Friday, 5 February 2021

More Canetoads from the Big Wet

This is more toad encounters but these tend to follow after the more violent types especially after a long wet season when the toad range expands. Some isolated pockets especially those grown from wild tadpoles without toad teachers develop their own societies. These are the stranger toads you might meet. These are more common within toad lands also. More amphibian stuff coming as I'm a bit frog mad at the moment. I'm sure it will pass.

So after I have players learn what jerks toads are from the previous table will introduce more of these to show other sides of toads.

The readership here had doubled of late so thanks to any newbs who have found this. Post Apoc stuff seems to do ok. My Patreon I have suspended for the moment. Im hoping on working on some different projects and id rather refine my backlog of stuff than make more new stuff I won't use for years.

d20 More Canetoad Encounters
1 Missionary Toads
robes, strange hats, staff and sling, toad god holy symbol
Spread religion of the toad god far and wide, willing to suffer for their faith, aid the needy
2 Farmers
 Toads Morale6
overall, wide brimmed straw hats, flannel shirts, farm tools
Farmers looking for land, desperate and scrawny in waggons pulled by giant toads
 Gourmets Toads - Morale6
Fancy suits, aprons, chef hats, kitchen utensils, pot helm
Visiting new lands to gobble up new creatures, ogrish huge greedy toads 
4 Pilgrims Toads - Morale6
robes, staff, toad god holy symbol
Pilgrims come to see places of significance to toad faith, look scrawny and tired
Colonists - Morale6
overalls and farm and butcher tools, muskets
Refugee settlers looking for land, keen to escape their unjust homeland 
6 Bards Toads - Morale7
colourful costumes, cloak, fancy hat, instrument, dagger, flintlock pistol
Lecherous band looking for gigs and drugs, lazy but pretty good stage show
7 HobosMorale7
battered old clothes and hats, bindle with possessions, knife or club  
Homeless toads from toadland looking for add jobs for food and a place to stay
8 Youth Gang Morale7
leather jackets, denim jeans, boots, knife or club or chain
Loiter around looking for fights and people to sass, look for loot and trouble
9 Medics
 Toads Morale6
lab coats, pneumatic dart gun, drugs and poison, med kit
Charitable healer cult out to give toads a good reputation
10 Prospectors
 Toads Morale7
long coats, hats, toolbelt, backpack, scrap, blunderbuss, crowbar
Looting scrap and treasures of the ancients, often have a trike pulled wagon
Merchant Toads - Morale6
robed traders with rifle-armed mercenaries
Trading goods and supplying toad outposts but mostly interested in money 
12 Slavers Toads - Morale8
robes, whip, manacles with chain, spear, musket, machete or club
Taking d4 prisoners to market, nasty and cruel, have a wagon with cage 
13 Secret Police Toads - Morale10
Serve the Canetoad chancellor and hunt traitors and enemies of the toad empire 
14 Philosopher Toads - Morale7
robes, staff, begging bowl
Scrawny toad philosophers, mostly meditate and discuss toad issues
15 Crusader Toads - Morale8
chain or plate, shield, crossbow, spear, sword, mace, flail 
Religious toad warriors from feudal kingdom of toadland, defend pilgrims and missionaries
16 Toad Paladin - Morale11
chain or plate, lance, shield, spear, sword, mace, flail 
Ride giant toads on quests or monsters hunts for church and crown
17 Under Toads -
leather armour, spiked club, musket with spike bayonet, dynamite stick, goggles 
Live in underground tunnel colonies established, trench and tunnel fighters
18 Elder Toads - Morale11
quilted cotton armour, feathered head dress, stone club, javelin, atlatl
Toad cult read about Olmec civilisation and Mesoamerica, now heretical maniacs
19 Assasin Toads - Morale11
black robes, daggers, shuriken, blowpipe, sickle&chain, short sword
Secret cult of killers hired by toad syndicates, church and nobility, use poison lots  
20 Psion Toads Morale7
robes, strange hats, staff, staff with a 2d6 laser crystal 12 shots recharge 1/hour
Mystical toads with psionics or mental mutations roam land seeking crystals and narcotics

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