Thursday 15 December 2016

d100 Krampus Pranks

I had a boss from Grumpus Europe who told me horrible things they did. Pretty much seemed like a excuse for poor to play tricks on the rich and blame a moralistic monster. Big Fun. Possibly a monster could play these tricks on party of village or peasants might think adventurers jerks and use these on party. Gremlins do this stuff too. Imagine racing across country with horrible pranks to slow party down. Or every time party return to village after dungeon bashing they face horrible pranks. Winter with snow probably make everything more inconvenient.

d100 Pranks for anoying magical beings
01 Shit in muddy clogs left outside
02 Replace food with coal
03 Rub shit on laundry
04 Rub honey on possessions so ants swarm on them
05 Put wasp nest in baggage
06 Grease weapon handles
07 Tar on saddle
08 Let goat eat clothes
08 Bugs in boots
09 Wet laundry so freezes stiff as board
10 Urinate in water supply
11 Put angry rat in bag
12 Puncture hole in wineskins
13 Put earwax in tankards
14 Snake in boot
15 Rotten eggs in bag
16 Fish heads in bag
17 Skunk in bed
18 Offensive sign on back
19 Doors jammed shut or locked
20 Fill bags with sheep giblets
21 Dead puppy in baggage
22 Salt removed from all food stuff
23 Overly salted food and beverages
24 Urinate on bedclothes
25 Pin placed somewhere painful
26 Knife in back of chair
27 Bucket of cold water over doorway
28 Full chamber pot over door
29 Stinging nettles in boots
30 Scorpion in codpiece or boot
31 Huge hairy spider in bed
32 Huge frog in chamber pot
33 Death threat from local bandit
35 Bill from tax man
36 Set fire to horse or pet|
37 Beehive under blanket
38 Deer musk on clothes attracts angry bucks
39 Zombie hand in bed
40 Diarrhea inducing herb in food
41 Parasite eggs in food
42 Militia arrive with your signed confession of witchcraft
43 Willing young bride/groom and pitchfork armed father arrive
44 Goat in spicy costume in bed
45 Priest thanks you for leaving all your loot to church
46 Note from angry wizard demands revenge for your insults
47 Challenge to duel for insulting honour of noble
48 Starts a fire in your bed
49 Wake up with signed soul contract to hell in hand
50 Hideous person in bed in morning, announces you are now married
51 Someone throws a sloppy pie in face from rooftop
52 Orphans with your signature on adoption certificate happily turn up
53 Wanted poster with name on it in street
54 Severed head of the Grandfathers of Assassin's nephew found in bed
55 Horses head found in bed in morning
56 Treasonous pamphlet found with your name credited as writer
57 Succubi/incubi summoning scroll with fake energy drain protection ring found in box
58 Love potion bottle found actually inflicts lycanthropy
59 Healing potions replaced with poison
60 Rot grub in hat in morning
61 Throat leech put in potion
62 Kyuss grub inserted in horse or pet or follower
63 Follower polymorphed into poodle
64 Hungry ferrets slipped in bed covers by night
65 Fake invitation to crazy paranoid noble's house
66 Contraband or stolen goods in pack, militia searching building from tip off
67 Hair turns strange colour overnight
68 Monster egg in pack, mother frantically searching for it
69 Erotic print featuring local ruler and donkey (death sentence to have a copy)
70 Unconscious body of youth in bed (missing child of local sheriff)
71 Wake up turned into a goat
72 A dangerous maniac receives a touching love letter from you with your portrait
73 Awake chained to bed in costume with happy pig
74 Awake in bed covered in honey and ants
75 Awake wearing chastity belt with no key
76 Awake spooning in arms of hairy ogre in cave
77 Friends and family receive your death notice
78 Voice lost for 24 hours
79 Bellybutton missing for 24 hours
80 Shadow missing for 24 hours
81 Reflection missing for 24 hours
82 Wake up with wolf hairs and sheep head and blood in bed
83 All hair removed and missing
84 Skin turned odd unnatural colour
85 Teeth turn black for 24 hours
86 Glue hands together with sovereign glue
87 Cover goods in floral perfume that bees like
88 Wake up with girdle of femininity/masculinity locked on
89 Weapon replaced with cursed berserk version
90 Contact version of tarantula dancing venom on weapon handles
91 Sleep dust makes victim sleep for 24 hours
92 Wake up covered in snow
93 Flea colony slipped into pack
94 Wake up covered in shit
95 Itching powder in clothes
96 Weapons all blunted
97 Family of last monster you killed sobbing on doorstep
98 Fake treasure map to monster stronghold
99 Petrification potion emptied into wineskin
100 Wake up in chains, get beaten badly by demon or krampus

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