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In the Black Halls of the Outsider Gods

Woo had good writing buzz here from all the compliments I received...
I appreciate any feedback or discussion.
This project has legs now so here goes...

So my most recent thoughts on new content to design is explore ruins of the elder age. Ive done a few posts on my monster age of night and refered to it in my Exilon and Stnone Coast and Monster Island settings. Im a bit inspired by HPL's "The Mountains of Madness" and "The shadow out of time". Also there was a blog I used to read wich had a great vikings exploring a city of old ones in frozen north in a setting (if you remember who let me know). Brian Lumley also did vikings types exploring the corpse city of Cthulhu in one book and I used this as climax of my Viking Cthulhu game.

For this project I will touch on the monster empire in the age of night but will also look at the sealed cities of the outsiders who even the monster kings sealed away with black magic.

So my monster kings in the age of night was an age of mostly twilight and darkness ruled by abhumans serving evil gods. But even these evil gods were recognisable kin of other gods. Even demons and devils were part of the order established in the beginning of the universe. But there was before the first dawn intruder gods from the void who came into the world and hid in the dark placed under the earth and under the sea where light never reached. These beings were alien and while they might be called demons and evil gods in reality they are alien outsiders. Their insane mutterings and black magic gave aid to bad gods and demons and wizards that led to the end of the dawn age and began the age of night.

Early in this age the monster kings included worms and insect races. Bats and vultures came at the end of the age after the worms and bugs were betrayed and turned into food by their evil allies. But in the early times the dark beings from outside came from hiding and strided the world teaching blasphemous evil magic and devouring those who fled the monster kings. Some races hid in dungeons aided by the weakened good gods, many slept until the enemy were weakened. Most of the outsiders came from several cities and a few outposts. Sated by souls they rested and called more of their kind from the void.

Eventually their servants the monster kings and their gods realised their masters served only entopy and the world would be left but a husk so they turned on their evil mentors sealing them away and banishing them into the beyond. The monster kings wanted to rule forever but without their masters and new victims they turned on their allies. They destroyed the worm and insect emperors and propped up new warm blooded replacements. This was stable for a while but the dark races were lazy and greedy so they increasingly used modified humans and orcs as their legions. Finally these abhuman orc and humans revolted, then the sleeping and hidden peoples came from their great stone vaults and the old gods of creation returned ending the second age. Most of the monster races fled and hid to isolated places and beneath the earth.

Humans and orcs led by their modified kin became plentiful and came to dominate the world as the bred faster than the demihumans and beast folk of old. The ruined strongholds of the outsiders were hidden away in the cold of the north or the great lands of flame to the south or lesser outposts in hard to find places. But eventually humans found these places and some sought magic and power forgetting that the wickedest black magic of old was used to seal and conceal them.

The void is outside our universe but intertwined though ours. It is the vacuum the world was born into in the first act of the universes creation. It is a realm of anti life energy & entropy. It has magical shadow realms within its's curtain maze of darkness. Void beings guard the shadowmaze. It overlaps and interacts with many other planes such as the nightmare realms or parts of hell. Some witches walk through the void with magic or call on it's power. Evil star spirits in the sky and certain elder gods with their minions can bridge the worlds. All undead and level draining beings make use of its dank negative powers. Void beings change when they enter the world and human dreams to more recognisable horrors but made of hungry darkness 

The locations of these cities are in horrible places.
The evil gods and monster kings placed magical barriers to keep them hidden.
The entrances are usually sealed but there may be several
These hazards might be resisted by means of magic or research

The great chambers of the citadels are organic shaped like organs, bones, shells or exoskeletons. Perhaps these alien cities were once living and may again. Many chambers are unfathomable and the script of the outer ones is inscrutable. The chambers are huge for titanic outer horrors. The outer seals are in the script of the monster kings empire.

d12 Main Locations of the Citadels of the Outsiders   

1 Buried under a glacier or in a frozen waste, partly exposed
2 Buried beneath the sands in some desert, partly exposed 

3 Under the sea with some peaks having formed islands
4 In the sea surrounded by great weed sargassums for miles
5 Buried under a mountain dropped by gods
6 Hidden in some isolated lifeless wasteland, partly exposed
7 Buried under a plane of ash, partly exposed 

8 At the centre of a plain of glass, partly exposed
9 In a volcanic crater surrounded by lava, partly exposed 

10 In the heart of a foul swamp, tainted by the cities evil power
11 In a huge crater full of boiling mud and steam geysers
12 In a boiling acidic lake with toxic mineral deposits

d12 Obstacles to finding the Citadels of the Outsiders
1 A veil of invisibility keeping it hidden

2 A veil of illusion keeps it hidden or frighten outsiders away
3 A invisible maze of force walls
4 Tar pits choked with prehistoric bones
5 A horrible stinking miasma carrying the plague
6 A barrier distorts time and space making direct approach impossible
7 Poison smoke from the ruins kills all life in area
8 Corporeal undead burst from underground as approached
9 Non corporeal undead spirits swarm around it warning intruders away
10 A barrier of stasis has frozen the ruins in time
11 An aura of madness drives victims to violence and despair
12 An aura of fear terrifies and ages intruders

d12 Sealed Entries of the Citadels of the Outsiders*
1 Great black basalt plug covered with curses and magical wards

2 Adamantium portcullis gate
3 Great iron gate decorated with seals of the monster kings 
4 Petrified wood door with a adamantium bar 
5 Bricked up with huge stone slabs
6 A waterfall of molten iron
7 A crystal wall as hard as steel
8 Magical barrier of flame
9 Pillars with constant arcs of lightning
10 A barrier of darkness that drains souls
11 A pair of idols with eye beams of disintegration
12 A prismatic wall
* There is a 1in6 chance someone has opened the seal

d12 Quick Chamber Decor

1 Room shrouded in mist
2 Eerie green light (or violet)
3 Disgusting smell
3 Sticky slimy secretions of ectoplasm or ichor
4 Clusters of mould and fungus

5 Inscriptions in elder glyphs (possibly useful spell research)
6 Relief carvings of blasphemous beings performing evil rites
7 Relief carvings of outer alien gods feasting on mortals
8 Huge decorated pots bigger than a human in groups around room
9 Rows of squat evil inhuman idols each with a small altar for offerings
10 Several huge statues of blasphemous alien gods
11 Ornamental bathing pool d6 1=dry 2=water and lampreys 3=slime 4=black rotting compost matter 5=worms 6=ectoplasm
12 Living statues or golems with 1in4 chance of broken ones scattered about usually hostile to intruders

d12 Things from the void depicted in art
1 Void walkers or void elemental's are black clouds. When embodied in the world for a time may form many clawed arms or a mouth as needed. often depicted sucking up a victim into nothingness 
2 Void demons Void demons are crackling spheres of darkness energy often burning with ebon flame or shooting arcs of black lightning. Given time embodied in the world they begin to conform to the the nightmares of their cultists but worse. which frequently 
3 Void knights were ones a servitor person who has become bound to a outer god and now they are out of sync and in a flux between alive and dead for eternity, they appear like shadows at first but over time embodied in the world, come to have silhouettes of menacing warriors, their touch drains life energy and those they kill become undead (greater the knight the greater the undead). In art they are massacring victims or serving some god, some have a minion of god as a familiar
4 Formless Spawn are tar like liquid creatures that can change form and left to guard holy places of the outer gods. They are near invisible in darkness to light and heat. Their touch is deadly and sometimes wounds infect a victims who gradually turns into a spawn
5 Shoggoths are created by elder magic to serve by a mostly extinct race of void travelling tentacled plant-flesh creatures. These were the krinoids* travelling worlds to study and experiment on life. In art they are showing the race of alchemists at study while shoggoths build this ruin. Sometimes it shows shoggoths as surly or resentful. Some scenes show naughty shoggoths being punished. Shoggoths are a mas of eyballs in a mass of thick ropy sticky protoplasm shat it shapes as it needs or forms into organs as they need. Some shoggoths are opaque white or black, some luminous green or blue, some like flesh or transparent a few like mass of clotted blood. They often scream out in voices of the ancient krinoids
6 Tsathlaan, the sleeping one, progenitor of wizardry,  begetter of nightmares, lord of the outer void, depicted as a great sleepy behemoth that sits in a cave on a monolith, served by a race of toadlike chaos creatures
7 Nullax, the black lightning, soul eater, undeath bringer, lord of the outer void, depicted sometimes as a huge floating eye in darkness often firing a ray of anti life into the universe destroying all it sees from beyond, served by things that are undead or require negative energy
9 Xor, the endless thing of flesh, world devourer, great host of infinite parasites, lord of the outer void, depictions of a land of flesh populated by beings stranded from devoured worlds living as savages 
10 Astragaran or Azog the primordial one, the mindless watcher from beyond, lord of the outer void, often appears as a viscous opaque liquid sludge that forms eyes and its colour constantly changes in a hypnotic display to drive mortals insane, served by race of insectoid-fungus beings that fly from earth into the void relaying messages and secrets of the outer gods
11 Menglar Thatan, the ravenous one, mother of a million gibbering ones, lord of the outer void, its form of a mass of stinking organic gelatinous matter that forms smaller horrendous creatures that are unique mutant spawn, most die some grow gigantic
12 Iok Kothos the kronovore, eater of time and destroyer of all, lord of the outer void, its form is a glowing cloud with eyes and mouths and all kinds of beings especially mutants and wizards worship it
*This is the default builder race of the standard eldritch ruins but there are many others not on this list

d12 Encounters inside every ten turns

1 Golem or living statues on patrol or labouring
2 Shoggoth muttering to self on way somewhere feeling hateful
3 Coporeal undead 1=jujuzombies 2=ghouls 3=wights 4=mummies
4 Non coporeal undead 1=spectral minion cultists 2=shadows 3=wraiths 4=spectre
5 Formless spawn often in form of a pool or puddle or covering whole floor
6 Adventurers d4 1=shamans quest 2=greedy wizards seek lore 3=evil templar priests pilgrimage 4=civilised murder hobo explorer party 
7 Bestial albinos once bred as food to be kept in cave larders d6 1=human 2=demihuman 3=humaoid 4=abhuman 5=giant bats 6=carnivorous apes  
8 Tentacled horror cavern octopus or cave squid, often tries to ambush from a vent or arch or pool, 1in20 are voidsquids that try to snatch you into another dimension to eat later 
9 Voidknights on some quest to aid the masters return offer party eternal life like them before attacking, mock mortals in fights using esp
10 Swarm of tiny vermin resembling natural bugs and crawlies but not d4 1=worms 2=trilobites 3=mutant rat things 4=flesh eating moths
11 Cultists on quest to revive the outer gods d6 1=cult wizards 2=cult templars 3=occult curious adventurers 4=cult orc guard squad 5=evil abhuman shaman with with hunters and a d4 pets 6=beast headed abhumans serving old monster kingdoms 
12 Unique slimy mutant spawn of some god d3 animal types and d4 huge body parts or organs, colours may vary

d100 Great Chambers of the Outsiders Citadels

01 Mummified bodies of some strange alien servitor race, crowd the chamber, who's souls song ago drained as fuel for the hungry outer gods of the void
02 A great open sarcophagus with a elder titan's corps, it's sould long ago returned to the void
03 Lesser mortal servitors of the outer gods, mummified in hundreds of niches, which extracted their sould as food for the once livingcity of black magic
04 Thousands of carbonised human, beastfolk and demihuman corpses long ago consumed by the feeding outer ones
05 A great onyx sarcophagus with seals, wards and curses containing a slumbering demigod of the outer ones
06 A voidship of the outer ones designed to return to the outer realm of darkness, a rotting alien god sits at the controls slain by something long ago
07 A great pit sealed with a basalt plug with glyphs of warding and explosive runes, faint gibbering of some formless horror within can be heard
08 A great throne where some alien titan sat long ago
09 Hundreds of ashen silhouettes of worshippers, vaporised in a flash of soul devouring dark flame from a hungry god
10 A great brazier filled with charred skulls, if lit a black soul consuming flame rises from the pit
11 A great stone arch way with symbol of the outer ones, if a sacrifice is made at the nearby altar, the gate to another elder city is opened
12 Huge deformed headed statues line the chamber looking down at a altar, if a victim is sacrificed their eyes open and they will answer one question according to the inscrutable laws of the outer void
13 A great mirror disc surrounded by elder glyphs in a wall. If the right sequence of glyphs are pressed a gate to the negative realm of outer darkness outside the universe opens. All seeing this must save vs madness. If left open 1in4 chance per turn some being comes through
14 A great stone basin is before a squatting idol with jewelled eyes, inside is a bubbling tar like liquid, a formless spawn of the outer gods that will arise to attack thieves
15 A great diabolic face in the wall, by a altar with a grid of coloured gems. If aranged in correct sequence the mouth opens and is a gate to hell. Various sequences open in various locations in hell
16 Open pits in the floor and arcane symbols decorate the chamber. If explorers make any sound insane gibbering from amorphous horrors in the pits start up causing confusion to all who fail a save
17 Rows of huge sarcophagi against a wall, each with a lever. If pulled the sarcophagi opens and a umber hulk comes out, it will use it's glare while trying to awaken other sleepers here
18 A great chamber covered in outer god glyphs and other elder languages. If any are read a whispering mutter starts up and all in the chamber feel an alien presence from beyond viewing them. Any see invisible, detect magic or true sight may detect the scrying of alien beings from the void
19 A statue of a tentacled horror covered in mouths and eyes is central to the room with a altar. If a star shaped stone is removed from the altar before the statue, it begins to come to life unless the stone is returned
20 Signs of a adventurers camp from some time ago with lifeless husks with their throats torn out and looks of agonised horror on their faces
21 Rows of glass cylinders with various races in stasis within. A control altar can awaken them if operated correctly but if a mistake made they crumble into bones. The beings are from the age of darkness and they are slaves of the monster kings sent here as food
22 Hundreds of metal jars in niches fill the room holding ancient brains of mortal servants of the gods. If one is placed in niche on altar the jar glows and the prehistoric brain is able to speak though mostly they are long insane cultists
23 Great braziers surround a magic circle of elder runes. If lit and runes read the yellow smoke forms into a phantom robed being in tattered scalloped yellow robes and a mask. If addressed the being will remove its mask causing visitors to make a save or become confused. Those victims will dream of the yellow phantom and will be able to write but not comprehend a alien script
24 Thousands of tablets inscribed with language of the outer ones and the monster empire in niches mostly dealing with black magic and contacting the outer void
25 Strange metal tables with arm and leg restraints under crystalline apparatus. If a being is strapped down and the levers of the device are manipulated a mutagen ray pulses against the prisoner. A skilled operator can induce specific mutations otherwise they are random
26 A garden of gigantic alien fungus grows here. Many have magical effects or might be poisonous, but several are ambulant and hostile
27 A crystalline sphere in the middle with a door. If the control altar is activated while a being is inside images of the beings thoughts appear on the wall. A skillful operator sometimes gets future images that might come true
28 A series of crystal sarcophagi here with open lids, if anyone lays in one while a control altar is activated the person in the niche changes into a type of abhuman beast folk. A skilled operator can produce a specific type
29 A row of crystal chairs with a helmet and restraints. If a victim is in chair with helmet and the control altar is manipulated the seated makes a saving throw. On fail they are insane, success they can read and speak the outer gods alien language
30 A huge crystal ball here is a scrying device the void dwellers used to spy with subjects known to them
31 much of the room is caved in with crushed alien servitors half buried under rubble
32 A altar with gems in niches in the centre of the chamber and several onyx sarcophagi. If the gems are taken beings take shape within coffins over a d3 rounds. The created servitors arise to attack
33 Ahuge ornamental bell, if struck all feel pain and sound continues for ten minutes, then a dimensional horror comes to see who has rung the bell. Normally the elder wizards know rituals of command and offer it blood
34 A circular clear crystal colum with a green glowing meteor inside. Their is a control altar if engaged correctly causes the meteor to glow and activated all the citadels lights. If performed wrong an alarm rings as the reaction goes critical. The stone glows too much spreading sickly rays that cause mutations and damage all in chamber. Then melts its way out of the column despite the inside flooding with blue gelatinous coolant, then melts through the floor
35 What looks like a huge alien creature is just a shed skin, if touched it crumbles to dust
36 A chamber covered in hundreds of huge eggs of some horrible being with a long hatching period, some are just broken shells
37 Dozens of man sized organic sacks hang from the ceiling
38 Chamber with hundreds of pots containing black liquid which twitches if approached, each is a baby formless spawn in hibernation
39 Huge hideous multi eyed statue looms over room. An altar in front of it has several strange relics. If taken from the room the statue awakens a huge monstrous stone golem
40 Faceless gargoyle perched on ledges overlooking the room
41 A huge stone pool in the floor full of viscous bubbling liquid that forms eyes, tentacles and other features before absorbing them. Small disgusting creatures are born from the liquid but cannot scramble out and are devoured back into the liquid
42 A huge strange metal brazier full of low value gems, if lit a unholy flame erpts to the ceiling then subsides revealing a efreeti who asks why it has been summoned
43 Two crystal sarcophogi, if a being lays in one and the control altar in between is manipulated a evil duplicate appears in the empty one
44 A huge metal mirror several stories high with a control altar before it. If altar manipulated the mirror shimmers opening a gate to a pocket universe where prisoners have been stored for aeons unaware of the passage of time
45 Salty pools with trilobites or squid or isopods or horseshoe crabs scuttling about
46 A stasis field with slave gladiators in mid battle used as a artwork, if field entered you are trapped till the end of time or freed by powerful magic (or ring of free action?). This is a artform of the elder gods and a control altar will usually be in a niche or hidden panel. Defective use of controls might leave victims turn to dust and bones
46 A courtyard with almost a hundred statues of slave peoples. A few are torturing the rest with cruel implements to dismembering and disembowel them. All look with horror at a podium in the centre with expressions of horror. All were petrified by the sight of a alien being from the void. Monsters used to stand on pedestal and enjoy the pain-garden view
46 A great circular chamber overgrown with thick carpet of mound, various monster mould types
48 Overgrown with a huge black tree in soil mass full of human like skeletons. The tree is plumbed into walls with stone pipes with a control altar for the climate controls. The tree sap is shadow ichor used to feed hungriest life eating beings. 1in6 a cultist engineer crew and a battle templar group here trying to produce the substance
49 Huge slimy black toadstools in a chamber with flying fungal moth creatures, some of the exotic fungi is walking others are squawking and gibbering, 1in4 times magicians come here to gather fungus d4 1=civilised evil cult wizards expedition 2=cult savage shamen and followers 3=goblin shaman with hero, three goblin troop squads, a hobgoblin sub boss, and a bugbear scout 4=dark elf cult of sadism self titled void elves
50 Cave is dripping with green slime with some remains of objects resistant to slime 1in4 times d4 1=+2 stone hand axe head 2=+2 stone mace head 3=+1 mammoth cape of protections 4=+1 always venomous dagger, wavy and made from meteoric steel
51 A huge coloseum sized pit half full of rotting mutant corpses 1in6 chance of monsters d4 1=ghoul 2=giant leech 3=infested with rot grubs 4=surviving mutant cant get out and eating corpses 5=juju zombies 6=demon flies
52 A museum with stone shelves covered by transparent mica sheets, in cases are 1=taxidermy monstrosity experiments 2=prototype abhuman 3=alien beings 4=human like races wearing fur loincloths with clubs looking afraid, often stealing crops
53 A huge arena with seating for giant things to watch with huge steps, in the centre once gladiators battled. For everyone who enters a random monster is plucked from time and space to battle them but usually
54 Huge room with dinosaur and monster skeletons on display with a few demon and human like races 1in3 are stuffed instead with artful taxidermy
54 Large walkway over pits each with a monster in it furious and angry, daily they get food. Are a d6 living but mad ones and a d6 are dead. A bronze golem comes from a secret door to capture new possible specimens who enter. Creatures here were once selected for death sports like the ancient Pa Ku Mun or just pitfights d6 1=giant scopion 2=giant beetle 3=giant spider 4=black pudding 5=giant frog 6=human like slave
55 Hugre room with huddling mob of ancient alien builders petrified by some great weapon of the outsider gods
56 Room of magic crystal mirrors, each can be walked through one way to a part of the complex
57 Burbling pool of lava with a altar on one edge. Victims were hurled in to summon evil fire elementals
58 Pit with a pool with a giant squid used for sacrifices
59 Defenestration pit with long drop into pile of broken skeletons. A altar by the sacred pit with a victim hurled in could summon a air elemental
60 Sinkhole with running water into a deeper cavern full or giant albino cave creatures
61 A stone circle built by giants and wizards where sacrifices at a altar summon a earth evil elemental
62 Sacrificial pool where victims were drowned or dropped into a flooded pit to summon a water elemental
63 Crystal coffins where vampire agents sleep. One magic coffin turns a human like being into a vampire under a full moon if they make a saving throw. If they fail they just die and sose their soul
64 A hundred small apartments stacked up ten stories around inside of giant pit open to sky. Slaves lived here and their humble poor belongings and signs of a battle remain
65 A huge ceiling with hexagonal tubes in stone walls where sacrifices are fed to giant worms that grew into giant bugs for all kinds of purposes
66 A funerary temple in a great pit of ravenous worms. A walkway connects it to rest of the room floor. Inside a dozen cultist sons of kyusss await to be set on the world as revenge. Intruders awaken them but a lone quiet person might manipulate their control altar to awaken or destroy them
67 A great dark black pool full of eel swarms or venomous snakes, on a platform in the pool is a relic and a anti magic shell
68 The floor has hundreds of sarcophagi lids, if disturbed by outsiders or without prayers to them awakens mummies of the builder alien race
69 Four huge pits with wheels turned by slave shoggoths, the room is well lit
70 Chamber with huge occult sigil of the outsider gods. If entered summon d4 1=shadow daemon 2=beholder 3=petty outsider god 4=alien time travellers
71 Fountain several stories too of crude rocks with a magic spring d4 1=blood 2=shadow ichor to sate hungry undead 3=slime 4=mutagen 5=healing 6=unholy water
72 Large round room with conical pit, the bottom tapers into a sphere of anihilation used for garbage or destroying things forever
73 Hall of mirrors that show dreams of random peoples across the world. Looking at them is mesmerising save to resist charm. Experienced users can explore a individual dreamers mind
74 High ceiling all lined with gigantic relief carvings of outsiders and their minions
75 Worn down sacrificial altar and cracked megaliths shattered by some attack aeons ago
76 Golem factory with clay moulds with varied head designs. A altar and slab next to a crystal coffin transfer the soul of a slave into a clay figurine to be an immortal obediant servant
Burned corpses of alien outsiders who built this place in chamber open to sky, some massacre aeons ago didn't have enough fuel to burn a hundred of them all into ash 
78 Dozens of control altars studded with gem controls, crystal screens on walls show views outside the city if controls operated properly. With time they might unlock a few interior viewing crystals
79 Pit full of beast headed mummies a dumped here long ago. Some have bejewelled decorations. If pit entered some mummies awaken to kill intruders
80 Room with control altars with slots for cystals in them. The wall have other colourd crystals if inserted a crystal screen lowers from ceiling and
81 Area seems to have high pressure, save or noseblled and sore ears. if a turn is spent in here say examining outsider silver runes in the stone, spirits from beyond began to manifest forms starting with things resembling deep sea fish made of darkness. one a roundfor a turn 1 HD, the next turn a void demon per round appears
82 Chamber is supernaturally cold with a large frozen slab in the middle, several frost salamanders live in a ice cave inside. Frozen bodies of ancient creatures are in blocks of ice
83 Monolithic gateway
84 A series of huge silver tuning forks around room, if any struck all vibrate causing all 
in chamber save or get a blood nose while things from beyond become visible. The chime lasts 2d4 rounds but after a d4 rounds the swimming alien beings from beyond attack, a d6 1hd att d6 bite creatures per round come through until tuning forks stop when they vanish  
85 Titanic fossilised kaiju monster, a city destroyer petrified as a form of storage for a future was with the gods. A control altar in in a niche to monitor it and possibly revive it. Signs cultists have been here taking rubbings of wall glyphs
86 Hexagonal patterned dome ceiling, panels have moving coloured lights that are disturbing to look at. 1in6 times cultists are here staring at the ceiling in hope of triggering visions. Some of them look starved and some are drooling 
87 Banks of crystal coffins for draining souls and making wights, the drained life force is channelled into a statue of a outer god who devours the souls over millions of years
88 Huge pools of glowing fluid with brain squid swimming within, telepathic brains cry out to be left alone and increasingly build collective psionic power to attack with telekinesis and
Chamber walls are flesh with veins and tuxtured skin, pulsing organs are visible through skin. Slime filled pits grow various monsters and servitor races. Placing a sample specimen creature in pool and letting it digest lets you grow a servitor copy obedient to the outer ones. Operating a living console altar can grow other beings if you know how but most are hostile
 Huge room with piles of treasure and chests actually all cult mimics 
91 A museum with plinths each occupied one has a spotlight from above on it. The occupied plinths have various strange relics many cursed and most unfathomable. Many perform magic at some cost like HP or attribute points or levels
92 Iron golem 30 foot tall with beast head stands in middle of room. A step ladder goes up to a door in golems back to access a chair and controls. Rusted and broken golems and step ladders are scattered about but only one remains functional. Golem scrap might be useful also for magic
93 Horribly mutilated corpses of cultists killed by some unsympathetic minion of the void. Remains of their camp, spell books and magic items
94 Undead adventurer wights guard a strange alien relic plus their own mortal magic items
95 Room full of pearls actually the remains of souls excreted by gods after aeons of digestion. the pearls have a evil taint make anyone wearing or carrying them sad or sob with a failed save
96 Boulders with moulded racks for weapons including minor magical swords, axes, maces and spears all made from magic stone as hard as steel, once a turn searching you might find a better magic weapon with a +1
97 Telepathy lobsters, connect nippers to your ears and they telepathically translate and allow you to talk to other telepaths, the creatures swim in a pool and require hour a day in salt water and food. The dwell in brine pools by huge salt crystals
98 Ornithopter made from dead animal parts sewn into a hybrid monstrosity standing in its landing circle, hole in high ceiling allows it to exit and enter
99 Serpent folk ray staff 3d6 charge crystal, shoots fiery ray 2d8 damage 6 range
100 A huge broken apparatus here for some great magical effect requiring burning gems and sacrificing humans, its vessels are shattered, its scaffolding burned

One option is when inside there are a d6 doors. Every time you enter a door you go to a random chamber and and door after a turn goes to a different room. Possible some rooms are trap rooms with a single one way door inside. Obviously maps are useless.

Will be more of this stuff...


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