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Creepy Dungeon Dreams

These are some horrible dream tables like previous ones I have done. i guess you could be extra mean and combine say three of them. If some kind of of magic waking nightmare world you might actually get to make some rolls before the player knows its just a dream. These dreams are meant to be at least 80s horror film bad so don't read while eating a grilled cheese sandwich.

d10 Quick Types
1 Monsters of unreason
2 Bodily ruination
3 Home is where harm is

4 Elemental terrors
5 Vermin and filth
6 Haunting visions
7 Deaths horrors
8 Demonic assaults
9 Evil visions of hellish torment
10 Outre torments from beyond

Creepy Dreams
01 Goblins are creeping around you and you are paralysed, they begin to devour you
02 You take shelter in the rain under a bridge, a giant troll stirs and grabs you, slurping its lips and tearing off your clothes 
03 You are covered in dripping green slime, as your flesh is painfully consumed you try to scrape and cut it off hastening your demise
04 A hole opens under your feet and you fall into the mandibles of a giant burrowing insect monster
05 Savage orcs catch you in forest and tie you to a pole, they ritually torture you and scourge you with ordeals and gauntlets before finally devouring you 
06 Whilst on a horrible tavern privy a fetid column of filth rises like a serpent and forces itself into your mouth choking, blinding and drowning you, nobody hears you gurgling screams
07 A savage black giant wolf peruses you through a dark primal forest, eventually it catches you knocking you down and taking huge gouging bites from your flesh
08 Someone in your group is really a monster and murderer in secret but your friends think it is you and believe the beast
09 A dragon burning your home, people you knew burned and dead, places you knew now just ashen mounds 
10 Become a lycanthrope and murder people as a beast by night 
11 Your limbs go numb and begin to rot off leaving you helpless
12 You are making love to your one true love, then you are covered in blood as you crushed them and destroyed parts of your body
13 Your gums bleed, worms in your teeth squirm agonisingly, your hair falls out
14 You are in agony and coughing blood. Your stomach explodes and a imp born from you tries to kill your remaining ruined body
15 Eyeballs open all over your body disorientated and horrified by naked reflection
16 Worms under your skin writhing around, start bursting free from hands, eyes, ears, etc
17 Thing from underground swallows you and your trapped squirming through its body
18 Heart beats louder then glows and chest swells before exploding from some other worldly parasite being born
19 Skin shreds away leaving you a horrific monster and in agony craving new skin
20 Mutations bubble and boil from your flesh each step then you devolve into a tentacled slime
21 People in the street are coughing and falling, their faces discoloured, plague comes
22 People you knew growing up are part of a angry mob and you are tied to a stake and burned alive
23 Elderly people surround you dressed as a child and hungrily pursue you through a distorted world where sizes change
24 There is a terrible famine, cannibalism breaks out, many succumb, a mob chase you
25 A dream lover is really a succubi or inccubi and and reveals it's demonic form
26 Your deceased elders are being tortured by demons in hell 
27 You awake in palace full of undead who make you dine with them and drink their food and drink or be eaten
28 Common people you know start to mutate and and morph into a huge fused mass of flesh who want you to join them
29 Dragons and demons overrun and destroy everything in horrible massacre
30 Awaken in your home or most recent inn or house full of killer mimics and so is whole house and they have eaten your friends
31 You are in a haunted dark place, the air pressure increases and your nose bleeds, you feel your insides squirm in pain, you fall, your eyeballs burst, your flesh and organs rupture
32 Everything is icy cold and you sit cold blue and shaking, your skin becomes frost bitten
33 Fire is burning around you and you are choking in smoke, someone is with you
34 It is terribly cold and it is dark, something in the wind screams for you
35 You slip and are falling, you don't understand as you plummet to the ground
36 Underwater, you don't know which way is up, something watches as you run out of air
37 Funeral pyre forms a column of burning flames and flying burned bones absorbing humans and buildings into it and coming after you
38 Mass of elemental earth full of rotten corpses bursts out of ground to attack smothering you
39 You slaughter lots of monsters but their blood forls into a water elemental which crushes and drowns you
40 An electrical jolt arcs from ground forming a ball of lightning that strikes you again cooking your flesh 
41 A swarm of stinging insects menace you and you call for help and try to escape but your swollen blistered body fails you as people pass by
42   Everything is black, it is a swarm of flies. They start to land on you crawling in your mouth, nose, eyes in your clothes smothering you
43 You are a worm crawling in the earth blindly eating some rotten flesh and feel content
44 Worms under your skin are bulging and you start to burst open
45 Rats swarm from sewers, windows and doors. Flow over streets smothering you
46 Awake in bed swarming with fleas you try to get them off more jump everywhere blinding, chocking and smothering you
47 A parasite in you is starting to control you, it crawls under your skin and part of it comes out of your bodily openings occasionally. The thing makes you sacrifice victims chanting to the worm gods then eating the victim
48 Naked and muddy in the underworld of beasts and the lord of the hunt has brought every animal you ate to tear you to pieces for not saying prayers to beast gods properly
49 Beetles under your skin erupt and devour you
50 You awake wrapped in a spider silk cocoon suspended in a dark web filled pit, A giant spider demon approaches to suck your flesh dry
51 Girl from a painting you saw in a inn keeps appearing in your dreams
52 Dark figure chases you in crawlspace between walls of some complex
53 Trees in the dark forest creek, watching you, herding you, breathing slowly
54 A horrid nightmare dream creature stalks you and perhaps slew people you knew
55  Lost in a cave but something lurks inside stalking you
56 Cult summon a mass of eyes and tentacles from beyond which eats cultists then becomes aware of you
57 Strapped to a altar, cultists dance and chant mutilating you until a shambling tree sized horror tears you apart and devours you
58 Trapped in a complex dungeon trap, scorpions climb all over you stinging you until a owlbear comes and begins devouring you while paralysed
59 Climbing over the beams in the dark in a house attack hearing noises of party below, you fall through into a orgy with devils and undead present
60 Running on moonlit moors at night from some beast in pursuit 
61 Ghostly figure with face seems familiar, tries to strangle you
62 Your spirit leaves your body and dark claws fend you away from the light
63 Your friends are at your funeral and after they leave you arise undead and hungrily stalk them
64 Your dead loved ones call you from beyond the grave warning you about being betrayed by fellow adventurers
65 Phantoms of your parents appear, blame you for their deaths and tell you everything wrong with you, more ancestor spirits arrive from underworld to complain too 
66 Spirits from graves pour out tormenting you, drag you to see hell and the underworld
67 See spirits rising into night sky where a vast faceless being in the sky consumes them, it becomes aware of you
68 A shadowy creature comes in your room and your spirit flees, is chased through a dungeon full of murdered torture victims
69 A shadowy phantom is in your bed stroking you and whispering evil utterances to you sweetly
70 Child phantoms follow you giggling as they touch your skin you see visions of their tragic lives and murders 
71 naked demon noble comes to greet you, inviting you into their palace, if you resist they violently beat you for defying them
72 Demons drag you to some shattered planar remnant world where demonic life threatens to devour or torment you at every turn, creatures chase you while you grow desperate for food, sleep and shelter
73 Demons have cut off your limbs and tongue then treat you like a baby and try to get you to suckle on ichor filled boils and sores on their bodies
74 Tiny demons are everywhere in your food and drink, in every shadow, then you see everything is made of tiny demons  
75 Demons chase you then beat you with sticks and drag you to hell past tormented souls and collect a bounty from devil goalkeepers 
76 A dream lover comes to you to make love, at the point of climax you see they are a demon that chokes you and draws out your soul
77 A demon prince has you naked in chains, a plaything at it's feet. Its attentions are loathsome and it's cruelties dehumanising, as you awake the demon says you belong to them forever
78 A demon sits on your chest stopping you breathing, you awake gasping for air
79 A smiling demon watches and whispers, even awake it seems near
80 Had feverish visions of demons around your bed, normally invisible but always there
81 Devils drag you to hell and force feed you coins and treasures painfully and then you painfully pass them while devils kick and beat you and call you names forever
82 Devils drag you to hell and throw you in a pit of venomous serpents that crawl inside you
83 Devils drag you to hell and throw you in a pit of venomous toads that crawl inside you
84 Devils drag you into a pit of live poison toads, rear your clothes off and shove toads int you, then a pit of vipers a pit of rats and a pit of lampreys etc
85 You are dragged into the underworld in chains and the judge of the dead recites your sins and vile acts and the punishments that awaits
86 Angels come to you and hold your arms, then they look grim and bend you to your knees then strikes you with a burning holy blade that ignites your body from within and it crumbles to glowing charcoal
87 You are in chains, naked and a devil is laughing and drinking and begins to flay your skin away revealing your damned soul
88 The gates of hell open and devils march forth to conquer and destroy creation, before them they unleash disasters and legions of evil damned dead, everybody dies as world burns
89 Imps swarm around you wrapping around you and giggling gleefully
90 A duke of hell has you in chains and shows you his cruel torments but offers you freedom and power as hell's agent if you sell your soul
91 You lie in bed paralysed by night, strange lights and noises beset you and you can do nothing, then strange grey smallish naked figures begin to assemble around your bed. They probe your mind and feel inside your body using their alien science
92 An alien entity is in your mind feeling around your worst memories then its sinister psychic shadow strikes you with fear paralysing you. Then the thing draws you into itself in overspace to devour your souls over millennia
93 You fall into a pit of slime full of eyeballs, it swallows you up dissolving your flesh and soul
94 A tentacled horror of the deep grasps you pulling you into the darkness to devour you or worse
95 A figure stalks you in the dark foggy streets, a stumbling bloated white thing that always knows where you are like you are cursed
96 You are lost in a great underworld cave lit by unatural light, a squat sleepy elder god awakens and looks at you with lust
97 Black fluid flows through the floor and into your body, you scream as it invades your body and consumes your mind and soul
98 Revolting fungal beings snatch you at night flying you into the night to their far away lab on the moon, there they extract your brain placing it in a barrel like contraption and you are aware of your horrible condition like a pickle 
99 You are swallowed up by some being from the void and your soul is devoured over thousands of years of torment
100 The black sun rises again and monsters are awakened around the world to feed and sacrifice the human vermin scuttling under their shambling titan feet


  1. Mix in some omens (or the notion of omens) and these dark dreams are going to generate some serious player paranoia.

    1. a bad dream area fx cursed fetish might be cool making it impossible to rest properly if not in cult

  2. Creepy: having a bad dream

    Very creepy: having the same bad dream every single night forever


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