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Mutant Wars Part 2 Wonders and Encounters

Mutants are mostly chaotic and irregular troops. Seeking to engage, raid and skirmish rather than occupy or exterminate. Mutants might try and turn captives into mutants or convert them and are less interested in killing everyone. Mutant irregular numbers can be overcome by discipline. Mutant morale is often enhanced by numbers but they can bee routed or tricked like green troops. Mutant troops are often tricked with food, grog, sex or looting opportunities.

As per usual you can use smaller dice early in the war for introductory encounters

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Mutant Wars Encounters 
01 Pathetic mutant hobbling on road, getting used to deformities
02 Mutant beggars on roadside asking for food
03 Mutant children asking for work as servants
04 Huge mutant sprawling on road unable to move begging for food
05 Mutants being driven by mob with whips and rocks
06 Commoners preparing to burn captured mutant in a cage
07 Inquisitor and troops on road searching travellers for mutations
08 Strange bubbling pool of mutagen by side of the road
09 Refugees cover the road fleeing mutant outbreaks
10 Mutant farm animals grazing by road side
11 Mutant bandits hide in ambush
12 Fake mutant beggars with prosthetic props
13 Preacher warning about mutants and evil afoot
14 Mutant wild dog pack
15 Mutant wolves howling and harassing travellers
16 Mutant gang demand non mutants pay a toll
17 Mutant gang having cannibalistic feast from other travellers
18 Mutant gang beating peasants to teach them a lesson
19 Dead mutants on roadsid
20 Gang of mutant beserkers lounging by road easily offended
21 Mob of mutants demanding travellers pay them tax
22 Gang forcing commoners to mutated by exposure to mutagens
23 Chaos druid with mutant barbarian guards demands untainted surrender to chaos
24 Mutant zombies led by by evil priest, eating non mutants 
25 Band of chaos mutant barbarians seeking to destroy civilization 
26 Apprentice chaos wizard with mutant mob looking for victims
27 Mutant cultists performing ritual with captive victims
28 Swarms of mutant insects devouring crops and chasing farmers
29 Swarm of maggots and worms crawling on road devouring corpses
30 Swarms of rats pour our of holes and garbage heaps 
31 Swarm of birds picking at corpses attacking travelers
32 Chaos mutant farm animals attacking any normal farmers they can find
33 Chaos coven of 12 cultists, a wizard and a demon out for mischief 
34 Mounted Mutants travelling on the road gibbering and terrorising everyone
35 Mutant halflings hurl fruit and rocks and eggs at travellers
36 Mutant halflings gorging themselves on a cannibalistic feast
37 Mutant gnomes with mutant pets and mounts
38 Mutant gnomes with guns and chaos steam powered automatons
39 Mutant chaos dwarves have built fortified bunker on road
40 Mutant chaos dwarf has mined road with explosives and commands goblin troops
41 Naked mutant dwarf axemen berserks looking for a fight
42 Wild chaos mutant elves, looking for victims to be cruel too
43 Wild chaos mutant elves, follow invisibly and torment travellers
44 Chaos mutant goatfolk warriors sacrificing victims
45 Chaos mutant ratfolk planning an ambush 
46 Chaos mutant frogfolk have flooded area and are rounding up survivors
47 Chaos mutant wormfolk devouring corpses of the dead by road
48 Chaos mutant wolffolk chasing travellers
49 Chaos mutant goblin hoard swarming over countryside eating everything
50 Chaos mutant orcs on the march to battle fresh from being created by wizards
51 Chaos mutant formarian giants spread out to eat little people

52 Formarian wizard with followers 
53 Chaos mutant Tako octopus folk exploring the surface world for undersea evils
54 Chaos mutant Fishmen, tako and other undersea folk scouting surface world
55 Shoggoth crushing travellers into bloody pulp on trail
56 Several shoggoths commanded by priest and cultists 
57 Chaos cult coven with mutant wizard and shoggoth ally
58 Chaos knights riding shoggoths
59 Chaos knights riding manticores
60 Chaos knights riding wyverns
61 Squad of Chaos Templars sizing supplies for army from travellers
62 Marching squads of mutant Chaos Templars on road on way to battle
63 Mutants burning books and a wizard, tormenting students
64 Mutants tormenting young acolytes and priest
65 Formarian riding a mutant brontothrium has eye with wand properties and charges
66 Church inquisitors purging any mutant tainted enemies of kingdom
67 Holy crusaders out to war, kill anything suspicious
68 Zealous priest leading mob of commoners out to attack mutants or witches
69 Paladins on horse back riding through land strike down anything possibly evil
70 Kingdoms army marching kill or arrest anyone and give them to inquisition
71 Demons led by greater demon cavort and dance, chase any who flee

72 Devils with guns and grenades destroying a building or bridge or the road  
73 Chaos frog demons killing some commoners
74 Succubi or incubus demon with charmed lovers and cultists
75 Chaos mutant carnival with demon clowns killing all in their path
76 Elemental mutant cultists led by wizard with a elemental with students
77 Time travelling mutants with advanced weapons seeking specific person to kill
78 Portal opens and mutant beastmen cultists with a demonic monster step out
79 Chaos pool erupting slime and jelly monsters, welcomed by cultists 
80 Elemental portal guarded by elemental and cultists
81 Gargantuan shoggoth oozing over the landscape devouring everything
82 Gargantuan monster destroying buildings d4 1=ape 2=lizard 3=bug 4=pig
83 Flesh colossus directed by necromancer cult, adding zombies to mass for repairs
84 Dozens of mutant chaos formarian giants with beastmen minions surrounded by mist
85 Swarms of ordinary bluebottle flies with giant flies with them
86 Giant mutant arthropods roaming over area d4 1=scorpions 2=spiders 3=lobsters 4=preying mantis
87 Demonic flies buzz over area taunting travellers with lies and abuse
88 Demons tormenting victims who refuse baptism in mutation potions
89 Angel standing over burned corpses, demands to test travellers purity
90 Crusaders serving church camped near pit of burning mutant corpses
91 Giant mutant chaos birds fly over area swooping down for snacks
92 Gibbering mouthers screaming and babbling on roadway

93 Chaos frog demons torturing victims out of curiosity
94 Army on march forcibly recruiting every non mutant thy meet
95 Priest leading hundreds of filthy refugees, demands donation to help people

96 Cultists in hurry on way to great summoning ritual
97 Mutated carpet of dangerous plants over area
98 Mutated carpet of dangerous fungus or slime over area
99 Swarm of demon locusts
100 Mutant chaos titan screaming with insanity

Mutant Wars Wonders 
01 Chaos army having huge orgy
02 Chaos army camped and busy celebrating over huge area 
03 Formarian giants wallowing in pit of mud and rotten corpses, fed by slaves
04 Chaos wizards guarded by mutant Templars operating orc spawning pits
05 Mutants herding women and mutant children towards mutant population
06 Large bog with moaning plague victims, rotting flesh and diseased mutants
07 Hundreds of crucified mutants dead on roadside
08 Witches and imps and familiars dancing in forest cavorting with mutants
09 Hundreds of dead mutants in a pit
10 Hundreds of robed cultists worship a demon idol
11 See streak of sun fire in distance called to smite some mutant heretic
12 Great lake of protoplasm with mutant spawn crawling from it often
13 Chaos priest leads chaos army in prayer before battle 
14 Mutant commoners erecting great crude chaos temple
15 Mutants having a party, enjoying captured food and prisoners
16 Great archon of law blasting army of mutants
17 Great archon of law come to stop chaos entity being summoned
18 Great god of chaos with army destroying all in path
19 Demon prince with retinue marching
20 Huge sprawling helpless naked mutant more of a landmark than a person
21 Toxic burning rain falls from sky killing plants and stinging skin
22 Mutated carpet of flesh over area quivering with eyes and mouths gibbering
23 Hundreds of mad gibbering naked mutants screaming and unable to move
24 Great lake of flesh and tentacles writhing and oozing
25 Great weird aurora in the sky 
26 Rains slimy mucous from the sky 
27 Rains frogs or bugs or fish or lizards 
28 Rains great hailstones
29 Rains burning hellfire over area igniting spot fires
30 Area covered in strange green mist
31 Dead arising from ground mutated undead zombies
32 Mutated crops or trees swaying eerily
33 Ground shakes in mild tremour causing mild building and tree damage
34 Ground splits open huge rift or sinkhole opens 
35 Flood of filthy water and mud overflows area
36 A great barrier of writhing oozing flesh divides area
37 Area flooded with mud, slime and bogs 
38 Rapid growth of weeds, thorns and vines over area
39 Rapid growth of fungus, mushrooms and toadstools
40 Strange growths in ground glow by night
41 Strange fleshy plants grow everywhere
42 Strange mist over land
43 Sinkholes opening everywhere
44 Strange slime trails everywhere
45 Strange stars glistening and appearing nightly in new constellations
46 Geyser of slime erupting
47 Strange oily rainbow fluid polluting water
48 Mutant rodent swarms pouring over countryside 
49 Giant mutant baby with starving normal parents following
50 Idiot mutants building a shambling templ
e of mud and excrement 
51 Mutant priest preaching mutant freedoms ti hideous deformed mob
52 Anti mutant priest addressing mob of angry villagers with burning torches
53 Clusters of gelatinous eggs everywhere 
54 Strange glowing rocks scattered around all over country fell from sky
55 Acid rain burns plants, crops and stains stones
56 Strange coloured skies with moon visible by day 
57 Strange gibberings and howlings in distance day and night 
58 Tremors shake the land
59 Piles  of empty human skins and clothes discarded everywhere
60 Huge wildfires fill sky for miles with clouds of smoke
61 Volcanic vent leaking out smoke and lava
62 Horrible odour fills the air, making all complain for miles
63 Quivering pit of flesh
64 Mutants throw themselves into the lake of twitching protoplasm
65 Prehistoric looking mutant throwbacks often huge common in area
66 Futuristic flying brain animals psionically communicating empathicly
67 A pyramid of writhing interlocked mutant animals and people mewling barking screaming moaning
68 Mutant rain d4 1=Rain of fish 2=Rain of Frogs 3=Rain of blood
69 Weird monoliths grow from soil and move by night, leave crushed or bloodless corpses
70 Water supply tainted by torrents of endless blood
71 Crops covered in mutant spores tainting consumers with mutations

72 Prehistoric investigates swarming over area d4 1=crabs 2=slugs 3=worms 4=bugs
73 Prehistoric investigates swarming over area d4 1=trilobites 2=scorpions 3=squid 4=giant ants
74 Chaotic mutant trees on the march killing and eating and enslaving animal life 
75 Giant mushrooms grow over areas and soon attract giant bugs, goblins and other life 
76 Rat men mutants carrying a glowing meteor on a palanquin that shoots a great mutagen ray
77 A great odd coloured fire blazing on a hill visible for miles
78 A strange winking star is seen in the heavens, some say a demon
79 Strange comet seen in sky for a week, coloured glowing mist rain down
80 Giant moth flies through sky and scatters strange mutagenic dust over land
81 Colossal flying kaiju lands and mutants jump on and off seeking new homes and travel
82 Colossal flying kaiju shits out giant turds squirming with mutant parasites
83 Colossal flying kaiju drops giant ticks over land that beserkly attack
84 Colossal kaiju amoeba oozing over landscape eating life leaving bare earth
85 Plants swaying as if to music creepily for miles
86 Giant thorn forest emerges from earth dividing the land
87 Giant tentacles sprout from earth snatching and eating people
88 Basilisk roaming large area of sourland where water poisond and plants die
89 Fields of mould and trees blooming with fungus
90 Horde of mutants turning into plants their root fet firmluy planted as they become
91 Wilderness in area turned evil and chaotic, horrible creatures and plants everywhere
92 Planar gateway in ancient megalith rocks opens and mutants and outsider beings gather

93 Great witching festival where strange star spirit folk meet cultists and bestow mutations
94 Colossal explosion where a star fell, heard for hundreds of miles
95 Strange primal 

96 Time travellers come through gate from future to dive naked into lakes of mutant protoplasm
97 Landscape and terrain changes unnaturally fast over hours in wilderness areas
98 Thousands of refugees swarming for supposed safe area
99 Huge camps and shanty towns of refugees
100 Burrowing monsters undermine area d6 1=purple worm 2=ankheg 3=carrion crawlers 4=landsharks 5=groundsquid 6=owlbears

Part 3
d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion

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