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OK Lets Fix G123

So reading lots of stuff as holidays and my friends I thought id see all doing family stuff so might go away next years hols. I have done some giant stuff before. Giant land and my magic tree kingdoms in the sky. My war with giantland and ruins of Castle Colossus, a mighty ancient ruined giant kingdom. So this might end up like all that one day. My murder hobo dungeon bastards like demolished G1 and were sick of monster killing half way through G2. When I first played it in 80s my players had a giant overdose. Once party are a well honed giant killing squad most monsters have to fear them. Also the original 3 modules have extra art so i might get drive through POD.

Best Things in G1 The Murdering of the Hill Giant Chief

-Giant bag table, stunning stuff
-The Hill giant hall fight is a huge meat grinder
-My Druid wanted to block all the passes to giant land with magic
-Helping slaves revolt and have them murder former masters while helping
-Hidden wierd temple ty some long lost mythos religion
-Magic that helps vs giants in treasure

Best Things in G2 Skull rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
-The rock art in wall depicting advanced civilised giants vs dragons
-Monsters on Ice!
-Lots of good magic loot
-Giant vikings and bears in a giant icebar

Best Things in G3 Harm of the Fire Giant King
-Drow up to no good as clou should be more of this

-In Muspelhiem invading the world tree awesome!
-Women to rescue from dungeon i liked when 13
-Mentions spell wall of tentacles for drow
-possibly recruit a bunch of naked gnolls
-The demon staff is soooo coool and meta

l- Free a titan in prison and a cursed altar

d12 Rumours

1 Giants working together is part of a terrible prophecy
2 A dark unknown force is spying on the kingdom
3 Cattle prices have soared from giants plundering region
4 Flash flood from mountains brought down several giant animal bodies
5 Humans have been carried off as slaves under the mountain like old times

6 Humans have no choice but accept the yoke of slavery from giants or be eaten
7 Merchant bankers do not want and will reward giant killers
8 Gods and giants had wars in area long ago leaving marks in rock long ago

Noble Alliance recruiting giant killing adventurers in competition for contract
10 All the land and valleys around here were made by giants
11 The giant lands have secret roads to other worlds where giants rule
12 Plucky band of villagers are seeking heroes to join them for glory in giantland

d12 Frontier Encounters Day
1 Refugees fleeing area in panic, tell of kin eaten alive by giants and worse
2 Optimistic soldiers marching off 8 hours later demoralised survivors limp home
3 Giant killers looking to get rich quick
4 Hill giant and a pet d4 1=cave bear 2=sabretooth 3=direwolf 4=dimetrodon
5 Hill giant with d4 ogres, 2d6 cavemen raiding land of humans
6 Squad of orc scouts with three more infantry squads and commanders nearby
7 Stranger wants to join you d4 1=bard 2=doppelganger 3=assassin 4=
8 Hill giant shaman hero with evil treant and 2d4 scout ogre allies who throw rocks
9 Group with a fire giant, a frost giant and a d4 hill giants
10 Demihuman reporting on giants beyond frontier and entry to giantland
11 Cyclops priest with d3 hill hill giants and 2d6 orcs veterans riding dire wolves
12 A stone giant watches party. Will talk but mostly just flees and merges with some rock

d12 Frontier Encounters Night
1 Ghouls 3d42 Were wolves 2d4
3 Wights 2d4 hungry for corpses left by giants
4 Zombie ogres 6HD each 2d4 from tribe rejected drow
Squad of orc scouts with three more infantry squads and commanders nearby6 Dire wolves 2d4 hunting
7 Hill giant scouts d4
8 Ogres hunting humans with baskets on backs 3d4
9 Giant carnivorous bats 3d4
10 Group with a fire giant, a frost giant and a d4 hill giants
11 Drow squad with magician seeking mischief against humans
12 Runaway orc slave hates giants will serve who helps them

d12 Factions in Dungeon

1 Drow spies with shadows and doppelgangers report to underland city nobility 
2 Drow spider witch cult serve a underland spider goddess who wants conquest
3 Drow demon witch cult serve greater demons under a broad cloak of united evil
4 Hill giant cultists are primitive hunters who woorship and serve hill giants
5 Frost giant cultists are a viking cult who want to rule a frozen world with ice magic
6 Fire giants cult love war and weapons and smelters and mines forever
 Stone Giants dont want to join alliance but will keep an eye on situation and giant killers
8 Giant Killers Guild a prestigious org regulating giant killing and planning attacks
9 Dragon cultists run by shape shifting dragons and draconian folk seek to sabotage giants

10 Mystic troll elders time travelling to help free trolls from giant control
Orc slaves want to free kinfolk kept by humans will bond with human brothers who help
12 Titan order serve titans most who died battling the gods long ago or were imprisoned

d12 Reasons Giants thinks Drow are AOK?

1 Drow give us drugs that are amazing stuff from all over the underland
2 Drow have brought us magic and coins to help giants rule again!
3 Drow give us new pets and servant creatures like real underland warlords
4 Drow give us erotic furniture and smutty scrolls that have enriched our love lives
5 Drow are master strategists and magicians, together we can fight the gods!
6 Drow are teaching some of their magic and increasing our trade through the underland
7 Humans have squeezed us into seclusion but now giants will rule the surface world
8 Wizards were snooty and superior and we shunned alliance with them
9 Those disgusting slimey old horrors of the deep that sent the squid faced wizard folk were a lot less appealing and only want us for our brains and as slaves
10 Demons failed us before and cower before the human gods like worms

11 If we don't try to finish humans now giants are done for, accept Drow even if only for now
12 Drow support more giant autonomy and the right to eat lesser slave races, its ok to be a hateful evil giant

Giant types might have swapped children in alliance deal long ago and fire giants using this to unite all giants. See I have also done giant wars tables that would extend this adventure.

Giants might have more notes and documents or bags of cash minted in underland.

Agents of other powers want to see inside giants lairs also.Lots of visiting allies might leave mores or messages. Possibly in code.

Adding extra giant types is a bit of pain as you probably wanna change enemies after these three. Players want to cut a deal with the giant council or killing them or pushing factions to favourable conflict. Killing drow agents is good perhaps drow assassins kill someone to remind party they are not cool. Imagine if party sent as escorts to noble for peace talks and during feast giant chief kills and eats diplomat then look at party. You can make players feel bad with signs these are the last generation of giants so on verge of extermination.


  1. I was neever thrilled with thee links beetween adventures in the G series, always felt there needed to be more for a proper fit in a campaign.

    1. I guess the drow being uniting giants vs cartel of human nobles is the campaign travel and a few interesting fights to make giants more evil would help.


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