Saturday, 21 December 2019

Cthulhu Pulp Metropolis Decopunk Image Dump #3

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dump 2

This is reference for my prewar decopunk sf setting
Metropolis,Things to Come, Just Imagine, RUR, War with the Newts,
German expressionist cinema +Cthulhu
More on my BRP page

Metropolis has some nightmare ramps.
A retro future deathrace here would be great.

Super dense cities of tomorrow

 So i have been looking at vintage armoured cars and thinking my Cthulhu players now used a converted truck to massacre cultists with a vickers and a lewis gun and grenades that sorta worked. Will never beat a wizard on a byakee with bundles of dynamite

This is a bit more modern but some brutalism and tech noir good too

This is for those falling apart old industrial districts. Full of scrapped out factories and lonely old wizards making androids

Totally want more vehicle chases now I have a good pile of images. This car would be the evil car in a jazz age death race 

 This guy shoots down planes and transforms

Loving the foxy box looks here am reminded of the Tesla utility truck plus stealth fighter

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  1. That's good stuff. I've always liked the experimental armor from around WWI.


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