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d100 Foul things in the ruins of the black magic empire

These are for dialling dungeon up a notch with evil cult features. Most immediately I'm using for my current stone age buzz but these sort of things are usable in my bronze and medieval setting. You could have a few items amazingly preserved in a larger dungeon or a secret level full of this stuff.

comment if i messed up numbering

d10 Typical Ruin

1 Holy d4 1=shrine 2=temple 3=statue 4=huge monument
2 Palace d4 1=merchant 2=priest 3=noble 4=royalty
3 Military d4 1=gate house 2=tower 3=castle 4=fortress
4 Civic d4 1=assembly hall for elected officials 2=state records 3=great library of tablets 4=state cult monument celebrating one or all of the seven monster kings from some period
5 Luxury d4 1=gladiator pits 2=red light district 3=feast hall 4=bathhouse
6 Industry d4 1=quarry 2=mill 3=sweatshop prison 4=slaver stockade

7 Law d4 1=courthouse 2=treasury records (evil tax secrets) 3=torture dungeon 4=secret police station with cells and secret doors
8 Commoners 1=granary 2=gardens 3=market 4=execution arena
9 Magical d4 1=gateway station 1in6 partly functional 2=sealed entrance to a evil planar domain of devils or demons or bad elementals 3=scrying chamber with crystal ball linked to another ruin far away 4=a huge magical vault with a huge artefact sealed inside
10 Wizards d4 1=tower 2=school 3=laboratory 4=library of evil tablets

d10 Foul thing types
01 Furniture
02 Artworks

03 Decorations
04 Torture station 
05 Sealed rooms
06 Statuary
07 Relief art
08 Tombs
09 Tablets
10 Marvellous devices

Foul things in the ruins of the black magic empire
01 Black onyx throne with a set crystal helm. Who sits here will have the helm lower onto their head and grant them one round of long range clairvoyance per level. When over helmet comes off and the wearer gains a d4 INT for a day and makes a save vs death when completed
02 Bathing pool with steps for ceremonies, but the black liquid is not water, it is the formless spawn of a elder god 
03 Toilet chair above a sewerage tank with a slimy tentacled horror inside
04 Stone chair is sat in save vs magic or trapped for a d4 days 
05 Golem stove built into wall. It heats on command and turns spits and cooks to perfection, miserable about its job
06 Golem water fountain has several stone basins with lead plugs on chains. On command fills or drains and agitates. Good for laundry or bathing. Golem is disgusted but obeys
07 Bed if touched, requires save, snaps in half like a bear trap or spikes shoot through or restraint chains entrap you or gas released
08 Dining room with seated skeletons of ancient monster lords. The table is set for dinner but strewn in dust and cobwebs. The remains are now now mindless skeleton hordes
09 Table can call forth a last feast to celebrate the diners heroism and social rank 
10 Mirror makes you look atractive and tells you how mighty/pretty you look. Eventually invites you inside to a demon princes harem of past victims and succubi
11 Mural featuring layers of hell and layers of the abyss crawling with beings of evil fighting over damned souls 
12 Painting is a gateway to the past to the monster age and its sinister delights
13 Mural of serpent folk wizard guarded by a orc and a human on their knees looking down at the snakes feet
14 Painting of great monster heroes destroying rebellion and finishing off resistance, some include old human gods being imprisoned by the evil gods
15 Gallery of portraits of evil high priests, each has a plaque stating the notorious thing they said or did.
16 Painting of black sun in sky over land could be read as a map, depicting monster god holy places
17 Painting of sever great patron gods of the monster kings. Earlier ones depict earlier kings such as worm and insect gods who were replaced in later ages
18 Butchering charts for various humanoids with scenes of cooking for a feast
19 Mural of
 fat hungry spider goddess being brought babies by human and orc slaves
20 Mosaic of the vampire bat goddess with her children routing the insect god and gorging themselves on their grubs and eggs
21 Flaking gold and silver foil on iron bages hanging from ceiling big enough for a human. Some have undead or corpses inside
22 Faded tapestries depicting abhumans bringing tributes to the empire 
23 Carpet, with complex pattern, INT save to know how to cross then DEX save to hop, if wrong colour touched take 4d6 d4 1=lightning 2=fire 3=cold ray 4=lava 
24 Oubliette, 20 foot pit with barred lid, prisoner locked inside or undead remains
25 Huge stone cauldron with art depicting wailing people 
26 Living statues guarding a doorway of beast headed abhuman warriors
27 Pits with mumified vermin used in torture d4 1=toads 2=rats 3=worms 4=snapping turtles
28 Magical scene crated with an illusion of some glorious event crushing the downtrodden or torturing a non believer
29 Succubi trapped in a crystal pillar begging or enticing viewers to release her
30 A furious elemental trying to break through a magic circle as decoration
31 Bronze bull with charcoal pit under, that victims locked in to be cooked alive
32 Blood stained basalt altar worn smooth from aeons where sacrifices pressed down, blood flows into a stone bowl
33 Several iron maidens, 1in6 chance a tapping from within is a undead inside is very hungry
34 Section of stone wall has scratching noises inside and small barred view holes. Sealed undead inside pathetically scrabble at walls with worn fingers
35 Chains on walls holding skeletons, table of torture tools on a stand each slots into stone palette perfectly
36 Surgical bench with clamps and medical tools, glass jars with organs on a stone shelf and body parts. A iron cage with manacles and a deformed skeleton is inside. This is where humans and orcs were surgically modified into abhumans
37 Chained up mummified corpses of monsters with stitch marks and surgery scars
38 Stone benches  where victims were tied to with a giant mumified wasp or carrion worm in a cage
39 Stone benches with restraints and jars of mumified worms, some dimply glow green. Some of the benches have dried corpses, 1in6 chance bodies are sons of kyauss
40 Niches in walls with hundreds of heads filed and mostly labeled. If a head placed in niche in shrine and given blood it will awake and answer 3 questions before sleeping for a month. Here enemies and friends were questioned or taunted
41 Secret cell with torture tools, sound proof with d4 costumes
42 Secret room with ancient poison lab. Some aged but rare ingredients are here from long ago including lotus seeds
43 Secret room full of drug paraphernalia including hash, opium, lotus resin with hooka and pipes, pills, pillows, planar incense and cushions
44 Secret room with a bed with a chained skeleton in silk robes. Her angry spirit will confront intruders but she might be convinced intruders will avenge her. She may have knowledge
45 Secret treasure room with stone coffers of gold, silver, jade, amber and coral
46 Secret chamber with wizards stone tablets. They are protected by magical explosive sigils
47 Secret astrology rooms with tablets, ancient star charts of evil gods in the stars present long ago. Some tablets are readings predicting the age of darkness in periolbut cannot believe human and orc slaves could rebel
48 Secret passage which connects several areas with spyholes and doors
49 Secret door with a suit of armour for a beast abhuman and a rack with obsidian tipped magic weapons including spear, dagger and macuahuitl obsidian spiked club with collection of favourite trophy heads
50 Secret alchemist lab with exotic ingredients, tablets of experiments and a d6 potions at least one is rare
51 Statue of fish folk carrying off slaves to their city under the sea in nets
52 Columns everywhere often ornate carved as d6 1=mushrooms 2=beast abhumanoid statue 3=lotus flower and stem 4=skull motifs 5=snakes coiled or other designs 6=unholy text 
53 Gold and bronze scorpion statue with gems embedded on back. If gem is touched the construct awakes, grabs the victim and keeps stinging them until a long forgotten command word is said or it senses no movement for a hour
54 Statue of great squid headed demon of the deep clutching a human victim in each hand, erupting from a slimy pool in chains 
55 Giant sculpted stone spider, creepy looking, wait er it is a giant spider!!
56 Gargoyles over gate or door or bridge, keep out lesser beings
57 Several ice pedestals with frozen beings on them. If knocked off they awake but speak in long lost languages
58 Greedy toad statue with small altar before it, if a small being is placed here the toad gobbles them up unless stopped.It becomes a giant toad at this point and attacks
59 Collection of human and abhuman statues scattered randomly looking surprised or shocked. A very powerful medusa passes through here occasional 
60 Statues beast abhuman, human and orc gladiators killing each other brutally often with disembowelling and decapitation
61 Relief carvings of d4 1=brutal war 2=hunting humans for sport 3=slave races including humans making offerings to the monster kings 4=a monster noble in land of the dead being taken to rewards after death, reciting all the vile deeds they did in life 
62 Walls covered in textured shimmering tiles in strange patter, INT save or enthralled by hypnotic effect
63 Inscription from black magic wizard books dealing with d4 1=demons 2=devils 2=elementals 4=undead
64 A insectoid priest on mound of insect and worm folk delivering a sermon, inscription relates the vile oaths of evil and chaos one must adopt to please the awful gods of the long night
65 Relief of the monster kings but the first two have heads smashed off, these two dynasties were replaced
66 Carved scene of humans and orcs burning monster cities while poor monsters sobbing are entering caves. Some look back in anger and defiance making hand signs of vengeance
67 Carving of a great pyramid. The bottom rows have humans, demihumans and humanoids toiling and bent, the second tier figures are larger and mostly abhumans, the third are the monster kings then the monster gods and above them all on the peak is the great black elder void beyond they all served a demon on one side and a devil on the other holding it
68 Relief carvings of popular demon lords and ladies meditating, many have tiny candle stubs under them and dried blood on them
69 Wall carved with scenes of a monster gigantic monster king leading army of kin trampling a army of human and orc barbarians rebelling against their rule. The boasting in the inscribed cartouches sounds unlikely and possibly propaganda before the end 
70 Dedication to one of the elder monster kings and his awful deeds and mass murders that pleased the dark gods 
71 A sealed tomb door depicts feathered head dress wearing bat folk mummy standing on pile of skulls killing humans wasting away from touch, inside door is crypt of mummy or a vampire with jade gold and silver treasures
72 Tomb door sealed requires 4 virgins in stone nishes to be sacrificed and blood to flow into the tomb. The tomb will open from inside revealing a squid folk vampire wizard from tens of millennia ago
73 Tomb door sealed, inside ten mummy cases of abhuman warrior mummies step out to protect their lord asleep in crypt with sucubi or incubi lover
74 Sealed door portrays skeleton vulture abhuman wizard raising a dead army, inside the floor is covered in abhuman bones and weapons. Inside the sarcophogi with gems and black magic tablets is a lich awaiting chance to rule again 
75 A crypt with a view hole of crystal lets you see mummy face within, her eyes open and she looks pleadingly. She was a a part demon princess who betrayed her father the king, this coffin has kept her alive for thousands of years. She is a wizard and happy to aid her liberators. She will try to befriend explorers and stay with them a while before seeking elder artefacts to seize power 
76 A gigantic crypt of ogre size abhuman part hippo, a fearsome tusked warrior. The mummy inside on a bed of platinum coins and gems is a abnormally powerful beserk mummy with a +1 battle axe each hand
77 Crypt witch crystal sarcophogi carved with eldritch symbols. Inside the remains of a king and a elemental fused into a hybrid undead elemental monster
78 A crypt with all hieroglyphs scraped off. Trapped inside sarcophagi, a elder worm thing later monster kings never wanted to escape. The walking worm wizard calls down the elder darkness once released
79 A sealed crypt with a demigod imprisoned here in earliest part of the age of night. If released the minor forgotten divinity will be pleased monsters are long gone and depart to explore the world
80 Jade coffin of being from the outer darkness.It's everlasting corpse once released sends a signal to call it's own kind to restore it to life. A black star appears in the sky
81 Collection of tablets of the history of  the age of darkness for a thousand years of monster king rule and their evil gods. Sections on two early dynasties have been chiselled out
82 Tablets collection of medical problems many recommend human body parts as treatments
83 Tablets with recipes to cook humans and prepare them as pleasing sacrifices to the gods
84 Tablets of priest prayers to evil gods and how to please them
85 Tablets of wizards spell research for a spell
86 Tablets of surgical procedures to create a d4 types of abhuman
87 Tablets with instructions on making a type of golem
88 Tablet describing a d4 devils or demons and how to get their favour
89  Tablets on slave keeping and breeding and uses for even lamest or sickest ones
90 Tablets describing peoples of the territories of the empire and it's subjects for young noble monsters
91 Gateway to hell with seven magical locks 
92 Elemental conjuring pit with arcane protection circle around it 1in6 an elemental is trapped inside 
93 Iron cage
94 Collection in a silver cabinet with shelves of bottles with imps inside d6+4
95 Wailing ghosts in crystal cages, if bars broken they attack anyone they can 
96 Ruined remains of infernal magical machine which once drained souls and turned victims to wraiths. Now various components are missing and arcane sigils are damaged
97 Remains of a organ that once contained wailing prisoners strapped in tubes with torture implements controlled with a bejewelled keyboard
98 Huge mechanical apparatus to crush bodies and drain blood into a cauldron. Powered by slaves turning wheel
99 A chess playing golem perpetually seated in comfortable chair with powdered wig and moustache 
100 Planar pit with steel locked lid and chain with pulley above it to lower things in. Opens to random mostly hostile dimension, victims lowered in and scraps pulled up for amusements


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