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Anyaknor, remains of a elder ruined city

By a great glacier in a mountain the glacier once ground away a cliff exposing some of this ruined city. You can randomly roo. 24 rooms here  for chambers in elder ruins. Use as a dungeon or say the dimensional properties are in full effect and each ten minutes what is through the doorway changes to a new one rolled on d100 table. After ten minutes or one turn the door blinks, to having a different room on the other side of the portal. Being separated in such a dimensional maze is dangerous.

Hoping on doing a void creature bestiary
Noticed lots of basic dnd monsters were nightmare and darkness related and they had a school of illusions that could access nightmare world. X4 & X5 module monsters for example.

Im using the Crawling Chaos book  here lots.
-Great items and monsters. Id use this book for relics mentioned in chambers.

d100 Unpleasant things left in chambers of the old ones

1 Various types of toxic mould colonies cover many surfaces
2 Slimes crawl and drip in area, slime zombies might also be present
Crawling with worms as a non flying swarm often in a pit or cluster or hole 
4 Pudding resting in a stone bowl but hungry
5 Shrieking giant fungus that makes loud screams if disturbed
6 Toxic giant fungus that sprays toxic spores or rotting touch
7 Fungus forest covered chamber, strange and weird
8 Gelatinous creatures oozing about
9 Piercer colonies or trapper or lurker above
10 Mimic often as some relic, idol, egg or alien casket
Buzzing biting fly swarm living in carcasses and pools of rotten slime
 Giant flies tending maggots in filth or giant alien wasps with a nest 
13 Nest of giant beetles various types plus often eggs or grubs in lair
14 Spiderwebs and a giant spider colony or just one really big one, some are wizards
15 Carrion crawlers 1in6 guarding a corpse full of adorable babies
16 Hear rats scuttling about, colony of giant rats with human like faces that mutter
17 Giant leeches in a pool or hibernating on a pod awaiting living breath to awaken
18 Giant fleas (as stirges but hop) or several giant ticks
19 Hideous frightened mutant clan have hidden lair here
20 Lone mutant frightened has hiding place
21 Eggs most hatched and broken
22 Skin or chrysalis shed by some god awful thing that should not be
23 Spiderwebs often remains of bodies wrapped in cocoons
24 Large scales from some creature
25 Disgusting piles of faeces left by some horrid creature
26 Human bones chewed and broken in pile
27 Mummified creature left in chamber for a aeon turns to dust if touched
28 Slime trails around room floors walls and ceiling
29 Human husk with horrific expression
30 Cluster of biological slime covered sacks on ceiling
31 Mummy cases with undead mummies of alien wizards
32 Umber hulks scuttling about for food
33 Roper in slime encrusted shamber
34 Gibbering mouther under a ornate stone lid in a well
35 Giant slugs or flail snails
36 Giant worm such as a purple worm or remorhaz
37 Krinoid awakened from slumber or time travel error
39 Shoggoth sealed in pit with stone lid calling for masters it can kill
40 Malfera nightmare demon summoned long ago as guard sleeping as a statue
41 Campsite of some explorers mostly abandoned 1in6 a d4 survivors starving
42 Corpse with a backpack of explorer equiptment and a magic item
43 Graffiti left by some one recent in modern language, probably bad news
44 Dead donkey with piles of rope and rations, all have been gnawed at
45 Several dead warriors horribly killed by some means with looks of horror
46 Human corpse with top of head neatly cut off and brain missing
47 A mad survivor from adventurers is a untrustworthy cannibal cultist
48 Cultists left provisions, robes and some books here for safekeeping
49 Humans crawled here to die leaving a trail of blood and slime
50 A growing slimy mass has a human face, sometimes its mouth moves as if talking
51 A eye like growth in ceiling watches all, will telekinetically fly away if attacked
52 A crack or hole in a wall has a eye in it like some huge mollusc
53 Invisible floating eye follows visitors, someone scrying with magic to watch
54 A stone bell or gong chimes as you enter heard in adjacent rooms, random encounter attracted
55 Room has a horrible stench like a permanent stinking cloud spell
56 Hexagonal niches in wall with stcontents inside in stasis and unmovable
57 A relic or idol in a niche with a force wall and a small gem set control panel used to open it
58 Niches filled with gelatinous matter and preserved organs inside including brains, eys, livers, kidneys
59 A bowl of huge semiprecious stones and crystals
60 A pyramid of humanlike skulls collected over ages with fresh human one on top
61 Phantoms of dead mad explorers look hungrily at your flesh
62 Poltergiest throws things around room and rattles things to be scary
63 Shadows are trapped here in bottles or jars and very hungry
64 Wraith kept in a sealed jar with arcane symbols
65 Spectral minion of explorer who couldn't get out wants to help you be free
66 Fungal undead dusanu spreading diseased spoors lay in mounds of mould and fungus
 Mummy cases with abhuman mummy servants 1in6 are guarding the room68 Vampire drained last of  followers seeking eldrich magic, will awaken when living breathe in room
69 A undead colossus surrounded by scaffolding with magic ritual to awaken incomplete
70 A revenant stalks the halls killing ant mortals trying to outdo this former explorers deeds
71 A rock golem stands at ready mostly inactive, 1in6 are alive and on guard duty
72 Stone slab with tools and stone jars. The slab if inset crystals set will heat or cool food
73 Stone well with water that pours when you press a crystal or drains away with another
74 Ancient zombies in uniform awaiting orders some rotting away into skeletons
81 Control altar of stone set with gems, set temperature, light, and humidity in chamber to suit various beings
Control altar of stone set with gems, if manipulated can send you back or forward in time one turn or out you in a time loop. Sometimes playing with it yourself from the future appears till you disappear
Control altar of stone set with gems, if you manipulate yourselves appear from the future warning you to stop, they vanish and console explodes84 A scrying crystal (as a crystal ball) set into a altar with control crystals
 A doorway with a control altar, manipulating crystals opens various gates to alien places and strange times
 A slab fits a humanoid in a depression and a control altar, a skilled operator can heal or torture or turn the victim into an abhuman with a specimen to hybridise someone
Greenstone ornate sarcophagi with control panel to awaken a long dead alien wizard
88 Broken altar if meddle with control crystals puts room in stasis for a hundred years
89 Gem studded control altar as manipulated some floor panels become transperant showing prisoners in stasis or corpses in them. With further manipulation the invisible floor vanishes leaving inhabitants accessible from above but at 20 foot most cant escape. Can be resealed also some cells have broken stasis preservation
90  Control altar of stone set with gems, if manipulated a large creature from another world appears in a summoning circle and most are hostile
91 The floor is see through glass and some huge amniotic horror squirms under the floor looking at you
92 A pool in the floor has a bubbling organic matter of the god Abhoth, things spawn then are pulled back in and consumed. Two giant mechanical tentacles in the ceiling are operable by a user with tentacles in a special panel to pull creatures out
93 A tower goes up to a clear dome with a huge crystal telescope grown here long ago. Through the telescope you see a titanic mass full of eyes watching the surface of the world, after a while it looks back at viewer. Steps in a spiral are crystals growing from walls
94 Floor shows map of the world, with control panel you can get closer maps in places but all text is an elder forgotten language. Will show ancient city locations and shows changes in map over the last few million years
95 A crystal flying saucer is here but only 1in6 are functional with a luminous glow and seating for 3 hovering a foot off the ground. Most are broken and on the ground and purpose is unclear
96 A crystalline chariot, if controls manipulated summons a pair of flying beast to propel it and they follow the consoles controls. There is a gate way arch and a console nearby that controls the gates entry. Thee chariot glows when in flight to impress primitives
97 A solar powered ornithipter that starts to awake when the circular hole on the rook lets in sunlight is console used. A d4 other broken dead ornithopters are in a corner
98 Crystal pyramid if touched lights up and allows telepathy with alien wizard far away, a whole network of them
99 Black monolith if you get close and it activates it evolves those who pass INT checks and those that fail are devolved evolved +2 INT -2 STR or if devolved + STR
100 Great metal mirror can commune with outer gods once a month. If they are displeased they bombard the chamber with mutagens


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