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d100 Tainted Elfborn

Elves who live under the will of their version of the elf queen and king are safe and able to breed true elves. By entering sacred marriage ceremony their love is dedicated to their clan ancestral monarchs . For elves outside elf land and exiled from the loving grace of royal masters they return to the magical breeders of life that populated the world in the late dawn age. Some clans relish the curse and tribe may have one version only curse for whole tribe. This will change the nature of elf clans quite a bit. Some devout human elf cultists might mate with elves deliberately for strange elf blessing.

Goblins are related to shrubs, vines, fungus, lichen, algae, ferns, succulents like cacti and any smallish plants. Bigger goblinoids evolve from goblins. Elves often employ them but they often run wild. Elves will plant goblin and even orcs between their lands and human kingdoms. Bright sylvan or dark fungal versions of goblinoids are quite different to the typical wild goblins who mutate and create sub breeds in a few generations in a environment. Bright ones tend to be ivory fair or green vegetal skin. Dark ones are black, grey or violet skin. Wild goblins often brightly coloured even piebald.

Back in the Dawn Age elves were made to help the gods and spirits that operated nature. They in turn made many other breeds that are common today. Immortal elves find pregnancy a ordeal but often perform it out of social duty. The cursed elves reproduce lots of strange children to create a viable elf which they consider mothers heroic. Many elves are lascivious and quite carnal. The males happily mating with humans for a lark then run away. Only a desperate Elf maid would mate deliberately to reproduce with a human but many may tease or experiment on humans.

Elves are the first humanoid race to reign on behalf of the gods. They created most animals and many monsters. They created goblinoids to do their dirty work and orcs were made by dark gods to destroy elves from elves own dead. Humans appeared at the fall of the Dawn age and the start of the monster age when tyrant beast men entered a unholy covenant to rule. More men were created from beast men and lived still as beasts, the barbarians and wild men. When man revolted many monsters and other races were  destroyed in revenge. Many creatures and races hid themselves or sealed themselves into dungeons.

This table is to be rolled when only one parent is elf or parents are both elfish cursed outlanders.  Elves fallen to chaos more likley to use it too. It could be used for sylvan transformations.

d6 Basic Birth Type
1-2 One Child d4 1=elf 2=half elf 3=changeling 4=random d100 Tainted Elfborn
3-4 Identical Twins d4 1=elf 2=half elf 3=changeling 4=random d100 Tainted Elfborn
5 Different race twins 1=elf 2=human 3=goblin 4=random d100 Tainted Elfborn6 Goblin Litter d6+1

d100 Tainted Elfborn
01 Elf, but different breed
02 Elf, unique type of elf
03 Elf, extinct type of elf
04 Elf, from celestial court 
05 Goblin litter d6
06 Kobold litter  2d4
07 Hobgoblin
08 Bugbear
09 Changeling, animal or plant type nature spirit
 Elf, half elf who can pass as human
11 Human
12 Gnome

13 Dwarf
14 Halfling
15 Centaur
16 Faun
17 Beastman abhuman
18 Mineral or elemental abhuman
19 Plantman or fungi abhuman
20 Orc
21 Sprite 
22 Leprechaun
23 Faerie
24 Dryad
25 Brownie
26 Litter of gremlins 3d4
27 Nymph
28 Nixie or pixie
29 Undine or Sylph
30 Doppelganger
31 Bear cub
32 Badger
33 Litter of 3d4 rabbits or hares
34 Litter of 2d4 kittens from wild cat
35 Litter of d6 puppies or wolf cubs
36 Beaver twins
37 Twin deer
38 Twin goats
39 Fox kits d4
40 Litter of 2d4 weasels, stoats, pine martins, otters etc
41 Doves or bats born adults fly away to the wild
42 Swan Eggs 3d4 or ducks or geese
43 Pheasant Eggs 3d4 or other wood or grass or wet land birds
44 Salmon or eel or pike or other fish huge egg clutch
45 Snake egg clutch or tortoise or crocodile
46 Mass of frog spawn or newt or salamander or toad
47 Cattle or pony
48 Lion or tiger or panther or leopard
49 Pleistocene megafauna d4 1=sabretooth 2=mammoth 3=rhino 4=glyptodon
50 Dinosaur egg
51 Ogre
52 Hill giant
53 Formarian
54 Harpy
55 Griffon
56 Unicorn
57 Chimera
58 Hydra
59 Sphynx
60 Dragon
61 Lamia
62 Naga
63 Banshee
64 Manticore
65 Minotaur
66 Hag
67 Nightmare
68 Hellhound
69 Dire wolf pup
70 Ogre Magi
71 Satyr
72 Purple worm egg
73 Giant spider
74 Giant scorpion
75 Myconoids
76 Needleman
77 Shambling mound
78 Sylph
79 Troglodyte
80 Troll
81 Insect swarm
82 Carrion crawler grub
83 Giant octopus
84 Willow the whisp
85 Yeti or white ape
86 Giant snake
87 Giant cave squid
88 Owlbear
89 Hook horror
90 Grell
91 Treant seed
92 Mermaid
93 Diabolic changeling
94 Demonic changeling
95 Elemental changeling
96 Talking animal
97 Lesser devil
98 Lesser demon
99 Small elemental
100 Minor nature spirit

This is increasingly sounding like a Japanese comic but it is only for elves

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