Tuesday, 23 February 2021

d12 Dirty Cops

Halfway through a bunch of stuff but not much feels finished
Finished one dated project and started dealing with medical/tax stuff this week
A bunch of finished art came through

Handy for lots of modern era rpg shennanigans with law

d12 Dirty Cops
1 Lazy and doesn't want to be bothered with danger, looks for soft and easy targets
2 Extreme militant faction, has an unauthorised weapon, tattoos and insignia
3 Mobsters friend gets tips on rival gangs and helps own syndicate
4 Power tripper, likes to humiliate soft targets to see if they flip out or cooperate
5 Crooked and independent, steal goods, blackmails and receives payments
6 Protection racket and receives gifts from community businesses
7 Violent and prejudiced, keen to find favourite targets to result in violence
8 Involved in police cover-ups and occasional murder of witness or informer
9 Victimises vulnerable people to gain favours, info, services
10 Drug dealer, deals with peers and exploits vulnerable to deal and obtain drugs
11 Forges paperwork and fakes or takes evidence for gain and make the paperwork easy
12 Social climber, keen to please elites with cover-ups & odd jobs for cash and influence


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