Saturday 10 December 2016

Common Dungeon Detritus

Dungeon Detritus is crap you find in empty rooms and boring corridors. Common stuff is mostly not valuable but beginner murder hobos might find a few scraps. This will be followed by exotic types that will be weirder and dangerous. This could also be things you find in a fishing hole, trench or garbage heap. The exotic list also serves as red herrings. Players will try to rationalise them and think must be logical explanation. Poor poor players.

Ive done some similar stuff but second table a bit more fancy for ocasional find to make adventurers wonder or for deeper dungeons

d100 Common Dungeon Detritus
01 Missing limb
02 Pool of blood
03 Broken bones
04 Dead dried rat
05 Severed head
06 Dried old ear
07 Pool of slimy algae
08 Maggot ridden dead rat
09 Broken pieces of wood
10 Caltrops d4

11 Dried old scalp
12 Squashed and soiled hat

13 Glistening turd 
14 Mouldy hunk of bread
15 Tangled fishing line with bone hooks
16 Iron Spikes d6
17 Chalk pieces
18 Old boot
19 Harmless patch of mould
20 Half chewed dried ration buscuit 
21 Mostly used wooden torch
22 Greasy old tallow candle stubs
23 Bloody earing with torn flesh chunk
24 Finger
25 Hunk of rotten cheese
26 Pool of urine
27 Slippery diarrhea patch 
28 Dented pewter tankard
29 Broken wooden bowl
30 Cod piece
31 Fancy curly toed shoe with bell
32 Smashed lute
33 Dented helmet
34 Broken wooden sheild
35 Broken weapon
36 Mostly burned map
37 Burned wizard hat
38 Wooden spoon
39 Broken clay pipe
40 Tobacco pouch
41 Empty grog bottle
42 Broken arrows
43 Empty wineskin with hole
44 Length of 10 foot smelly chewed rope
45 Smashed trap
46 Broken chain links and manacle clasp
47 Filthy shirt
48 Soiled trousers
49 Old glove
50 Axe handle
51 Broken pick 
52 Broken drum
53 Lost baby giant rat
54 Largish funny coloured egg
55 Huge mushroom
56 Crumpled stained erotic print
57 Goat horn
58 Large beetle
59 Greasy stinking animal collar
60 Feathers
61 Spilled handfuls of grain
62 Crushed wicker basket
63 Old rags
64 Scrawled note complain about dungeon boss
65 Adventurers letter to loved ones
66 Creepy fetish doll
67 Broken terracotta miniture figure
68 Monster tooth
69 Huge scales
70 Snake skin
71 Shed bug or spider skin (might look alive) 
72 Skull
73 Rotten apple
74 Chewed deer head
75 Corroded copper coins d10
76 Pile of ash, possibly a book
77 Handful of acorns
78 Battered pie tin
79 Old tiny leather jerkin
80 Pile of broken bricks and crumbly mortar 
81 Pile of hair
82 Dried monster placenta
83 Blunt saw
84 Toasting fork
85 Pile of firewood kindling
86 Old sack
87 Old straw stuff pillow
88 Moth eaten blanket
89 Broken glass or ceramic
90 Filthy wig
91 Jar of "miracle virility" pills
92 Bundle of improvised bandages
93 Jar of grease
94 Scattered incomplete thieves tools
95 Scattered fingernails
96 Broken hammer
97 Tin plate
98 Old belt
99 Pile of sling stones
100 Basket of soiled laundry
d100 Exotic Dungeon Detritus
01 Hunk of troll flesh
02 Small shrine of evil cult
03 Jar of virgin tears
04 Magic mouth spell
05 Kyuss grub
06 Corpse actually a zombie
07 Cursed weapon
08 Quiver of arrows
09 Rott grub
10 Pile of bones actually a skeleton

11 Scattered darts 2d4
12 Corpse with carrion crawler grubs

13 Poisoned caltrops
14 Finger with magic ring
15 Patch of yellow mould
16 Stone with permanent light spell
17 Iron hand grenade with flawed fuse
18 Bottle of holy water
19 Patch of green slime
20 Huge dung ball with giant scarab beetle
21 Unicorn dung heals d4 damage if smeared on wound
22 Scroll has been used as toilet paper
23 Magical runes (probably explosive)
24 Cursed runes
25 Lost adventurers dog
26 Lost linkboy whose party vanished
27 Magical dungeon pie
28 Pool of strange magical liquid
29 Teleporter pad
30 Potion bottle
31 Crawling undead hand
32 Glaring undead eyeball
33 Huge spider pinned down with a dagger
34 Lost goat with pack
35 Sack of copper and brass plates, vases and candlesticks
36 Sack of torches
37 Wooden crate of candles
38 Small keg of beer
39 Pot of warm soup
40 Huge steaming pile of fresh dung
41 Strange disorientating mist
42 Permanent darkness spell
43 Giant rat burrow
44 Pyramid stack of skulls
45 Large monster egg in nest
46 Sack of cultist robes
47 Bag of live hens d6
48 Stray young pig
49 Scattered deck of hand painted cards
50 Shrieking fungus patch
51 Mass of giant spider web with mumified goblin husks suspended
52 Spade, pick and pile of rubble by a hole
53 Lit storm lantern and oil vial
54 Pocket of flammable gas
55 Pocket of poison gas
56 Pocket of stinking  gas from dead troglodyte 
57 Kobold lost slave in expensive jester outfit
58 Musical instrument
59 Ivory chess piece
60 Manuscript wrapped in string of adventurers 
61 Large pot of fermented cabbage
62 Mimic in chest form taking a nap
63 Spool of wire
64 Pack of thieves tools
65 Box of pots, pans and field stove
66 Silver dagger
67 Polished metal mirror
68 Hourglass
69 Wolves bane bunch
70 Nice knife with ivory handle
71 Sack of kittens
72 Stone idol of elder god
73 Large stoneware jar of lamp oil
74 Starved unconscious abandoned slave
75 Barrel of pickled heads
76 Donkey ladened with adventurer supplies
77 Hanging smoked hog jowls
78 Gold coin with contact poison
79 Human baby
80 Stone statue head
81 Sheet ghoul hanging from wooden peg
82 Crystal with spirit inside will try to posses holder
83 Cat actually a polymorphed adventurer
84 Imp or gremlin in a bottle
85 Adorable baby hook horror
86 Goblin children playing ball
87 Crystal ring used as scrying device by evil wizard
88 Box of black lotus resin and ornamental iron pipe
89 Smugglers book with codes, dates and list of contraband
90 Box of fake beards
91 Torturers trunk of whips, thumbscrews and blades
92 Halfling chef in a sack
93 Headless corpse with magic boots 
94 Stuffed mermaid in display case
95 Monkey with fez, bongo drums and begging cup
96 Invitation to vampires ball in a distant castle
97 Brain in a jar
98 Keg of honey (save or causes hallucinations)
99 Mindflayer head (looks like octopus first)
100 Dragon claw

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