Saturday, 7 December 2019

Stone Age Gaming..

My cave folk setting post was popular with lots of comments. Like most Ive had in many months. Nice to know Im not crazily yelling into the void blogging. Ill be writing adventure 3 folds for this soon.

Will do some more soon. d100 prehistoric caves, d100 lost valleys, tribe generator, encounter tables, and some more. Ive done stuff before which qualify too, so will put all relevant posts into links together  soon

Here are some other cave genre games. I might get more into my project before I read them all but here:

Wolfpacks and winter snow

looks good (her other stuff is among best in gaming)
patricks review and link to game

I don't get worries about wendigo when gaming and comics full of content touching on genuine religious beliefs all the time. But im happy for a popular version to exist while true believers ideas are obscure to us. The versions we read in books often very far removed from original cultures. Bunyips and many more things have same issues.

Also mentioned. Not seen it but it looks other end of spectrum gritty realism.

Gurps Ice Age

A bit thin but good, wanted me to see more
Also worrying about real history too much will see your work dated

Gurps Dinosaurs (added after comments)
covers lots of the same content as ice age like characters and is a good read. Lots of ways to put cave folk into other settings especially pulp and time travel. Has mammals and Pleistocene animals too.

CavemasterGood ideas, interesting take on dnd races as cave folk types, lots of creatures. Ive read a bit of it.

Sticks and Stones

Savage worlds setting. Not read it but 99c i will

One common debate is realism vs fantasy. My setting is actually post apocalypse not just stone age. So many previous civilisations, wizards, occasional undead dinosaur mutants, dwarves with guns and other stuff. I expect to be more gonzo than all the above games.

Interesting side note while looking for art. Most art of cave folk they look white. White ppl appeared 6-12000 years ago so you'd think there was more variety.


  1. Are you familiar with Blood and Snow? I like it a lot, especially the the strange magic that comes from having no magic

  2. I had a few posts on this general idea a few years back for a Mutant Future campaign. Have a look and steal whatever inspires you.

    1. I could swear I keyed the map but I only posted the unkeyed version.

  3. I did a caveman sorta funnel.
    Go down to the bottom:

  4. GREATLY looking forward to your future posts on this

  5. I'm not sure if this is something that was in syndication in Aus, but just from seeing clips like these from KORG 70,000 BC I get inspired to play with some stone age concepts.

  6. Dragon Magazine issue 68 had an article by Arthur Collins titled "Thrills & Chills" which was about ice age roleplaying using AD&D (1st edition, of course).

    CORPS had a supplement titled Dreamtime which was stone age adventuring with magic powers and such.

    GURPS Dinosaurs recapped the ice age stuff from GURPS Ice Age and brought it a bit up to date for the time.

    Currently, there is GURPS Lands Out of Time, which is stone age adventuring with dinosaurs, or time travel to a dinosaur land, or whatever other iteration of humans and dinosaurs. It does cover stone age stuff.


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