Sunday, 19 January 2020

Eldritch Decor

Decorative detail for the ruined city built before the gods by alien monsters long ago...

My net is down a while

d10 Types
01 Sounds
02 Odours
03 Trails
04 Environment
05 Stone
06 Artefacts
07 Living remains
08 Explorers remains
09 Vermin
10 Magical

d100 Title
01 Scuttling sounds in walls as if rats or animals gnawing and scratching
02 Dripping sounds with no trace or water,
03 Fluids under pressure gurgling and draining fluid 
04 High pitched annoying sound, barely audible, makes arm hair stand up
05 Sounds of some viscous slime dropping to floor then dragging
06 Distant haunting echoes of somebody chanting
07 Strange choking guttural noises in distance
08 Buzzing like insect swarm
09 Sound of whistling wind through area 
10 Something slithering away, sounded large
11 Smell of decay and rotting flesh
12 Ammonia smell burns nostrils and eyes slightly
13 Acid like odour of digestive fluids or vomit
14 Methane and sulphurous odours of decay
15 Smells sterile and lifeless, some chemical odour
16 Smell of smoke and soot
17 Fish like smell with salty iodine odour of the sea
18 Sewerage like smell
19 Acrid ozone smell, as if recent electrical activity
20 Brackish swamp like odour 
21 Blood trail goes through several rooms where something was wounded
22 Scratches on floot where something was dragged
23 Dried out slime trail like some huge snail
24 Trail of human bones
25 Black oily residue stains floor in several places
26 Huge sheet of shed skin from something disgusting
27 Bloody boot print trail
28 Blackened soot silhouettes from disintegration weapons used on beings
29 Trail of slimy thick mucous
30 Gelatinous blob trail like some kinds of slimy footprints
31 Are is chillingly cold making breath fog
32 Area is warm and humid
33 Area covered in mist
34 Area has unnatural magical darkness
35 Area damp and dripping
36 Area dry and leaches moisture, possibly some dried our bodies 
37 Area lit by dim coloured lights
38 Area overcast like twilight, light sources dimmed
39 Heightened air pressure, ears hurt, save vs nosebleed and headache
40 Walls dripping with water, floor damp with puddles
41 Broken shattered statue, attention to shattering face
42 Statue of alien being looks horrendous
43 Relief carving of beings from beyond enthralling humans
44 Squat green idol of outsider god as if it watches room
45 Stature on a plinth, actually a sleeping being, likes blood
46 Stone altar worn from sacrifices
47 Stone altar with gems set, manipulating it controls lights and climate 
48 Stone gargoyles perched up high
49 Petrified corpse of some ancient prehuman being
50 Black stone idols with faces worn smoothly off
51 Wavy bladed meteoric iron bladed knife
52 Jade tablet fits in pocket
53 Large crystal from some console
54 Green metal rod, dimly luminescent like candle
55 Glowing gem stone
56 Stone with carved symbol repulsive to the elder ones
57 Stone with symbol, if seen save or cursed by more random monsters
58 Clay tablet with arcane formula
59 Clay tablet declaring tithes to old gods
60 Dusty strange looking ray gun of elder race with no ammo
61 Muddy nests that stink, with a d6 football sized leathery slimy eggs
62 Remains of a dried foot of some huge prehistoric creature
63 Large tried out length of giant tentacle
64 Fossilised coprolites of some prehistoric beast
65 Skeleton of some huge prehistoric beast
66 Hundreds of large arthropods shells like crabs, bugs, trilobites
67 Midden heap of fish and bird bones and a few larger ones
68 Giant insect remains, might see threatening at first from pose
69 Metal cylinder with living human brain inside
70 Desiccated human body, if examined some other creature was using skin as disguise
71 Wooden crates several years old with explorers clothes, dried food, cooking utensils and blankets
72 Chest with 2d6 cultist robes and a exotic dagger +1
73 Doll effigies left by savages depicting explorers and cultists visitors with real hair
74 Explorers or cultist bodies with journal of travels here
75 Dead cultist with scroll of prayers to welcome gods when they find them
76 Discarded mask for a cultist, depicts monster face
77 Pile of skulls with holes bored through tops
78 Ruined dried human explorer, something burst out from it's stomach long ago
79 Desiccated body in robes of ancient cultist with sword diary left here years ago
80 Decorated shrunken head of a explorer
81 Colony of strange bats of unfamiliar breed, quite large, cheeping and shitting
82 Foot long grubs crawling about larvae of something much bigger
83 Clusters of ping pong ball sized yellow eggs on wall 
84 Footlong insect or marine invertebrate scuttling about feeding ignoring people
85 Hideous giant rat thing with a human face looks at you creepily then flees into crack
86 A stony pit crawling with mass of worms for some purpose
87 Organic man sized sacks of fluid hanging from ceiling
88 Giant cobwebs cover area and bundles of remains wrapped in spider silk
89 Hundeds of inch long invertebrate swarming to gnaw some slime on a wall
90 Lichen or algae like slime or moss growing everywhere
91 Room hums and electricity arcs between structures up high, smells of ozone
92 Gravity low and can double jumps but save or lose control and flail about into wall
93 Gravity increases save while moving each round or d4 damage and fall, only Mov 3
94 Time slowed, moving through here slow like pushing through treacle
95 Several figures here trapped in stasis, shiny and impossible to recognise
96 Pits with gibbering mutated immortal horrors made by wizards long ago
97 Mirror here is a gateway to another world or time
98 A pile of dust reassembles into terrified person who turns back to ash in a constant loop
99 An invisible gateway in room, easy to accidentally step through
100 Room is chilly with frozen figures on plinths, most recent are human cultists, further back are ape folk then reptilians snap frozen


  1. Quartermass pic an excellent pick indeed.

  2. I hope you are doing okay and aren't in an area being hit by the wildfires.

    1. some smoke where i am but many friends worse off longer like the east coast. I almost felt bad we got away without harm for a while but has been crazy here so I dont feel "envious" now

      in 84 my school was surrounded by 50m high flames and when bus got us home some ppl had nothing and lost families. Sad coal industry and fed government spinning bad science


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