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d100 Philosophers part 1

Philosophers in fantasy rpg's?
Not something that springs to mind in most settings. Focus on modes of thought and finding the truth through argument and logic. Study theory of knowledge and ethics. Might offer important knowledge, solve riddles, ethical advice, teaching, expertise. Philosophers ideas sometimes become popular influencing law makers, conquerors, commoners, educators magicians and more.

Student of philosophy d3 levels
Philosopher typically d4+2 levels
Teacher of philosophy d6+4 levels

d8 Class of Philosopher 
01 Wizards who ask metaphysical and material questions to further magical studies
02 Sorcerers who contemplate their powers and will and their place in the universe
03 Bards who tell entertaining lessons and specialize in rhetoric and sophistry
04 Clerics who follow abstract philosophical concepts, cosmology, eschatology and metaphysics
05 Monks are athletic philosophers given over to contemplation and self knowledge
06 Warriors who pragmatically kill people and offer simple brutal wisdom
07 Rogues who are concerned with linguistic trickery, plunder, power and politics
08 Several classes

d40 Disciplines
01 Anatomy
02 Physics
03 Alchemy
04 Cosmology
05 Ethics
06 Epistemology
07  Logic
08 Theology
09 Language
10 Mechanics
11 Botany
12 Zoology
12 Hydrology
13 Geology
14 Meteorology
15 Thanatology
16 Astronomy
17 Eschatology
18 Dungeonology
19 Mythology
20 Aesthetics
21 Self Knowledge
22 Geometry
23 Athletics
24 Education
25 Politics
26 Mathamatics
27 Music
28 Warfare
28 Rulership
29 Justice
30 Medicine
31 History
32 Geography
33 Phrenology
34 Numerology
35 Divination
36 Occultism
37 Science
38 Magnetism
39 Spiritualism
40 Immortality

d20 Methodology
01 Deep Meditation for months
02 Intense Contemplation of subject
03 Seclusion in a cave or hermit shack or in nature
04 Starvation, exposure and self abuse
05 Debating other philosophers
06 Getting drunk in a grove and writing
07 Thinking in comfortable chair with cats
08 Breaking taboos on sex, food, hygene or vice
09 Living homeless with almost nothing
10 Debating with students
11 Public speaking in common places
12 Getting drunk or drug abuse
13 Dancing and athletic feats
14 Speaking in courts advising nobility
15 Communing with nature and wild beasts
16 Research in library studying past experts
17 Wallowing in misery
18 Testing hypothesis with experiments and tests
19 Socializing at dinner parties with thinkers
20 Communing with otherworldly entities (tricky)

Styles of Work
1 Dialogue
2 Epic
3 Rhetoric
4 Poems
5 Oratory
6 Play
7 Odes
8 Prophecy
9 Monologue
10 Treatise
11 Testament
12 Maxims
13 Codex
14 Letters
15 Hymn
16 Commentaries
17 Inquiries
18 Fables
19 Riddles
20 Aphorisms

d20 What happened to that famous philosopher?
01 Burned for heresy by church
02 Executed by state for trouble making
03 Made it rich and lived well
04 Involved in despotic take over that eventually failed
05 Offended rich or powerful person
06 Died alone in poverty
07 Died happily married with lots of children
08 Advised a tyrant and died shortly after patron
09 Struck by lightening or other "natural" event
10 Killed by angry mob
11 Eaten by monster (sphynxes common)
12 Died of exposure and hunger
13 War hero who received state funeral and monument
14 Ideas wildly popular during lifetime and a while after death
15 Killed in a fight in pub or marketplace
16 Died after going mad from syphilis and espousing rubbish
17 Died very popular but students split into squabbling factions
18 Works were banned by state or church who burned books after death
19 Killed trying to prove idea or with apparatus failure
20 Taken away by divine beings

d10 Schools of Philosophy
1 Elemental Materialism - everything derived by one or more elements
2 Cosmic Structuralists - planes structured in opposite cosmic forces
3 Ethical Taxonomy - the nature of good and evil
4 Natural History - the natural world and living things
5 Pragmatic Realism - practical functionalist thought for every day life
6 Logical Realism - use of logic to dictate the nature of reality, mostly by thought experiments
7 Mystical Realism - true knowledge of inner self leads to understanding cosmos
8 Arcane Realism - the theory of magical arts and sciences
9 Juristic Legalism - law makers and judges theorise best codes, best life, kings and citizens
10 Theological Metaphysics - explain things through the will of the gods

d100 Schools of Philosophy
01 Fire is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
02 Air is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
03 Water is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
04 Earth is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
05 All the elements in harmony explain all phenomena
06 All the elements in violent struggle explain all phenomena
07 Earth Air and Water are the true elements, fire is not a thing
08 The elements include a fifth element a spirit filled void that binds all the worlds
09 Para elementalists use combination elements lightning, ice, mist and crystal
10 Quasi elementalists use 
combination elements radiance, metal, shadow, wood

11 Chaos is the true prime element, law is eternal stasis, inaction and death
12 Law is the prime element, chaos is a entropic breakdown of reality and destruction

13 The balance seeks to keep law and chaos restrained and in harmony to benefit the world
14 Lawful Good teaches to obey laws state of holy law and to be kind others
15 Lawful Evil teaches to use the laws of powerful to benefit yourself at cost to weak
16 Chaotic Good preaches altruistic hedonism, goodness only works with freedom 
17 Chaotoic Evil preaches no restraint in killing, cruelty, only recognize brute force or desire
18 Primal Chaos teaches chaos must resist seduction of intellect, thinking and sentience
19 Khaos is a corrupt philosophy where devils used demons to control mindless chaos
20 Good preaches you should help others, be kind and do the most good for everyone
21 Evil preaches selfishness and cruelty, rob the weak and punish them 
22 Neutral use good and evil to benefit the self and their own kind as required
23 Elemental Evil claims by uniting evil elementals they will control the universe
24 Demonic Evil study demonic sigils, names, titles to gain power over the world
25 Diabolic Evil study the political machinations of devils and the hierarchy of hell
26 Elder Evil study prehumanoid gods of darkness, their servant races and their history
27 Necromancy studies the power of death, the void, spirits, the underworld and undead
28 Elemental purist select one element, hate all others and oppose one as a enemy
29 Somnambulists study dreams and the dreamlands, illusions a phantasms
30 Celestialists study the angels, archons, devas, cherabim and nature of paradise
31 Beast Mastery study the ways of animal kind, man is just a beast
32 Plant Mastery study the living power of the world tree, herbs and plant spirits
33 Fungi Mastery study the living power of the world shroom, drugs and fungi spirits
34 Healers dedicate themselves to healing others and caring for the sick and teaching
35 Weather Mastery studies seasonal climate shifts and predictions
36 Alchemists study the chemical and occult properties of materials and life
37 Natural Philosophers study all the systems of nature and it's correct balance
38 Materialists claim everything is made of tiny modrons following complex but strict rules
39 Astrologers see the stars for predictions, analysis of problems and movements of gods
40 Anatomists perform dissections to study how bodies work but (but dislike being burned as necromancers or heretics)
41 Stoics are pragmatic and famous for enduring suffering and piety to the divine
42 Cynics say everything will be worse than you think and are pessimistic
43 Realists demand proof and observable examples over word games and pure logic 
44 Materialists seek physical explanations and workings of reality
45 Utilitarians try to inflict the most pleasure and good on the most people possible
46 Hedonists say pleasure is the most good but long term pleasure better than quick ones
47 Mechanistic Socialists inspired by dwarves to work collectively on communal machines
48 Morbidism revel in gloom, doom and the pointlessness of life, life is suffering
49 Village Communalism believe everyone should live like peasants and kill the rich
50 Positivists have can do spirit and are always optimistic, it is pragmatic to act happy
51 Fluxians debate the movement of energy and changing states of matter
52 Statics debate the inherent illusion of change, life is eternally recursive again and again
53 Legalists seek to reform everything and are keen to destroy the old order and history
54 Formulists like everything explained with numbers, diagrams and formulas
55 Phantom Realists preach life is a dreamy illusion, if the dreamer wakes everything ends
56 Demonic Mechanists preach all nature animated by invisible demons there is no free will
57 Dualists preach two all powerful beings battle to control or destroy the universe
58 Monists all is part of a single great mindless being, those who understand this know most
59 Aeonists believe world is mashed up from remains of previous universe by a lazy god
60 Devolutionists believe we are reincarnated from monsters and killing them is purification
61 Mediumism believe you can channel spirits of dead or yet to be born to learn of future
62 Exactism practice physical disciplines and the master beats students who fall short
63 Devaism practice meditation and non harm of living for the serious practitioners
64 Bruteism only by torturing and making others suffer can you truly feel alive
65 Tanism practice sex rites and drug abuse to gain enlightenment, critics claim it is bullshit
66 Roulettism believe you only feel pleasure when risking everything for the moment
67 Apeists believe everything is a imperfect copy and free will is just copying others
68 Mono Cosmicism meditate to commune with the world spirit in hopes of release
69 Self Cosmicism meditate to commune with true self and control body and desires
70 Monadism teaches life is related through the first being and we should all love each other
71 Arkanism teaches wizardry is the sun source of science and knowledge and the universe
72 Planarism teaches world is shallow sideshow to the ultimate reality of multiverse
73 Arkane Reptilianism believe the reptile overmind shall return the age of reptiles rule
74 Spherical Recursion teaches world is a hollow sphere within a sphere eternally
75 Cosmic Arborealism shows the cosmos is interconnected by a wood between worlds
76 Octomantic Correlationism pits 8 schools of wizardy in confict as the cosmic trigger
77 Insantism believe universe created recently complete with false memories and history
78  Autamonism teaches everything is clockwork mechanism running down with no free will
79 Atomic Realism claims all things made of tiny cosmic motes with individual soul particles
80 Metamodronism says there is one modron and all are minute parts of it
81 Divine Regalists teach rulers are bound to their lands fortune and fate to the cosmos
82 Universal Judicialists teach justice principles must be applied to all equally forever 
83 Hedonstic Realists seek to appoint a ruler to apply pleasure or pain to all subjects
84 Codifiers collect and debate laws for the best justice but feud among peers lots
85 Hegamonists seek to establish a lawful utopia, criminals are to be killed by automatons 
86 Consciencialists teach a actual demon and archon watch our every moral choice
87 Egalitarian Selfism preach all are equal and obligated by love to serve society
88 Cooperative Pacifism say all beliefs can be accommodated in name of peace and love
89 Combatists study strategy and warfare and place soldiers above the weak
90 Peasant Realism preaches farming life is best and all other work is a folly
91 Law vs Chaos is all that matters, more extreme the manifestations or conflict the better 
92 Good vs Evil is all that matters, more extreme the manifestations or conflict the better 
93 Light vs Darkness in cosmic battle are all that matters but a bit more difficult to pin down
94 Light and Darkness are in harmony and the wise person balances these forces
95 Life vs Death are cosmic forces locked in struggle to maintain fragile existence
96 Conspiracist Empiricism believe secret societies and cults control history
97 Temptationists believe godhead makes all events a test to see if souls worthy of progress
98 Indiferentists believe divine made everything but doesnt care and nothing matters
99 Spiritual Evolutionists teach spirits migrate from body to body, evolving towards godhood
100 Glorious Stasis school shows the universe is a great broken machine now in linear time

Next texts and and actual philosophers
I might do a xmas crowd sourced extra weird philosophies too, like today's but more gonzo or a planet psychon alliances table. Have starts of a goblin gifts and elf gifts tables. Reading LMFP again too as my travelling book. I had to vacate a house again and was out in 24 hours. My stuff in storage and im now in adelaide.

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