Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Free PDF zine Castle Crab + Patreon

Link to Castle Crab

A reader pointed out this link was dead and needed it for urgent crab content.
It was on my Patreon. Ive stopped posting a bit as readership and money was declining and feedback was slim. Sad to have made a 130 page book and not got one any feedback. Occasionally I have the natural thirst for attention for my efforts. Patreon kept me in-game stuff while homeless and broke in 2019. A few people at time were generous when my plight was public and it definitely helped me survive that year im barely over. Currently, I am materially comfortable except i am probably pretty isolated. I have tried and failed engagement and G+ I used to talk with other designers and my peers and it was an inspirational environment I miss. A few kind followers on the elfmaids FB group have been good too.

Good feedback helps me make better stuff!
I have made quite a few things readers requested.
Patreon didn't really get me doing this when it was a top tier reward
Comments keep me motivated and working (remember when I was daily or more?)
Hearing how people use my work is inspiring and makes me very happy

I published over 50+ scenarios and a few books on Patraen which was good.
Was a big period I had to rebuild my blog index here which helped me get back into compilation books. Almost half what I want to be compiled has been now. The Sea themed book on Patreon 130 gages is up currently. The broken hill book was prior to that and my adventures were getting increasingly bigger. Patreon money post 2019 hell have all gone to gaming artists.

I have 2 projects im working on I need to kill before Pateon resumes.
If my sponsors got back to 100 a month I would probably be motivated to restart faster.
I have been recording sound for working on a media project that may lead to me doing video.

Ive one review and an adventure to finish which im feeling a bit blocked on but working on. Im still working my homebrews - mostly my high level spells and final skills. Reading the Empires Gazeteer has made me consider some substantial combat revisions.

One thing Ive considered is a free adventure but you only get it if you answer a poll or tell me some story of my work in your games. That's how needy and starved for attention I've become. Im lucky to see 4 people a fortnight plus the woman in my chip shop who has a family wedding this weekend so no chips and gravy form me for a few days.

Loving the upturn in readers here of late and occasionally I get a glimpse of several people researching stuff by topic (currently its d100 book tables).

Enjoy Castle crab and thanks for everyone who read this far. 
Thanking you in advance for your feedback.

also Knock! still around get it if you don't
Review on questing beast

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  1. thanking the 3 readers who responded to the FB version of this and the new Patron that made me tempted to start that up again and Dr Mabutu whos generous offers to kill my enemies with spells have helped me get through this crisis of should I bother being creative.


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