mutant parrot squarks some obscene phrases
15 See huge rats scuttling around grabbing scraps and fighting each other
16 An animal escapes and causes chaos d4 1=ram 2=billygoat 3=bull 4=camel 5= 6=mutant animal. It might attack or knock people over and if caught owner will offer reward
17 A gigantic blowfly bites someone for 1hp, save or it implants a maggot and loses 1hp a day until removed by the surgeon or lured out with bacon and caught
18 Trod in a dirty puddle of fluid, save or develop worms, require poison or quick toxic bath to treat 
19 Discover a poison spider, scorpion or snake by surprise, especially in the dunny 
20 A rat runs up someone's leg and face and the victim screams and panics possibly with a weapon or holding something dangerous
21 Beggar is tolerated here d6 1=mutant 2=former famous boss who lost it all 3=mising body parts and crude prosthetics 4=secret cyborg agent of an AI 5=always was here as long as people remember 6=spy for local warlord
22 Masked labourers with cart collecting human waste, people give it wide berth, workers with shovels, buckets and filthy boiler suits 
23 Rag and bone pushcart collecting, buying and selling street scraps, operated by a wizened old person with a pet d6 1=mutant rat 2=hairless cat 3=yappy terrier 4=battered insane robot who thinks is living before the war still 5=pteradactyl 6=baby dropbear
24 Bespectacled tax collector checking merchants and looking out for victims to audit with four large bailiffs and support from the law
25 Old man in trenchcoat selling drugs and pornography
26 Child selling treasure maps and hand-copied local maps
27 Youth slave selling d6 1=matches 2=berries 3=scrap 4=flowers 5=eggs 6=sibling
28 Vendor selling meat on a stick d4 1=camel 2=bug 3=rat 4=donkey
29 Speaker on box preaching the truth of a faction or cult with a d4 followers
30 Local crier announces times and edicts of local authority and news and sales at shops
31 Maniacs fresh from wastes in gang colours, unused to compromises of the marketplace, easy to offend but watched by the guard
32 Pickpocket youth bumps into you and if bothered a d6 more youths come to help and throw rocks or hit with sticks
33 Nasty teen gang bullies get spicy for thrills but they are not used to anybody fighting back, many hope will be noticed and become lawmen
34 Shifty hustler looking for capable killers for a dirty job against a gang
35 Shifty dealer offers a bargain high tech weapon at a low low just once price 1=stolen 2=defective dangerous 3=defective can be repaired with parts 4=has a gang tracking device
36 Gang thug looking for a stranger to fight with so both thrown in the arena together by law to gain status
37 A gang boss wants to meet in a seedy vice-ridden private club for a job
38 Gang pf young thugs holding up people they think they can intimidate for cash 
39 A shifty mob trader offer tax free and illicit goods at a secret market location d4 1=trap of local law 2=secret black market 3=its a surprise slave market and you are the acquisitions 4=attending market gets you noticed by the law
40 Gang member invites you to a VIP private party with drugs and sex and more seems friendly but really they give you a huge bill after and terrible credit rates as a gang thrall 
41 Battered reconditioned security robot with stun tentacles and slug guns with non-lethal rounds, will summon law with alarm if any trouble
42 A hoodlum flees an angry mob of shop keepers and the watch, stopping them gets respect from law and mob but not local gangs
43 Law keepers beating someone into a bloody mess and leave them in gutter
44 Law announce a public execution and clear square d4 1=decapitation 2=shooting 3=strangling 4=burning 5=quartering with chainsaw 6=killed by animal or robot
45 Law announce fresh new lawbreakers to die in the arena tonight so get your tickets and place your bets. Criminals battle for chance to live fight d6 1=another criminal 2=well armed champion 3=huge beast 4=mutant horror 5=robot 6=cyborg 
46 Lawman announces a posse forming and will be paid to hunt a gang as deputies
47 A fancy show trial of crime vs authorities is conducted where elites can question and produce fraudulent evidence leading to a brutal execution or trip to the arena for a special show, very theatrical entertainment for the mob
48 Lawmen bring out pikes with severed heads of enemy gang members killed recently so all can see
49 Criminals imprisoned publicly in a d4 1=gibbet or cage hanging in air 2=stocks or wooden box 3=bricked in wall 4=hangingcage
50 Gang members in chains being taken to mines to die as slave labour
51 Someone selling defective ammo by box, 25% duds and can be sorted and cleaned and a profitable if familiar with firearms and ammo
52 Someone tries selling toy raygun as a broken rare death ray on sale, they have a crate of boxes hidden from view 
53 Homemade pipe bombs or incendiaries discounted
54 Box of defective mixed batteries and a partly depleted atomic fuel sell, work a few times and carry lesser charge before melting, a good tech can make profitable a bad one might ruin a device or get injured
55 Dinosaur egg, who wouldn't want their own pet t-rex, straight from one of them dino theme parks, you can still hear its heartbeat if you hold it and listen
56 Scrap dealer selling lots of good parts going out of business
57 Strange high tech item nobody knows what it does but sometimes lights flash on it so its on sale
58 Locked indestructible strongbox nobody can open on sale
59 Locker auction at hotel full of random strange stuff
60 Local mayor auctioning off claim documents for ruins set aside for occupation
61 Prospector struck it big and put on some beer kegs in the streets
62 Parade of costumed people with dancers in a pantomime dragon costume built from garbage for a celebration to keep killer mutants and bad luck away
63 A magician putting on an amazing street show d4 1=works with pickpockets 2=secretly scans people for tech to steal later 3=recruiting right people for a secretive AI 4=distraction for a nearby heist as even watch distracted
64 A recent military victory is celebrated with beer and grilled meat 
65 A bush dance to be held in a hall or square with real band and sandwiches, many will attend seeking a mate
66 Wild festival where all the vice and sex industry is open in the streets with public dancing and drinking. Lots of nudity and costumes but later in the evening, frequent fights break out 
67 A chanting cult or faction lead a procession of banners and an idol through the streets and back to a shrine with some special food and various leaders present 
68 Some special food item is in season and everyone feasting d4 1=giant bogong moths 2=eels 3=mutant prickly pear 4=giant locusts
69 Chanting cultists ringing bells and cymbals and bongo drums while chanting and giving away free cult food
70 Two gang psychos duel in street 1=gunfighters 2=knives 3=machetes 4=cestus
71 Celebrants fire off guns in the air cheering stopping everyone in the street
72 Racing even all stoked for the gambling and glamour and possible death d4 1=horse 2=camel 3=emu 4=kangaroo 5=motobike 6=car (cheating is welcome and fights will break out over referee decisions) 
73 Travelling entertainers promoting a show tonight d4 1=Carnival of Mutants 2=Circus Apocalypso 3=Killer Klown Kabert 4=Exotic hunters track and kill released prisoners with elaborate betting on hunters and based on the ancient reality show Slaughter Seven 
74 Huge rave run by ferals with sound system and lots of drugs play d8 1=Rad-Reggae 2=Atompunk 3=Techno-Industrial 4=Horrorcore 5=Chipwave 6=Nuerofunk 7=terrortrance 8=Synthwave
75 Gladiators show special on tonight everyone getting drunk d4 1=local rural team made finals 2=b-list team from a big city 3=robots 4=mutants 5=convicts 6=political troublemakers 
76 Two gangs having a public fight in nearby ruin with excellent view from rooftops away and bookies taking bets on kills and victory
77 Bloodthirsty gang sporting event on and everyone excited for teams and colours d6 1=Murderball (rollerskates and cycles on the round court) 2=Mugby (teams charge each other and beat each other unconscious to control a ball and remain standing) 3=The Game (hockey fighting over dog skull and with chains and clubs 4=Kosho (boxing or weapons on trampolines, chainsaws popular) 5=grenaide tennis 6=darts (teams throw darts, three each, after they use found darts until everyone on a team forfeits from wounds (1in4 teams high on drugs)
78 Turkeyshoot event where gang or town leaders hunt and kill numbered criminals with each number being a random prize case 
79 Gauntlet a victim is to be thrown in a death maze built into ruin with the audience who get to throw rocks certain sections
80 Traveling performers do a play d4 1=apocalypse mythology (with puppets) 2=cult mystery play 3=wasteland legend folk story 4=tribal mythology (with painted dancers)
81 Wandering person babbling and staring d4 1=psionics victim 2=high on drugs 3=muttering about a bunker 4=secret agent of an enemy faction spreading rumours and spying
82 Hidden surveillance on streets 1=from drains 2=cyborg bird 3=urchins 4=beggars 5=cameras 6=secret police 
83 Alarm goes off drawing watch and crowd from some heist
84 A gun is discharged and someone falls dead apparently by accident with a weapon in hands, the more you look the more odd clues
85 Shopkeeper offer goods if someone will watch warehouse a few days and deter thieves
86 A video screen comes to life broadcasts a strange message and shuts down, nobody knew it even worked
87 Some rats or ants or birds grab some scaps including electronics and carry off to a secret nest
88 Among a pile of robot parts for sale a torso and head come to life to speak to adventurers and the owner is surprised but will sell it cheap
89 Old protester dies dramatically in heap with a map in his hand
90 Hunters bring in a strange mutant horror and crowds gather to watch a disection
91 Out of control robot or android rampaging, kills owner and attacks all comers
92 Two gangs meet on streets and start a fight and then the law joins in
93 Someone attacks someone from a false ID and friends drag them back to stop a fight or killing
94 Drug crazed huge psycho bursts from a doorway screaming and attacking anyone in sight, autopsy reveals d4 1=parasites 2=defective android 3=brain implant 4=combat drug abuse 
95 Lots of people talking about a beast kidnapping people and angry mob intimidating law into acting, close to a riot and rewards offered
96 A huge mutant creature attacks d4 1=burrowing 2=flying 3=escaped overgrown pet 4=gladiatorial beast escapes
97 Locals feuding on verge of fight over the belief that disguised enemies among them d4 1=replicants 2=pod plant people 3=huge insects 4=mutant
98 Undead plague victims burst from building attacking everyone and terrifying people
99 Sounds od machineguns, lasers and explosions from outside walls, everyone exited, crowds flock for a lookout
100 Rioting mob d4 1=demand death of criminal 2=attacking merchant selling bad food or water 3=merchants demand raider gangs in area are wiped out 4=demand a cheating bookie or athlete has been rigging sport, racing or fight events

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