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Necrovirus and You

I've used this as a term for my alien plague that creates undead in my various SF settings - my road war and planet psychon games. My whole idea for this came to writing a comic book series bible intending to do something 2000ad over the top with tech and zombies and cyberpunk and rival alien terraforming attacks. On Psychon undead are part of experimental future warfare when manpower was diminishing that went wrong.  Most of what is here were as used in my Murder Highway setting.

A massive plague wiped out half the human race leaving infested survivors and uncontaminated peoples.

When in contact with plague by bite or scratch or aerosol there a chance of being infected
Severe contact such as infected blood transfusion or filling in a pit of rotten zombies is harder to resist. Surviving the plague even just a mild case results in you becoming a zombie. Various strains appeared later and someone may carry multiple types.

The first few cases appeared as the mars mission lost contact.
The early form just killed people dead leaving survivors possibly scarred or cosmetic effects.
It was later the dead arose and contact from these proved to be a more virile strain.
Necrotech incorporated operated massive mausoleums cryogenic facilities where patients in decline were frozen in some state of decline to be cured in the future. The company was supposed to invest in cures and longevity treatments but the freezers and private army and undead research proved too profitable. Various cults emerged also celebrating the apocalypse.

So in the wastelands as climate change and war and labour shortages gripped the world. New types of undead emerged while elites hid in quarantined VIP zones and used airship to link walled cities. Other bioplagues and mutations emerged too some interacting with the necrovirus. Then there was technology and undead leap that no one expected. When cyborgs were infected something new happened. The virus changed again and acted more intelligently and a nanotech carrier was developed and let loose. Machines and even structures became infected. Terrorists and rogue AIs resulted in numerous strains of hostile machine minds which were a further distraction. Lots of new security protocols kept human technology mostly human. As monsters, mutants, undead and rogue AI emerge more strange overlaps and phenomena occur as the world becomes more alien.

d12 Basic Undead

1 Standard Zombie - slow and stupid and silent
2 Fast Zombie - sneaky and faster, improved senses and door opening skills, noisy

3 Ghoul - screaming with teeth and claws and toxic venom, intelligent hunters
4 Glow Ghoul - radioactive ghouls, glow green and emit toxic rays
5 Revenant - regenerating with some memory and intellect, talk, use machines 

6 Mutant Zombies already mutated then became zombies
7 Cyborg Zombied - animated cyborg soldiers and gang members, more resilient 
8 Wight - more intelligent and cunning with soul draining chilling claws, scream with rage
9 Cyber Wight - as wights but they can interface into tech and jack into cars, focused
10 Ghast - more intelligent ghouls that reek of decay often quite a bit larger
11 Zombie Hulk - huge swollen monstrosity of a zombie
12 Ghoul Hulk - huge swollen monstrous brutal ghoul

Vampires and Lich are mostly rumours and speculation but later in war when aliens fighting get worse and more obvious, new stranger creatures appear. Numerous AI becomes aware of and debating what to do next.

When I had this stuff as part of a failed comic treatment for a bunch of corporate zombie hunters out to find why zombies are massing to attack corporate cryonics labs. I wrote this in about 91 and lots of the tech I thought up creeping into film FX now. Necrotech Elite Special Ops were sent to find the control source of zombies and have various bloodthirsty adventures with more and more alien weirdness. There were cybertech alien and mutant versions of various classic monsters. I never got to publish it or use as an RPG setting as I'm not a huge zombie fan but my murder highway BRP game and Psychon I kinda use these.

In my roadwar it's more like part of alien warfare but the human race has no ideas. As the campaign went on the team learned more and picked up clues and met new things. The setting was a slow apocalypse. There was massive depopulation, ruins, incredible wealth gulfs, AI, cyborgs, car murder motorsports, massive walled urban zones, corps. So undead was one of many problems including environmental change. aliens, mutants, triffids, cthulhu, satan and really anything else in the mix. These undead guys were a good setting element to cause trouble of make areas worse on death races and missions.

My original notes files on cd rom seem to not be readable by modern machines or files were possible from my amiga which I used through uni. Might be hardcopies with sketches.


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  1. Ooooh these will be handy for my crashed spaceship one-shot. The hyperspace engines malfunctioned in the crash and are causing spirits to possess the dead bodies creating zombies on the ship and in the surrounding area.
    I can have some of the smarter ones using the weapons and maybe even have a few boss fight against damaged mecha or combat robots.


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