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d100 Ancient Caves of the third age

So people ae into cave folk - got lots of hits and comments with more good links and mention of Kork70k tv and comic. Though white people hadnt been invented that far back (6-12k) but it's a pretty common fantasy even in illustrations trying to be scientific.

So my setting time line. Ive now developed 3rd to 5th ages

1st age is dawn time when gods walked the earth and set servants to administer universe
2nd age of darkness came when monster kings served gods of the outer dark
-7 monster kingdoms and their slave abhuman armies ruled with black magic
3rd age of humanity also known as the age of stone or age of ice
-began when humans became the dominant peoples of the earth after the rebellion
-this ended when great wizards adopted necromancy and waged war of dead vs living
4th age of cities also the age of bronze. This is era of my Exilon setting
-when the first great monuments were built and civilisation grew
5th age of empire when the world was gripped by great wars and magical disasters
-currently the third empire is in civil war
-pirate kingdom of Exile Island grows mightier 

d10 Types of cave
01 Abandoned 02 Ritual location
03 Animal Lair
04 Monster Lair
05 Tribal Inhabitants
06 Humanoid Inhabitants
07 Strange Environment
08 Underland entrance
09 Haunted
10 Elder ruins

d100 Ancient Caves 
01 Covered in old bones of animals from some predator
02 Fire pit and campsite of some one living here in past
03 Fire pit and broken human bones from cannibal camp
04 Mummified corpse of large predator animal like bear or lion
05 Trap to catch large animal with net or pit
06 Trap to kill large animal with dead fall, swinging log or wooden stakes
07 Campsite with remains of stone tools of flint or obsidian
08 Campsite with remains of ochre and torches
09 Campsite with old store of food and furs
10 Corpses of people died of starvation or disease
11 Graves in niches of mummified bodies from old burial
12 Cave decorated with paintings of hunters with animals
13 Cave with relief carvings and clay relief sculpture of animals
14 Niches with skulls of someones ancestors
15 Sacrificial stone altar worn from ancient use
16 Clay or stone urns containing ashes and cremated bones
17 Clay statue of great spirit or deity often with sacred pets by side
18 Painted animal skulls many with horns and tusks intact
19 Baskets of shells, beads or coral, bone, teeth and amber
20 Carved symbols on walls of some forgotten people
21 Lair of a cave bear 1in6 with mate and d3 cubs with bones of past kills
22 Lair of cave d4 lions and 1in6 chance of d4 cubs
23 Lair of a wolf pack, 2d4+4 wolves or d4+1 dire wolves and 1in6 chance of d6 cubs
24 Lair of a sabretooth tiger 1in6 with mate and d3 cubs with bones of past kills
25 Lair of a giant sloth with large burrowed passages
26 Lair of giant cave lizard with 1in6 chance of a d6 eggs
27 Lair of pack of 2d4+1 hyena or d4+1 hyenadon with d4 young
28 Lair of terror birds 2d4 with a d4 eggs or chicks
29 Lair of Andrewsarchus with pile of broken bones
30 Lair of d4+1 Entelodon with 2d4 piglets
31 Lair of d4 carniverous apes or 3d4 giant baboons 1in6 d3 young
32 Pool with giant cave octopus or giant lobsters lurking inside
33 Nest of 2d4 giant beetles with 1in6 chance of 3d6 eggs or grubs
34 Lair of owlbears d2, if 2 will have d3 cubs  
35 Lair of yetis d4, 1n6 chance of a child
36 Cave fisher hiding in crevice in ceiling
37 Stirges colony lair in crevices 2d4+4
38 Giant constrictor snake hiding amid limestone columns
39 Mimic pretending to be a rock eats anything comes inside
40 Piercer colony of various sizes 2d4+4
41 Hunters with dogs who regularly camp here wary of strangers
42 Clan of cannibals who worship evil spirits live here
43 Evil shaman lives here with several pets
44 Mutant cave albino clan live here eating raw blind cave fish
45 Cave wizard with students painting blasphemies and creating undead
46 Family of cave folk, wary but willing to trade
47 Tribe of amazons wary of males but 1in6 chance some looking to have children
48 Children who's adults all died hide here warily
49 Clan of ape folk hostile to humans but they often keep slaves or prisoners for food
50 Clan serving a civilised beast folk abhuman who worships ancient evil gods
51 Clan of goblinoids live here 2d6 goblins, d6 hobgoblins and d3 bugbears

52 Clan of orcs live here often hostile to humans but might accept food for peace
53 Clan of abhumans dwell here, often hostile, feel superior and hungry
54 Dwarves camping here while exploring surface for supplies and enemies
55 Elves camp here with bag of magic acorns and pinecones to spread forests
56 Halfling clan live here with stockpiles of food, furs and other comforts
57 Gnomes live here with giant badgers or hedgehogs or toads busy crafting fine items
58 Changelings in true form living herewith quality goods, turn human if they sense intruders 
59 Kobold clan dwell here making quality flint tools and weapons
60 Clan of lycanthropes live here with pets
61 Pools of green slime or water with ochre jellies
62 Shriekers and giant cave crickets grazing on them
63 Yellow mould or other deadly giant fungus
64 Bubbling heated spring with strange mineral deposits not good to drink but ok to bathe
65 Pit of bubbling lava, signs that victims have fallen in or been thrown in
66 Sinkhole full of bones of humans and prehistoric animals
67 Bubbling pit of bitumen a useful material for craft and making torches
68 Mutagenic pool of bubbling primal chaos leaking through a gate since creation causes mutations if touched
69 Wonderous mineral formations with sparkling mica and crystals
70 Pool of boiling mud like quicksand plus heated, sometimes a crust forms on top
71 In back of a cave is a sealed stone gatehouse entry to a underground civilisation

72 A thriving fungus forest cavern with all kinds of creatures and possibly goblins tending the garden
73 A strange iron hatch leads to a degenerate morlock dwarf lair where they toil on steam engines and keep human and elf slaves to eat
74 Huge spiderwebs here cover a gate to a dark elf ruin guarded by giant spiders
75 Rusted remains of a deep gnome workshop, some steam automaton may still guard it
76 Orcs guard and worship a stone statue also a golem which blocks a entrance to the deep
77 A great even shaft drops to a ruin swallowed up by the earth an aeon ago. Often a great cave lizard or degenerate descendants live here still
78 A stone bridge over a chasm starts ancient road where traders visited the underland long ago
79 Derro operating a crystaline monolith device that beams hate rays to surface that aggravates the most evil brutal surface tribes. Humanheads hurt nearby and it induces violent dreams and cannibalistic desires 
80 A passage leads into a great vault where hundreds of abhuman mummies are sealed in stone crypts, some mummies may arise to drive off intruders
81 Broken bones scattered where a clan of ghouls nest
82 A lone miserable wight howls with hunger when living enter
83 Poltergiest, angry spirits of hungry dead dwell here
84 Spectral clan of cave folk, some simply appear but dont interact 1in6 are hostile warriors
85 Haunting spirit tries to claim a new body for itself so it can enjoy its lusts and hunger
86 Hideous wraith forms in he darkness, grasps at the living, hungers for souls
87 Mass of skeletons with spears or zombies with clubs guard a necromancers spell cave paintings
88 An attractive spirit in human form will try and coerce living to aid them in their desire for revenge or justice then smile and vanish, may lead you to a treasure
89 Mumiffied huecuva fiegn friendly appearance to inflict their awful touch
90 Ancient vampire from primordial times lairs here in grave pit, it has grown hideous and degenerate over thousands of years and hordes ancient treasures meaningless to cave folk but possibly pretty
91 Stone ruin temple of vampire bat goddess with giant bats and a altar, possibly a degenerate bat priestess and bat abhumans might dwell here still
92 Great pool with ruins and altar of the fish people and a gong. Any noise calls the fish folk who expect sacrifices to take as captives to their deep city

93 Rows of statues of squid headed robed beings lead to long sealed green stone crypts, some may awaken to unleash their squid folk sorceries
94 Isopod abhuman warriors dwell in a ruin, guarding it for their long gone masters
95 Great ruined buildings covered in filth and trash, art depicting great rat folk worshiping plague gods. Degenerate offspring lurk in seep

96  Temple of the all devouring worm where goblins live in ruins and fear worm mindless folk abhumans who live in tunnels under them
97 Temple of the reptile folk with mummies in rows of crypts  and albino degenerate spawn lurking about
98 Great basalt stone tower where cave folk wizards study the tablets of a serpent folk wizard of old. A statue dedicated to him is really the towers ancient ocupant. It has a hibernating albino dinosaur in a stone hibernation pod.
99 A great black void filled pit is a gate to the land of nightmares. If a item is thrown in something useful comes out but turns bad or is cursed later. If a being is thrown in a evil unique nightmare monster steps out
100 A great stone table with a map of the area from long ago. Stone knives and other weapons lay about are cursed and send bad dreams from the underworld

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