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Annoying Xor (biological traps)

Thinking i might run for xmas game using LOTFP rules. I never thought I could write for this game but I guess Xor works pretty well and i dont need to use my more campagn driven system.

Annoying Xor is pretty impressive really but as a collective organism has many antonymous responses and organisms that react to Xor and act as antibodies. Some things attracted to wounds on Xor hoping to feed or infect it. If you start a fire, or torment a gland for exotic secretions, start a meat mine or tear out a ivory tusk you might annoy Xor. If you smash in a tooth gate or hack your way through a sphincter portal with axes you might annoy Xor.
This is a table to show what might happen.

Materials of Xor Update

A wicker shild of Xor hair and rib bones might be dipped in some secretions to strengthen and camouflage. The shield could look like a huge scab or crystallized serum from wounds. Plates could be formed from woven hair then dipped in a secretion then add to a woven hair or cured leather. Crystallized urea might be good replacement for flint and might be diseased. Enchanted urea or bio secretion crystal weapons might be exploited be natives.

d100 Ways Xor Reacts To Being Annoyed
01 Salty secretions flood area like tears
02 Blood leaks out then congeals into scab
03 Blood leaks out and forms defensive Ochre Jellies
04 Yellow serum leaks out and forms a hard crystal glaze
05 Amber like fluid traps irritants and solidifies
06 Bubbling mass forms monsters (rust monsters vs metal users common)
07 Irritating vapours pour from wounded point
08 Nauseating vapours pour from wounded point
09 Toxic vapours pour from wounded point
10 Diseased miasmas 
pour from wounded point 

11 Digestive avid floods area around irritant
12 Sylvia froths over area with huge bubbles, corrosive and confusing 

13 Pus bursts from disease causing nausea and plague
14 A sphincter appears and erupts feces everywhere
15 A orifice opens and vomit is sprayed everywhere
16 A cloaca starts laying eggs which rapidly hatch into huge bugs
17 Eggs in a pod from a cloaca hatches a hostile swarm of small critters
18 Large monster bursts from a amniotic sack that lies under the skin
19 Trumpet like structures make alarm calling wandering monsters
20 Spinneret structure shoots web lines that entangle
21 Blister of webbing bursts open acting like a web spell
22 Blister of rot grubs bursts open
23 Blister of Kyuss grubs burst open
24 Blister of oil bursts like a grease spell
25 Blister of napalm explodes like fireball
26 Blister of hallucinogenic venom (highly desirably to some)
27 Blister of digestive enzymes dissolve only flesh like acid
28 Blister of mutagen which also makes you a being of Xor
29 Blister of blinding fluid that can permanently remove sight
30 Blister of green slime that Xor is immune to
31 Giant maggots erupt from flesh
32 A horrible semi humanoid flesh golem erupts from flesh
33 A group of adherers burst from ground
34 A mimic drops off a organic structure
35 Floor morphs into a trapper
36 A lurker above lives on ceiling or overhang
37 Gelatinous cubes grow from ground forming from liquid jelly
38 Flying manowar type jellyfish with gas bag
39 Flumph grows from ground keen to save Xor
40 Grey ooze pours from a huge pore
41 Naked fleshy stirges pour from pod which keeps generating one per round
42 Mucous floods area and rapidly sets into green and white and yellow snot
43 Shootable porcupine like quills a of modified hair can shoot a d6 arrow like quills a round
44 A huge set of jaws clamp over area blocking it with portcullis like teeth

45 A huge sack of skin folds over area pinning everything, asphyxiate then absorb
46 Trumpeting sound makes listeners save or deficate explosive diarrhea 
47 Structure shoots toot like darts rapidly like a sub machine gun d10/round
48 Structure shoots a poison tooth dart every round
49 Structure shoots a tranquilizing or paralyzing tooth dart every round
50 Structure shoots a liquid onto faces which shrinks solid blinding and asphyxiating
51 Bio electric auras affect nervous system causing paralysis
52 Bio electric arcs of electricity shoot from area
53 Bio electric arcs cause confusion
54 Fleshy tentacles try to enfold enemies d6
55 Barbed and toothed tentacles try to rend enemies d6
56 Barbed tentacles try to poison enemies d6
57 Ovipositor, or egg-laying tube tentacles try to inject d6 rot grub eggs in victim
58 Stench orb shoots gelatinous bursting nauseating slime stinks for months
59 Sprays flammable gas then ignites as a fire ball
60 Jets of flaming gas form a fireall
61 Armadillo like plates fold out from under skin and lock down area with bony plates
62 Spiked horns sprout from ground impaling intruders
63 Caltrop like spikes grow from ground
64 Porcupine like quills sprout from ground
65 Rapid growing hair covers everything 10 foot thick
66 Rapidly growing hard skin covers and envelops targets
67 Stinging spines erupt from ground causing pain
68 Eye sprouts from surface and telepathically calls wandering monsters
69 Eye sprouts from surface and telekinetic hurls intruders one by one away
70 Eye sprouts from surface and telepathically calls wandering monsters
71 Mouth sprouts from surface and summons a demon to fix problem
72 Shoggoth sprouts from surface screaming "Xor Xor Xor XorXorXor Xor!"
73 Orc squads burst from fleshscape with bone weapons and angry
74 Ogres form from the flesh of Xor with bone clubs
75 Hairless ape erupts from ground
76 Featherless terrorbird erupts from ground
77 Giant lizard (any type) crawls from huge egg under skin
78 Giant snake forms in marrow of giant bone beneath ground and bursts to surface
79 Purple worm bursts up from surface covered in blood and gore
80 Horrible screaming hungry giant baby is born from ground (hill giant or ogres)
81 Ground shakes and quakes in spasms
82 Ground drops away into huge deep oily pore pit
83 A flesh mouth opens from underneath to eat problem
84 A fleshy hive grows from ground and releases a swarm
85 Giant hairless rats burst through ground and attack anything in area
86 Tribe of hairless guineapig men (re skin halflings) with bone tools are borm
87 Bone golem with red sinew binding body together steps from wall, four bone swords
88 Dozens of gory skeletons erupt from ground with bone weapons 
89 A giant walking squid slides from the skin surface of Xor or just snatches with tentacles
90 A wet tooth lined pit swallows any in area and sucks them into the depths of Xor's belly
91 A flesh tower erupts from ground and pink lizard men plus serpant man wizard step out
92 Pheranome cloud released make victims part of Xor and unwilling to cause it harm 
93 Sprays every one with with fluids from flacid tubes, save or turn into a ochre jelly
94 A fleshy roper buds from xor's Flesh but it might be willing to talk telipathicly
95 Doppelgangers bud from flesh of Xor and separate a short distance away
96 Clones equal enemy opposite made by Xor with biological equipment is born
97 Clones equal enemy opposite made by Xor but with multiple major mutations is born
98 Desirable partner made by Xor to tempt enemies away is born
99 Deep sub vocal sound causes those in area to save or die of ruptured cells
100 Xor manifests as a fleshy drooling idiot titan who snatches and swallows victims

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