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d100 Wasteland Death Cults

I get a mention in this podcast episode 3 towards end
Actually they expanded my idea of cryptic alliances and id never considered they were alignment. I also like notion you can have one alliance for community and another personal - or you could be an involuntary member.

This was slowest table ive ever done. I could have done 6-10 others in same time. Probably better for taking time.

Wasteland death cults are a common feature of outback life. Most cults dont waste time fighting gangs or the law. They are secretive, mostly involved in ritual and power plays. The cults mentioned in Wasteland Gangs act more like gangs and have petty concerns of gangs.  My earlier gangs for city sprawls is here too reminding me all these factions fine for a superhero game.

Real cults are weirder. When they arise from hiding with pointy hoods, torches and bloody daggers they are seriously pissed and intent on killing. Mostly they use the law or pawns or use plainclothes to get normal folk to help them. Hooded robes worn by cults tend to be of a colour with a cult symbol on the chest and others on hoods indicating rank. Some of these cults were harmless twenty years ago, now they have gone over the edge. More things from beyond are leaking through the veil again. Inhuman intelligence recognize cults value. 

You dont need to roll every table. You could use the d12 to build a new cult or just roll the d100, or use some d12 tables to add detail or twists to a d100 cult.

Some cults have similar names and identifying them and exact differences can be hard.

d12 Secret Cult HQ
01 Abandoned mine
02 Burnt out mental hospital
03 Abandoned prison complex
04 In a cave complex
05 Abandoned high school
06 Old haunted house 
07 Mausoleum under a graveyard
08 Old warehouse in ruined industrial area
09 Ghost town
 Concealed under prehistoric barrowmound or  rock monolih

11 Abandoned base d41=mining company 2=military 3=corp black lab 4=bunker
 Abandoned factory d4 1=abattoir 2=sawmill 3=frozen food 4=cannery

d12 Cult specialties

01 Abduction and brainwashing for new members
02 Murder and suicidal assassins
03 Cannibalism and
04 Black ops training from war vets
05 Human sacrifice
06 Martial art school specialization
07 Honey pot seducers and flirty recruitment
08 Mad terrorist attacks nobody understands
09 Drugs and poison
10 Black lab mad science and
 Implant technology

11 Exposing selves to mutagens or hybridizing with non humans
 Aiding the undead and working with them

d12 Cult Resources

01 Fleet of transport vehicles, armoured limousines and pursuit cars
02 Armoury of militia weapons and facilities to manufacture ammo
03 Access to high tech corporate technology, cash and security forces
04 Access to massive funds from cultists ready for lawyers and security
05 Gang of cheap stupid underling thugs in lower cult ranks
06 Criminal connections to help getting vice and dumping bodies
07 Political connections with many local office bearers with cult ranks
08 Sweatshop where cultists produce d4 1=food 2=drugs 3=necklaces 4=ammo
09 Secret tunnels connecting homes, worship and public locations
Many cult members have unusual abilities d4 1=magic 2=psionic 3=mutation 4=cyborg

11 Cult have access to a powerful magical relic or esoteric tech item
12 Cult have a monstrous
 thing in a pit or elite exotic champion

d12 Public Relations
01 Locals hate them and have murdered a few and tried poisoning them
02 Locals weary but apreciate the business
03 Local Law and government have been secretly tainted by cult
04 Locals are mostly afraid and avoid crossing the cult
05 Locals love the cult and thing ousiders are persecuting them
06 Media have outed cult as dangerous and fearful

07 State or federal law investigating them possibly undercover
08 Private hired infiltrators working on cult to get members out
09 Federal espionage agencies investigating and infiltrating

10 Corporate sponsors use the cult for some sinister reason
11 A famous celebrity in cult has boosted public interest
12 Locals on verge of lynching cult and burning headquaters

d12 Cult Leader Features

01 Cult leader hedonist drug abusing sex maniac
02 Cult leader is serial killer
03 Cult leader has magnetic personality
04 Cult user has huge sex appeal and appetite
05 Cult leader independently rich and powerful
06 Cut leader sells bathwater for $1000 a shot
07 Part of a bigger super cult or an agent of some group
08 Several surprising secret identities 
09 Leader hears voices from overspace
 Cult leader has supernatural psionic or magical powers

11 Has a companion d4 1=pet 2=concubine 3=bodyguard 4=scientist or wizard
12 Leader serves inhuman alien space gods

d12 Evil cult scheme

01 Control local politics
02 Murder attractive young people
03 Rise up and murder locals
04 Destroy rival cults
05 Built a weapon of mass  destruction
06 Harvest money from saps
07 Mind control a community
08 Murder famous people or celebrities
09 Terrorist attack (and some bankjobs for practice)
10 Preparing a bunker or militia fortress or secret temple

11 Increase exposure to mutagens
 Deal with a faction of undead

d12 Cult Leader Twists
01 Leader is really a alien hybrid

02 Leader is really a espionage agent
03 Leader is unbeliever and con man
04 Leader has multiple personalities
05 Leader is mutant or psionic
06 Leader is possessed by entity from overspace
07 Leader is a time traveller
08 Leader is remotely controlled by technology or magic
09 Leader is a wizard or witch
10 Leader is a prehuman monsters 
11 Leader possessed by spirit
12 Leader is really dead (possibly undead)

d12 Intercult Relations
01 Recruit from many gangs and cults

02 Use several cults as stooges to blame for everything
03 Use a similar cult as a smokescreen
04 Create fake cults to confound enemies
05 Have a war with a rival cult

06 Actually split from another cult and are now rivals
07 Infiltrate other cults for secrets
08 Allied with other cult against mutual enemy
09 Create sleeper agents within other cult
10 Control leader of another cult
11 Freely share members with other cults
12 Cult is a stooge of a greater cult

d12 Favorite Cult Weapons (ritual or sacrifice)
01 Dagger
02 Sword
03 Strangulation by hand or weapon
04 Sickle or other archaic tool or rod
05 Rod or truncheon
06 Staff
07 Martial arts
08 Fire
09 Poison

11 Drugs
12 Exotic martial art weapon

 Wasteland apocalypse death cults

01 Freemasons, occult symbol aprons over suit or uniform, the original club for protestant businessmen out for power, corruption and influence, most members are grey haired old men now but they have money for mercs and skilled vetran officers among them. They have many sects and rival national traditions
02 Comasons, a sect of masons where women are admitted equally. Not as rich or powerful as the original but tries to remain a competitive threat and has women in it. Much rarer and secretive still are all Women Masons. As sects with less resources are personnel they are less violent. They may also hijack apparatus of other sects or use third party cults
03 Egyptian Freemasons include many non anglo proponents of African or Middle eastern decent. Their uniforms are sometimes inspired by ancient costumes from egyptian art. They have been known to assist alien gods or have factions that do
04 The Argonauts, blue greek letters on white, a greek business mans fraternal order in competition to anglo cults and biological and android tech creations of mythical monsters
05 Independent order of oddfellows, chain links and hand symbols on white. A popular fraternal charity org for business men realy in contact with beings from overspace 
06 Sheild Brotherhood, wear colorful tribal cutural costumes and body paint and tatoos. Publicly tribal heritage and welfare group but also act as conduit of magicians and initiated warriors. Actually many have special forces training and are competitive athletes
07 The Order of Druids, white robes with prehistoric symbols. Publicly perform rituals and build monoliths, mostly country minded gentlemen and women in business. They also control sport time tables and gambling rackets. They do perform blood rites and sacrifice and burning in secret, especialy in public and government buildings
08 Theosophy, white robed order of occult scholars with most members in it for the new age courses and buffet and singing. A minority are wizards outright trying to flex their occult muscles and sell books. This minority are unpredictable and occasionally rise up in a violent murder spree. They also kidnap gifted children in search of a chosen one to start new age
09 Golden Dawn, black robes with white striped Egyptian head dress. A long lasting society of scholar magicians and once dominant for a hundred years the UK scene. Many wizards are willing to push extremes in search of magic.
10 Illuminati, gold robes but many sects and factions. A divergent sect from Freemasons interested in financial and political power through manipulation. The oldest sects are still following ideologies of the 17th century with ritual orgies and use murder to silence and achieve ends. Modern sects all have different beliefs and 
incongruous histories. They are created by agents to act as distractions and many continue living a lie after the agent moves on. The strangest kind are agents who claim to hunt conspiracies but actually clean up messes from rogue cells. Some agents might not know they are agents and will do anything to fight the beast they fear.  Over centuries hundreds of confused false sects have been created

11 Thule Brotherhood seek to raise their lost continent of aryan supermen. This robed occult brotherhood aid Nazi and racist groups and possibly have been influence by beings from overspace attempting to restore their prehuman land mass and conquer the world when the stars ar right. They also seek artifacts they claim prove their cause. Their robe wearing order frequently has schisms and forms new factions. They are also fascinated in creating super soldiers
12 Satanists, red and black robes and masks, older generation ruled by 70s swingers mostly into vice and orgies. Otherwise respectable local businessmen. Some dedicated wizards will gamble with high stakes occult forces or a demon like entity. Occasional they practice human sacrifice. The punk and heavy metal loving members infiltrate or imitate biker gangs who raid satanist territory and perform brutal missions

13 Cromwellians, christian puritan sect who preach law and order and humility. They patrol areas with their new model armies - disciplined and well armed goons. they also assassinate celebrities, dandies and style icons but nowadays broadcast beheadings as a warning. The New Puritans hunt witches, mutants, homeless, psionics and other undesirables for cleansing. Puritan Youth turn in their parents and spy on people. They have a growing membership and are establishing fortified towns.
14 Anticult, wear normal local clothes. They don't think they are a cult but they act in secret, kidnap people, reprogram captives and infiltrate other cults. Many are fanatic and dangerous. Blame everything on cult corruption to explain why they just killed someone who crossed them
15 Scientology, white robes or silver waistcoats, once a international major religion now a smaller more fanatic cult that spends it's time trying to expose aliens so it will prove all their other theories. Still interested in preying on the troubled and needy and sucking up money and psudotherapies. If their ideas are scruitinised, members threatened or or their programming centres are exposed they mark foe as a enemy for death 
16 The Templars, wear knight chainmail and tabbards, a former Christian sect of warrior monks. Since being outlawed centuries ago they are secretive hoarding treasure and knowledge. The cult is so old and fragmented one sect might worship devils, another hunts immortals while another hunts wizards or keeps the holy grail or collects relics. They are dangerous with corporate funding and equipment
17 Mithrites, wear ancient robe and Phryigian bonnet. Originally a ancient Persian-Indian religion once common in Roman Empire. Now hidden behind scenes of power and influence. A male sect encouraging gay rites of initiation between members of various ranks. Quite happy to be warlike and kill outsiders who reveal secrets or are in the way. Members very attractive and suave. Important ranks grow up with a personal protector and companion. Cult members lives are planned for them to benefit the cult goals having been controlled since birth. Inner cabal belong to certain bloodlines in Canberra. Possibly connected to alien entity
18 Children of God, a christian sex cult that uses flirty fishing to recruit. As the cult came under threat they have taken up arms and established communities in the wasteland. Rampant sexually transmitted plague necrovirus and the state seizing their children slowed them down in 80s. Apparently smiling singing protestants, they are heavily armed sexual predators. Some clans are incestuous or all related to a single leader
19 Universal Church, mostly white and some black uniforms. Many are cyborgs with cult brainware. Believes all religion is one but kinda look and act christian by default. They have taken over towns with personality cult preachers moving in first. Now they want independent territory and are stockpiling guns
20 Aum Supreme Truth, white robes with electronic box on head. Promise to teach psionics and superhero powers, this scifi buddhist cult with too much money tries to hasten the apocalypse with nerve gas and lasers and biological warfare. Their black lab science, hopeless incompetence and fanaticism make them do some outstanding feats of terrorism and accidents with strange forces. They like automated weapon factories and bunkers to survive the apocalypse. They really liked Isaac Asimov's Foundation books. The leader is a partially blind maniac convinced he is a new Buddah. They are the kind of cult that might fight James Bond
21 Aetherius Society, blue and yellow monk robes. A UFO religion in contact with beings from overspace who have trouble manifesting on this plane. Cultists are mostly moderates but if directed to a task by alien masters they will do anything. Alien powers might enhance their leaders and the beings beyond can desiccate a cultist or enemy into dust by possessing them 
22 Raeleans, silver jump suits. Believe in communion with aliens, cloning and sexual freedom especially with aliens. Once harmless now build secretive black labs and creating artificial aliens to prove theories. Will kill any who get in way of their alien love schemes or cloning their dead founder a french motorsports celebrity
23 Nephalim wear white robes, claim their leaders are reincarnated giant supermen from ancient times. They are always trying to find proof of advanced ancients, reincarnation, magic and more. Some reincarnated beings reject their advances and must be killed to awaken their next life or in some cases they use saturnium metal which kills their spirits forever. They have many old journals of the ever living ones from different times and spell books. They often try to forcibly kidnap people as reborn ones or servants. They claim warlike souls enjoy being deathracers 
24 Knights of Klingsor wear gold and green robes and weird gold torcs and crowns.Claim to follow a immortal sorcerer who is said to have influenced history and dealt with the dark gods of overspace. There have been several leaders who have claimed to have been ocupied by the spirit of Klingsor over hundreds of years
25 Charlie's Legion, wear army surplus long hair, beads anf headbands. A paramilitary hippie sex drug murder cult serving life sentence inmate Charlie Turner. Yearly his suicide cultists attack celebrities and media outlets, many followers identify him with Christ
26 Count Orlac's Children claim to be a vampire cult following a immortal. They tend to wear business or formal or retro suits. This was mostly treated skeptically by law but since the zombie plagues people are more willing to believe. The cult has surged in recent years, fanatics will do anything to become imortal uundead. They trade in illegal blood supplies
27 Wastelords wear feral scavanged wastelanf gang costumes. They follow the mask wearing Wastemaster who teaches only violent death in his service matters. Increasingly large hordes gather for huge wasteland festivals and parties. Their isolation so far has kept them from large clashes with authority. Many theories about the Wastemaster circulate often
28 Kelly's Heroes are a huge biker gang who started as a small gang led by Kelly who now is in hiding as the cult has grown. They went from a gang to a large popular anti undead and mutant christian vigilante group. Now include criminals, drug addicts, homeless and anyone they find morally flawed they crucify and torture in the lords name. Kelly is a wanted fugitive and hides but some say he has a sinister reason for never showing his face
29 Tsarinas founded by Anastasia Goldenrod a popular sanctioned op but after near death she claimed to be a reincarnated Russian princess and now leads a horde of women in white jumpsuits, gold jewelry and sunglasses. They have been establishing drug labs and fight cults and gangs to carve out territory. The Princess is well funded and well equipped and many theories about their funding abound
30 Emperor Aulus claims to be a reincarnated ancient Roman who plans to restore Rome over generations if need be. Many live a second life online as Roman citizens with friends and families. The richest go to a Roman resort club and some whole towns have sprung up. The have gladiators gangs, roman infantry and car using "cavalry" and the Emperors Personal Guard loyal to Aulus. Many dress in roman like but modern clothes and armour
31 Accept The Beast  are a cult who embrace the undead and mutants attempting to become both. The wear hooded robes and like glow in the dark mak up so they seem radioactive. They capture monsters and drink their blood in ritual orgies. Each such ritual they eat a failed initiate. To join you must kill and eat someone unknown to you dictated by the Initiation Committee
32 Bloody Jacks started as a harmless steam punk hipsters who increasingly made their costumed equipment functional. The Bloody Jacks emulate Jack the Ripper in secret often framing other cults or gangs with inept graffiti 
33 Freddy' Nightmares are grisly ghoulish serial killers mostly hunting teenagers for sport. The enjoy psychological torture. Other sects include the Jasons who get sub-dermal armour plating use machetes and wear wearing hockey masks and slovenly overalls. Another are the Pinheads. Any terrible 80s horror film could spawn a sect
34 The Ding-a-lings seem to be a hillbilly clan of road nomads, homeless and camping in their gang of vehichles. They are jolly, generous, gullible and a mix of attractive and hideous. Some has loos morals and others aint. Actually they are cannibals dining on loners and runaways they sucker in the name of their demon lord Kraal. Granny is a witch with weird psychic powers
35 Turkey Shooters are racist classiest rich and rich wanabees who hunt poor, worthless and prisoners they buy from prisons. They stage various contests where highest bidding members get to hunt a victim. Some use cars, some on foot. Their videos leak online all the time and hunters have increased using gimmicks and getting on TV
36  Save Australia are a failed political party and social movement that now on hard times live increasingly in the rural areas and the wasteland. They establish racially segregated tribes and then operate as ethic cleansers and bandits to strangers and rival cults or gangs. They like to lynch people that don't fit in their conservative towns. They ritually sacrifice a victim at weekly initiations
37 The Dacey Clan are a large redneck rural family all corpulent obese who recruit newcomers into the loving arms and jowls of Mama Gordon. They also kidnap and brainwash new members and share them around the community. They preach death to funny city folk and lead mobs to lynch and kill the intruders. Some of them are starting to eat their victims. 
38 Slashers wear hooded red robes, sect of copy cat killers emulating the original 80s sect killed by police in 1979. The cult claimed to be inspired by space gods
39 Kalima sect wear masks and turbans and use exotic Indian weapons like flexible swords. chakra, katar and wavy blades. They murder kidnapped victims and refine their deadly martial arts. They also have adopted modern automatic weapons and computers which they use to stalk victims and delete their existance 
40 Order of Transcendental Aquarian Knights dress like hippies and take lots of drugs. Several cells have gone insane with supernatural beliefs and armed violence. Some had to fight to survive and now they pre emptive strike first and armed strangers
41 Sons of Sweet Lady Luck are suit wearing scoundrels, often mobster clans join entirely and worship dice, games of chance and risking their loves often betting on each other and escalating each game. Some gangs fight each other and use other petty crime and vice to fund gambling. They kill quite a few people as a matter of course
42 The key club began as a neighborhood swingers club and have over run suberbia across the country with a mix of sex, corruption, vice, blackmail and murder. They now worship Dionusys and Venus. they wear purple and green robes
43 Sisters of Bast worship a egyptian cat god and they act like a social club or sex club to outsiders to hide their rituals. They dress up for every occasion often with cat or Egyptian themed art. In rituals they wear ancient dresses and cat or lioness masks. The Lion Maids are deadly in combat and act as assasins 
44 The Order of the Brazen Noon created by Therodan Marks to be his sex and drug secret society has lived on without him. Many members gather for drug abuse and occasionally they see who can perform the most heinous act. Preferably something you would get lynched by mob for.
45 The Celestial Court  gather to take drugs and perform sex rites. Wear turquize robes and preach new age healing and philosophy. They take drugs that plunges their minds into the early days of the Earth when inhuman things crawled. More and more drugs forgotten for aeons have come into their possession, used by ancient wizards to contact inhuman gods
46 The Knights of Midas live lives of pleasure like ancient kings in secret club houses. They brainwash an army of goons and harem slaves and put them to work in hidden utopian bunkers. Occasionaly they perform a heist to fund them
47 The Platinum Cats, believe in stealing, hiding and hoarding pretty things and luxuries. Have elite modified agents each in command of a base and a squad of fanatic clone goons. They only steal money to pay for operations and only care about aesthetics and blocking the common heard from great treasures and beauty
48 Plutonian Brotherhood consume alien drugs from strange pushers in the hills. They have time travel visions and are convinced they can change history and see the future. These purple robed drug addicts claim they can kill enemies as they are being bored. Many superstitious wastelanders don't believe in. Some plutonians claim to see primordial horrors then disapear to who knows where 
49 Leng Brotherhood spread the occult narcotic Leng dust and serve many elder gods. The wear turbans and have dark hairy faces and a funny walk. Besides smuggling drugs many seem to have inhuman hybrid features. Nobody knows how they cross the world with impunity and without air or sea travel
50 Brotherhood of the Many Who Are One or Clone Pimps started as a criminal drug cartel but used money to enter cloning and brain scanning industries and got weird. Rapper MC Xero has cloned himself and oversees every branch and initiates new members street gang style. The sell clones of celebrities and rent out their clones for parties for rich. This is a serious breach of studio trademarks and law take them seriously. Increasingly Xero calls himself a god
51 Dagon's Mariners are a order of retired sailors who still have many connections from lifetimes at sea. Some seem to be mutants with fishy taints. Most wear sea uniforms, have weird tattoos and handshakes. In secret they wear ritual fish head robes of the seven fishy sages. In these ritual chambers they call things from beyond. They also have collections of strange islander sea god statues. They also operate maritime piracy, wrecking ships and smuggling (drugs, slaves, fugitives)
52 Yellow Scourge serves Hastur and the king in yellow. They work in secret to influence and corrupt officials seeking world domination. They wear yellow hooded robes and serve hidden lahmas with strange powers and guardians. They also taint the arts with sinister works that change the audience for worse. Strange creatures have served them including mutants and undead. Crime involvement has increased cult and helps it spread further corruption and find goons for public actions
53 Si Fan the criminal cult controlled by notorious Devil Doctor FuManchu, a reputed immortal serving a secret empire. Having spent decades in Europe and America and the Middle east, now he resides in Australia and uses any technology or other cult to spread his schemes for world domination through crime. Sect has many orders with different missions including martial artists, weird assassins and more.
54 Black Demon Tong are a tong brotherhood involved in crime for centuries in china. They also notoriously interested in the occult and claim to worship a demon sword and follow whomever wields it. Smart dressed magic tatooed gangsters who use guns and kung fu weapons
55 The Children of Xenu pretend to serve the much maligned former cosmic emperor Xenu who was turned into a being of pure spirit when he assended to overspace. Just by giving them all your money and autonomy they provide a home, purpose, job and training with the prophets of Xenu on their luxury yachts. They also sell the children of members to organleggers
56 Big Sid's Brotherhood, Big Sid was a crimelord who founded his cult in 80s after a near death experience. After he left prison he began dressing oddly and established his first cult labour farm. his gang were a bit surprised but have continued operations but keep it away from sid and out of sight from lucrative cult saps. Farms are terrible sweatshops and members are fleeced dry. Families and lawyers who cause the brotherhoodproblems wind up in barrels of acid. Sid seems a marlyn brando like peaceful huge bald man who stares into space for hours. His goons can flip flop from kindly cult orderlies to killers in a instant
57 Freedom Resistance League operate chains of survivalist bunkers and militia groups across the nation led by General Musgrove, appointed by god to rule after the apocalypse. The end of the world has been a bit slow so they also deal in arms and renting militia men to other orgs, especially crooked politicians, racist groups and corporations. Many are ex military from international backgrounds
58 The Golden Trapezoid are superficially a financial training organization but in fact are a money grubby cult who's training includes numbers rackets, gambling, rituals and drug abuse. They regularly fleece peoples life savings and use the cultic community aspects to silence complaints. Homeless members can live in their centres and can earn a living as recruiters. Have managed to engulf whole town fire and police departments and some government departments 
59 Children of Light are a healing sex cult using faux medicine and flirty fishing to entrap members. They also drug ritual attendees to facilitate members divine experiences (LSD). They have become increasingly paranoid after government shut down some centres and took many of the cults children into state care. Now they are sounding increasingly violent and hostile, teaching outsiders are enemies 
60 The Chrysanthemum Club are white suit wearing cheerful people with floral garlands and free hugs for all. They prey on immigrants and actually are sex traffickers and slavers. Rich members are provided slaves who will do anything even die on command. The cult use deep programming, starvation, sex, drugs, torture and experimental mind control. The founder was rumoured to be formerly in government Psi-ops and propaganda
61 Bloody Hand Ninja followed corporate masters from Japan to Australia and serve as industrial spies and assassins. They in fact serve a demon and their masters seem to be able to resurrect members who exhibit true fanaticism. They recruit from locals and have created satellite cults including a demonic rock sect (Blood Sons), martial art gang the Red Fist and a occult business mans fraternal order the sarlet hand. They have been using these to spread. influence and pave the way for the apocalypse  
62 The Purge are a mutant cult who began as a pro mutant anti human sect but increasingly just use that as rhetoric and recruitment for real purpose assasination for hire. They still murder anti mutant figures but prefer to blame others than take credit. Many don't believe they are real because of their cell structure and misinformation campagns. Mutants generally think well of them
63 Crimson Cobras a sect of Thugee who fled India in the 1800s and now operate from the west. Murder is a sacred responsibility and they only perform some jobs for hire. Mostly they randomly kill anyone in their bizarre initiation rituals. Secret shrines have a kali statue often with articulated limbs allowing the statues to decapitate or dismember sacrifices. Many use exotic ancient hindu weapons and live cobras for kills. Some shrines have giant mutant cobras and they perform exra ordinary feats of athletics and yoga
64 The Skull Men are a society that admits only rich and beautiful and athletic. Member hunt victims for sport and occasionally make contests from contracts rather than money. Their decadent parties make most people think they are just a sex cult for the rich
65 Fire of the Atom are devoted to escalating WW3 by assassinating officials, attacking the military, hijacking weapons and creating fake news. Members operate wasteland strongholds and include mutants and plague victims who believe they will thrive in a post war world. Despite feral gang appearance they rob to gain funds to expand their bunkers and kill important officials leaving fake evidence of foriegn powers
66 Celebrity Head Hunters are a cult dedicated to decapitating celebrities, the more heads of fame the more status members gain. They come from privileged homes in the policed zones of the inner city. Murder race track stars have become the hot new celebs to behead so they increasingly leave the cities. Many are rich, attractive and have subdermal weapons systems like mono garrotes
67 Nizari Ismailis a medival islamic assasin cult who use drugs for brain washing and hire out services to highest bidder. Each continent has a secret base led by an "old Man Of the Mountain". They have been increasingly used to interfere with with death racing by rival interests. Members are fanatic martial artists
68 Tattooed Dragons a sect derived from Chinese mafia specialising in assassination, esoteric brain washing and martial arts. The cut is well funded even having their own submarine for international missions. Utterly ruthless they often brainwash high profile persons who travel internationally. They sadistically punish any who betray or displease them and claim to be hundreds of years old
69 Black Star Brotherhood  are anarchists seeking to bring down those in power by random bombings of important people and to foment war hopefully leaving the world a anarchist village based commune economic paradise that will arise from the ashes. They recruit desperate broken people and indoctrinate them into suicide bombers. they see WW1 as a great victory of theirs which helped wipe out the hereditary aristocracy of europe
70 Red Murder a cult of communists who believe killing politicians, the rich and celebrities will help destroy the capitalist order. They are fanatic and suicidal killers and sometimes they raise war bands of armed vehicles to attack events or cross country races. They also like to booby trap death racers
71 Brotherhood from Beyond seek to open the veil to ultimate reality of overspaces where alien entities long to devour human kind. Most robed members use rituals but the new ones developing resonators that alter human brains and open the mind to viewing the higher realms. These devices mostly result in strange deaths and possession by such entities results in bodies exploding from high pressure
72 Reptilian Order believe reptilians from space once ruled the earth and seek proof. They also have influenced many political groups and in the name of self preservation they kill any who speak ill of the reptilian rule. Most recently they have been studying reptile like mutations and genetic hybrids to breed as soldiers
73 The Brotherhood of the Pharaohs, crazy racist sect believers Egyptians built tombs in Australia and government has covered it up. From their secret temples members participate in rituals wearing ancient Egyptian robes and. They increasingly steal egyptian relics and supernatural texts. They dream of restoring Australia to It's Ancient Egyptian glory. Aboriginal peoples are not too impressed by these claims 
74 Bunyip Dynasty was part of a failed movement in 1800s to introduce own royal titles for Australia. Once failed the brotherhood established secret functions and balls where members wear old world clothing and have ordained themselves with titles. Lesser members are given knighthoods for waging war against the poor, communists, egalitarians and anti monarchists. They constantly lobby right wing wealthy politicians and tempt them with financial support
75 Hellfire Club started as a faction from the notorious English club. They dress in old world clothing and mostly have decadent pleasure parties with rituals and drug fueled orgies. Being from the well to do they murder anyone exposing their secrets
76 Doomsday Riders started as a motorcycle gang but a veteran held by exotic asian cult returned and took over using what he learned as the Doomlord. Military fatigues and motorbikes are standard kit. The Doomlord is a huge man and a brilliant martial artist and psychically resilient. He preaches the world is doomed, esoteric asian occultism and nihlism. Many members have military and the masters training. To raise money the cult lay waste to ruin small towns for corporations
77 Golden Talon a Taoist alchemy cult steeped in Chinese occultism, with sub sects of tong like criminals, robed assassins and agent infiltrators. The cult claim to be led by a group of supposed immortals in a secret underground kingdom guarded by dragons. They seek power through espionage and occult means   
78 Ghost Warriors a coalition of intentional indigenous magicians seeking ancient tribal magic to drive away and punish settlers on their lands. Many use shamanic magic including spells to resist bullets, heal and conjure spirits and elder gods
79 Metron Brotherhood are a secret order of rich occultists who seek to become gods through human sacrifice and channeling the dark gods and demons. They generally purchase quiet compounds in wasteland areas where their thugs bring up to hundreds of sacrifices. They have so far have the bad luck of been stopped by police, local gangs and meddling strangers 
80 Revicationists hope to restore long extinct species like dinosaurs and Pleistocene creatures and plants and even improve them to survive. Many were involved in the Pleistocene and Cretaceous Park corporations . When those companies collapses cultists took many animals and tried to relocate them to isolated valleys and locations to breed them. They aggressively fight to kill any who harm their animals and are willing to perform acts of terrorism or drive away townsfolk to create habitats. The still infiltrate corporations and fight corporations who claim to own animals or who in turn try to steal eggs or embryos from the cult. Devout members grow embryos inside themselves
81 Mentat a cult of self proclaimed geniuses who do to their training on filling out IQ tests claim they have moral superiority on every issue. Since they started wearing robes. performing rituals and plotting to kill all people with IQs of under a 130 or replace them with clone morons. They have been working on viral weapons and studying the necrovirus to see if it can be modified to only effect lesser brains. Some of their experiments have gone wrong. Their superiority has alienated them from many but has attracted some very rich members
82 Servants of the One, follow the preachings of imprisoned former owner of a genius sperm bank who impregnated over 500 clients with his enhanced offspring. The cult who have his DNA seek to propegate him as much as possible through cloning, replacing samples of sperm banks with the master and developing new ways to impregnate women with the masters holy seed. They estimate in four generations they can replace the whole earths population with the masters spawn bringing worls peace and a global hive mind. They happily kill any in their path, infiltrate corporations and operate isolated black labs
83 Mindwipers work with mind recording and hacking technology and abuse it to create cultists and agents. The founder used the tech to create a first gen of agents who have gone on to replicate their programs on others. They infiltrate corporations and government but operate wasteland black labs. Worst case action of the cult is able to hack insurance clones and overwrite client memories and turn them into devotees of the cult 
84 Methuselans seek immortality but the rank and file of the cult are just being exploited for cash. They operate cryobanks for the rich they claim can one day be resurrected which has made them rich. They fund cloning and stem cell research but also drain blood and organs of youths to keep senior members young and healthy. They operate many enclaves with labs and freezers including one in Antarctica. They have been accused of murdering investigators seeking to expose them. Those they cant silence by murder they bribe with medical treatment
85 Datajackers are a hacker cell that exposes secret documents of governments and corporations. In some instances they have been praised by some sectors of public but have also caused problems in legal cases and created mass panics. They are especially after information on UFOs. They are monitored by many local and foreign government agencies. As they gained fame the organisation has increasingly gone insane and murdered infiltrators or suspected traitors. They have also bombed supposed alien hybrids vehichles 
86 Lords of Atlantis claim decent from sunken Atlantis and even have a secret language and alphabet. The have enclaves that have ancient decor and members clothing. They also have underwater bases, habitats and research labs. They have been funded by billionaires and treasure hordes found underwater. Genetic modification is also a possible program. They operate ancient occult and super science programs and aggressively seek ancient relics   
87 Knights of the Grail claim to seek the holy grail since the dark ages. Knights perform some rituals using armour, swords and horses preferably in old castles. They also meet in suits in corporate board rooms. They claim the grail can save the world but have aggressively murdered enemies who they see as a obstacle. Now the apocalypse has begun they seek more world wide and also fight undead and mutants. Common cultists are squires (personal assistants of knights) or serfs or men at arms
88 Blood Cabal seek special bloodlines they claim have magical properties and are pleasing to otherworldly beings. The cult was obsessed with bloodlines ans alchemical uses of blood. In more recent years the cult has become more scientific and seeks blood of psychics, mutants and other unusual persons. Kidnapping and bloodletting victims in dungeons has been a cult practice for centuries
89 Secret Empire are robed cult dedicated to power through technology and occult means. The ruling council of 12 constantly compete and scheme and never reveal their identities to each other. Only no1 knows everyone's identity and uses this too rule. They keep hidden bases of robed technicians and mercenaries
90 Brotherhood of the Black Sun seek to aid the dark gods bring about the end of the world which is coming soon. The sun will turn black from the elder god spawn completing their germination and tentacles will come down and cleanse the earth and alien gods will battle for domination of the earth. The cult seek artifacts and rituals to hasten this process
91 Them Among Us are a cult who claim to serve aliens and kill anyone reporting or investigating aliens. They resemble men in black and work to silence with threats and murder. Increasing wasteland sightings has more cult members in the field. Some believe cult created by government agencies to save money others believe the cult full of alien hybrids or creatures wearing skinsuits 
92 Yellow Scourge are a Hastur worshiping cult who seek to end the world by calling down monsters, plagues and undead. The cult infiltrate corporations and re purpose black labs for the cult purposes. Other sects perform sacrifices in secret temples to call their god and minions in yellow robes
93 The Brotherhood of Yith serve an alien race from the distant past who travel to the future to study the end times of human kind. Not malicious but they need the earth prepared for the next race they plan to mass migrate to from the past. Their cultists aid and assist them and are trying to bathe the earth in radiation. The cult also promote the nuclear industry and nuclear waste storage industries and murder people to help their agenda
94 Sons of the Star Polyps believe an alien race of formless horrors are imprisoned in basalt towers and wells buried beneath the earth millions of years ago. The cult seek to find them and free them and hope to serve them when they seize the world. The cult seek to infiltrate mining companies, cave explorers and archaeologists to find and free their masters  
95 Brotherhood of the Great ones seek to recover a sunken alien civilization who worshiped Ganatathoa. The cult are often degenerate inbred clans who practice cannibalism and murder. They seek to recover magic mirrors that will allow communions with their god. Those who see the god become withered immobile mummies that are immortal and hope to arise at the end times to greet the return of their god. Some such mummies are found in pacific islands and other isolated places the cult operate
96 Spawn of Abhoth seek to find and commune with their god, a lake of monstrous protoplasm beneath the earth constantly spawning creatures from it's mass. The cult believe Abhoth is the father of life and hope he will cleanse the earth with new life to replace the feeble excuses for life and diversity alive now. The cult do approve of mutants and believe they are somehow his spawn 
97 People against goodness and normality (PAGAN) are robed cutists who practice human sacrifice and influence government. While they wear robes, goat masks and leggings and have occult trappings the leaders are cynical and non believers. The murder rituals are more a means to entrap members and blackmail them into cooperation (stole from Dragnet movie)
98 Sons of the Blood Comet believe vampires come from a red comet that passes the earth every few hundreds of years. One day the comet will assume orbit around the earth and vampires will rule. Cultists serve vampires and operate bloodbanks for them in hopes of being the chosen ones. Various vampire breeds and clans happily exploit helpful cattle 
99 Sons of Rasputin seek to reclaim the secrets of Rasputin, his occult knowledge and his strange feats and travels. Many seek to recover Russian relics of royalty that may hold clues to Rasputans lore. The cult seek to repeat his training and wizardry and rituals
100 The Dark Star Brotherhood believe they serve a entity that awoke in late 80s by a Jupiter probe and also killed the mars expedition in 1999 and is responsible for the various bioplagues, the rise of the dead and mutations. The cult seek to commune with their god and serve it in hopes of being spared. While many perform sacrifices and prey others try to commune through undead and support the apocalypse. Some cultists work with space programs and radio telescopes and seek to meet the alien. Some cultists even expose selves to the necrovirus that makes undead and mutagens in hopes of pleasing or communing with the dead

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